Trying Weird Cereal Flavors w/ LaurDIY!

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Would you try these??
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I can't believe some of these #Weird #Cereal flavors that we tried today. I couldn't wait to #Try them but some tasted really funny.
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    OMG which one was your favorite cereal that you would want to try? 😂❤️

  • cherish joyce

    cherish joyce

    Måned siden

    Of course, SOUR PATCH KIDS!!! 🙃



    2 måneder siden

    Rosanna Pansino sour patch for sore

  • Ben C

    Ben C

    4 måneder siden

    sour patch kids.

  • Effie Sheppard

    Effie Sheppard

    4 måneder siden

    I'm gluten intollerent

  • Olivia Pham
    Olivia PhamDag siden

    Do you like Laurdiy or Karina Garcia? Who is the real DIY queen?? Like for Laurdiy and comment for Karina!!

  • Anna Watts
    Anna Watts5 dager siden


  • Maddie Gwyn
    Maddie Gwyn7 dager siden

    cerel with jest marshmellows is a thing

  • Caitlin McAlister
    Caitlin McAlister9 dager siden

    Lauren: “ I think I like the goat one better” Also Lauren: *shovelling it into her mouth*

  • Gesellyn Carbonell
    Gesellyn Carbonell12 dager siden

    Pls do among us in real life

  • Francesca Mari Fernandez
    Francesca Mari Fernandez16 dager siden

    Wwe is the bessstttttt

  • Izabela Zafra
    Izabela ZafraMåned siden

    I love how they were just stuffing there faces into the box to smell the cereal

  • Kenny YEETS XD
    Kenny YEETS XDMåned siden

    There’s a NOlocal channel called vat19 and there have just cereal marshmallows

  • Princess Sugar Girl
    Princess Sugar GirlMåned siden

    When they took out the poop like a champion cereal Lauren: It looks like something my grandparents would eat. Rosanna: It looks like something you feed a horse.

  • Peter Stoop
    Peter StoopMåned siden

    I feel like ro would be the cutest grandma.....

  • Aamina’s Taste Buds
    Aamina’s Taste BudsMåned siden

    Cereal 🥣 yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Amy Keller [Student]
    Amy Keller [Student]2 måneder siden

    Lauren and ro are my fav colab

  • Tylo Alcudia
    Tylo Alcudia2 måneder siden

    i tried the sour pach kids cereal 2019 may 8 in the philipens

  • Josue Animations
    Josue Animations2 måneder siden

    I’m eating cereal while watching this 😂

  • riley busse
    riley busse2 måneder siden


  • Seonyoung choi
    Seonyoung choi2 måneder siden

    The boot’o one its look like lucky charm it’s same but it’s I haves a little different marshmallow

  • Nithi Thangavelu
    Nithi Thangavelu3 måneder siden

    Please do a part 3

  • Rikka Ysabelle Fernando
    Rikka Ysabelle Fernando3 måneder siden

    "Milk with an e" Im a fan since i was 9/10 pls notice meeee!

  • Purplecat Sksksksksk
    Purplecat Sksksksksk3 måneder siden

    Wait so is the sour patch kids cerial thing good cuz i want it

  • Simply_Joy
    Simply_Joy3 måneder siden

    when i was younger i used to put milk first- IM SO SORRY FOR MYSELF AND EVERYONE

  • Phyllida Patrick
    Phyllida Patrick3 måneder siden

    Penny wise

  • The Real Triss Merigold
    The Real Triss Merigold3 måneder siden

    My kids LOVE that sour patch kids cereal!

  • Aadi Bodh
    Aadi Bodh3 måneder siden

    Ypu should do a video with rebeccazamolo and ijustine and lilly Singh together that will be fun

  • iiSavage Craft
    iiSavage Craft3 måneder siden

    Whos here after the lockdown.

  • Rupa Vishwanath
    Rupa Vishwanath3 måneder siden

    I love you Rosanna pansino

  • Bacon And Eggs
    Bacon And Eggs3 måneder siden

    My brother is dyslexic and since he can’t read the words of things, he guesses by the first letter of things. Our stepmom has poop like a champion gummies and my brother looked a them and said out of nowhere “poop lick and change” and I said “what the heck are you talking about?” And he told me and the next day when he was doing school work, his teacher sent him an email and he looked at the bag of gummies and replied with “poop” and his teacher got really mad and my dad just laughed

  • Phoebe Shalom
    Phoebe Shalom3 måneder siden

    The marshmallow unicorn that Lauren pulled out literally made me laugh out loud 😂

  • Keelie Wren
    Keelie Wren3 måneder siden

    Ro’s voice when she held Moose was adorable

  • Dr Josephin Patricia Sukanya
    Dr Josephin Patricia Sukanya3 måneder siden

    hi laur

  • Sofija Rangelov
    Sofija Rangelov3 måneder siden


  • Sofija Rangelov
    Sofija Rangelov3 måneder siden

    Y are you sooooo fun?!🤣

  • helloandbye
    helloandbye3 måneder siden

    I'm eating sour patch cereal rn

  • helloandbye
    helloandbye3 måneder siden

    I would save the cool cereal boxes, like the pennywise one. It's like fan merch.

  • Nina Dee
    Nina Dee3 måneder siden

    Is 13:01 a glitched screen for any of you?

  • Sarah Kerouani
    Sarah Kerouani4 måneder siden

    ro: *puts the milk before the creales laur: Girl we need to talk also laur: *puts the milk before the cereals

  • Erica Karline
    Erica Karline4 måneder siden

    My favorite one that I would want to try would be SOUR PATCH KIDS CEREAL

  • Olivia Doll
    Olivia Doll4 måneder siden

    I put milk in before the cereal

    AMISHA KHAREL4 måneder siden

    Sour patch,

    AMISHA KHAREL4 måneder siden

    I like

  • Bhavi Patel
    Bhavi Patel4 måneder siden

    My two favorite NOlocalrs?? Um YES PLZ LOL

  • Supergirl Gaming
    Supergirl Gaming4 måneder siden

    Nice video

  • chloe brown
    chloe brown4 måneder siden

    I love your princes cakes

  • Heidi Vitchner
    Heidi Vitchner4 måneder siden

    Just by looking at them I would want to try the sour patch kids cereal

  • Rama Hamawi
    Rama Hamawi4 måneder siden

    You guys have the exact same voice

  • Rachel Fritz
    Rachel Fritz4 måneder siden

    My 14 year old sister read the book It.

  • Ben C
    Ben C4 måneder siden

    you guys should do more vids together!!

  • Amarilis Herrera
    Amarilis Herrera4 måneder siden

    My mom knows how to make a cake she just doesn’t know how to make icing for the cake when it’s my birthday my mom will make me a cake just like the one you made

  • Amarilis Herrera
    Amarilis Herrera4 måneder siden

    Once I had Froot Loops it was updated to SpongeBob and I bring a doll of SpongeBob so every time I eat cereal I put SpongeBob on the bowl

  • Amarilis Herrera
    Amarilis Herrera4 måneder siden

    I’m drinking juice that looks like orange juice even if it’s not it’s still delicious

  • Amarilis Herrera
    Amarilis Herrera4 måneder siden

    I wish I was a cheerleader but I also wish I was in gymnastics again I love gymnastics and I saw someone that was doing cartwheels like at the same time and it didn’t hit each other because they were actually the same cart wheel I NEVER DIE BECAUSE I TAKE CARE OF MYSELF

  • Amarilis Herrera
    Amarilis Herrera4 måneder siden

    I tried to talk to you in NOlocal but I couldn’t because I needed a password and now my mom made me happy but I’m putting a password so I can talk to you in NOlocal

  • Amarilis Herrera
    Amarilis Herrera4 måneder siden

    My pumpkin name is pumpkin head

  • Amarilis Herrera
    Amarilis Herrera4 måneder siden

    I’m allergic to pumpkin but I like how they look so I don’t actually think I’m allergic to pumpkin

  • Amarilis Herrera
    Amarilis Herrera4 måneder siden

    I love sugar I mean candy that is sour because each time I eat it it doesn’t even take a shower at all so I just eat it

  • Amarilis Herrera
    Amarilis Herrera4 måneder siden

    I’m kind of like a cat because I like to play with yarn 🧶

  • Amarilis Herrera
    Amarilis Herrera4 måneder siden

    every time I’m not watching your videos I am bored so then I start watching your video’s

  • Emma Yule
    Emma Yule4 måneder siden

    I swear “poop like a champion” sounds like a toilet brand slogan! 😝

  • Francesca Foster
    Francesca Foster4 måneder siden

    Chicken and waffles

  • Bethany Bell
    Bethany Bell4 måneder siden

    make sure that you ain't moody

  • astrxs Roblox
    astrxs Roblox4 måneder siden


  • Hong Yin
    Hong Yin4 måneder siden

    2020 anyone? Am I the only one who likes soggy cereal lol

  • Bennie
    Bennie4 måneder siden

    I can only eat soggy cereal. 😂 -Honest Bee 🐝

  • Melony Valdez
    Melony Valdez4 måneder siden

    I have a question for laurDIY

  • Dirani Dirani
    Dirani Dirani4 måneder siden

    Chicken and waffles and sour patch kids

  • Theresa T
    Theresa T4 måneder siden

    Tip: mix the bland fiber cereal with a more flavourful cereal, like fruit loops or frosted flakes.

  • death crusher600
    death crusher6004 måneder siden

    Poop like a champion poop like a pro poop like a ro

  • tan ivanatandra
    tan ivanatandra4 måneder siden


  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez4 måneder siden

    That's the new day from wwe

  • Piper Waterbury
    Piper Waterbury4 måneder siden

    i hate peeny

  • Piper Waterbury
    Piper Waterbury4 måneder siden


  • Lucie Mani
    Lucie Mani4 måneder siden

    ha ha ha

  • Gameplay My Way
    Gameplay My Way4 måneder siden

    I really wanna try the sour patch kids cereal. It’s my favorite candy.

  • AkiraAshino
    AkiraAshino4 måneder siden

    I love how Ro only cared about Lauren’s scissors 😂

  • Travis Smith
    Travis Smith4 måneder siden

    I had the chicken and waffles and I did not like it

  • mariana ramirez
    mariana ramirez4 måneder siden

    I liked the Sour patch kids one

  • Clearwater 2004
    Clearwater 20044 måneder siden

    Will I get attacked for saying I like soggy cereal over crunchy?

  • Annika Schulstrom
    Annika Schulstrom4 måneder siden

    “I would rather eat the goat poo than this one” **continues shoving cereal into mouth😂 Love your Laur❤️

  • Quinlan Doherty
    Quinlan Doherty4 måneder siden

    Chicken and waffles is a thing in Canada I know I live there ...

  • Mona Case
    Mona Case4 måneder siden

    I would definitely try 🐓& 🧇,💩 like a 🏆🥇🎖,& 🍑 O,s

  • Diksha Sharma
    Diksha Sharma4 måneder siden

    Why doesn't the pour milk

  • Madison Treace
    Madison Treace4 måneder siden

    You wouldn’t think a cereal video would be entertaining but I LOVED THIS 😂❤️

  • reem ehab
    reem ehab4 måneder siden

    sour patch one and you get a free sour patch bag

  • livs life
    livs life5 måneder siden

    we really want to try the sour patch kid one

  • Kevin Jones
    Kevin Jones5 måneder siden

    My dad‘s friend was Pennywise in the movie he did the stunts

  • Hayley Nichole
    Hayley Nichole5 måneder siden

    Ro’s laugh in the beginning brings me life omg 🤩😂❤️

  • Jessica Gibbons
    Jessica Gibbons5 måneder siden

    She went on wenjis canel

  • Swastika Rai
    Swastika Rai5 måneder siden

    I would try the sour patch ones

  • Shereena Noufal
    Shereena Noufal5 måneder siden

    I can't believe it she has 677 dislikes😱😱... a sweet girl like rosanna does not deserve any dislikes🙁...

  • Shereena Noufal
    Shereena Noufal5 måneder siden

    Rosanna I've been watching u since childhood 14 years passed and I still watch you from Qatar

  • Nazeem Matak
    Nazeem Matak5 måneder siden

    The wrestlers are called the new day

  • Alleesia Carter
    Alleesia Carter5 måneder siden

    Try twinkies cereal if you want diabetes

  • Bacon Bricz
    Bacon Bricz5 måneder siden

    I just realized this was posted on my birthday. Love both of you guys!

  • Kelly Bednar
    Kelly Bednar5 måneder siden

    7:41 that smell test though

  • Vihaan Dsouza
    Vihaan Dsouza5 måneder siden

    Penny wise

  • Maja Ivezic
    Maja Ivezic5 måneder siden

    Who else saw bootyos and got excited bc they’ve always wanted to try it ever since their wrestlemania entrance

  • Jill Landucci
    Jill Landucci5 måneder siden

    My mom has had poop like a champion

  • Francis Govender
    Francis Govender5 måneder siden

    Chicken and waffle

  • Cristina Fernandez
    Cristina Fernandez5 måneder siden

    Bootyos is from wwe

  • Joshua Evans
    Joshua Evans5 måneder siden

    The Sour Parch Kids one is soooo good!!!!! 😍