What's In My Makeup Bag

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Would you like to see a my beauty routine video??
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I had so much fun doing my first ever #makeup video showing you what's in my makeup #bag. This is the one I bring with me when I #travel!
What other videos would you like to see?
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    I hope you enjoy my first makeup video ever! What other makeup videos would you like to see? 💄😊💕

  • Muhammad Umar

    Muhammad Umar

    Måned siden

    @Life Hacking DIYS سكسي

  • Gaby Montoya

    Gaby Montoya

    4 måneder siden

    Please do a makeup tutorial! I love your makeup! Can you teach how to do a wingtip because I'm still trying to learn.

  • Siana's Vlogs

    Siana's Vlogs

    5 måneder siden

    Yessss please do a makeup routine it always looks perfect x ❤️💗🌈

  • Coach Hardeman

    Coach Hardeman

    5 måneder siden

    Makeup without mirror

  • Sithmi Edirisinghage

    Sithmi Edirisinghage

    5 måneder siden

    Rosanna can you do a daily makeup video. Please.... 😁

  • Fiorella Macario
    Fiorella Macario2 dager siden

    Make up routine!!!

  • Ameet Vinchoo
    Ameet Vinchoo3 dager siden

    Do a makeup and hair routine

  • Rizwana Parveen
    Rizwana Parveen8 dager siden

    Please make nailpaint video

  • Monalisa Kampran
    Monalisa Kampran17 dager siden

    I wish i was there🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐹🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🏢🏢

  • Bruce Ball
    Bruce BallMåned siden

    You should meet ldshadowlady

  • Fizzybell Pop
    Fizzybell PopMåned siden

    Only bad thing about tattoo liner is it dries to quick when your working with it Xxx

  • Rehan Mohamad
    Rehan MohamadMåned siden


  • Rehan Mohamad

    Rehan Mohamad

    Måned siden

    Cookie and blueberry is so cute

  • Rehan Mohamad

    Rehan Mohamad

    Måned siden

    NY name is nadha

  • Tanvi Shetty
    Tanvi ShettyMåned siden

    Can you do makeup routine please 🙏🙏

  • Rita Li
    Rita LiMåned siden

    I thought she was Ellie from seven super girls lol me mistaken

  • zeeshanayub
    zeeshanayub2 måneder siden

    Make a makeup tutorial

  • Prxncess Sxnia
    Prxncess Sxnia2 måneder siden

    she’s so cute

  • Shafia Rahman
    Shafia Rahman2 måneder siden

    Please make another makeup video with your sister 👭💄💄💄

  • G Qasimi
    G Qasimi3 måneder siden

    Shez IRRITATING cudnt watch a minute

  • Kawaii Panda Gacha Gamer

    Kawaii Panda Gacha Gamer

    2 måneder siden

    Then just click off. What’s the point of leaving hate?

  • Maddie Crisp
    Maddie Crisp3 måneder siden

    Missed opportunity... PUPDATE😂😂😂 Ill show my self out

  • nada rar
    nada rar3 måneder siden

    roadayo drive lmao. its rodeo drive

  • megan anderson
    megan anderson3 måneder siden

    Anyone see cookie just stare at her x

  • Shiv Pal Singh Singh
    Shiv Pal Singh Singh3 måneder siden

    I loooooove how blueberry is just sleeping peacefully on Roseanna s lap throughout the video.....I wanna have a dog....

  • aleksa boci
    aleksa boci3 måneder siden

    no one. blueberry 😋

  • Sitora Zz
    Sitora Zz4 måneder siden

    Who cares what's on your makeup bag 😒

  • Kawaii Panda Gacha Gamer

    Kawaii Panda Gacha Gamer

    2 måneder siden

    Didn’t you read the tittle? If you don’t wanna watch it then just click off. You don’t need to leave hate.

  • Kawaii Panda Gacha Gamer

    Kawaii Panda Gacha Gamer

    2 måneder siden

    @Luna Nova6 I agree.

  • Luna Nova6

    Luna Nova6

    3 måneder siden

    Then why are you watching?

  • Caleigh McCann
    Caleigh McCann4 måneder siden

    I love makeup 💄

  • Camryn Quiroz
    Camryn Quiroz4 måneder siden

    Please do a make up routine

  • Heidi Caudill
    Heidi Caudill4 måneder siden

    Hmmm love (throws it across the room)

  • The Mates
    The Mates4 måneder siden

    is it just me who wishes i was Ro her life is great😭

    ZAHRAA ALI4 måneder siden

    so thats pirfect

    ZAHRAA ALI4 måneder siden

    and you put nutural make up

    ZAHRAA ALI4 måneder siden

    can you make makeup routine video i realy want to learn make up nuturals

  • Rebeca Zoie Mendonca
    Rebeca Zoie Mendonca4 måneder siden

    Obsessed with your videos 💘

  • Rebeca Zoie Mendonca
    Rebeca Zoie Mendonca4 måneder siden


  • AJC
    AJC4 måneder siden

    Please do a makeup routine video please

  • Chloe J
    Chloe J5 måneder siden

    please do a skincare video. you're so flawless I love your skin.

  • Gabriel Eachus
    Gabriel Eachus5 måneder siden

    Do a makeup routine!

  • Anjali Dhodapkar
    Anjali Dhodapkar5 måneder siden

    I would love to see your makeup routine... It will be so much funn!! 😍💓

  • Varrsa Papayah
    Varrsa Papayah5 måneder siden

    Hi love your videos so much please do store room tour please

  • Terri Tacker
    Terri Tacker5 måneder siden

    I love how she said “I love this moisturizer” and then throws it across the couch

  • Zabliza Zakaria
    Zabliza Zakaria5 måneder siden

    blueberry muffin look so cute at this video

  • Brittany Zermeno
    Brittany Zermeno5 måneder siden

    That is my exact brow combo of products! (Diff colors/shades though) they work amazing together! I also like the NYX precision brow pencil!

  • Journi Carpenter
    Journi Carpenter5 måneder siden

    I have watched to for 7 years

  • Blonde Dora
    Blonde Dora5 måneder siden

    Makeup routine must be done

  • Jennifer Goldsworthy
    Jennifer Goldsworthy5 måneder siden

    At 4:03 she hit cookie at the head jajajajaj...

  • Jennifer Goldsworthy
    Jennifer Goldsworthy5 måneder siden

    At 3:04 she hit cookie at the head jajaaj.

  • Elysia Whiteside
    Elysia Whiteside5 måneder siden

    awwwww your dogs are so cute i miss cookie

  • Kailyn Currier
    Kailyn Currier5 måneder siden

    My wallet is the same as your makeup bag

  • Hailey And Nathan
    Hailey And Nathan5 måneder siden

    cookie dreaming at 8:53 ;-;

  • Lys Sweet
    Lys Sweet6 måneder siden

    Idk but she looks like Hermione

  • Miller Isabel
    Miller Isabel6 måneder siden

    Um maybe your routine

  • Dead Poet
    Dead Poet6 måneder siden

    Skip to 3:33 cuz she talks straight bull before hand

  • Emma zen
    Emma zen6 måneder siden

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  • Avik Chatterjee
    Avik Chatterjee6 måneder siden

    It’s Scarlett you should do a everyday makeup video

  • Kaili's World
    Kaili's World6 måneder siden

    Your videos are awesome Ro! I love all of them and I love your frozen 2 cake

  • Fauzia Chattha
    Fauzia Chattha6 måneder siden

    Ro love you do a makeup routine and i orderd same makeup as you have cuz i love you and please also do a vid of a day in ur life and night time rourtine

  • Fauzia Chattha
    Fauzia Chattha6 måneder siden

    Ro i googled that mascara and its name is bettar than sex mascara

  • Riley Ehlers
    Riley Ehlers6 måneder siden

    can you please make a night time routines

  • Artsycrafter 101
    Artsycrafter 1016 måneder siden

    Do a not my hands makeup video with Justine

  • Mahdiya Arshad
    Mahdiya Arshad7 måneder siden

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  • Elyse Curtis
    Elyse Curtis7 måneder siden

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  • Altynay B
    Altynay B7 måneder siden

    Blueberry Muffin is like I am going to take a nap here 😴

  • haley romines
    haley romines7 måneder siden

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  • Cherriam Myo
    Cherriam Myo7 måneder siden

    To : Love this moisturiser i would bath in it seconds later : throws it

  • Abigaile Garcia
    Abigaile Garcia7 måneder siden

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  • Mary Wilson
    Mary Wilson8 måneder siden

    I would really love to see a Makeup video .

  • Dumitru Maya
    Dumitru Maya8 måneder siden


  • Aahanya
    Aahanya8 måneder siden

    Pls upload an updated closet tour. I loved ur last one and also pls include the dogs clothes as well they r so cute

  • Sophia Knowles
    Sophia Knowles8 måneder siden

    Why did NOlocal just recomend this

  • Riley Purgeson
    Riley Purgeson8 måneder siden

    I can't stop looking at the new puppy! So cute ♥️

  • Grace
    Grace8 måneder siden

    I like how precious blueberry is sleeping on rosanna's lap. They're all like sleep with mommyyy!!!

  • Denisabejta Bejta123
    Denisabejta Bejta1238 måneder siden

    Can you do a hair care routine please RO

  • Maggy Landers
    Maggy Landers8 måneder siden

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  • Human care Tips
    Human care Tips8 måneder siden

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  • sprinkle_ !
    sprinkle_ !8 måneder siden

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  • Arlieke
    Arlieke8 måneder siden

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  • Maizie Bymers
    Maizie Bymers8 måneder siden


  • Khloee Cox
    Khloee Cox8 måneder siden

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  • Emma Jent
    Emma Jent9 måneder siden

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  • Ally Bell
    Ally Bell9 måneder siden

    this could be just complete misunderstanding but at 1:50 she said my dog family’s growing and MY REAL FAMILYS GROWING 😱😯 did i just uncover something?😂

  • Lyrica Jackson
    Lyrica Jackson9 måneder siden

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    Natalie Taylor9 måneder siden

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    Sakshi Baoker9 måneder siden

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  • Julie
    Julie9 måneder siden

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  • Mimi
    Mimi9 måneder siden

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  • Juliana Bucciero
    Juliana Bucciero9 måneder siden

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  • Mahjabin Afrin
    Mahjabin Afrin9 måneder siden

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  • michyyy
    michyyy10 måneder siden

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  • Robyn Dalton lifestyle beauty fashion
    Robyn Dalton lifestyle beauty fashion10 måneder siden

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  • Olivia Hanna
    Olivia Hanna10 måneder siden

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  • Olivia Hanna
    Olivia Hanna10 måneder siden

    I love u and your dogs! Ur so organized and amazing! Congrats Ro! You should be very proud!

  • Duy Duy
    Duy Duy11 måneder siden

    Your dog (the black one) is so funny cute

  • Yum Yum
    Yum Yum11 måneder siden

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  • oscar tavera
    oscar tavera11 måneder siden

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  • aj
    aj11 måneder siden

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  • Divya Sonkhla
    Divya Sonkhla11 måneder siden

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    MAY HOBBIE11 måneder siden

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  • Rabia Malik
    Rabia Malik11 måneder siden

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    Christlyne Pereira11 måneder siden

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  • a.
    a.11 måneder siden

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  • Sarah Julliana Guimaraes
    Sarah Julliana GuimaraesÅr siden

    You are a princess .. I love your makeup bag.. i am from Brazil 🇧🇷.. kiss for you ..

  • Nyu SweetDevil
    Nyu SweetDevilÅr siden


  • Retired Emo 💀
    Retired Emo 💀År siden

    11:00 better than sex mascara, big and messy 😅😅 nice pun Ro Better than sex is an amazing mascara, just wish it didn’t dry out my lashes):

  • Verifier - Myla N. Calma
    Verifier - Myla N. CalmaÅr siden

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