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Would you ever wear these nails???
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I had so much fun #Trying these long #Nails for a 24 hour #Challenge! I cant believe how difficult it was to wear the 4 inch nails. I tried to make breakfast, garden, decorate the house, and even play video games. None of it was easy!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino4 måneder siden

    OMG, how crazy are these nails??? Would you ever wear long nails like this?? 💅🏻😂💕

  • Alexis Minnix

    Alexis Minnix

    Dag siden

    No never

  • I am Lulu

    I am Lulu

    21 dag siden


  • Artisan's Chennai

    Artisan's Chennai

    24 dager siden

    I don’t know how u even survived

  • Patrice Fernando

    Patrice Fernando

    Måned siden


  • RaniasTube


    Måned siden

    Yes But not that long

  • Kaylin’s DIY’s
    Kaylin’s DIY’s5 timer siden

    Wait Rosanna are you actually 4”10 bc I’m 4”10 and in 5th grade and I’m so short?

  • A- Punk
    A- Punk5 timer siden

    You look like a super villain with them long nails 😭❤️

  • Averi Benson sylk
    Averi Benson sylk5 timer siden

    I want you to do 24 hours in a full pool house

  • Averi Benson sylk

    Averi Benson sylk

    5 timer siden

    Hay Day

  • Mister Miles
    Mister Miles7 timer siden

    OMG 😆

  • TRinLyNn Go4Th
    TRinLyNn Go4Th7 timer siden


  • Caitlyn Castro
    Caitlyn Castro8 timer siden

    Hi u love our videos can you make a slime video

  • Kelsey Horkey
    Kelsey Horkey9 timer siden

    To beginning of the day: I’m never taking them off. End of the day: I can’t wait to take them off.

  • Emily Lutes
    Emily Lutes10 timer siden

    You should do a baking and decorating a cake blindfolded video!!

  • Kristin L
    Kristin L12 timer siden

    I think she should do 24 hours baking with her dog

  • Tessa Strobehn
    Tessa Strobehn16 timer siden

    baking in the longest and skinniest hells for one day

  • Tessa Strobehn

    Tessa Strobehn

    16 timer siden


  • I am Lulu
    I am LuluDag siden

    I would. Because I do it everyday 😂😂😂

  • DaVianna Brown
    DaVianna BrownDag siden


  • J. Webster
    J. WebsterDag siden

    Hay ro what happened to cookie

    CHANTAL PEREZDag siden

    i want you to do last stop eating

  • Brayden Stafford
    Brayden StaffordDag siden

    I love your video's so much Ro!

  • Leona Bowe
    Leona Bowe2 dager siden

    ro:oh know Me:oopsy poosie Ro made a poopsie

  • Rebecca Doult
    Rebecca Doult2 dager siden

    I watched your videos just last month 😂🤣☺️ the way you are funny is funny

  • Paul Gangte
    Paul Gangte2 dager siden

    That's crazy ro

  • Dave Kuhnly
    Dave Kuhnly2 dager siden

    Can you do a video on a big breakfast please

  • Jhade Abalanza
    Jhade Abalanza2 dager siden

    Ro: “k eggs and toast” My subtitles: “k eggs and toes”

  • Broookie
    Broookie2 dager siden

    I would love to see a whole baking video where you were these 😂

  • Kamryn Jeffery
    Kamryn Jeffery2 dager siden


  • Aiyana Blackmon
    Aiyana Blackmon3 dager siden

    It will be better when you get used to it

  • Carly McLaughlin
    Carly McLaughlin3 dager siden

    Yes I have them on right now it's a struggle

  • Allison Sauzameda
    Allison Sauzameda3 dager siden

    I love how she is struggling so much. When that is how long I get them and I don’t struggle.🤣

  • Naylani Neal
    Naylani Neal3 dager siden

    4 ices

  • Sophia Silva Macedo
    Sophia Silva Macedo3 dager siden

    who want her to do 24 hours awake and she has to keep on cooking.😜😜💜

  • Coco Quinn
    Coco Quinn3 dager siden

    9:52 when she dropped the bowl I died laughing!!!

  • akhona suntele
    akhona suntele4 dager siden

    Yep her nails are Super long

  • Samantha Sinclair
    Samantha Sinclair4 dager siden


  • Lola Mo
    Lola Mo4 dager siden

    Thank you for making me laugh all the time I love your videos

  • Priscilla Mouawad
    Priscilla Mouawad4 dager siden

    Can you pls do a 24 hours challenge to wear your boyfriend clothes

  • Jorge Mendieta
    Jorge Mendieta4 dager siden


  • Jamal Ahmad
    Jamal Ahmad4 dager siden

    RIP cookie very all love you 🍪💐

  • Toto Khuffash
    Toto Khuffash4 dager siden


  • Adelyn Luedike
    Adelyn Luedike4 dager siden

    xD she decides to do everything on the day of this challenge i'd be like '' IM DOING IT TMRW TODAY IM DOING NOTHING IM DOING EVERYTHING TMRW'' 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Bernard Goble
    Bernard Goble4 dager siden

    WOW I personally would NEVER wear long nails

  • Anita Dickerson
    Anita Dickerson4 dager siden

    I do 😃😃

  • ubi
    ubi4 dager siden

    Ro, i’m 4’9”! We’re almost the same height thats crazy!

  • Chris boilermaker Mute
    Chris boilermaker Mute5 dager siden

    Bake blind folded

  • Chris boilermaker Mute
    Chris boilermaker Mute5 dager siden

    Do a last to say no challenge

  • Chris boilermaker Mute
    Chris boilermaker Mute5 dager siden


  • Suri Chen
    Suri Chen5 dager siden

    i would have 1inch

  • Divya Kishan
    Divya Kishan5 dager siden

    Can you please do an other 24 hours challenge

  • Jennifer Houghton
    Jennifer Houghton5 dager siden

    I want long nails

  • Victoria Eriksson
    Victoria Eriksson5 dager siden

    I love your videos

  • Victoria Eriksson
    Victoria Eriksson5 dager siden

    Hi Row Pansino

  • ASMR And Other
    ASMR And Other5 dager siden

    The nails are latterly as long as her fingers

    RAHMA MREBIT 2029 WCSC 45 dager siden


  • Camilla Whitney
    Camilla Whitney5 dager siden

    24-hour challenge DON'T PET THE DOG!!!

  • Camilla Whitney
    Camilla Whitney5 dager siden

    Nice bathroom filming!!! 🚽🧻🎥

  • Kayla R
    Kayla R6 dager siden

    Crazy 🕺🏻

  • Miriam Darksoul107
    Miriam Darksoul1076 dager siden

    " This is true love right there " omg I love that

  • Codie Higgins
    Codie Higgins6 dager siden

    i think they should both where each others clothes for 24 hours lol

  • Phoebenetics
    Phoebenetics6 dager siden

    Ro: ok we are gonna make some scrambled eggs *drops bowl* oah ma gwosh oh no Me: AOH MY WHAT HAHAHA

  • Phoebenetics
    Phoebenetics6 dager siden

    Ro we are the same height!😃

  • Tonya Lariscey
    Tonya Lariscey6 dager siden

    u look different the hair but omg those nails

  • Afrin Begum
    Afrin Begum6 dager siden

    Blueberry is so cute

  • Anna Squad
    Anna Squad6 dager siden

    Do you now that you made this video in June and my baby girl Anna birthday is in June the first

  • Moritz Mews
    Moritz Mews6 dager siden


  • Jaiden Rigney
    Jaiden Rigney6 dager siden

    lol so funny do more 24 hour baking and doing art craft

  • Arissella Arispe
    Arissella Arispe6 dager siden

    Sea mermaid for 24 hours

  • BrookeVlogs07 7
    BrookeVlogs07 76 dager siden


  • Nityasri Gayam
    Nityasri Gayam6 dager siden

    Where is cookie?

  • Nityasri Gayam
    Nityasri Gayam6 dager siden

    How do they come off?

  • Germino, Alwena
    Germino, Alwena6 dager siden

    This video had me dying😂😂😂😂

  • Charisse Sayre
    Charisse Sayre6 dager siden

    im litterally the same height with rosanna

    SANIKA SAWANT6 dager siden

    Blind folded baking

  • Makayla Philips
    Makayla Philips7 dager siden

    make cake with the nals

  • Lucy Sykora
    Lucy Sykora7 dager siden

    can you do a part two please!!!

  • Neima Ben Omran
    Neima Ben Omran7 dager siden

    Wait wait wait so I’m got me a leg nails what’s for kids and it was not that hard but it was hard when I was drinking water they fall off I lose keep them dropping😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌

  • Devyn Art n’ stuff

    Devyn Art n’ stuff

    6 dager siden

    Umm- R/Ihadastroke

  • Kaylee Evans
    Kaylee Evans7 dager siden

    I want you to bake blindfolded and do a 24 hour challenge of baking nonstop

  • Beatrix Healey
    Beatrix Healey7 dager siden

    yass crazy

  • Dana Dukes
    Dana Dukes8 dager siden

    I am 4’9 and I am 10

  • Ja'Nel'Ya Hanna
    Ja'Nel'Ya Hanna8 dager siden


  • TrickyStitch
    TrickyStitch8 dager siden

    🤣😂😅🙂 Love your videos

  • Miss. Mandy
    Miss. Mandy8 dager siden

    You should do 24 hours only baking

  • Anna McParlan
    Anna McParlan8 dager siden

    do a 24 hours in youre pool ro

  • Fatima Qadri
    Fatima Qadri8 dager siden

    When you dropped the bowl in the pan I spat on my screen LOL

  • Lileigh Rose Cox
    Lileigh Rose Cox8 dager siden

    I like your nails!😏😏😏😍😍😍😛😛😛😛😇😇😇😃😃😀😁😀😁😀😁☺😊☺😊☺☺😊

  • melissa ODell
    melissa ODell8 dager siden

    Why would you do that this is the stupidest thing that you have ever done

  • Mia Blueknight
    Mia Blueknight8 dager siden

    Maby that is not the longest nails

  • Simran Lalli
    Simran Lalli8 dager siden


    LET'S DO IT8 dager siden

    1st girl who don't know to put nails ❤️❤️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Gabriella Davis
    Gabriella Davis8 dager siden

    🐕blueberry is so cute 🐕

  • Nidene Smith
    Nidene Smith9 dager siden

    RO your do us co cute and so are you

  • Monserrat Aguilar
    Monserrat Aguilar9 dager siden

    Hi 👋 I don’t see your vedeos

  • Stella Jadan
    Stella Jadan9 dager siden

    i love them

  • Albianca Dilidili
    Albianca Dilidili9 dager siden

    Her laugh is so cuteeeee♥️

  • Madison Jackson
    Madison Jackson9 dager siden

    If they are stuck on there how do you get them off at the end of the day

  • Manha Alam
    Manha Alam9 dager siden

    24 hour bf clowse

  • Girardot30
    Girardot309 dager siden

    i like this can you make a baking with your ag doll

  • Divine Didi
    Divine Didi9 dager siden

    NEVER EVER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😰

  • Rocío Gonzalez
    Rocío Gonzalez9 dager siden

    Same here when she said "I always tell her to put a lot bling on the middle finger" thats me

  • Pauline Plopa
    Pauline Plopa9 dager siden

    Who wants her to do a baking blind for 24 hours challenge? Or baking the hardest recipe in her cookbook also blind? let's see how many! 👇

  • Nthabiseng Masina
    Nthabiseng Masina9 dager siden

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣good luck with the other long nail challenges

  • Basam Sharif
    Basam Sharif9 dager siden

    Do earring a scarf on your head for 24 ours

  • Nazma Begum
    Nazma Begum9 dager siden

    I will never ever wear these nailss like OMG ⬇️ if u will never wear it😅😂

  • Kumar Babbu
    Kumar Babbu10 dager siden

    Who want to see her house