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Which one was your favorite?? 😂
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I hope you enjoy today's #Halloween #Costume video! It was a lot of fun giving these a #Try. Would you wear any of them? Which one was your favorite?
xoxo Ro


  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    OMG YOU GUYS! Should I do another video like this before Halloween??? 👻👻👻

  • princess buttercup gaming

    princess buttercup gaming

    2 dager siden


  • ace family

    ace family

    3 dager siden

    Did you really name your new dog cookie after your dead dog

  • Adriana Sanchez

    Adriana Sanchez

    4 dager siden


  • Aurora Fedrigoni

    Aurora Fedrigoni

    4 dager siden


  • Sara Newman

    Sara Newman

    5 dager siden

    Rosanna Pansino you are the best

  • Jarvis Ross
    Jarvis Ross6 timer siden

    I love the sea anemone

  • RebelHockeyPuppy
    RebelHockeyPuppy7 timer siden

    You always make my life better every video

  • Lyssa F
    Lyssa F9 timer siden

    neat i like the headless one

  • Brooklyn Gonzalez
    Brooklyn Gonzalez13 timer siden

    Ok 100% little nana 😂😂

  • kenia Oliveira
    kenia Oliveira16 timer siden

    My fav is number 5

  • kenia Oliveira
    kenia Oliveira16 timer siden

    My fav is number 1

  • lts102 wsanec
    lts102 wsanec17 timer siden

    little nana

  • Sachi Singhania
    Sachi SinghaniaDag siden

    headless anyone

  • Cory Albert
    Cory AlbertDag siden

    I started choking by laughing at the grandma costume but I’m fine love you ro

  • Becca Feig
    Becca FeigDag siden

    Lady: "What are you?" Ro: "A sea ananananme

  • Everly Shuler
    Everly ShulerDag siden

    My fav was headless anyone or tiny nana.

  • Karina twoshort Garcia
    Karina twoshort GarciaDag siden

    the sea anemone was my favorite i need to go buy one now

  • bobachelrachel
    bobachelrachelDag siden

    I like # 6

  • Crystal From royal army
    Crystal From royal armyDag siden

    The granny one was so funny

  • John Hughes
    John HughesDag siden

    Little nana

  • Joan Mcgranaghan
    Joan McgranaghanDag siden

    1) 0-10 2)2-10 3)0-10 4)3-10

  • denise ta
    denise ta2 dager siden

    I love costume 2 and 4!

  • Mollee Ha
    Mollee Ha2 dager siden

    I love the little nana costume

  • Julia Potter
    Julia Potter2 dager siden

    Is it just me or dose ro make everything cute

  • Miraculous Moons and Dragons, Wands and 'Mon
    Miraculous Moons and Dragons, Wands and 'Mon2 dager siden

    I liked Sea Anemone, but Disco Ball's pants were amazing. Lil Granny is definitely a close second

  • Bry Smith
    Bry Smith2 dager siden

    Alien abduction👽👽🐰🐰

  • Lindsey Bladel
    Lindsey Bladel2 dager siden

    You are doing real good, Ro. I got costumes myself.

  • vicky x
    vicky x2 dager siden

    I love 5 xd

  • Gacha Midnight
    Gacha Midnight2 dager siden

    Last one

  • Gacha Midnight
    Gacha Midnight2 dager siden

    Tysm and stay safe for trick or treating give out santiser

  • MJ Donn
    MJ Donn2 dager siden

    I love love love love LOVED the little NaNa!!!

  • Llama Boy76
    Llama Boy763 dager siden

    Wait she's under 5 foot? I might be the same size as her then

  • hridya and kailas pulikkal
    hridya and kailas pulikkal3 dager siden

    i love how ro doesnt know how to pronounce anemone🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Brynlee Webb
    Brynlee Webb3 dager siden

    the last one

  • Arianna Calderon
    Arianna Calderon3 dager siden


  • Lea Mireles
    Lea Mireles3 dager siden

    You are funny 😁😆🤣😆🤣😂😃😁👩🏼‍🦱😃👩🏼‍🦱

  • Lily-Jane Sinclair
    Lily-Jane Sinclair3 dager siden

    Number 5

  • Savannah Reaves
    Savannah Reaves3 dager siden

    Little nana

  • Rae S
    Rae S3 dager siden

    I love the granny one it's hilarious

  • Corinna Cross
    Corinna Cross3 dager siden


  • Willow Schroder
    Willow Schroder3 dager siden

    Little nanna

  • Merbaby 2.7
    Merbaby 2.73 dager siden

    It’s so sad this year we can’t trick or treat

  • Shakila Rashid-wasim
    Shakila Rashid-wasim3 dager siden

    Number 4

  • TheLizajane71
    TheLizajane713 dager siden

    little Nana is is best

  • Paul Robinson
    Paul Robinson3 dager siden

    My favourite was 4

  • Adriana Sanchez
    Adriana Sanchez4 dager siden

    In my opinion number 6 was the best

  • Gilbert Grimaldo
    Gilbert Grimaldo4 dager siden

    5 Little Nana

  • Tara Duggan
    Tara Duggan4 dager siden

    6. Alien

  • S P
    S P4 dager siden

    Little nana

  • Maggie Hambleton
    Maggie Hambleton4 dager siden

    Number 4 , Nana

  • Koadi Richardson
    Koadi Richardson4 dager siden

    POV your watching this in October 2020 and Halloween is cancelled 😔 so your watching old Halloween vids 🤧

  • Caroline Tucker
    Caroline Tucker4 dager siden

    I lika foure and five

  • janette navarro
    janette navarro4 dager siden

    Omg number 5 was hilarious😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Pam Whites have the highest levels in their size
    Pam Whites have the highest levels in their size4 dager siden


  • ꧁Kawaii_ Gamer꧂
    ꧁Kawaii_ Gamer꧂4 dager siden

    This was posted on my b-day one year ago! Lol

  • Crazy Curls
    Crazy Curls4 dager siden

    Who here is from October 2020

  • Camilla Whitney
    Camilla Whitney4 dager siden

    My Favorite was 5 and 6

  • Austin Ham
    Austin Ham4 dager siden

    my favorite is sea anonome and i hope i spelled that right

  • Dancing and Slime and Roblox Gurl
    Dancing and Slime and Roblox Gurl4 dager siden

    Bloody eye and alien abduction! Bye the way I love you and your channel!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  • Zoe Osborne
    Zoe Osborne5 dager siden

    My favorite costumes is little nanna

  • Adam Zammit
    Adam Zammit5 dager siden


  • Adam Zammit
    Adam Zammit5 dager siden


  • Marie Reincarnate
    Marie Reincarnate5 dager siden

    LITTLE NANA WINS hands down

  • Haashini Priya
    Haashini Priya5 dager siden

    I like headless anyone

  • Haashini Priya
    Haashini Priya5 dager siden

    You look cute 😊

  • kiana n jadyn Patel
    kiana n jadyn Patel5 dager siden

    My favourites were the little nanny and the alien abduction also you is a funny person

  • Liv Coburn
    Liv Coburn5 dager siden

    Omg I loved little nana,bloody eye ball and the sea aninamie

  • •Nille oof
    •Nille oof5 dager siden

    I liked little nana and the alien thing

  • Ella Shaw
    Ella Shaw5 dager siden

    Number 6

  • Jason Marth
    Jason Marth5 dager siden

    I vote little nana lol I love it

  • R4 Graves
    R4 Graves5 dager siden

    1.seaenemne and 2.disco ball

  • Sara Newman
    Sara Newman5 dager siden

    I like 5 the best By the way you are always awesome!!!

  • Casey And Kaylee
    Casey And Kaylee5 dager siden


  • kai Asen
    kai Asen5 dager siden

    Omg I thought this was 2020 lol

    GODZILLAGOJ LOD5 dager siden


  • Sofia Valdivia
    Sofia Valdivia5 dager siden

    Lil nana

  • Aurora's Life
    Aurora's Life5 dager siden

    Notice that. Some outfits are from hubie Halloween👁👄👁😂😂

  • Jody Thaanum
    Jody Thaanum5 dager siden

    Little nana 5

  • Cecilia Traquair
    Cecilia Traquair5 dager siden

    little nana

  • Aysha Ebrahim
    Aysha Ebrahim6 dager siden


  • Aysha Ebrahim
    Aysha Ebrahim6 dager siden


  • Hannah Duggleby
    Hannah Duggleby6 dager siden

    I like the gran it is funny

  • Mikaella Salagubang
    Mikaella Salagubang6 dager siden

    Number 6

  • Hannah Duggleby
    Hannah Duggleby6 dager siden

    I love Halloween

  • Rowan Desserre
    Rowan Desserre6 dager siden

    Ro could honestly make anything beautiful!!

  • Rose Rose
    Rose Rose6 dager siden

    I like number 15 and 6

  • Kimberly Ruiz
    Kimberly Ruiz6 dager siden

    5 nana

  • Kimberly Ruiz
    Kimberly Ruiz6 dager siden

    I like both

  • Allen Mayes
    Allen Mayes6 dager siden


  • Hello Fellow potato’s
    Hello Fellow potato’s6 dager siden


  • Hello Fellow potato’s
    Hello Fellow potato’s6 dager siden

    1 and 4

  • Jessica Hacker
    Jessica Hacker6 dager siden

    #5 WAS THE BEST!!!!!!

  • Chip Crahan
    Chip Crahan6 dager siden


  • Aimee Dowen
    Aimee Dowen7 dager siden

    I liked 5. Little Nana

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez7 dager siden


  • Joseph Hernandez

    Joseph Hernandez

    7 dager siden

    Ya i like that one to😁

  • Jeanine Stewart
    Jeanine Stewart7 dager siden

    My favorite is the little nana

  • Aisleigh Dufrene
    Aisleigh Dufrene7 dager siden

    I like the Little Nana costume

  • Heidi Cushman
    Heidi Cushman7 dager siden

    Ro: I cant wait until im old!!!Me: Ro I love you even when i have never met u Edit: Iwant to meet u Ro.......I want to meet u sooooooo much!!

  • brit the robox club
    brit the robox club7 dager siden

    My top 3 favorite ones are numbers 2.5.and 4.

  • Kierra Davenport
    Kierra Davenport7 dager siden

    That reminds me of when I ripped my eye out I'm serious

  • Sophia Penguin
    Sophia Penguin7 dager siden

    Alien abduction

  • ♡︎Strawberry ♡︎
    ♡︎Strawberry ♡︎7 dager siden

    Omg my friend wore the granny outfit and she had make up and wrinkles and glasses

  • Susie Tappon
    Susie Tappon7 dager siden

    I gatta go with cool gramma

  • Zain Amjad
    Zain Amjad7 dager siden