Trying Weird Amazon Baking Gadgets!

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Would you buy any of these baking gadgets?
Kitchen Gadgets Part 1:
Kitchen Gadgets Part 2:
Kitchen Gadgets Part 3:
Kitchen Gadgets Part 4:
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We had a very fun time #Trying these weird #Baking #Gadgets!
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  • Gavin Hartman
    Gavin HartmanTime siden

    I live in bend Oregon the birthing place of the hydro flask and I didn’t know that we made one of the worlds largest brownies

  • Danielle Rose
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  • prathama mehta
    prathama mehta9 timer siden

    omg anyone spot the unicorn pool float

  • Saira Shah
    Saira Shah10 timer siden

    I love you guys!

  • Olivia Panda1
    Olivia Panda1Dag siden

    I’ll hire u to I am ten so I will be your best BOSS

  • Emily LilJFleury
    Emily LilJFleury2 dager siden

    0:50 just 3 dogs show up!

  • Ava Cornett
    Ava Cornett2 dager siden

    Justine: I've got to go home and get a machete! My mind: You have a machete?!?!?

  • Quintanilla Manuel
    Quintanilla Manuel2 dager siden


  • gracie Meredith
    gracie Meredith2 dager siden

    Your puppies are so cute

  • harpy
    harpy3 dager siden

    When justine said "but what do i know" that was a whole mood

  • Anime Cookie Afk
    Anime Cookie Afk3 dager siden

    I would say if it was a little bit heavier two elephants and A baby elephant but I believe but that one is around two elephants Oop-

  • Jemaima Garcia
    Jemaima Garcia3 dager siden

    Ro! Make some korean minimalist cake!

  • Avery White
    Avery White3 dager siden


  • Jon Hibbs
    Jon Hibbs4 dager siden


  • ian thomas
    ian thomas4 dager siden


  • ian thomas
    ian thomas4 dager siden

    Blue berry

  • Aarshiya Sharma
    Aarshiya Sharma4 dager siden

    No one: Me: Did anyone see the unicorn pool float in the pool ? Justine: GUARENTEED

  • Josslyn Jimenez
    Josslyn Jimenez4 dager siden

    12:41 look at Justines finger I think she has an anker tattoo

  • Maria Klimova
    Maria Klimova4 dager siden

    hahahahahhaa i lost it at "i forgot my sword today" bhahahahhah

  • Wynn Wynn
    Wynn Wynn4 dager siden

    My brother and his family have the brownie edge thing

  • Addison Nasse
    Addison Nasse5 dager siden

    I looked it up the biggest Browne is 234.2 pounds

  • Liliana Martin
    Liliana Martin5 dager siden


  • Iram Anwar
    Iram Anwar5 dager siden

    What’s the recipe

  • kamilaeddzam
    kamilaeddzam5 dager siden

    Man i watched this a hundred billion times hoping i can get some of those brownies

  • Catie Austin-Brown
    Catie Austin-Brown5 dager siden

    400 pounds

  • Shannon Foltz
    Shannon Foltz5 dager siden

    Can you do a part 2

  • Aleem Ali
    Aleem Ali5 dager siden

    i am disapionted

  • Aleem Ali
    Aleem Ali5 dager siden


  • Aleem Ali
    Aleem Ali5 dager siden

    100 000 pounds

  • Aiyana Blackmon
    Aiyana Blackmon5 dager siden

    Who else remember when she cut her hair

  • Ominous Narwal39
    Ominous Narwal396 dager siden

    Ro: hire me to join social protests! 2020: gurl it’s your time to shine come on out

  • Daisy Wood
    Daisy Wood6 dager siden

    I have came up with a chant for the brownies 😁 at least 2 crispy sides, at least 2 crispy sides!!

  • Lakelyn
    Lakelyn6 dager siden

    Ro: guess how much... Justine: 🤔🤔🤔 750!!!! Ro: 👁👄👁 Justine: is that to much..?? Ro: it’s um it’s 400 Justine: *calls world records asking if there’s a bigger brownie.. Everyone: 👁👄👁 she rlly disappointed in the people that made the brownie.. Lol this was just for fun!! Love you ro and Justine!!!!

  • Ella Roberts
    Ella Roberts6 dager siden

    0:00 so sweet

  • Kristin Galvin
    Kristin Galvin7 dager siden

    Who else is so hungry after watching this vid

  • Chloé Sharpe
    Chloé Sharpe8 dager siden

    Qwen Ro jusdin

  • Ummis Cooking hub
    Ummis Cooking hub8 dager siden

    I spend my most off times in editing and shooting....along with my studies...I need all yours support...plsss sister's and brother's...plsssss

  • XrobloxiantraderX OwO
    XrobloxiantraderX OwO8 dager siden

    iTs A kIdNeY

  • XrobloxiantraderX OwO

    XrobloxiantraderX OwO

    8 dager siden

    Lol I love that part

  • Amanda Van Dyk
    Amanda Van Dyk8 dager siden

    I went to school to learn

  • Amanda Van Dyk
    Amanda Van Dyk8 dager siden

    Easy 400 pounds

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    Rakeb Tewodros9 dager siden

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    wang wang9 dager siden

    **Plays Vat 19 Jingle**

  • Aussie_Possum 567
    Aussie_Possum 56710 dager siden

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who think Rosanna sounds and looks like Vanellope from wreck it Ralph the movie...? Like if you agree....

  • Sockie McDonnell
    Sockie McDonnell10 dager siden

    You look so pretty and your so cute and I love your voice😍

  • Hailey Tsinnie
    Hailey Tsinnie10 dager siden

    2011 that my bday

  • Marjorie Tobias
    Marjorie Tobias10 dager siden

    I was born 2011

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob10 dager siden

    Y when I wear overalls that I look like an idiot from the farm but when or wears overalls, she rocks the look

  • Ellie Towell
    Ellie Towell11 dager siden

    Anybody notice the rainbow at 8.30 minitues In the background? Lol

  • Aubrianna Lucero
    Aubrianna Lucero11 dager siden


  • Abby Henderson
    Abby Henderson11 dager siden

    I know how to make roses with out anything like that but those look really fun

  • Salsabeela Ayesh
    Salsabeela Ayesh11 dager siden


  • Tiktok girl .1
    Tiktok girl .112 dager siden

    You and Justine should go on one of those cooking competition shows

  • QUEEN Joiya
    QUEEN Joiya12 dager siden

    This became a math video real quick

  • Izzy world
    Izzy world12 dager siden

    Ahhh Blueberry licking the tray 🤪😬🤪😬🤪😬🤪😬

  • Jordyn Smith
    Jordyn Smith12 dager siden

    By the way there are 800 brownies in a 400 pound brownie and 8,000 brownies in a. 4,000 pound brownie

  • Yaoi Senpai
    Yaoi Senpai13 dager siden

    The whisk worked, of course it's not going to get every single spec off but it definitely got a lot of compared to usual.

  • Areej Fatima
    Areej Fatima13 dager siden

    Her Lough is terrible

  • William Jochum
    William Jochum13 dager siden

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    William Jochum

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    It's an elephant

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  • Briella Ukpanah
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  • Aksha Khatri
    Aksha Khatri14 dager siden

    Can we pls get the recipe of brownies

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    Humaira Fatima14 dager siden

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  • E. Bayford
    E. Bayford14 dager siden

    Hi Ro I love you too so much.xxoo.❤️😘💋💗💋😘❤️👍❤️😘💋💗💋😘❤️👍👍❤️❤️😘😘💋💋💗💗

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    D.j Doge

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    THE SOUL SISTERS 115 dager siden

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    Anaisha Patel15 dager siden

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    100k followers with no videos15 dager siden

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    Raegan Plays15 dager siden

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    Ganesh Vyas

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    Grace Docherty19 dager siden

    I love how 6:30 minutes of this video was dedicated to figuring out how much the biggest brownie weighs and figuring out it's the same as a small elephant...i love these guys😍🤪🤣

  • Harrison Baylor
    Harrison Baylor20 dager siden

    14:17 is so me! Lol

  • Sam
    Sam20 dager siden

    0:52 Blueberry's mind: *Ooh wat dis? Food?*

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    Lucianna Meichner21 dag siden

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