Women Try One Size Fits All Clothes

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Would you guys buy any of these???
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We had so much fun #Trying all of these #Funny #Clothes! They say they are one size fits all so we put them to the test. My friend Justine is taller than me so it is the perfect way to see if they really do fit people of all sizes!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino8 måneder siden

    Have you guys ever tried 'One Size Fits All' clothes? 😂😂😂 Would you buy any of these???

  • Kenna Conlin

    Kenna Conlin

    3 dager siden

    I’ve heard of if but it would be to big for me

  • David Moore

    David Moore

    5 dager siden

    It's actually not a one-size-fits-all because what if a kid on a baby wanted where that Haha

  • Jason Olsen

    Jason Olsen

    6 dager siden


  • Sarah Tyrrell

    Sarah Tyrrell

    6 dager siden


  • Sarah Tyrrell

    Sarah Tyrrell

    6 dager siden


  • Mymuna Sherieff
    Mymuna Sherieff5 timer siden

    13:30 he legit looks like a girl 🤣🤣🤣

  • Molly Merchan
    Molly Merchan8 timer siden

    When she says she is 4’10, and then me (an eleven year old) who is also is 4’10... 😂

  • Samar Mokhtar
    Samar Mokhtar12 timer siden

    Girl i am 11 years old and i am 5.7 {●♡●}

  • Lightninq_ Playz
    Lightninq_ Playz14 timer siden

    Completely irrelevant but ✨sKiNnY✨

  • elizabeth sandoval
    elizabeth sandoval19 timer siden

    Those rompers with a big add hoodie👌🏽

  • Dad Summerfield
    Dad Summerfield21 time siden

    y’all can someone tell me where to get similar shoes like Ro’s 💀

  • Isabelle Caranella
    Isabelle CaranellaDag siden

    um justine looks so much taller than me. i’m 13 and i’m 5’2. there’s no way this woman is 5’3. she’s so tall omg

  • Ky Stan
    Ky StanDag siden

    I love this

  • Ashe Basic
    Ashe BasicDag siden

    Me= 10 Also me= 5’3 Hotel=trivago

  • M3_E
    M3_E2 dager siden

    If I saw you wearing that at a red carpet event I would go buy it

  • M3_E
    M3_E2 dager siden

    Oop I’m ten and I’m 4’11 oop

  • Juan Richa
    Juan Richa2 dager siden

    I know this is a old video it was on my recommendation but am I the only one that thought the blue dress looks like saggy old recalled balls ( big daddy ) 🤣🤣

  • Elaina Richins
    Elaina Richins2 dager siden

    omg in the turquoise dress thing justine looks like aquamarine!!! the mermaid movie lol

  • BarbieMagicFamily
    BarbieMagicFamily3 dager siden

    Well by the time that I am married you de old but I will still invite you

  • Elizabet Asto
    Elizabet Asto3 dager siden

    Love you ro hope get free merch

  • Selah Wilson
    Selah Wilson3 dager siden

    I am 5'7" and I am taller than the both of you I am pretty sure

  • McKenzie McIntosh
    McKenzie McIntosh3 dager siden

    Ro during the jeans becomes a legit walking restaurant and more🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👁👄👁

  • Hadiyah Khan
    Hadiyah Khan3 dager siden

    Im as tall as Justine... and Im 11 years old.🤯🤯🤯

  • Izzys Makeup tutorials
    Izzys Makeup tutorials3 dager siden

    Me a ten year old taller than ro😂😂

  • Marisa González
    Marisa González3 dager siden

    4.10ft?? Seriusly 125cm? No way!

  • mira vaishnav
    mira vaishnav3 dager siden

    That blue is a salwar or dhoti of India

  • ela inquisitiveness
    ela inquisitiveness4 dager siden

    Laptop ✅ Oranges ✅ Water bottle✅ Ready to go to work

  • Magnolia Amabile
    Magnolia Amabile4 dager siden

    you are so cute

  • Cole Shortman
    Cole Shortman4 dager siden

    6:27 they look like violet boulegard

  • Paul Gangte
    Paul Gangte4 dager siden


  • Ahmed Almazrouei
    Ahmed Almazrouei4 dager siden

    2:54 Justine kinda looks like Steve jobs aka the person she lives for because he created apple and she lives for apple.

  • Strikey Mielle Revilla
    Strikey Mielle Revilla4 dager siden

    I didn’t know Justine was 5’3, I thought she was taller....I’m shook bc I’m 5’3 and I’m 12- Ngl Ro looks taller than 4’10- my life has been such a lie 😂

  • Raixny Rxses
    Raixny Rxses4 dager siden

    Dude in the body suit they look like the blue among us character 😂😂

  • Rebecca Doult
    Rebecca Doult4 dager siden

    Like I tried it twice but like

  • David Moore
    David Moore5 dager siden

    If you think about it it's actually not one-size-fits-all it says that but didn't think if a kid wanted to try that on or somebody tried to put it on a baby. ahahahha!

  • Sophia DePoorter
    Sophia DePoorter5 dager siden


  • Leah Knappskog
    Leah Knappskog5 dager siden

    Be my bridesmate! When i fet older

  • Hannah Plays
    Hannah Plays5 dager siden

    90% of Comments: People: *Thinking Justine is 5’5 Ro: yeah she is 5’3 People: *WHAT I’m only 11-14 and I’m 5’4 10% of Comments: Ro and Justine: They are bat wings! People: *sHoW iT tO sAfYiA* Me: *Only 4’3, doesn’t know who Safyia is at all*

  • Hannah Plays

    Hannah Plays

    5 dager siden

    Someone please tell me to edit, and also subscribe even tho I don’t have any content

  • Jam Sandwich
    Jam Sandwich5 dager siden

    Remember that one time they just derailed drone the video to shove things in ros pants

  • Bri
    Bri5 dager siden

    Ay it's ok I'm 4'11 too... But I'm 12... 😂

  • Kirandeep Sanghera
    Kirandeep Sanghera5 dager siden

    Me realizing that I'm taller then Ro and being 11 (^o^)

  • Camilla Nguyen
    Camilla Nguyen5 dager siden

    When ro said that she would put hr link down below I thought she said she would put her legs down below XD

  • Samantha Pippin
    Samantha Pippin5 dager siden

    Justine's not even tall. I'm 5'9" I would tower over Ro

  • Susan jones
    Susan jones5 dager siden

    Do you guys remember when we can go get ice-cream 🍦

  • Lindsey Bladel
    Lindsey Bladel6 dager siden

    I would Rosanna because I got a sewing machine for the hem.

  • Aries studios
    Aries studios6 dager siden

    ro: i'm 4ft 10 me, being 13: im 4 ft 11....

  • Canadian_Whovian
    Canadian_Whovian6 dager siden

    Small and a medium?! No you have extra small and small. I'm 5'3 and tinny but you make her look giant

  • hannahxx17
    hannahxx176 dager siden

    'Ro, let's see what else we can put in your pants.'....well if that ain't a t-shirt slogan I don't know what is!

  • sophia hendey
    sophia hendey6 dager siden

    I'm 12 and I'm 5 ft 8

  • Grace Thomas 101
    Grace Thomas 1016 dager siden

    Omg I'm 13 and I just got to 5 feet I always thought I was small because I'm always smaller than everyone but im taller than ro! 😂

  • E questrain
    E questrain6 dager siden

    Ro you should fill up a bowl with sweets hide them in the jeans sneek them into the movies pretending your preg

  • Aisha Siddiq
    Aisha Siddiq6 dager siden

    im litterely 11y and im 4`10.

  • Neve Adair
    Neve Adair6 dager siden

    Me thinking Justine is close to 6 foot then hearing I’m 5’3 I was like I’m 12 and 5’5 or 5’6

  • Scarlett Jones
    Scarlett Jones6 dager siden

    Ro I love these I need bridemades Kidding

  • Alexis Nicole
    Alexis Nicole6 dager siden

    Should’ve done this with Colleen or Rachel Ballinger 😛

  • vedika_ Luthra
    vedika_ Luthra7 dager siden

    Ro is not shot that girl is big lol

  • Jody Gennard
    Jody Gennard7 dager siden


  • 4 Amigos?
    4 Amigos?7 dager siden

    I am 10and 5’10

  • Kerri Hurley
    Kerri Hurley8 dager siden

    There it large medium small and then the is row size

  • Rileyrose
    Rileyrose8 dager siden

    me when i get home from school *me Hi mom bye mom going to watch Ro and yes this is more important then my homework

  • Camilla Whitney
    Camilla Whitney8 dager siden

    be my bridesmaid lol

  • Megan Mart-Kirven
    Megan Mart-Kirven8 dager siden

    Lol I’m 14 and I’m taller than justine

  • Manmeet Singh
    Manmeet Singh8 dager siden

    Should i judge 2.6k dislikers ?

  • Zainab Khalid
    Zainab Khalid8 dager siden

    I thought justine was taller then me BUT shes 5'3 and im 5'6 and im 13-

  • _gacha_gamer_girl_
    _gacha_gamer_girl_8 dager siden

    Bro im 5.4 and a half and. Im 12 years old and a girl

  • Ciara monique guerra Macias
    Ciara monique guerra Macias8 dager siden

    Its adorable & cute how they try on outfits !! Rosanna + Justine

  • Icy Muffin
    Icy Muffin8 dager siden

    I am 5 6”

  • Carine Pereira
    Carine Pereira8 dager siden

    Wait she’s only 4 ft 11 inches 🥺🥺

  • Xochitl Robles
    Xochitl Robles8 dager siden


  • ashley nickle
    ashley nickle9 dager siden

    Ok Christine with the convertible dress is litterally me anytime I wear mine. I just love messing around and making up ways to wear it lol

  • Ann Lei
    Ann Lei9 dager siden

    Thank you for saving me $$$ and reminding me that if it looks bad in the ad...it is worst in person.

  • Billie Connelly
    Billie Connelly9 dager siden

    I am 12 and I am nearly 5

  • keyla lopez
    keyla lopez9 dager siden

    Im 5’10 imagine if ro was next to me 😂

  • Bella marie
    Bella marie9 dager siden

    idk why but i feel like they look like what piper rockelle and emily dobson would look like in 20 years. love you guys!❤️

  • Emnet Goitom
    Emnet Goitom9 dager siden

    ro is literaly the same size as me at 11 lol

  • Idk_cat
    Idk_cat9 dager siden

    Well now I know I’m taller than Rose when I’m only in fifth grade but both my parents are tall

  • GIGI


    9 dager siden

    Bro! I’m in fifth grade and I am taller than rose!

  • Zelda Fan
    Zelda Fan10 dager siden

    I’m like 4 ft taller than both my friends and I’m tall so yeah

  • Gianna Miranda
    Gianna Miranda10 dager siden

    What I just realized is that your only an inch taller then me I’m 4’9 at 8 years old almost 9

  • Khloi star Little
    Khloi star Little10 dager siden

    Can they fit babies

  • tarur subramanian Krishnambal
    tarur subramanian Krishnambal10 dager siden

    I thought Jestine was taller than me but i am actually taller than Jestine. I am 5'7"..Shocked

  • Morgan Grace
    Morgan Grace10 dager siden

    Rosanna is the same height as my 8 year old sister 🤣🤣

  • Xx Julianna XX
    Xx Julianna XX10 dager siden

    GO SUB TO 570 Gaming

  • Ashima Kuriakose
    Ashima Kuriakose10 dager siden

    *For the batwing sweater* Before learning it was a batwing sweater: Mmm, yeah, I like it, it's really cute. After learning it was a batwing sweater: I LOVE THIS!!

  • Asher Tapia
    Asher Tapia10 dager siden

    In the blue dress Justine looked like Jasmine!🤣🤣

  • Asher Tapia
    Asher Tapia10 dager siden

    When I saw the title I was like does it fit a baby then?!?

  • Ruby Reyesʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄
    Ruby Reyesʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄10 dager siden

    Mike is Lev from haikyuu BAHHHKFJDKBFKFJFKFOKF

  • Steven Lowe
    Steven Lowe11 dager siden

    when ro sed her hight me IM 4.11 AND IM 9 lol

  • Eden Wachaya
    Eden Wachaya11 dager siden

    It's so funny that Justine is 5'3 which is short for a lady and rosanna thinks she's tal. Lol

  • Alyssa Northey
    Alyssa Northey11 dager siden


  • Cheyanne Hagen
    Cheyanne Hagen11 dager siden

    I’m 5”6 and I’m only 12

  • JoystickJoyce
    JoystickJoyce11 dager siden

    Wait Ro is 4'10?? I'm like 4'5 or something😂

  • trashbagx_x
    trashbagx_x11 dager siden

    I’m taller than her and I’m 11- (no hate to her8

  • Natasha Wetmore
    Natasha Wetmore11 dager siden

    I love it 😀

  • That Mobile Roleplayer
    That Mobile Roleplayer11 dager siden

    I’m 10 being 4/6 I-

  • Dylan Robinson
    Dylan Robinson11 dager siden

    I literary peed and spit out my Coke EVERYWHERE

  • Lisa Gachiri
    Lisa Gachiri11 dager siden

    All heights are beautiful❤❤❤ But I'm not sad I'm 14 and 5"2

  • Tina B
    Tina B11 dager siden

    dark blue pants giving me Among Us vibes

  • 2131syafiq
    2131syafiq11 dager siden


  • Sarah Katia Nyaruhirira
    Sarah Katia Nyaruhirira11 dager siden

    Me: thinks Justine is taller than me. Me: I'm 5'7 Me: I'm 12

  • Lily De Silva Gibson
    Lily De Silva Gibson11 dager siden

    I’m only 12 and 5"5.

  • Evie Millar
    Evie Millar11 dager siden

    omg i am 10 and taller than her te he

  • Kia Lao
    Kia Lao11 dager siden


  • Debi Billman
    Debi Billman11 dager siden

    Come be my brides maids! I'll be getting married in about 10 years probably

  • Alayna Smardo
    Alayna Smardo11 dager siden

    One size fits some