Trying More Weird Cereal w/ iJustine!

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Why would I do this again!?
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Decided to #Try a bunch of different #Weird #Cereal again with my friend iJustine! I can't believe some of these crazy flavors. Some were great and a few I would never eat again!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    OMG I cant believe I did this again! 😂 What's your favorite cereal?

  • Priyanka Bakhru

    Priyanka Bakhru

    3 dager siden

    my fav cereal was churros 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  • Officially Leslie

    Officially Leslie

    11 dager siden

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  • Karcia Mendiola

    Karcia Mendiola

    22 dager siden

    Hmmm that’s weird cause I bought the peeps cereal and for me the marshmallows were actually the shape of a bunny

  • Haylie Martinez

    Haylie Martinez

    Måned siden

    Rosanna Pansino .

  • Hope :D

    Hope :D

    Måned siden


  • Fun things to do during COVID-19
    Fun things to do during COVID-196 timer siden

    I know this was a year ago and I’m late to comment but I leave my cereal to get soggy. And captain crunch is my favorite sugared cereal

  • Mia Julia Velez
    Mia Julia Velez20 timer siden

    Or you can make a funfetti cake that is stitch from Lilo & stitch

  • Mia Julia Velez

    Mia Julia Velez

    20 timer siden

    Because I did a big challenge with my sister and her friend and I won because I had a square confetti funfetti cake and I had I made stitch on it and it was adorable and that was my first tasting of funfetti and funfetti is delicious I love it well yeah that's the idea for you to do

  • Mia Julia Velez
    Mia Julia Velez20 timer siden

    That is a honey nest with a honey cake with Justine I wanted to do that cuz yeah

  • Mia Julia Velez

    Mia Julia Velez

    20 timer siden

    Rosanna make a honey cake with with Justine

  • Mia Julia Velez
    Mia Julia Velez20 timer siden

    Rosanna I want you to make a honey cake with Justine

  • I Love To Draw
    I Love To DrawDag siden

    Ro and Justine: Shocked that the first ingredient is sugar. Also Ro and Justine: Eating Cereal.

  • S Aultz
    S AultzDag siden

    I got a cereal add while watching this

  • Janelle Gaming World
    Janelle Gaming World4 dager siden

    You sound like the little girl from wreck it Ralph I know her name just don’t know how to spell it

  • Trista May
    Trista May4 dager siden

    unpopular opinion: soggy cereal is the BEST

  • Susana Ramirez
    Susana Ramirez6 dager siden

    My is froot loops 🦄💖❤

  • Tyler Adams
    Tyler Adams8 dager siden

    Wait just in gambles oh my goodness I wonder what her biggest bet was in how much money she got from her whatever

  • NaTonja Wilkes
    NaTonja Wilkes8 dager siden

    now it is 2020 you should find that mask lol stay safe

    BIPIN LALANI8 dager siden

    The dog just expects that they will give him the bite🤣 5:14

  • Hawwa Zahira Ali
    Hawwa Zahira Ali9 dager siden

    You shud make more vids with justine

  • Fabiola Martinez
    Fabiola Martinez9 dager siden

    I was eating the Cinnamon Toast Crunch churros for break feast

  • Jaydathecrazy Jaydathecrazy
    Jaydathecrazy Jaydathecrazy10 dager siden

    My teacher keeps meal worms in the classroom in a box with holes

  • Artistic Life
    Artistic Life11 dager siden

    6:52 is the cutest 😍💕

  • kayla ainsworth
    kayla ainsworth11 dager siden

    Kayla hi

  • Zoe Robinson
    Zoe Robinson12 dager siden

    I’m I like it soggy

  • poppie poppie
    poppie poppie13 dager siden


  • Ashley Johnson
    Ashley Johnson13 dager siden

    Ro: Some people will pour milk and leave it to get soggy. Me: 😲

  • Ashley Johnson
    Ashley Johnson13 dager siden

    You should do another Mexican candy video😝

  • Vilde og Tuva Er best
    Vilde og Tuva Er best15 dager siden

    I do

  • gymnastics vlogs
    gymnastics vlogs18 dager siden

    I love you justine

  • Nana_ Boss
    Nana_ Boss19 dager siden

    Do you know Justine was also an escape The night

  • Ahmef Abuirshed
    Ahmef Abuirshed21 dag siden

    Ilike soggy cereal i think i am the only one

  • Nina Shali
    Nina Shali23 dager siden

    Your the best

    ZOEY SANTOYA24 dager siden

    All u got to do to make the narwhal cereal taste good is dump a pound of sugar in it😂😂😂

  • Izabela Zafra
    Izabela ZafraMåned siden

    When she said “2020 we’re ok” I was like wellllllllll

  • A e s t h e t i c
    A e s t h e t i cMåned siden

    i got peeps cereal for easter this year and it looked like that but the marshmallows were chick and bunny shaped

  • Kellie Flinn
    Kellie FlinnMåned siden

    I love the Churros!

  • Muusa Chan
    Muusa ChanMåned siden

    When Ro says "2020 we're okay here" others watching this video "Ain't so sure about that"

  • Sapphire Wanna
    Sapphire WannaMåned siden


  • Shashikant
    ShashikantMåned siden

    I like soggy cereal

  • Jada Thomas
    Jada ThomasMåned siden

    the nightmare cereal the dude on the box that is not nightmare cuz i know alot 'bout the aftons,FNAF,and sl and thats Freddy Fazbear

  • Kylyn Gallardo
    Kylyn GallardoMåned siden

    There literally the best bestfriend like if you agree

  • Puppy Dog33
    Puppy Dog33Måned siden

    I am pick so I not eat tham

  • Rapture 21
    Rapture 21Måned siden

    This is how many people love these two people together! 👇

  • Mathew Radcliffe
    Mathew RadcliffeMåned siden

    Corn flack’s I know So boring sirearyl

  • Kahleah Evans
    Kahleah EvansMåned siden

    I do that

  • CeLeb Young
    CeLeb YoungMåned siden

    6:02 she sounds like a rapper or beatboxer

  • Suzy Kitten
    Suzy KittenMåned siden

    “I’m not angry. I’m just disappointed”. Flashbacks to my teenage days. Triggered. Lol!

  • zeka Shahzad
    zeka ShahzadMåned siden

    Please do part 3

  • Keira Weber
    Keira WeberMåned siden

    My sister likes soggy cereal

  • Amy Cameron
    Amy CameronMåned siden

    the toy fell

  • Amy Cameron
    Amy CameronMåned siden

    i have meal worms in class

  • Amy Cameron
    Amy CameronMåned siden

    you should make a chanle and post all the videos you make together

  • YkerAlpha Baez
    YkerAlpha BaezMåned siden

    Rosanna: We need more Churros in the world, there's none left. Me: I live in the US and there are still churros here!

  • RaniasTube
    RaniasTubeMåned siden

    6:07 That’s Me 😅

  • Shehzad Hyder
    Shehzad HyderMåned siden

    Rosanna: *Getting scared over expired food* Me, my whole life: **Sees expiry date... Meh it only expired 2 years ago. What harm can it do?**

  • Morgan Smithee
    Morgan SmitheeMåned siden

    Ruger scout I can always send you girls out cookies whenever you want

  • Anuja Vyas
    Anuja VyasMåned siden

    Part 3 please

  • Meggy Leadbeater
    Meggy Leadbeater2 måneder siden

    for some reason it is blury probely just me lol sos about the spelling mistakes I am not very good at spelling lol :)

  • Leah Hale
    Leah Hale2 måneder siden

    I like soggy ceareal.

  • joseph vincent david
    joseph vincent david2 måneder siden

    Ro is so cute on the peeps cereal iloveyou ro

  • Nickfredy Gutierrez
    Nickfredy Gutierrez2 måneder siden

    For your surprise, me and my mom LOVED the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros Cereal, along with the regular thing. I still have them by the way. They’re just so tasty.

  • Avatar Aang
    Avatar Aang2 måneder siden

    Omg i just realised this was posted a day after my birthday last year

  • Brittany Rodgers
    Brittany Rodgers2 måneder siden

    I love you guys so much like if you agree with me

  • Sreeyanka Banerjee
    Sreeyanka Banerjee2 måneder siden


  • Bunny Lover
    Bunny Lover2 måneder siden

    Comments from a year ago: aww cookies so cute Replys: oh she’s dead or oh she passed away rip cookie Guys we know the tradgic incident happened we don’t need to bring it up in every Ro video ahaha that rimes

  • Siddhi Mathura
    Siddhi Mathura2 måneder siden

    R I P cooke

  • Stacy Musica GirlTM
    Stacy Musica GirlTM2 måneder siden

    I have meal worms in my house, but its for feeding my lizard

  • saiyli lakhkar
    saiyli lakhkar2 måneder siden

    I used to have the peeps one. they were so sugary!!!

  • Aidenne Patricia B Ciabal
    Aidenne Patricia B Ciabal2 måneder siden

    I love soggy cereal 😋

  • Phoebellen Vlogs
    Phoebellen Vlogs2 måneder siden

    Yo the Ro’s sweater has like such a similar font of the super Mario cereal

  • Ava B-Seaspray
    Ava B-Seaspray2 måneder siden

    what monster puts milk first

  • dreamcicle snow shack
    dreamcicle snow shack2 måneder siden

    There is definitely something wrong with me... I pour milk first and love soggy...

  • Raven Blue
    Raven Blue2 måneder siden

    I... mainly... like soggy cereal. 🤐

  • Abbey Bailey
    Abbey Bailey2 måneder siden

    The peeps

  • Glhm Girls
    Glhm Girls2 måneder siden

    you should have got sour patch kids they taste funny cool anything you can discribe

  • Annie
    Annie2 måneder siden

    True friendship is being excited to eat expired cereal together 💗👌🏻😀😂

  • Maci Harris
    Maci Harris2 måneder siden

    when i was little i woulnt come out and i would eat my cereal soggy but i cant do that

  • Marisol fornow
    Marisol fornow2 måneder siden

    The only cerial I can let get a little soggy I mean like not crispy any more.. are honeynut cerios! Wierd right

  • MR Damore
    MR Damore2 måneder siden

    we all just not gonna recognize the dog started eating justines peep cereal lmao

  • Magdalena Haldin
    Magdalena Haldin2 måneder siden

    Expired dry food isn't bad, especially if the package is unopened. It might just taste a teeny bit stale, stop acting like it's gonna poison you

  • My Profile pic Looks like Me

    My Profile pic Looks like Me

    2 måneder siden

    They probably just don’t like it just bc you like it doesn’t mean everyone will

  • Phow Aung
    Phow Aung2 måneder siden


  • Annabella McJunkins
    Annabella McJunkins2 måneder siden

    Wait wait wait they blue it XD i have so bad puns

  • roblox girl
    roblox girl2 måneder siden

    part 3 please

  • Riley Keller
    Riley Keller2 måneder siden

    You sound just like Penelope from wreck it Ralph

  • Horse Gamer
    Horse Gamer2 måneder siden

    The narwhal cereal is gross probably because it’s expired

  • Brooke Hollenbeck
    Brooke Hollenbeck2 måneder siden

    Hey umm...... Idc( I don't care ) if y'all hate but I like it sogey 😳😣 ( a little bit ) and idk why it hurts me but it did , I LOVE u but that's hurt a little. Sorry😟😳.

  • Piyali Deb
    Piyali Deb2 måneder siden

    I like soggy cereal

  • Katelyn the queen of UwU
    Katelyn the queen of UwU2 måneder siden

    10:41 look at cookie she looks so sad she must think they are eating her food. 13:01 ro breaks down because of a digital toy. 15:56 ro finally got her toy. 16:27 to throws up because of narwhal's

  • huixia liu
    huixia liu2 måneder siden

    i had pet mealworms!

  • Joseph Dollar
    Joseph Dollar2 måneder siden

    There is no such thing as chocolate kix

  • Nakai Kativu
    Nakai Kativu2 måneder siden

    Are you calling me a demon!?

  • Simon Buskell
    Simon Buskell2 måneder siden


  • Boba_taro gacha
    Boba_taro gacha2 måneder siden

    Bruh im srry i like soggy cereal

  • Izu Ouma
    Izu Ouma3 måneder siden

    Then they say there need to be more churros in 6:27 come to Texas we have tacos and churros by the way I am Mexican

  • DickandJamie
    DickandJamie3 måneder siden

    Mimi Umi in mi tomie

  • Allison Blas
    Allison Blas3 måneder siden

    Justine:how can you even I’m insulted Ro: in a whole different world with the Narwal

  • Anime Girl Anime Girl
    Anime Girl Anime Girl3 måneder siden

    12:56 to 13:00 that’s me when my mom said we were going to Disney Land last summer but we couldn’t so Ro’s face was my face

  • Emily Sciandra
    Emily Sciandra3 måneder siden

    I do the same 6:09

  • Maddie Urena
    Maddie Urena3 måneder siden

    The toy: weeeeeeeeeee *as it falls* Ro: were is my toy? :( 5 seconds later... Oh it’s right here hahahahaha Justine: :/

  • Petro-Ann Beukes
    Petro-Ann Beukes3 måneder siden

    Ro you want to eat cute adorable bunny’s how I have no words

  • hannah the panda queen
    hannah the panda queen3 måneder siden

    oh no not the mealworms i cant i have to look at them everyday to change my brothers lepord gekos food and when they go all white it means they are about to turn into bugs

  • Ananya Shekhawat
    Ananya Shekhawat3 måneder siden

    u dropped the toy

  • Kaitlyn Barkman
    Kaitlyn Barkman3 måneder siden

    Justine- “I’m going to die.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Angela Mcghee
    Angela Mcghee3 måneder siden

    you two remind me of me and my bff

  • Olivia's house of coo coo cats
    Olivia's house of coo coo cats3 måneder siden