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Would you ever wear these nails???
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I had so much fun #Trying these long #Nails for a 24 hour #Challenge! I cant believe how difficult it was to wear the 4 inch nails. I tried to make breakfast, garden, decorate the house, and even play video games. None of it was easy!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino7 måneder siden

    OMG, how crazy are these nails??? Would you ever wear long nails like this?? 💅🏻😂💕

  • Ashlyn S

    Ashlyn S

    Måned siden


  • Ashlyn S

    Ashlyn S

    Måned siden


  • Ashlyn S

    Ashlyn S

    Måned siden

    Im the 500th 😀

  • Amiyah Mims

    Amiyah Mims

    Måned siden

    No I would not and I love your channel I know that you won’t ever see this but I think your awesome I would not ever use those nails🦄❤️

  • sandhya boyina

    sandhya boyina

    Måned siden

    They are pretty but they’re pretty long

  • Avya Pandey Year 3
    Avya Pandey Year 33 timer siden


  • Sandhya Rani
    Sandhya Rani3 timer siden

    24 hour in your room

  • Random Ryleigh
    Random Ryleigh10 timer siden

    One, two, three, and jiggle Mike 2020

  • iixclxudy_ xii
    iixclxudy_ xii14 timer siden

    Hi ro!

  • Bela Orlova
    Bela Orlova14 timer siden

    do more 24 hour challanges

  • hlmhlmnhlm
    hlmhlmnhlm19 timer siden

    Ro, you are so talented and beautiful. Don't change how you look, ever!

  • Ashlee Murray
    Ashlee Murray21 time siden


  • Alexis Hamilton
    Alexis HamiltonDag siden

    no i will not

  • Elody Heaton
    Elody HeatonDag siden

    More 24 hr challenges please!

  • Khanya Tamse
    Khanya TamseDag siden


  • Kelsey Campbell
    Kelsey Campbell2 dager siden

    omg so crazy

  • Mia Burnage
    Mia Burnage2 dager siden


  • Kendra Booker
    Kendra Booker2 dager siden

    rosanna is so cute when she says no to the oranges 😊😊😊

  • Chloe Rolfe
    Chloe Rolfe3 dager siden

    Girl, you need a break you are stressing me out😣😣😣😣 actually, it's more like a bake that you need not a brake

  • gülce arslan
    gülce arslan3 dager siden


  • Spacebean 1
    Spacebean 13 dager siden

    I watched this right after doing my nails so I was in the same place as ro

  • Puppy lover 2010
    Puppy lover 20103 dager siden

    I always where big nails

  • Milena Lacey
    Milena Lacey4 dager siden

    Oh wow Ro

  • Anna Kent
    Anna Kent4 dager siden

    Do you have any merch???

  • Kylie Heistand
    Kylie Heistand4 dager siden

    Boyfriends clothes for 24 hours😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Kylie Heistand
    Kylie Heistand4 dager siden

    Why your boyfriend close to 24 hour

  • Ashley Azer
    Ashley Azer5 dager siden

    Yo nu wat da heck

  • Ashley Azer
    Ashley Azer5 dager siden

    Big nails. Nail polish 💅🏻

  • Ashley Azer

    Ashley Azer

    5 dager siden

    I. Gunna

  • Ashley Azer
    Ashley Azer5 dager siden

    This is the bust face ö

  • Frankie Fairclough
    Frankie Fairclough5 dager siden

    I love your video

  • MagicFerret69
    MagicFerret695 dager siden

    To think some people actually wear these all the time hehehe

  • Suzanne Glidden
    Suzanne Glidden5 dager siden

    Hi... Umm what do I say

  • Chloe Evans
    Chloe Evans5 dager siden

    i already wear nails that are almost afoot long

  • Roblox with zoe
    Roblox with zoe5 dager siden

    How are you that pretty

  • Symphonie Bhola
    Symphonie Bhola5 dager siden

    Who else is watching this in 2021 like this video and this comment♥♥♥★★■■

  • Mary Reinhardt
    Mary Reinhardt5 dager siden

    We still clipping dog ears?

  • Nahomi Whetstone
    Nahomi Whetstone5 dager siden

    9:54 drops bowl :) 10:01 trys to pick up bowl but fails 10:06 trys again fails 10:24 finally picks up bowl

  • Ciara Barry
    Ciara Barry6 dager siden

    Ro is so pretty

  • Aimee Savani
    Aimee Savani6 dager siden

    Can you do a 24 hours long nail mermaid challange plzzzzzz

  • MrFox
    MrFox6 dager siden

    I could never have long nails but when Ro dropped the bowl in the eggs I was dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hashtag Games
    Hashtag Games6 dager siden

    U should do a morning routine!!

  • Erin Schroeder
    Erin Schroeder6 dager siden

    i love

  • Shelter Mimana
    Shelter Mimana7 dager siden

    I was dying when they were in the bathroom 😂😂🤣🤣

  • The Commander
    The Commander7 dager siden


  • The Commander
    The Commander7 dager siden


  • The Commander
    The Commander7 dager siden


  • Ralph Holden
    Ralph Holden7 dager siden


  • Amy Nel
    Amy Nel7 dager siden

    No I would not can you make a voido of you and your sister doingyour makeup routers

  • Really?
    Really?7 dager siden

    She dropped the bowl on purpose

  • Sara Coffey
    Sara Coffey7 dager siden


  • Kendall Carter
    Kendall Carter7 dager siden

    How do you use long nails

  • Merve Battal
    Merve Battal7 dager siden

    i really want to wear the nails your wearing but im 9 and my Mom will never let me

  • Merve Battal

    Merve Battal

    7 dager siden

    sad life for me :( (jk i love my life)

  • Kealey Handley
    Kealey Handley7 dager siden

    Nooooooooo way hosa

  • Modhi Alm
    Modhi Alm7 dager siden

    Bake a big big cake Blind folded

  • Mina
    Mina7 dager siden


  • Mina
    Mina8 dager siden


  • Nuggie_27
    Nuggie_278 dager siden

    I love your videos

  • Billie Pesola
    Billie Pesola8 dager siden

    You are my favorite NOlocalr

  • Katelyn Hayes
    Katelyn Hayes8 dager siden

    When ro was opening the boxes and the photo went under the frame she said no no bad to the picture I nearly died of laughter

  • bella and sofia
    bella and sofia8 dager siden

    I play pokemon go and I'm a girl my brother dose to

    SAVANNAH WILKINSON9 dager siden

    That would take me so long

  • Hailey Villareal
    Hailey Villareal9 dager siden


  • رتيل العنزي
    رتيل العنزي9 dager siden


  • Daonne the Toy Critic
    Daonne the Toy Critic9 dager siden

    Can you

  • Minerva Howard
    Minerva Howard9 dager siden

    how do you tipe on your phone

  • Kambrelynn Rigney
    Kambrelynn Rigney10 dager siden

    Thank you for doing that

  • lisa Wandick
    lisa Wandick11 dager siden

    I'm your biggest fan 😄

  • remi what
    remi what12 dager siden

    nobody: also nobody: ro drops the bowl in the eggs

  • remi what
    remi what12 dager siden

    what WE did

  • remi what
    remi what12 dager siden

    she needs to bake a cake with long nails

  • MsJoHaSa
    MsJoHaSa12 dager siden

    That looks so hard I could never do something like that how do you do it?

  • Daisy Mckenna-Bass
    Daisy Mckenna-Bass12 dager siden

    She is super amazing I don't think she knows it WE LOVE YOU xxx

  • Sophia Moose
    Sophia Moose13 dager siden

    hi!!!!!!! can you do 24 hours in the car???

  • Zoana Haque
    Zoana Haque13 dager siden

    No no no no no😂

  • Aleena Bashir
    Aleena Bashir13 dager siden

    i am 7 and i love your video

  • Mia Shen
    Mia Shen13 dager siden

    Where is cookie ??

  • Jennifer Harvey
    Jennifer Harvey13 dager siden

    Can you do 24 hours eating what the person in-front of you eats

  • Sarah Soliday
    Sarah Soliday13 dager siden

    Those nails are so long😮

  • Ponny Matlala
    Ponny Matlala13 dager siden

    I don't

  • Ponny Matlala
    Ponny Matlala13 dager siden

    I love you big bro videos

  • Lia Marten
    Lia Marten13 dager siden

    I’m 16 and 4’10

  • Edin Osmani
    Edin Osmani14 dager siden

    Where is cookie

  • Shrimp Shu
    Shrimp Shu14 dager siden

    Nope its easy for me

  • Jemma Roberts
    Jemma Roberts14 dager siden

    girl , why you be looking like me ? btw i love you baking

  • Maria Thomas
    Maria Thomas14 dager siden


  • Mashelle H
    Mashelle H14 dager siden


  • Daniella Irera
    Daniella Irera15 dager siden

    Hello Cardi B

  • Aleena Bashir
    Aleena Bashir15 dager siden

    Ro can you and husky do last to leave the kitchen

  • 책읽어 주는 몽키
    책읽어 주는 몽키15 dager siden

    I like your video and I like you ro!

  • Ori TheRainbowLover
    Ori TheRainbowLover15 dager siden

    I love it when you make 24-hour challenges!

  • Tarza boxed u
    Tarza boxed u15 dager siden


  • Lindsay Tuttle
    Lindsay Tuttle15 dager siden

    Were is cookie ??

  • Maisel the One and Only
    Maisel the One and Only15 dager siden

    15:08 Laughing the pain away -They ask you how you are and you say that you’re fine when you’re not really fine and you can’t tell them how you feel because they wouldn’t understand-

  • viridiana soto
    viridiana soto15 dager siden

    we what more

  • Tamar Iskander
    Tamar Iskander15 dager siden

    Stefanie LUCAS

  • Lucia Schipani
    Lucia Schipani15 dager siden

    Omg they do look so much longer when they are on lol

  • Sierra
    Sierra15 dager siden

    OMG this is so funny and when she droped the bowl into the eggs I almost died Laughing!!

  • Ekom Sodhi
    Ekom Sodhi16 dager siden

    "how to you do fold a fork" - ro 2020

  • Wendelyn Bandiola
    Wendelyn Bandiola16 dager siden

    Everytime I'm in a bad day I watch Rosanna and she makes my day😇😀

  • Nadege
    Nadege16 dager siden

    aw man i think i am 4 feet 9 inches i dont know

  • Victoria Fortune
    Victoria Fortune16 dager siden

    OMG those nails are humongous I will never wear those kind of nails

  • Victoria Fortune
    Victoria Fortune16 dager siden

    OMG does nails are huge

  • Jim Bryant
    Jim Bryant16 dager siden

    Can you do a 24 hour change you being your boyfriend and your boyfriend has to be you lol

  • Danielle Murgida
    Danielle Murgida16 dager siden

    do 24 hours with long nails