Trying Weird Amazon Baking Gadgets!

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Would you buy any of these baking gadgets?
Kitchen Gadgets Part 1:
Kitchen Gadgets Part 2:
Kitchen Gadgets Part 3:
Kitchen Gadgets Part 4:
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We had a very fun time #Trying these weird #Baking #Gadgets!
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  • Kidz Cookz
    Kidz Cookz3 dager siden


  • K Thomas
    K Thomas6 dager siden

    Ro:Brownies are heavy! Justine:That's what I'm saying! Oof, just oof people

  • Jyoti Lall
    Jyoti Lall7 dager siden

    The whisk wiper was just meant to help the batter get off. Not completely. No hate tho.

  • Jennifer A
    Jennifer A8 dager siden

    The next owners of Ro’s house will find a bunch of kitchen gadgets in their back yard...

  • Libby Wallace
    Libby Wallace9 dager siden


  • Michael Yearous
    Michael Yearous9 dager siden

    Anyone noticed the big giant unicorn in the background. ⬇️yes

  • Sophie Lynn
    Sophie Lynn12 dager siden

    I don't think they are giving the whisk wiper enough credit. Like if they did it with pancake batter it would clean it. They said just tapping it on the bowl would clean it better, I dare them to try, cause it would be still very dirty because the batter is very thick.

  • Paige Hanson
    Paige Hanson14 dager siden


  • Paige Hanson
    Paige Hanson14 dager siden


  • jeffherzog1
    jeffherzog115 dager siden

    Hey Justine how was the coffin you were killed in

  • devera Graham
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  • Julianne Badger
    Julianne Badger16 dager siden


  • Julianne Badger
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  • Ishaa . Yousuf
    Ishaa . Yousuf16 dager siden

    You should make an NOlocal channel for both of together as one it would be liiiiiiiiit🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • Viktorija Grigonyte
    Viktorija Grigonyte16 dager siden

    Can you tell me the brownie recipe pls

  • Leon Page
    Leon Page16 dager siden

    13:20 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    ANAGHA MADUGULA SOSH17 dager siden

    Who wants justine and ro bakkery.

  • Laina Shaba
    Laina Shaba19 dager siden

    8:30 I love how the giant inflatable unicorn Mike got Ro is just peeking in like “ Whatcha doing”🦄🦄😂😂

  • Molly Schwartzhoff
    Molly Schwartzhoff19 dager siden

    watching this video i'm craving brownies who else is

  • suheera Binte Hasib
    suheera Binte Hasib19 dager siden

    Actually making roses with fondent/play doh/clay is simple just get some fondent/play doh/clay and make some circles then just roll the first circle and start wrapping it with more circles. Boom, your done. Just to let you know not trying to be mean just letting you know how to make a rose.

  • Denzel Martinez
    Denzel Martinez20 dager siden

    worlds largest brownie on this day weighs 106,200

  • Anna Katherine
    Anna Katherine20 dager siden

    12:41 Justine has a tattoo

  • Kyleigh Nicolet
    Kyleigh Nicolet20 dager siden

    400 p

  • Singh Family
    Singh Family21 dag siden


  • Bali Regier
    Bali Regier21 dag siden

    you shuold make pizza in the brownie pan (:

  • Lilah Rose Vaughn
    Lilah Rose Vaughn21 dag siden

    i love you ro

  • matthew Samer
    matthew Samer21 dag siden

    Tell me your phone number

  • Chloé Sharpe
    Chloé Sharpe22 dager siden

    I LOVE To much

  • fariq atiq
    fariq atiq24 dager siden

    You should have used the whisk wiper for some cream

  • Jennifer DLS
    Jennifer DLS25 dager siden


  • Annabel Durston
    Annabel Durston25 dager siden

    So you aren't baking 98 hawker a week

  • Felicia Kaware
    Felicia Kaware25 dager siden

    The whisk didn't work because the batter is too *THICK*

  • Hamstar! !
    Hamstar! !26 dager siden

    Montreal you say? Canada has won! 🇨🇦

  • Kira Mackenzie
    Kira Mackenzie26 dager siden

    My dad makes layers, cookie on the bottom, Oreos in the middle and brownie on top. It’s so amazing the best desert I’ve ever had!

  • Evelyn C.
    Evelyn C.26 dager siden

    I’m late i know and nobody will see this but I’m 13 and I made my birthday cake and made perfect fondant roses with the first time I used fondant

  • Tom Cottrell
    Tom Cottrell27 dager siden

    i found a whisk wiper for a kitchenaid!

  • Kyleigh Williams
    Kyleigh Williams28 dager siden


  • Kyleigh Williams

    Kyleigh Williams

    28 dager siden

    Collab name

  • Maddie Yanke
    Maddie Yanke29 dager siden

    400 Pounds

  • Vu Von Ta
    Vu Von Ta29 dager siden

    Ro:"It WeIgHs As MuCh aS aN eLePhAnT I- I - I -" Justine:"SmAlL, sMaLl TiNy SmAlL"

  • Hannah Brown
    Hannah Brown29 dager siden


  • Hilary Grant
    Hilary Grant29 dager siden


  • Sahil Sahil handsome.
    Sahil Sahil handsome.29 dager siden


  • Jojo Khaled
    Jojo KhaledMåned siden


  • Cooking with Hadiyah Nayyar
    Cooking with Hadiyah NayyarMåned siden

    Ro voice is just like princess in cartoon "Ralph breaks the internet "

  • Madaline Hasher
    Madaline HasherMåned siden

    When you just see the unicorn behind ro and justine

  • Madaline Hasher
    Madaline HasherMåned siden

    RO be like 'oH nO mY fReE hOoKs"Justine "OH NO YOUR FREE HOOKS" HAhahah

  • Shriya Singh
    Shriya SinghMåned siden

    You sooo need to do another part for these baking gadgets with Justine..BTW...LOVE U BOTH TO PIECES!!!!

  • Courtney Hoare
    Courtney HoareMåned siden

    I said 400

  • Pony Mate
    Pony MateMåned siden

    You’re a awesome person I wish I could meet you

  • Liz Cman
    Liz CmanMåned siden


  • Nico Hart
    Nico HartMåned siden

    my fave brownie pan is set up like a cupcake pan except for squares. Everyone gets a 5 sided crispy brownie!

  • Chloe's Sweet Magic
    Chloe's Sweet MagicMåned siden

    Justine:Look at this! Ro: OooOoOoOOoOoOoOoOooooOOOooooooO

  • Reyansh
    ReyanshMåned siden

    Ro: pulls out brownie batter Justine: that looks delicious Me: thinking about diarrhoea

  • Avya Pandey Year 3
    Avya Pandey Year 3Måned siden


  • 6c7annika sule
    6c7annika suleMåned siden

    Oh and won’t a cup cake brownie will be smarter cause u get the crust in each side

  • 6c7annika sule
    6c7annika suleMåned siden

    Did anyone else see the giant unicorn floaty in the back

  • Gup258
    Gup258Måned siden

    Is it just me or after watching them try out the brownie gadget did it make anyone else crave brownies???

  • Maddie Beth Giroir
    Maddie Beth GiroirMåned siden

    I want the brownie recipe! Plzzzzz

  • Young Family
    Young FamilyMåned siden

    Ro: this is why I don't start riots Me:😂

  • PM - 09OR 714824 Judith Nyman SS
    PM - 09OR 714824 Judith Nyman SSMåned siden

    This was soooo fun

  • The randomnes Is real
    The randomnes Is realMåned siden

    Blueberry is so cute!

  • Talita Stoeterau
    Talita StoeterauMåned siden

    Watching this makes me remember cookie 🍪😔😔❤️

  • brooklyne a
    brooklyne aMåned siden

    they should make a trying dog gadgets like if u agree

  • Catalina Orangefeather
    Catalina OrangefeatherMåned siden


  • Catalina Orangefeather
    Catalina OrangefeatherMåned siden

    “Whe i search up 400 pound brownie a Ivette a dog video that weighs 450 pounds” “White dog, cutee

  • Lilla And Molly
    Lilla And MollyMåned siden

    Ro.i love to bake so much Me.please make my mom a birthday cake

  • Bruna Ranucci Guerra
    Bruna Ranucci GuerraMåned siden

    My mom she bake brownie

  • Adrian Burton
    Adrian BurtonMåned siden

    Why is it like she stoned or is it just me

  • Amy Henninger
    Amy HenningerMåned siden

    I just saw this video and you posted it 1 year ago. But love you Ro and Justine!

  • anindita laskar
    anindita laskarMåned siden


  • Jbird
    JbirdMåned siden

    11:06 Ro: I didn’t know you like brownies so much. Justine: I didn’t either

  • Alva
    AlvaMåned siden

    I think the whisk cleaner worked!

  • Trista Taylor
    Trista TaylorMåned siden

    Colleen tried it and it worked with whipped coffee

  • Trista Taylor

    Trista Taylor

    Måned siden

    I mean the whisk and I’m not trying to be mean

  • Brandon Mee
    Brandon MeeMåned siden

    those heat gloves my dad has a pair but black and he uses them for everything for our smoker like he uses them for our 3 smoked turkeys for thanksging,ribs,boston butt\pork,bbq like if u want ribs or steak right now

  • Learning Kids
    Learning KidsMåned siden

    Can you do a pop candy challenge or sour candy challenge

  • L E I L Y D A N A
    L E I L Y D A N AMåned siden

    Who els wants part 2!

  • Amber DeLaere
    Amber DeLaereMåned siden

    Stop eating those brownies you’re making me jealous!

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    Sheila PetersonMåned siden

    Am i the only person who doesn’t like the brownie edges

  • maria aggelou
    maria aggelouMåned siden

    Chris Evans

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  • Cookin N Country livin
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    Cookin N Country livinMåned siden

    Omg the floaty in the back groung

  • Bella Vindas
    Bella VindasMåned siden

    can you do like a youtube channel where you make videos with justine

  • Lukas Pollet
    Lukas PolletMåned siden

    When they where making the cake in the video never have I ever ijustine said she said she does not have a tattoo but when she helps Ro Pore the batter in the pan you can see she has a tattoo I still love your videos both of your video this is not a hate comment but if you think it is a hate comment just know it is not ijustine I love your hair ro you always have a beautiful fit and I love your content

    JULIA PENATEMåned siden

    When I first watched this the first thing I thought was. “I’m hungry... Let’s make some brownies!!!“ and I made brownies🍫🍫

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    Delilah KnightMåned siden

    I just thought of something you should put brownies in a cupcake Cupcake tin and then bake them like you would normally bake them and then he like the crispy edges when you pop them out they'll have the crispy edges all around it and then when you bite it it'll be nice and gooey

  • Makenna Cole
    Makenna ColeMåned siden

    people buy the gloves for the hooks FREE HOOKS

  • Chelsea Wang
    Chelsea WangMåned siden

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    Prisha PatelMåned siden

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    Aisha Abdi

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    Isaiah AustinMåned siden

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