Whats In Rosanna Pansino's HUGE Kitchen?

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My most requested video!! ❤️
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    This is my MOST requested video!!! What do you have in your kitchen? What video should I make next??? 😊❤️

  • Babitha Begum

    Babitha Begum

    Dag siden

    What's in my backyard

  • SowjanyaReddy Pelluru

    SowjanyaReddy Pelluru

    3 dager siden

    Make a house tour please

  • Dan Frederiksen

    Dan Frederiksen

    4 dager siden

    another one

  • rana


    6 dager siden

    Omg if i had that kitchen i would never leave it i would even sleep in it

  • Portia Fosuaa

    Portia Fosuaa

    16 dager siden

    Hi am your subscriber too and new at youtube channel

  • Cameron Bobich
    Cameron Bobich18 minutter siden


  • Cameron Bobich
    Cameron Bobich18 minutter siden

    do a house tore

  • Loa Lane
    Loa LaneDag siden

    worning back away from sofies snacks it have her name on it and mine with your brother to sorry its heather

  • louis rodriguez
    louis rodriguezDag siden

    The few fierce quilt globally satisfy because united kingdom acceptably live afore a raspy iris. invincible, murky swordfish

  • Rubi Gonzalez-Luna
    Rubi Gonzalez-LunaDag siden

    Ro| this rug is super affordable it’s only 100 dollars😂😂😂😂

  • Vero’s Vlogs
    Vero’s Vlogs2 dager siden

    I love love your videos u bring so much tranquility to myself 💕💕

  • lovely yuli
    lovely yuli4 dager siden

    If I had that lichen I would be soo happy my kitchen is sooo small 😭😭

  • Adam Koppelman
    Adam Koppelman4 dager siden

    how is ro so thin after baking for so long all the time??

  • two mad
    two mad4 dager siden

    ro's house is my dream house if only i wasn't ✨poor✨

  • Aarna Khullar
    Aarna Khullar4 dager siden

    RO- Every time I open this little fridge ME- You call that little!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mandeep Dhillon
    Mandeep Dhillon6 dager siden

    I love you ro you are the best 😙♥️♥️♥️

  • 100 subscribers with no videos challenge
    100 subscribers with no videos challenge6 dager siden

    Love the HAIRRRR😍💖✨People saying she is bragging Me:ITS A KITCHEN TOUR OF COURSE SHE WILL SHOW EVERYTHING GEEZ😒And wait she worked as a WAITRESS before youtube WHAT?!

  • John Cason
    John Cason10 dager siden

    So sad she is leaving this kitchen

  • pixie alysa
    pixie alysa12 dager siden

    Me: damn I want that kitchen What I cook: eggs-

  • anya marie
    anya marie12 dager siden

    omgg wow

  • Pahul Gill
    Pahul Gill12 dager siden

    do a closet tour of dogs

  • Adem Ak
    Adem Ak13 dager siden

    I wish l had your kitchen

  • Ava
    Ava13 dager siden

    pls make a video of what you eat in an day

  • Zobia Zaman
    Zobia Zaman14 dager siden

    This kitchen is amazing never move out of this house!

  • Barry Miller
    Barry Miller14 dager siden

    Rosanna is one of the sweetest people on the planet...... LITERALLY

  • Sausa Sister Club
    Sausa Sister Club14 dager siden

    I just subscribe and I love her already I watch a couple of videos. Just love her😍😍😍

  • Ryleigh W
    Ryleigh W14 dager siden

    Your channel inspired me to be a baker and I've been baking for about a year

  • Tabitha Vaughan
    Tabitha Vaughan16 dager siden

    The jenna marbles reference 😩 I miss her so much and I found you ro from a jenna video. You both are such pure content creators and I love love love all of your videos. You make everyone feel so much apart of your home and life. Like we are in your kitchen baking with you. Thank you for being you. You are amazing! Much love xoxoxo.

  • Bethany Bennett
    Bethany Bennett17 dager siden

    Rosanna: ...because i want a REALLY big smoothie Me: My mom has bigger cups

  • Debbie de Giorgio
    Debbie de Giorgio18 dager siden

    me- Losing hair tyes and socks Ro- losing wooden spoons me- o:

  • nour sawli
    nour sawli19 dager siden

    She kinda looks like demi Lovato in this video

  • Aislinn Myrah
    Aislinn Myrah21 dag siden

    My cheap a** could NEVA. Ro literally took luxury to a WHOLE OTHA LEVEL

  • Allison Hom
    Allison Hom22 dager siden

    15:45 oh in my family we just run around like madwomen and it’s just chaos because everything’s coming out around the same time (except I believe the turkey which has to rest and the cranberry sauce which is made ahead of time). Huh. Imagine not running around the kitchen like crazy people on Thanksgiving haha

  • Bekanne's Channel
    Bekanne's Channel22 dager siden

    A great kitchen for the cooking and baking business. Smart to decide based on the kitchen. In most homes the kitchen sets the mood 👍

  • Ayesha Khalid
    Ayesha Khalid25 dager siden

    So extra

  • Aly Lynn Marie
    Aly Lynn Marie27 dager siden

    Wooden spoons = socks in my house

  • aaareon jaems
    aaareon jaems27 dager siden

    Man i forgot what she looked like with blonde hair Im so used to ro having brown hair i thought she was a different person

  • Sydney Wiley
    Sydney Wiley28 dager siden

    Ya Justine is one with the knife haha

  • Sydney Wiley
    Sydney Wiley28 dager siden

    Ro is italyan I love that boujour

  • Sydney Wiley
    Sydney Wiley28 dager siden

    Her hair is brown now in 2020

  • Dragan Pujin
    Dragan PujinMåned siden

    I love your videos

  • Jennierubyjane Mandu
    Jennierubyjane ManduMåned siden

    Ro is my inspiration to my dream to be a Chef or Culinary

  • srishti b
    srishti bMåned siden

    im in heven when i watch your videos

  • Tracey McGough
    Tracey McGoughMåned siden

    Pls do a hous tour I ♥️ your vids

  • Ahusaan Hussain
    Ahusaan HussainMåned siden

    Your house is very clean i love it so much

  • Y Clay
    Y ClayMåned siden

    omg Rosanna, I LOVE THIS KITCHEN..so organized, your best video lol

  • Percy Hussain
    Percy HussainMåned siden

    I always wander, do you wear hair extensions? you hair and hair styles looks amazing

  • Mae Elliott
    Mae ElliottMåned siden

    You know your a organization guru when your hot water kettle and coffee pot match👁👄👁😂

  • It’s Really Reagan !
    It’s Really Reagan !Måned siden

    Her kitchen is like the size of my house ! 👇🏻❤️👇🏻😂😂😂👇🏻❤️👇🏻

  • Ada Altay
    Ada AltayMåned siden

    Ro do you know there is pre cut parchment papers

  • Austin rocks 1231
    Austin rocks 1231Måned siden

    i am italenin to

  • Cook With Love by Annie
    Cook With Love by AnnieMåned siden

    You should do a backyard tour!

  • caleb watching youtube
    caleb watching youtubeMåned siden

    can. like. ro adopt me

  • Raghad Tayeh
    Raghad TayehMåned siden

    Does she have time to clean all that

  • Sanjana Lanka
    Sanjana LankaMåned siden

    She talks about her spices like there her exes

  • Sanjana Lanka
    Sanjana LankaMåned siden

    Do a what I eat in a day

  • Amaia's Work Shop
    Amaia's Work ShopMåned siden

    Soo affordable... $100 :o

  • rose
    roseMåned siden

    This is so funny she is so excited for each thing even though she was living there for I think 3 years I love her personality

  • Abigail Igbineweka
    Abigail Igbineweka2 måneder siden

    Ro: I love this rug it is so affordable The same Ro: It's like a HUNDRED dollars LOL

  • Simryn Shah
    Simryn Shah2 måneder siden

    Why do I literally I have a bigger kitchen than my idol??? Lol!!!

  • Julia Wang Lee
    Julia Wang Lee2 måneder siden

    Now look at your kitchen

  • Holly Preuss
    Holly Preuss2 måneder siden

    inmyfamily we just dry dishes on a tea towel 😂

  • Cats, Gaming And More
    Cats, Gaming And More2 måneder siden

    Ro this vid was made one day before I was born the 17 of November

  • Kaitlin Mathis
    Kaitlin Mathis2 måneder siden

    Oh my goodness

  • trs rajagopalachari
    trs rajagopalachari2 måneder siden

    You were w brunette when did you become blonde i like your hair when it is brown

  • Sofia Melissare
    Sofia Melissare2 måneder siden

    Why is her tea drawer is more organized than my life......

  • Sofia Melissare
    Sofia Melissare2 måneder siden


  • Drianna Hai
    Drianna Hai2 måneder siden

    did i here *the sex of the baby* idk

  • Sofia Melissare
    Sofia Melissare2 måneder siden

    Imagine if she gave away tickets to tour the whole island of...... HER KITCHEN!!!!!!!

  • Abdul Aziz
    Abdul Aziz2 måneder siden

    can i ask someone that...what did RO do?😕

  • Alexandria Dornoff
    Alexandria Dornoff2 måneder siden

    your kitchen is my dream kitchen, I never have enough counterspace and the oven is messed up at my house.

  • Bezaye Ayele
    Bezaye Ayele2 måneder siden

    today the video turned one year!

  • Melanie Playzz
    Melanie Playzz2 måneder siden

    This is my DREAM kitchen!!!!!!

  • Onnicha Ann
    Onnicha Ann2 måneder siden

    Its been exactly a year since you uploaded this ro 💕💕💕💕💕

  • Denmar Chambers
    Denmar Chambers2 måneder siden

    what area do you've in, I NEED to buy a house there

  • yukhei biased
    yukhei biased2 måneder siden

    Pls tell me I wasn't the only person who heard ''Hey Gays!'' and as a Pansexual i spit out my juice and it went through my nose

  • ella june
    ella june2 måneder siden

    “in this little fridge” 😂

  • Paulina Plopa
    Paulina Plopa2 måneder siden

    where does Rosanna get her cake plates? The white ones. Does anyone know?

  • Karam Qinnab
    Karam Qinnab2 måneder siden


  • KatThorn
    KatThorn2 måneder siden

    Cristine is SO JEALOUS when you seethe TEA DRAWER

  • Karolina Nava
    Karolina Nava2 måneder siden

    Hi ☺

  • Galaxy star Yay
    Galaxy star Yay2 måneder siden

    Brown hair like blonde hair comment

  • Kaili's World
    Kaili's World2 måneder siden

    Ro has a great life. Here is a list of SOME of the things anyone would probably want A really sweet boyfriend 2 cute dogs coconut and blue. I am aware that cookie died though. A big house A stable financial condition Living in a warm weather state Incredible culinary skills And so many others You are so lucky Rosanna! Enjoy every minute!

  • staquim
    staquim2 måneder siden

    Omg what happened to her hair

  • Qin Lin
    Qin Lin2 måneder siden

    Legend says that if u say a you tubers name three times then they will pin your comment. Rosanna panceno. Rosanna Panceno. Rosanna Panceno

  • Potato Pants
    Potato Pants2 måneder siden

    You are so organised

    CCL BRACELETS2 måneder siden

    I need this kitchen

  • Jasmine Li
    Jasmine Li2 måneder siden

    You should add ginger peach tea to your caffeination station lol

  • Lamar Almulla
    Lamar Almulla2 måneder siden

    Rosanna I made my house in roblox adopt me a kitchen for u

  • Juliana Maiella
    Juliana Maiella2 måneder siden

    What I eat in a day pleaseeeeeee

  • Leila Mantilla
    Leila Mantilla2 måneder siden

    Anyone else notice “every time I open this little fridge” LOL

  • Keolakai Mākaʻimoku
    Keolakai Mākaʻimoku2 måneder siden

    This is my dream kitchen!!!!!! Hopefully I have a kitchen like that in the future!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Muhd Shah Hidayat
    Muhd Shah Hidayat2 måneder siden

    The flashback was gold

  • Muhd Shah Hidayat
    Muhd Shah Hidayat2 måneder siden

    Fine im gonna buy like 20 of them and stickem in a pot

  • Dustin Anderson
    Dustin Anderson2 måneder siden

    You should do a backyard tour!!!!🥳🤪

  • Dustin Anderson
    Dustin Anderson2 måneder siden

    You should do a garden tour!!🙂🙃

  • Melinda Goh
    Melinda Goh2 måneder siden

    Yess pls do a what I eat in a day

  • sulaima asad11
    sulaima asad113 måneder siden


  • sulaima asad11
    sulaima asad113 måneder siden

    Her kitchen is bigger than my whole house

  • Yudhistira Mahasena
    Yudhistira Mahasena3 måneder siden

    We Indonesians would say: Holkay mah bebas

  • Jade Caballero
    Jade Caballero3 måneder siden

    Ro is the most organized person i know (I would love to live with her)

  • Abby Smith
    Abby Smith3 måneder siden

    I LOVE THE KITCHEN. I want mine to be just like yours😀😀😃😃

  • Natalie Santos
    Natalie Santos3 måneder siden

    Is your kitchen polished or honed marble? How do you take care of it? I want marble but everybody including sales people keep trying to talk me out of it. 😭

  • Ava Rasmusson
    Ava Rasmusson3 måneder siden

    Ro: my little fridge Me: that is humungous