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Which recipe was your favorite???
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I had so much fun #Trying all of these #Viral #TikTok Recipes! I cant believe how well many of them worked. I might have to cook food this way in the future. We made cloud bread, NERDS ropes, Macaroni and Cheese in a mug, and Whipped Strawberry Milk!
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  • Kevin Shelby
    Kevin Shelby13 minutter siden

    Piña colada’s

  • Chloe Evans
    Chloe Evans42 minutter siden

    my fav is the clear

  • Olivia Grace
    Olivia GraceTime siden

    The cloud bread just looks like a type of pavlova that my family make like the texture it just looks the exact same

  • Catalina Salinas
    Catalina Salinas2 timer siden


  • Laura Carpentier
    Laura Carpentier3 timer siden

    I can not wait to try this out especially the cloud bread I love your videos Ro thank you

  • Emma Cantner
    Emma Cantner3 timer siden

    the pineapple flavor

  • Aiyana Iyengar
    Aiyana Iyengar4 timer siden

    Me watching this while I was supposed to be sleeping and laughing so hard, and stuffing my face into my face to make sure my parents ddidn't hear🤣🤣

  • Mermaid Withlegs
    Mermaid Withlegs6 timer siden

    Uhm anyone else think she looks like a whole different person?

  • Hope Ãnjėl
    Hope Ãnjėl8 timer siden

    The gummy worms one you have to melt them in the stove or something like that not the microwave

  • Tanya Thanos
    Tanya Thanos10 timer siden

    her voice 😂😂😂 she seems sweet tho

  • yOr BabY LExI
    yOr BabY LExI13 timer siden

    the cloud bread that you eat is called brazo de mercedes... not in our country philippines but its in my city i guess? idk HAHAHAHHAH i guess you can say its in the philippines

  • MelinskiTV
    MelinskiTV15 timer siden

    No because the Red gummybears are just the best

  • Fatima AlKuwaiti
    Fatima AlKuwaiti16 timer siden

    I love the green one and the red one

  • ArequeI


    14 timer siden


  • Tejel Parhanse
    Tejel Parhanse16 timer siden

    Hi Ro how are you when are you going to do another video with Rebecca zemolo

    SRI VARNIKA JAVVADI17 timer siden

    Green apple 🍏

  • Samaira Jain
    Samaira Jain21 time siden

    Wait in the cloud bread recipe how much corn starch did she put??

  • Diamond Moore
    Diamond Moore22 timer siden

    Me and my sister love ur videos we don’t watch it all the time but we love it 😍🥰😘🤣

  • Cesar Canal
    Cesar Canal23 timer siden

    Like Stephane Matt pat’s wife?

  • Michaela Odom
    Michaela OdomDag siden

    3:15 Ro: it’ll burn off You have like... 4 more recipes to try Ro: ....👁👄👁 (wht?)

  • Kaylee Hageman
    Kaylee HagemanDag siden

    I would say as my favorite gummy bear flavor is the clear I think it’s called pineapple? I’m not so sure though..

  • Issy the chef
    Issy the chefDag siden

    I was gonna try the nerd rope one but watching someone who actually knows what there doing... I think I’ll just leave it

  • PLHTV Delights
    PLHTV DelightsDag siden

    LMFAOOO it was successful at making me laugh!

  • Lauren Spehar
    Lauren SpeharDag siden

    I like how she say she is going to fix everything she like “I’m going fix it I’m going fix it”

  • mitsuri kanroji
    mitsuri kanrojiDag siden

    14:53 I'm so sorry but i can't...😟😟 OIkAWa toRUus fAvOuRIte foOd iS miLK brEAd 🍞😋 hiS pErSONal mOtEL is: 'if yOUr gONnA hIt iT, tHEn HIt tILl iT bREAkS'

  • Nurys Munoz
    Nurys MunozDag siden

    I always wanted to know if cloud bread worked LOL

  • Jenelle Loomis
    Jenelle LoomisDag siden

    You probably ate a little bit of glass that day but it's fine!

  • GalaxyKatJen
    GalaxyKatJenDag siden

    The clear/pineapple is my favorite gummy bear flavor. What’s yours?

  • ArequeI


    14 timer siden

    I love the green ones!

  • Philip Ho
    Philip HoDag siden

    out of sight out of mind! :)

  • Abby Barrera
    Abby BarreraDag siden

    Hi omg I live your videos so much and my favorite gummy bear flavor is red for raspberry yummm 😋

  • Anna Hatch
    Anna HatchDag siden

    My favourite gummy bear flavour is orange

  • Dilara Misel
    Dilara MiselDag siden

    I love the green ones! 😍

  • Zoe Duncan
    Zoe DuncanDag siden

    I like green gummy bears

  • Gianna Serra
    Gianna Serra2 dager siden

    I haven’t watched Ro in a while and the nerd roles was such a catastrophe but I laughed my butt off 😂😂

  • Kyndall
    Kyndall2 dager siden

    Ro: "but the macaroni is a little bit harder" Justine: "I DONT WANT A HARD NOODLE" (this is from the Mac n Cheese kitchen gadget video in case you were wondering)

  • Janasheen Jumana

    Janasheen Jumana

    14 timer siden

    That video was such a chaotic mess

  • Lesley Noa Mora
    Lesley Noa Mora2 dager siden


  • Emcat’s Studio
    Emcat’s Studio2 dager siden

    im so glad i decided to look at her channel again and i have watched this so many times and i laugh every time

  • Dhruv Kadakia
    Dhruv Kadakia2 dager siden

    Request: Bluey frappachino

  • silvia sabino hunt
    silvia sabino hunt2 dager siden

    5:11 tho

  • Elizabeth Caitlyn
    Elizabeth Caitlyn2 dager siden

    I really like the clear yellow one from hairdo

  • Baxter Cool
    Baxter Cool2 dager siden

    Clear - Pineapple is my fav

  • Jasmine Wang
    Jasmine Wang2 dager siden

    Her chaotic energy is such a mood 😂

  • Brianna morgan
    Brianna morgan2 dager siden

    i was DYING at everything going wrong during the nerds rope, i literally don’t laugh out loud but i literally was

  • XxDxLovexx
    XxDxLovexx2 dager siden

    You are amazing and funny!! Love your videos!

  • jamie liane cariaga
    jamie liane cariaga3 dager siden

    18:32 lol I love that laugh 😁💖💖

  • Ariana G
    Ariana G3 dager siden

    Wait a min is she engaged-

  • R A
    R A3 dager siden

    count how many times she said just like she did

  • Sadie Cheney
    Sadie Cheney3 dager siden

    The pineapple one is my favorite

  • Jenna Mcclurkan
    Jenna Mcclurkan3 dager siden

    Hey do I gust wanted to say that all microwaves are different so times may vary that is why it exploded

  • Dominic A G Rosales
    Dominic A G Rosales3 dager siden

    You should make Reston in your kitchen

  • Dominic A G Rosales
    Dominic A G Rosales3 dager siden


  • Anna Lehmann
    Anna Lehmann3 dager siden

    Pineapple is my fav

  • Brynn Pfannenstiel
    Brynn Pfannenstiel3 dager siden

    Rosanna: OWW ITS HOT Also Rosanna: *keeps on touching it*

  • Happy Cali Mama
    Happy Cali Mama3 dager siden

    we love this video can you do a video with banana bundy cake?

  • Ben Matthews
    Ben Matthews3 dager siden

    Also yellow

  • Ben Matthews
    Ben Matthews3 dager siden

    Love your vids there awemzing awesome and amazing

  • Rachel Flint
    Rachel Flint3 dager siden

    I a sooooooooo sad that i can not see your instagram i am to young for it.

  • Anna West
    Anna West3 dager siden

    next time plate then refrigerate the ropes

  • Mary Katherine
    Mary Katherine3 dager siden

    i like the red gummy bear

  • Loa Lane
    Loa Lane3 dager siden

    my favortte milkeshashake srawbebery and bannana or smoothies to hi roseanna its heather

  • Riley C
    Riley C3 dager siden

    One question... How hard was it to clean up the nerds rope???

  • Katelyn Jahnke
    Katelyn Jahnke4 dager siden

    Win for first

  • Josie Hostetler
    Josie Hostetler4 dager siden

    Red and green are the best but they are all great haribo gold bears are a fav candy

  • Banana
    Banana4 dager siden

    My favorite flavor is pineapple yay

  • Thejessicaelyse
    Thejessicaelyse4 dager siden

    Ro oh my god 😂😂😂 I can’t stop laughing at these nerd ropes! It was not in the cards for you to make them

  • Felicity Davey
    Felicity Davey4 dager siden


  • DePubSsion G
    DePubSsion G4 dager siden

    I REMEMBER WATCHING YOU WITH MY SISTER, I FORGOT how much I missed those days :/

  • Habil Zamanov
    Habil Zamanov4 dager siden

    I am Azerbaijani and I admire.🤗🤗😊you..!!!!!

  • Ainslie Maurin
    Ainslie Maurin4 dager siden

    I think she had to mush coffee that day 🤣🤣

    NANCY MAGANA5 dager siden


  • DoNt EaT mY bReAd
    DoNt EaT mY bReAd5 dager siden

    Is it just me or does Ro look like Vanessa and Veronica Merrell-

  • H S
    H S5 dager siden

    Oh my god that gummy part 😂😂😂

  • Stacey Nicole
    Stacey Nicole5 dager siden

    I was excited about the need rope but if you had that many issues there's no hope for my kids and me 🤣

  • Stacey Nicole
    Stacey Nicole5 dager siden

    I'm dying during the first half of the video 😂😂😂

  • Janice Park
    Janice Park6 dager siden

    Hahahaha it was so cute when she started jumping around when she made cloud bread it just made me smile 😊

  • yvette
    yvette6 dager siden

    Stawberry the green one

  • Friends 776
    Friends 7766 dager siden

    I love you ro if you gave me a shout out it would make my hole day love you ur a inspiration and tell husky and blue and coconut i said hi and i know cookie is in a good place now

  • Javandhara Adhyaputri
    Javandhara Adhyaputri6 dager siden

    haribo is disgusting

  • fouziya's world 0f Wonder
    fouziya's world 0f Wonder6 dager siden

    Hi can u try ice cream 🍦 🍨 Ingredients :1 whipping cream powder or whipping cream 2:vanilla essence 3:🥛 milk 4:condense milk 🥛 Next mix this Ingredients together And then move it to another plate 🍽 Then keep it on freezer

  • Violet Ballard
    Violet Ballard7 dager siden

    She reminds me of that pie girl from pushing daisies

  • Ze Avocado
    Ze Avocado7 dager siden

    Ro-adult: 4’10 Me-13: 6’0

  • Ze Avocado
    Ze Avocado7 dager siden

    My favorite gummy bear is the clear ones, pineapple I think

  • drawing is so much fun
    drawing is so much fun7 dager siden

    OMG your amazing love your videos 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Lauren
    Lauren7 dager siden

    I like the red gummy bears the best

  • Kaylin Ki
    Kaylin Ki7 dager siden

    My favorite gummy bear is the clear aka pineapple

  • Eero Sarak
    Eero Sarak7 dager siden

    My favourite flavour is pineaple

  • Peachy Natalie
    Peachy Natalie8 dager siden

    Ro you had a big glow up over the years ngl :)

  • Kari Bowles
    Kari Bowles8 dager siden

    you should make a video off making a tone of cloud breads

  • Made By Alyssa
    Made By Alyssa8 dager siden

    wonder how long it will take to get me to 1,000 subscribes?

  • RUBY
    RUBY8 dager siden

    Ro I love your cooking skills there so good and I even tried all.these tik tok food/drink. The gummy bears did melt everywhere to it took me 30 mins to clean it all up.. YOU GO GIRT!!!!!🤣😂💖💘♥️💕💝❤️💞💯😍💖👌👍🥰

  • LAL JR
    LAL JR8 dager siden

    LMAO! Loved her reactions to the nerd ropes!

  • Kisses Rose The Vampire Kawaii Girl
    Kisses Rose The Vampire Kawaii Girl8 dager siden

    Part 3 please? 🥺

  • Ida Campaña
    Ida Campaña8 dager siden

    The gummies exploded oh my gosh 🤣🤣😂

  • Ida Campaña
    Ida Campaña8 dager siden

    Just oh no 😬😳 oh gosh my gosh

  • Nora George
    Nora George8 dager siden

    Wow just wow

  • Tylah’s Life
    Tylah’s Life9 dager siden

    Ro:*drops bowl Also Ro: hot hot hot

  • Keira Pilevsky
    Keira Pilevsky9 dager siden


  • Parmida Nemati
    Parmida Nemati10 dager siden

    Omg I love can you live in or how will I survive 1 million times

  • Candy tower
    Candy tower10 dager siden


  • Klingler Family
    Klingler Family10 dager siden

    Her kitchen just called me poor in 27 different languages and 5 fonts

  • Armaan Azhar
    Armaan Azhar10 dager siden

    7:31 Oh my gosh ! I'M SO HOT!