We Cloned Our Dogs For $600?!

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OMG I didn't know this was a thing!
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I had so much fun with this #Surprise #Vlog with my friend iJustine! I cloned my #Dog and her's by turning them into realistic plush toys!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    I hope you enjoy today's video! Would you ever buy one of these? 😂🐶🐶

  • Nyah Moon

    Nyah Moon

    Dag siden

    YES!!! I think it is pretty funny

  • Guineapiglover


    13 dager siden

    If I had the money for it I would.

  • Sophie Wilson

    Sophie Wilson

    14 dager siden

    @Jolie Reese same

  • Kensley Broadway

    Kensley Broadway

    15 dager siden


  • סלימאן עראבי

    סלימאן עראבי

    16 dager siden

    No its so cool and i do not have a dog my mom sild him😪😫😭😭

  • Deirdre Paluza101
    Deirdre Paluza101Dag siden

    2:00 I’m not even gonna tell u this is just watch

  • Its.Kyleep
    Its.KyleepDag siden

    Who else was watching this in 2021

  • kjoranson
    kjoranson3 dager siden

    6:12 - 6:49 Me: there’s a lot going on right now

  • Ariel Playz
    Ariel Playz3 dager siden

    Justine talking about cookie: SHES SO BIG

  • Sarah Reese
    Sarah Reese7 dager siden

    You should get one of blueberry, coconut, and Henry.

  • Adriana Mataperez
    Adriana Mataperez9 dager siden


  • Erika Riches
    Erika Riches9 dager siden

    I think half of the video is of you screaming and saying no to the dogs

  • PM - 09BM 714824 Judith Nyman SS
    PM - 09BM 714824 Judith Nyman SS12 dager siden

    Justine your dog matty is cute Thanks

  • Guineapiglover
    Guineapiglover13 dager siden

    This video is crazy and I love it 😂

  • unicorn famliy
    unicorn famliy14 dager siden

    rosanna someone bit my elborw justine is wasnt me

  • SLK Gaming
    SLK Gaming14 dager siden

    Ro:ahhhhhh somone bit my elbow Justine:it wasn't me Me:laughing so hard that I almost peed

  • Ritu Gautam
    Ritu Gautam15 dager siden

    6:07-6:54 it's the best part of the video 😂😂😂

  • Aurora Rangel
    Aurora Rangel16 dager siden

    its espensive (i know thats not how to spell it) and they wanted pics from all angles, so, i did it.

  • Valentina Molina
    Valentina Molina17 dager siden

    2:07 made me dieee

  • Eliza Paschalidis
    Eliza Paschalidis19 dager siden

    IM A BALL WEEEEE “ I’m dying lol !!

  • Emily Drawz
    Emily Drawz20 dager siden

    2:07 trust me

  • Freddy and Crew
    Freddy and Crew21 dag siden


  • Watch and Learn
    Watch and Learn23 dager siden

    I loved how cookie was always concerned of everything but I miss her now she was awesome I loved her as much as u I think cz I literally got crying while I heard cookie's gone cz my roblox username was cookiemast124 I love it it's amazing but sad as well

  • Watch and Learn
    Watch and Learn23 dager siden

    Nice Matty looks cool

  • Reagan Cothern
    Reagan Cothern23 dager siden

    This vide is GOLD.

  • Reagan Cothern
    Reagan Cothern23 dager siden

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you had me dying like 5 times in a row lol

  • Ayaan Bawani
    Ayaan Bawani23 dager siden

    At 6:11 I was like how is cookie over there when he’s in ro’s hand then I realized she was holding the clone

  • Sheraya Peiris
    Sheraya Peiris23 dager siden

    " I think we got it " Justine years ago

  • Marco Diana
    Marco Diana27 dager siden

    i like cookie.s clone it is the most cute

  • josue colon
    josue colon29 dager siden

    When Ro said that there's a facility inn Texas to clone a dog, I was like I live in Texas!😮

  • Jane Crafting
    Jane CraftingMåned siden

    I want to do this with my cats only if I had 1k dollars (I have 2 my dad has 2)

  • Jane Crafting
    Jane CraftingMåned siden

    Matty you might be in this box

  • Karlina Kovacevic
    Karlina KovacevicMåned siden

    6:08 this is when the dogs went crazyy

  • Sarah G
    Sarah GMåned siden

    7:07 for a second I thought it was cookie but it was the plush one

  • Susana Ramirez
    Susana RamirezMåned siden

    Can you do blueberry to please

  • Katlyn Criswell
    Katlyn CriswellMåned siden

    RIP Cookie 💔🍪

  • Arthur The Teddy Bear
    Arthur The Teddy BearMåned siden

    I love it!

  • Quariya N
    Quariya NMåned siden

    who follows matty on instagram

  • Talitha Schnaidt
    Talitha SchnaidtMåned siden

    Who else loves dogs

  • GamingWithBrothers
    GamingWithBrothersMåned siden

    yh iv buyed a dog

  • Lori Kniess
    Lori KniessMåned siden

    Is Maddy a poodle

  • Gabriella Borg
    Gabriella BorgMåned siden

    I love how ro goes I'm a little ball 2 seconds later weeeeee and then somebody bit my elbow Justine WASN'T ME me :dying in laughter

  • SaphyChu
    SaphyChuMåned siden

    This video is just chaos 😂😂😂

  • Adam Stoffey
    Adam StoffeyMåned siden

    My mom Said no to cloning my dog 😢Her name is Cali and she is a Rottweiler!

  • Amazinggrace Poop
    Amazinggrace Poop2 måneder siden

    OMG I thought when Ro was talking at the end cookie was in her lap but it was the clone

  • Erich Joy Vidal
    Erich Joy Vidal2 måneder siden

    Omy gosh you guys are the best partners 🤣

  • Ridha Salma
    Ridha Salma2 måneder siden

    Miss you cookie😭

  • FrenchVxnilla
    FrenchVxnilla2 måneder siden

    I hope she still has this in honor of Cookie 🥺

  • Cerenity Gonzalez
    Cerenity Gonzalez2 måneder siden

    Rebecca zamolo did it to

  • Mini Freeze Gacha
    Mini Freeze Gacha2 måneder siden

    2:06 i spit out my drink

  • • Izzy Love •
    • Izzy Love •2 måneder siden

    No one: Literally no one: Not even cookie: Do: I’m a lil ball! Weeeee!

  • Caitlin Wrenn
    Caitlin Wrenn2 måneder siden

    I have watched many youtubers over the years and Ro has never failed to make me smile. She just fills my heart with so much love❣️


    I miss cookie

  • Hoang Tran
    Hoang Tran2 måneder siden


  • Hoang Tran
    Hoang Tran2 måneder siden


  • Hoang Tran
    Hoang Tran2 måneder siden

    10:43 and 10:44

  • Hoang Tran
    Hoang Tran2 måneder siden


  • Hoang Tran
    Hoang Tran2 måneder siden


  • Toshi Sato
    Toshi Sato2 måneder siden

    I miss cookie 😔

  • Zoha Masood
    Zoha Masood2 måneder siden

    I love your line when you said wo that’s a enemy

  • I Game For Fun
    I Game For Fun2 måneder siden

    this is amazing lol

  • Tips And Tricks
    Tips And Tricks2 måneder siden

    If I spent 300 dollars for my dog I would never let her touch it because she would destroy it

  • MW4WAH
    MW4WAH2 måneder siden

    Rosanna and iJustine I think you should do it for $100,000

  • Amanda Valentin
    Amanda Valentin3 måneder siden

    There is a tide app that has a dog that is exactly like cookie

  • Hozzie Tanner
    Hozzie Tanner3 måneder siden

    everything wrong with

  • Damien Scofield
    Damien Scofield3 måneder siden

    I am a dog lover

  • Juixe Box
    Juixe Box3 måneder siden

    Oh my dog

  • Gigi Studios
    Gigi Studios3 måneder siden

    2:07 that’s all I’m gonna say

  • Corinne cool girl king
    Corinne cool girl king3 måneder siden

    Love it 😄

  • Zoey Annin
    Zoey Annin3 måneder siden

    Who's watching this in 2020

  • Marlin Galvan
    Marlin Galvan3 måneder siden

    you ware so fun in the beginning wen you rolled

  • Isaac Hale
    Isaac Hale3 måneder siden


  • Isaac Hale
    Isaac Hale3 måneder siden


    CATHERINE OVERSTREET3 måneder siden

    So cool

  • Gwen Learn
    Gwen Learn3 måneder siden

    Justin and Roe: ahh cookie no blueberry no Matty no ahh Me: haha lol

  • Aleya Izza
    Aleya Izza3 måneder siden

    I Miss cookie 😔😭

  • Maria
    Maria3 måneder siden

    6:34 😂

    MEGAN GRAFMYER3 måneder siden

    Rosanna : I’m a little ball Me:yes you are omg

  • Kitty Lover
    Kitty Lover3 måneder siden

    Stop hitting yourself stop hitting yourself hehe 😼 Hold up can we switch the language? Stop biting yourself

  • Sara W.
    Sara W.3 måneder siden

    I showed my lil bro this vid and he could not stop laughing lol

  • Jessica Becker
    Jessica Becker3 måneder siden


  • Miguel Gonzalez
    Miguel Gonzalez3 måneder siden

    Cookie and Mattie have a twin brother or sister.

  • king_son
    king_son3 måneder siden

    Here’s another timestamp for me 5:03 “EE LOOK AT YOUR T A I L”

  • king_son
    king_son3 måneder siden

    2:07 “wHEeEeEEeEeeEeEEeeEeEeeEeEE” Who’s here sfter cookie died :’(

  • Kayla Valladares
    Kayla Valladares3 måneder siden

    You gies are so good at making video together

    BUNNY PASSION3 måneder siden

    For chaos start watching frm 6:11....trust me you'll not regret it

  • Learn and Fun with Faiza
    Learn and Fun with Faiza3 måneder siden

    “I’m a little ball!!” YoU dOn’T sAy

  • Ella Roberts
    Ella Roberts3 måneder siden

    2:06 that weeee is everything

  • Ella Roberts
    Ella Roberts3 måneder siden

    Now you have a almost cookie

  • Vedanshi Joshi
    Vedanshi Joshi3 måneder siden

    My aunt has a dog

  • Amy Manojlovski
    Amy Manojlovski3 måneder siden

    Cuddle clones? More like cuddle chaos :)

  • ⟭⟬ Mama Chey ⟬⟭
    ⟭⟬ Mama Chey ⟬⟭3 måneder siden

    6:33 Ro (Mom Mode): BLUEBERRY MUFFIN, NO, NO!!!!!!!! lol

  • ⟭⟬ Mama Chey ⟬⟭
    ⟭⟬ Mama Chey ⟬⟭3 måneder siden

    2:06 every child: Tucks themselves in a ball and does a somersault Rosanna Pansino : Gets a jacket and does the same thing on a couch when with the energy of a 6 year old.

  • {Sailor Playz}
    {Sailor Playz}3 måneder siden

    I just got mine my dog died a few days ago and this means a lot to my family so I love seeing other people’s ❤️

  • • Luna Angel Rosewood •
    • Luna Angel Rosewood •3 måneder siden

    "I can fit my whole self in here! Im a little ball! Wheeeeee!!"

  • Jade Fox
    Jade Fox3 måneder siden

    When she was saying cookie no I thought she was saying cookie dough We all miss cookie

  • Frankiel Zergelo Acorda
    Frankiel Zergelo Acorda3 måneder siden


  • Dyuthi Kolluru
    Dyuthi Kolluru3 måneder siden

    it was CHAOS haha

  • Leandra Kesuma
    Leandra Kesuma3 måneder siden

    Now rosanna can see cookie's face if she misses her, fyi cookie died

  • Gabrilla Zazay
    Gabrilla Zazay3 måneder siden

    Lol the part the dogs jumped on them was so funny

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    I did this

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    Reannyn Smith3 måneder siden

    So funy

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    Teertha Avirineni3 måneder siden

    2:05 when Rossanna goes “I’m a little ball... WEEEE! It was so funny 😂