We Made WOVEN Stocking Cookies w/ Rebecca Zamolo!

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These cookies are oddly satisfying to make.
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The Things You'll Need:
4 large egg yolks
1/2 cup heavy cream
4 teaspoons peppermint extract
4 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1/4 cup cornstarch
1 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups sugar
3 sticks (12 ounces) unsalted butter
Swiss buttercream frosting
White sanding sugar
We had so much fun #Baking all of these #Holiday #Cookies. We used a technique to weave the soft dough together to make cookies that are almost too cute to eat! Would you ever make these?
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino10 måneder siden

    Hi everyone. Thank you all for the kind words in the passing of Papa Pizza. I filmed and edited this video before everything happened, I hope it brings you happiness and joy this holiday season. ❤️

  • AJC


    4 måneder siden

    Hugs for you ro

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    Angelica Garcia

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    I always subscribe to rebeca Zamolo

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    Roshni C

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    Rosanna pansino I am sorry love and hugs from my side 😍🥰😘

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    Rgg Sausa

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    I love you 💕 Rosanna

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    Paul Gangte19 timer siden

    Ro I'm soo sorry for the loss of papa Pizza ❤️....

  • Lakshmi Thadi
    Lakshmi Thadi13 dager siden

    I knew about Rebecca because of ro

  • Velzy Wicks-Holcomb
    Velzy Wicks-Holcomb28 dager siden

    i made them and me and my mom can't stop eating the dough

  • Velzy Wicks-Holcomb
    Velzy Wicks-HolcombMåned siden

    i am entering in a contest i'am making these cookies :)

  • Nitya’s Craft world
    Nitya’s Craft world2 måneder siden

    Cookie is your dog 🐶

  • Muzdalfa Izhar
    Muzdalfa Izhar2 måneder siden

    I have been watching her channel for a whole bunch of years and haven't tried even a single recipe

  • Luise Olivera
    Luise Olivera2 måneder siden

    I’ve heard that cookie passed away i’m sorry Ro. 😭

  • Kinsley Menees
    Kinsley Menees2 måneder siden

    Rebecca: oh i like em thick me: i like em chunky

  • Joanne Gipson
    Joanne Gipson2 måneder siden

    These cookies are adorable , I just found your channel, I want to make Christmas cookies in July 😋

  • LaToria Freeman
    LaToria Freeman3 måneder siden

    Hi... I was wondering in this recipe what can I use instead of the cream because I can't have dairy?

  • Melinda Huxford
    Melinda Huxford3 måneder siden

    Ro: welcome to how to use your kitchen aid Me: can you actually do that lol And Ro I know how you feel because my mom died from cancer I’m sorry for your loss and I love and support you Rest in piece papa pizza you will be missed and loved my many

  • stephanie A
    stephanie A3 måneder siden

    I was following along

  • artisticallyAnnoying
    artisticallyAnnoying3 måneder siden

    Ro: ... But we haven't baked cookies together. Ro: *le gasp~

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    Rebeca Zoie Mendonca3 måneder siden

    I wanna bake with Rosanna! 😍😊😅

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    kei yuen4 måneder siden

    Deck the halls with brownie cupcakes fa la la la la fa la la la it’s the season to be cooking fa la la la la fa la la la

  • Rogeria Machado Coimbrã.
    Rogeria Machado Coimbrã.4 måneder siden

    I Love swiits foods

    GENESIS CHAMBERS4 måneder siden

    Why is know one commenting about Rebecca?

  • Zahra Rashid
    Zahra Rashid4 måneder siden

    Hi i know it has been a while since you posted this video but l was asking that after you made the dough and dyed it with color to you put it in the freezer or fridge

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    Vanna Meth4 måneder siden

    You didn’t tell me that you know Rebecca

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    when did Rebecca get the time ? she is always making game master videos

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    Alyssa’s Workouts5 måneder siden

    Ro I’m so sorry you keep me happy everyday and I love ❤️ you

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    Sangeeta addy5 måneder siden

    Stay strong ro

  • Ok Inaya
    Ok Inaya5 måneder siden

    The flour on the cookie dough kinda looks like snow

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    Miller Isabel5 måneder siden

    Rest in peace Pappa Pizza.😥😔

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    Sakeena Gamell5 måneder siden

    Did she try that mint omelet or do I have to

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    I’m sorry for your loss😭😭😭

  • Faby Vicente
    Faby Vicente6 måneder siden

    Ro:Hey guys it’s Ro welcome back to my channel today I’m hanging out with my friend Rebecca Captions:Hey guys it’s Ro welcome back to my channel today I’m making yo with love when Rebecca 😂😂😂💓💓😔🤭🤪

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  • Rock 'n' Loom 247
    Rock 'n' Loom 2476 måneder siden

    Do Coronavirus cookies! Use the red sprinkles for the "Stems" & red twizzlers pull & peel for the "Suction Cups"

  • Pearl Brock
    Pearl Brock6 måneder siden

    Also when they made the mush ball after cutting out the cookies they could actually unweave the cookie dough and redo it to make even more cookies!

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    im comeing to your house

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    ida _marianne7 måneder siden

    I'm so sorry about your father Ro. I know exactly how you fell since my dad passed away too. Rest in peace Papa Pizza.

  • ida _marianne
    ida _marianne7 måneder siden

    I feel like some shredded coconut would do good as well instead of the sugar on top of the stocking.

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    I love you how you make stuff I love Nerdy Nummies a lot!!!!!

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    This is Cutie Ringo Joy9 måneder siden

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