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Which recipe was your favorite???
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I had so much fun #Trying all of these #Viral #TikTok Recipes! I cant believe how well many of them worked. I might have to cook food this way in the future. We made cloud bread, NERDS ropes, Macaroni and Cheese in a mug, and Whipped Strawberry Milk!
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  • Tayler Penno
    Tayler PennoTime siden

    red and white are my favourite

  • Bright_daisie27
    Bright_daisie27Time siden

    i love your haircut

  • Ocean Xflower
    Ocean Xflower2 timer siden

    i love red but if ther was bule i whould love that

  • Ella Mihaila
    Ella Mihaila3 timer siden

    “We did it we made homemade nerds rope!” Me:think about everything that went wrong”was is worth it?”

  • Ella Mihaila
    Ella Mihaila3 timer siden

    These videos are chaos in its pure form but I still love to watch them 🤣😁❤️

  • Ella Mihaila
    Ella Mihaila3 timer siden

    Nerds are gonna nerd,nerd!*yeets nerd box*

  • lou b
    lou b3 timer siden

    Green and red is me favorite 😂

  • Sofiya Aliyev
    Sofiya Aliyev4 timer siden

    The white one is my fav

  • Jihan Ahmad
    Jihan Ahmad4 timer siden

    Please make a part -3

  • Durrah ALShareefi
    Durrah ALShareefi4 timer siden


  • Kimela Sutton
    Kimela Sutton4 timer siden

    I love u all the gummy bear flavors

  • Sally Hinchliff
    Sally Hinchliff5 timer siden


  • Awesome Life Of Abby
    Awesome Life Of Abby5 timer siden

    If the home made nerd rope is good it’s probably a win Your awesome ro Keep the good work up

  • Nutty and blossom Piggies
    Nutty and blossom Piggies6 timer siden

    Ro’s laugh is hella contagious

  • David Salas
    David Salas7 timer siden

    Clear and red ones

  • Freya Rose
    Freya Rose11 timer siden

    I think Recipe 1 was a win because it tasted good and they looked good it was just fiddly to make

  • Han nah
    Han nah13 timer siden

    Rosanna: What's ur favorite gummy flavor? Me: Pig skin flavor is my fave Also me: Wait... That's all of the flavors😂

  • FatimaSheikh
    FatimaSheikh15 timer siden

    When youn ealise Ro is standing on a platform after 6years....

  • Joanne Souraya
    Joanne Souraya17 timer siden

    I love Ro's laugh it's so cute

  • Gladman Nemasasi
    Gladman Nemasasi17 timer siden

    Royal videos are so better so can you send me some exercise ones if you can find a partner my name is Jeanette I really like your videos I subscribe anything for you if you just send me exercise videos fast

  • rohe Jawadi
    rohe Jawadi17 timer siden

    You could refrigerate that i think about that I wouldn’t be sticky

  • Jagruti Patil
    Jagruti Patil18 timer siden

    Make more videos with coconut

  • Londyn Cody
    Londyn Cody23 timer siden

    My favorite gummy bear flavor is the green one

  • 2Strawberry Dragon2
    2Strawberry Dragon2Dag siden

    Strawberry- green

  • Sanaa Page
    Sanaa PageDag siden

    My favorite thing about ro is that something so little makes her so happy what’s your fav things about ro ❤️🥺

  • Dima ABDELRAHMAN 2027
    Dima ABDELRAHMAN 2027Dag siden


  • Kinsadie Bowen
    Kinsadie BowenDag siden

    I love your laugh ro!

  • Nusrat Khan
    Nusrat KhanDag siden

    Ro, can you do a what's on my phone???

  • Zahrah Arshad
    Zahrah ArshadDag siden

    your face in thumbnail😂

  • Amy Muneton
    Amy MunetonDag siden

    My favorite gummy bear is the red one

  • 555hippolover
    555hippoloverDag siden

    Maybe she should have melted it in a piping bag?

  • faateh Khaqan
    faateh KhaqanDag siden

    Can you do a new what's on my phone please!!!🥰

  • hams bakery house
    hams bakery houseDag siden

    I love the cloud bread i've never herd of it before

  • Manny Kaur - Taylor
    Manny Kaur - TaylorDag siden

    I just love the gummy bear resapy so chaotic 😂

  • charlottepas
    charlottepasDag siden

    omg i love your top! where is it from?

  • Guest 111
    Guest 111Dag siden

    Can you do more pls I really luv it!!!

  • Mahed Amer
    Mahed AmerDag siden

    1:40 amour plasitque idk if thats the correct spelling lol

  • Sahara Payne
    Sahara PayneDag siden

    Clear gummy bears are my favourite

  • Maurquan Douglas
    Maurquan DouglasDag siden

    I’m convinced that she’s Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph.... but the human version 🤩

  • Liz ahumada
    Liz ahumadaDag siden


  • Zack Duffer
    Zack Duffer2 dager siden

    Favorite gummy bear flavor is pineapple

  • Anya Parker-Copestick
    Anya Parker-Copestick2 dager siden

    Green gummy bears are the best by far 💚

  • Rupinder Kaur
    Rupinder Kaur2 dager siden

    U made a mess girl

  • the one and only lululia belen
    the one and only lululia belen2 dager siden

    The nerd one was a win just it was your microwave

  • Jayla Gomillion
    Jayla Gomillion2 dager siden

    Pineapple and strawberry

  • D&K Crew
    D&K Crew2 dager siden


  • zara hasnat
    zara hasnat2 dager siden

    Her smile and her voice 😍

  • Mia H
    Mia H2 dager siden

    favorite gummy bear flavor is pineapple for sure!!!!!

  • Yandres Rodriguez
    Yandres Rodriguez2 dager siden

    Yes i have a favorite my favorites are The breen ones.

  • cheska Mutya
    cheska Mutya2 dager siden

    Part 3🥰🥰😊😊🙃

  • Molly Pretzlaff
    Molly Pretzlaff2 dager siden

    orange are the best

  • Waliza Wahid
    Waliza Wahid2 dager siden

    Pls make a blood bag drink for Halloween

  • Rina Novia Yanti
    Rina Novia Yanti2 dager siden

    My favorit flavor in gummy bear is orange!!❤️❤️

  • Karen Hawkins
    Karen Hawkins2 dager siden

    Red is the best

  • Nicholas Ramos
    Nicholas Ramos2 dager siden

    Love this video so much

  • Daisy's Days
    Daisy's Days2 dager siden

    I love the green ones 💚💚💚

  • Brooke Aldridge
    Brooke Aldridge2 dager siden

    My favorite gummy bear flavor is the clear one and if you did not know and you are seeing this the clear one is pineapple

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia2 dager siden

    My fav gummy is pineapple

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia2 dager siden


  • PøTáTø ČhĪPšš
    PøTáTø ČhĪPšš2 dager siden

    My fav gummy bear is the clear one it’s pineapple

  • Bryson McNamara
    Bryson McNamara2 dager siden

    Ro never makes you bored

  • Joline
    Joline3 dager siden

    This video was pure chaos to me hahaha

  • Asha Ballantyne
    Asha Ballantyne3 dager siden

    The green gummy bears are the best!

  • blanca Perez
    blanca Perez3 dager siden

    You look like the girl who make Rebecca zomolo a princess cake so she can be in I don’t know but you look like her

  • Ginger


    2 dager siden

    Wait-She was, wasn't she-

  • Audrey Caroline
    Audrey Caroline3 dager siden

    She’s cute in the thumbnail haha

  • Corinne King
    Corinne King3 dager siden

    Tiny bit too messy too messy

  • Corinne King
    Corinne King3 dager siden

    I am your biggest fan

    JULIA PLAYS3 dager siden

    Isn’t ro the cutest person you’ve ever seen!❤️❤️❤️❤️ From a small youtouber

  • Chxstainiac
    Chxstainiac3 dager siden

    The chaotic energy in the first one 😂

  • Crafts, Cats and Dance
    Crafts, Cats and Dance3 dager siden

    So Ro if the noodles in the Mac and cheese are a little hard try heating them up for three minutes and then two or three and three! I hope that works!

  • itzSynxid
    itzSynxid3 dager siden

    Rosanna can you be my lana rhoades??

  • Josephine Wakefield
    Josephine Wakefield3 dager siden

    H can make edible slime with gummy bears first u melt em then u add cornstarch and that’s it

  • Josephine Wakefield

    Josephine Wakefield

    3 dager siden


  • Alex
    Alex3 dager siden

    I havent laughed this hard in a ro vid in so long (i mean with her making stuff) its awesome

  • Dania Sofía Gaxiola Alvarez
    Dania Sofía Gaxiola Alvarez3 dager siden

    red one

  • Aisha Alhouli
    Aisha Alhouli3 dager siden

    Does the wiped shake work with no electric

  • E
    E3 dager siden

    My favourite gummy bear flavour is the pineapple and strawberry

  • MSX
    MSX3 dager siden

    Set 8 Students Be Like ...

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl3 dager siden

    Someone needs to buy Ro a step stool

  • Alveena Nahyan
    Alveena Nahyan3 dager siden

    Ro plzz do a part 3 tiktok recipes please

  • Kate Denysenko
    Kate Denysenko3 dager siden

    Dude I SNORTED when she dropped the bowl in the nerds 😂

  • Amiyah Brandenberger
    Amiyah Brandenberger3 dager siden

    Pineapple 🍍

  • Legacy Peterson
    Legacy Peterson3 dager siden

    Everyone should only be saying clear green and orange no cap!

  • Summer S
    Summer S3 dager siden

    Um yeah soooo with the dalgona coffee that she made last time? Had it like every other day and I got an actual migraine. I then realized that 2 tablespoons of instant coffee is an insane amount. Delicious, but I’m not making it again. I don’t need another migraine

    TAYLOR SCANTLEBURY3 dager siden

    You kind of sound like Venelope it is no offense

  • Faith Xiang Ycong
    Faith Xiang Ycong3 dager siden

    It is my first time watching her video but im loving it. . She is soooo cute ❤

  • Sharon Dias
    Sharon Dias4 dager siden

    18:31 her laugh is so cute she literally makes me laugh as well 😂

  • Ashleyissacutie
    Ashleyissacutie4 dager siden

    Your videos never fail to make me laugh😂😭

  • Christine Jaison
    Christine Jaison4 dager siden

    i love all the gummy bears.

  • jenni medina
    jenni medina4 dager siden

    the chaos in this video makes my day😭

  • Arundathi Subramanian
    Arundathi Subramanian4 dager siden

    I feel that you and full and fuller house star Candace Cameron Bure can be BFFS

  • Outdoors And Travels
    Outdoors And Travels4 dager siden

    It exploded because she microwaved the gummy bears for too long. She needed to have done it for a shorter time. It also would've helped to microwave a larger amount all at once.

  • Lotte Carby-Davies
    Lotte Carby-Davies4 dager siden

    Myne is green

  • Shadow Unicorn
    Shadow Unicorn4 dager siden

    18:30 we can all be little kids sometimes. I loved that 🥰😂

  • Janet Lee
    Janet Lee4 dager siden

    My favourite is the pineapple 🍍

  • Olivia Panda1
    Olivia Panda14 dager siden

    Ro I have been watch your vid for like five years now

  • WolfieBear808 Love
    WolfieBear808 Love4 dager siden

    You should try melt the gummy bears and have the nerds in a bowl and mix them together to make a big candy nerd ball.

  • Chelsea Bobet
    Chelsea Bobet4 dager siden

    Ro making the nerd ropes is just so real lol I related too much with that one 🤣

  • k
    k4 dager siden

    WHERE DID U BUY THE STRAWBERRY NESQUICK???? Im looking for it for years!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Alexa Meno Mendiola
    Alexa Meno Mendiola4 dager siden

    I’ve been watching your videos since I was 9 and I’m 14 now! But like you haven’t aged a bit😭😍

  • Sierra Sharum
    Sierra Sharum5 dager siden

    Yes the green ones