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Which one of these would you eat???
Part 1:
Part 2:
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Macaron Recipe:
I had so much fun #Trying all of these #Viral #TikTok Cereal Recipes! I cant believe how well many of them worked. I might have to cook food this way in the future. We made different cereals out of chocolate chip cookies, croissants, pancakes and even French macarons!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino3 måneder siden

    I hope you enjoy todays video! Would you try any of these??? What other TikTok recipes should I try?? 😊❤️

  • Jyotsna Rathod

    Jyotsna Rathod

    9 dager siden

    part 4 also plss

  • Nimrat Natt

    Nimrat Natt

    Måned siden

    you should try the expensive vs cheap gadgets for cooking and tell most appropriate one to be used in daily life cooking or special events

  • Tariq Latifi

    Tariq Latifi

    Måned siden

    Love you soo much



    Måned siden

    Ro I am your big fan please make some thing about blackpink please

  • Otaku's Hobby

    Otaku's Hobby

    2 måneder siden

    Hi ro I'm back sorry it took too long I broke my phone and it took 6 months for my dad to buy me a new one but can you do a video on why you changed chanel from nerdy nummies to Rosanna pansiano 👉👎

  • Tuong Khanh
    Tuong Khanh12 timer siden

    I very love your video . It help me a lot to cook cute and yummy macaron. thank you so much

  • Amra Khadeeja
    Amra Khadeeja19 timer siden

    can you do a part 4 cereal recipes with mini oreo,donuts,apple pie and cinnnamon rolls

  • Selin Demirlek
    Selin DemirlekDag siden

    7 years passed and realised that she is not capable to do anything correct

  • puppycornshakira
    puppycornshakira2 dager siden

    The French macaroons

  • Rose Builds
    Rose Builds4 dager siden

    I love Rossana

  • Mahmoud Mohamed
    Mahmoud Mohamed4 dager siden

    Can you please do 3 Marker challenge with ijastin

  • Rose Beauty
    Rose Beauty4 dager siden

    First Timer to your channel coming from Escape the Night season 3!

  • Zahra Shahnawaz
    Zahra Shahnawaz5 dager siden

    😭😭😭Who else misses "Hey guys! Welcome back to nEeEerdy nummies!"😭😭😭

  • tea rampone
    tea rampone5 dager siden

    i actually tried making the first one at home and it turned out absolutely delis

  • Marissa Pestano
    Marissa Pestano5 dager siden

    Paaaarrrrrrtttttt 4 please please please

  • Bharati kandukuri
    Bharati kandukuri5 dager siden

    Why is to cutting so satisfying

  • hoonie
    hoonie6 dager siden

    she's still the same her voice feels nostalgic i miss watching her videos T__T

  • ala ismael
    ala ismael7 dager siden

    The cereal macaroons look really good

  • Kashika Mathur
    Kashika Mathur7 dager siden

    Part 4 plssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amara Isabelle
    Amara Isabelle8 dager siden

    Her laugh makes me laugh 😂

  • Mariam Montaser Ragab Moursy
    Mariam Montaser Ragab Moursy10 dager siden

    I love it when she laughs , because it makes me laugh too.

  • RP - 04SN 838417 Corsair PS
    RP - 04SN 838417 Corsair PS11 dager siden

    I'm on a diet so the only thing that helps me is watching food videos

  • Marina Saburova
    Marina Saburova12 dager siden

    today we ask the age-old question... will it cereal?

  • Sofia Flynn
    Sofia Flynn12 dager siden

    ...I just realized cookie died I REMEMBER BEING SO EXITED SEEING THAT SHE GOT A DOG AND NOW.....

  • bernadeta bintang
    bernadeta bintang13 dager siden


  • Cia Wijaya
    Cia Wijaya13 dager siden

    The pancake is the tiktok cut it so it would be faster and ro is still uncooked

  • Nelly Mendoza
    Nelly Mendoza15 dager siden

    Try the 🥐 with black coffee with sugar

  • Joey
    Joey15 dager siden

    Mrs. Moira Rose and David Rose should watch this video and learn folding 🤣🤣

  • Jeslyn Padam
    Jeslyn Padam16 dager siden

    Tik Tok recipes are the most irritating recipes on earth. Don't know why people try this at home

  • Ken Luna
    Ken Luna16 dager siden

    ive been watching Rosanne ever since 2014. Oh how great and nostalgic i feel

  • DaBomb8493
    DaBomb849316 dager siden

    After watching you do a few of these and this specifically being a good "Will it?" Episode, I'd love to see you on Good Mythical Morning for a "Will It?" episode when it's safe to do so again. I can't remember if that Breast Milk Lollipop one was a "Will It?" or not... maybe I'll go rewatch that for now lol.

  • Ariana Justice
    Ariana Justice17 dager siden

    When she said I will put the link in the description below if it works, I Immediately looked at the description...😏

  • Ariana Justice
    Ariana Justice17 dager siden

    When she said I haven’t made cereal before I had a heart attack but then I realized and calmed down..

  • Ilhan
    Ilhan19 dager siden

    Why not making a big cookie/pancake and then cut it little?

  • Just Courtney
    Just Courtney19 dager siden

    I would like the mini pancakes 🥞

    LINKIN PARK KILLER19 dager siden


  • Aylen Stacey élève
    Aylen Stacey élève19 dager siden

    Omg i laughed so hard when she started the “ sifting the sugar song”😂😂

  • Rhea Almarie Pama
    Rhea Almarie Pama20 dager siden

    i'm gonna try these recipes w/o the milk and make it my new popcorn. great 4x for snacking.

  • No Body
    No Body20 dager siden

    Hey laugh is weird 💩 ewww

  • Mahsa Mirzaei
    Mahsa Mirzaei20 dager siden

    Part 4 pls

  • Audrey Moss
    Audrey Moss21 dag siden

    Don't you just love her personality. She's so happy and joyful and makes me happy and joyful ❤️

  • Charlotte Harbaugh
    Charlotte Harbaugh21 dag siden


  • Charlotte Harbaugh
    Charlotte Harbaugh21 dag siden

    God damn Cocaine

  • FMC
    FMC22 dager siden

    She is really good at baking

  • Aoifeellamia MURPHY
    Aoifeellamia MURPHY22 dager siden

    Why do you fill the boalso much

  • Lola Frajman
    Lola Frajman22 dager siden

    She reminds me of Emmy the lady who tries weird things Ro is like the baking only of her

  • UnicornGamez
    UnicornGamez23 dager siden

    From 15:45 i was laughing so hard her face is so funny i kml (edit) her face looks like a baby who just ate green peas

  • Jonah Ocampo
    Jonah Ocampo24 dager siden

    I love this chanel

  • Lynlyn
    Lynlyn25 dager siden

    Anyone remember nerdie nummies? Also my favorite childhood NOlocalr ❤️

  • Grace Smith
    Grace Smith25 dager siden

    I love how Ro explains how to do everything, She is the coolest NOlocalr I know probably :)

  • Nightglare
    Nightglare26 dager siden

    RIP cookie the pupper 🥺

  • Evie Curtis
    Evie Curtis26 dager siden

    You are meant to eat the pancake cereal with maple syrup

  • Manurocha Holder
    Manurocha Holder26 dager siden

    hi really big fan but can you please make pancake ceareal tiktok please

  • mckechnie family
    mckechnie family26 dager siden

    Ro's laugh just makes my day

  • Breeanna Jackson
    Breeanna Jackson27 dager siden

    I hate her voice

  • mckechnie family

    mckechnie family

    26 dager siden

    She has a wonderful voice what do you mean she has a horrible voice 😡😭

  • Manya Sharma
    Manya Sharma28 dager siden

    I think you should've freezed the mini macaroons first so they'll have the texture a little longer (just an opinion idk anything about cooking)

  • Bebo Chohan
    Bebo Chohan29 dager siden

    dont run a machine over 3 mins or it will burst ......... #bigfan

  • 15. Zahira Teja kintania
    15. Zahira Teja kintania29 dager siden

    This is my first time watch ur video, and I really like ur voice!!! Jesus😭

  • Cindy
    Cindy29 dager siden

    but like can we please talk about how Ro's personality is so fun and cute her videos bring me so much joy into my life🤭🤪❤🥰

  • Annisa Mildani
    Annisa Mildani29 dager siden

    I think everyone agrees that we need to protect her

  • Jazzi Cakes XD
    Jazzi Cakes XDMåned siden

    **Ro puts the piping bag in the cup while talking** **piping bag slumps over in cup** **me with my broken humor cackling while making a cartoon noise for the slumped piping bag**

  • Chandini Fernandez
    Chandini FernandezMåned siden


  • vampireeechick101
    vampireeechick101Måned siden

    Rosanna is just so dang adorable! I love her videos!!

  • Natalie McCabe
    Natalie McCabeMåned siden

    Make a TiK ToK cake

  • Natalie McCabe
    Natalie McCabeMåned siden

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    NATASHA KAYALMåned siden

    Who else wants a part 4 ?

  • arshi vanga
    arshi vangaMåned siden

    do you think you could do a pancake art video

  • dͦaͦnͦiͦ pͦlͦaͦyͦzͦ
    dͦaͦnͦiͦ pͦlͦaͦyͦzͦMåned siden

    If you don't want the cookie dough to be sticking on you just wash your hands and it won't stick for a while


    I'm sorry, but I need to know HOW YOU'RE PAND ARE SO CLEAN!!!

  • its RIDA
    its RIDAMåned siden


  • Emma Satterfield
    Emma SatterfieldMåned siden

    I have been watching you all night and i wish I could look that good

  • Zamirul Midoriya
    Zamirul MidoriyaMåned siden

    Why everything was match with you,lmao😂😂😂

  • Morgan Reichle
    Morgan ReichleMåned siden

    I would like the cookies the best.

    MORTAL NINJAMåned siden

    Her laugh😍

  • John Hodge
    John HodgeMåned siden


  • kitkat_was_taken for reals
    kitkat_was_taken for realsMåned siden

    That seems fun to do

  • MandyIce
    MandyIceMåned siden

    I love the croissants me and my mom are trying to do it today!

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    Mai MohamedMåned siden

    I remember when ur 3 year old vids were 5 days ago, now u do titkok

  • Liv
    LivMåned siden

    Ro is doing “will it cereal” And she’s wearing question marks on her sweatshirt!! 🤣😂😂 Love you girl!

  • •Kawaii_Caret•
    •Kawaii_Caret•Måned siden

    This is Ro’s version of “Will it Cereal” Shoutout to my GMM fans hahaha...

  • Stephany Kuhlman
    Stephany KuhlmanMåned siden

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  • CreamyPink
    CreamyPinkMåned siden

    Did anyone else get grossed out on the pancake one? With the syrup and milk..? 🤢

  • It's PinkMoon

    It's PinkMoon

    Måned siden

    OMG yes!! Kinda gross.. maybe that's why she didn't like it!

  • MandyIce
    MandyIceMåned siden

    I have your cooking book and it’s amazing, YOU are amazing! I love ur cooking

  • Keyli Salazar
    Keyli SalazarMåned siden

    This woman is literally my childhood. Thank you for your videos Ro♥️

  • Yummy Joys by Krishika
    Yummy Joys by KrishikaMåned siden

    Some more tiktok recipes

  • Amanda Pizzurro
    Amanda PizzurroMåned siden

    I think the pancake one I would not like their 🙅🏼‍♀️👀😹😖😖 And I I tried what she did in the video and the pancake one is not good at all😖😖😖😖😣😣

  • Wilcar stiwar Castillo Marmolejo
    Wilcar stiwar Castillo MarmolejoMåned siden

    De ahora en adelante voy a empezar a ver videos en ingles que me gustaría aprender ese idioma

  • Marie Joy Vergara
    Marie Joy VergaraMåned siden

    I thinm when testing uou should put a little first... for example those croissant and pancakes You could have just put a milk in a little batch/ little bowl first so then even if it doesnt taste good or the hack fail you could enjoy those without milk... no offense I just think its wasteful

  • Maha
    MahaMåned siden

    Thank you Ro this is the first macaroon recipe I ever got right ( this was my 4th try making any recipe but the others never worked but this works perfectly

  • Natalie Lilavois Yusty
    Natalie Lilavois YustyMåned siden

    Hi Rosanna! I have been watching you for like EVER!!! I love you so much. Honestly I haven't watched you in a while and i miss it. I actually went to your book signing a LOOOONG time ago and I had a BLAST! I just wanted to point that out. ILYSM! P.S. this is my sisters account that's not me in the pic I'm 11 lol

  • Nighat Rauf
    Nighat RaufMåned siden

    Lol her laugh is so cute 🤗

  • Chloe Starr
    Chloe StarrMåned siden

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    Aadya NagarMåned siden

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    Samar Fatima KhanMåned siden

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  • M̲i̲c̲h̲a̲e̲i̲l̲a̲ C̲r̲u̲z̲
    M̲i̲c̲h̲a̲e̲i̲l̲a̲ C̲r̲u̲z̲Måned siden

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    Tomixx __Måned siden

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