Trying Fun VALENTINES Candy! Part 2 w/ iJustine

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In celebration of Valentine's Day I tried a bunch of NEW different themed candy with my friend Justine! Let me know what other videos you'd like to see.
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This vlog was so much fun to make! We #Tried a bunch of delicious #Candy and treats to #Celebrate Valentines Day! We had M&M's, Giant Gummies, a bunch of different kinds of chocolate, a treat designed by JoJo Siwa, and even a funny candy called 'Fries Before Guys'. I can't believe how many different types of themed treats their are!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino3 måneder siden

    If you're a member you can now comment using my special emojis! So fun! Which one is your favorite???

  • Crafty Lisa

    Crafty Lisa

    Dag siden

    All of them are my favorite

  • Crafty Lisa

    Crafty Lisa

    Dag siden

    I love candy!!!

  • Michelle Garza

    Michelle Garza

    9 dager siden


  • Erica Segovia

    Erica Segovia

    14 dager siden

    Blueberry muffin

  • Shabano Khan

    Shabano Khan

    18 dager siden

    That's the little girl on rossan comment is you and I love all of the emoji ❤❤❤

  • Indi Gunaratne
    Indi Gunaratne14 timer siden

    Jojo siwalk😲

  • Crafty Lisa
    Crafty LisaDag siden

    I am made with candy and want to try all the candys in the world

    GSB GSB3 dager siden


  • Woof Wonders
    Woof Wonders4 dager siden

    I made the pan cake but it was Hersheys and I made my sister one and me one and they were delicious

  • Detroit from Skidrow
    Detroit from Skidrow6 dager siden

    Pregnant people do eat dirt 😂🤣😂 Them marshmello fries 🍟 was looking good,I trust your word girls😜💋👅

  • Wania Shahzaib
    Wania Shahzaib6 dager siden

    I liked the video when rosanna said « honey thanks for dinner but I am gonna have dessert first »😂😂😂

  • Roblox And more
    Roblox And more6 dager siden

    As soon as Justine said “pre heat the oven” I was like oh god this is going to go bad or bad

  • TJ
    TJ6 dager siden

    show title= (i just) love (rose pans)

  • heena vasa
    heena vasa9 dager siden

    My douter loves candy


    justine i am a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig fan


    i love ro

  • Erica Segovia
    Erica Segovia14 dager siden

    Show us your play buttons

  • Sophie Isabell
    Sophie Isabell14 dager siden

    It was 4yrs ago when they did this before

  • Jenna Spry
    Jenna Spry15 dager siden

    I think that Justine should be on that show knifes out

  • itsmeaav_
    itsmeaav_15 dager siden

    The entire discussion at the end PLEASE 😭✋

  • Sweet Creations.
    Sweet Creations.17 dager siden

    Can you make a jojo siwa cake

  • Hali From The Cali
    Hali From The Cali17 dager siden

    I love how stuck they got on eating Justines leg😂🤣😂

  • Alegz
    Alegz17 dager siden


  • Johanna Provenzano
    Johanna Provenzano18 dager siden

    i dont like Jojo but the gummies looked good

  • Zainab Khursheed
    Zainab Khursheed18 dager siden

    Jojo siwa's heart box was also in

  • ILove Pubg
    ILove Pubg20 dager siden

  • Kaleigh Glick
    Kaleigh Glick21 dag siden

    My kid brother LOVES fresh warm brownies. For both Valentine’s Day & Christmas I look for those Reese’s things, but for him I get the Hershey’s chocolate ones. He loves it!

  • gaming with ema ema
    gaming with ema ema22 dager siden

    i wold rather have real fries and I love you vids rosonnna and justina

  • Harlee T
    Harlee T25 dager siden

    I would want the real French fries 🍟

  • Knowledge videos
    Knowledge videos27 dager siden

    What a amazing video

  • Aozora Kanzaki
    Aozora Kanzaki27 dager siden

    imagine Yamaguchi gives Tsukishima the Dinosaur gummy for valentines day

  • mattie mika-tamihana
    mattie mika-tamihana28 dager siden

    There must have been some Alcohol alcohol in those candys

  • Vanessa itumeleng Smit
    Vanessa itumeleng Smit28 dager siden

    Hi where u on nailed it? ?

  • Simon Buskell
    Simon Buskell29 dager siden

    Juinior mint sponsor!

  • Katie Kim
    Katie Kim29 dager siden

    I would love to have real french fries from Mcdonalds and get some heinz ketchup

  • Nandini S
    Nandini SMåned siden

    Who else wants more videos with Justine and Ro??? I binge watched all of their collab vids and I want more!!!! You guys are awesome!!

  • Anishka Nambiar
    Anishka NambiarMåned siden

    Rosanna + iJustine = 70 videos

  • Chihuahua Lover
    Chihuahua LoverMåned siden

    Real fries of corse

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    Junior artist 2.0Måned siden

    Enjoy now

  • Kristal Aviana Chew
    Kristal Aviana ChewMåned siden

    I would rather have real bcs i dont like marshmellows that much

  • Pepita Begum
    Pepita BegumMåned siden

    I know justine’s NOlocal channel name it’s I justine

  • Juju Gonzalez
    Juju GonzalezMåned siden

    So I ask my dad what ring did you get my mom and sed that he got a ring pop 😳😂😂🤣🤣🥳🤣

  • Savannah Nieman
    Savannah NiemanMåned siden

    Your foundation isn’t matching

  • duvvi
    duvviMåned siden

    The best friendship is when your arguing who’s *arm* you should eat if you were starving in the desert.

  • Yashvi
    YashviMåned siden

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  • Michelle Machado
    Michelle MachadoMåned siden

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    I really miss justine! March 2021

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  • scrappy havoc
    scrappy havocMåned siden

    So in elementary school we’d make “magic wands” it was like pretzel dipped in either white or milk chocolate or a peanut butter mix that was very delicious and I’d like to see if you all can come up with or have come up with an easy at home way to make those. My nieces would love it. Anyway, love these.

  • Abby L
    Abby LMåned siden

    What brand are the little cake shaped chocolates with the layer slogan

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  • Xtra Positive Vibes!
    Xtra Positive Vibes!Måned siden

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  • Mailynn Terrones
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  • bonjour itsizzy
    bonjour itsizzyMåned siden

    omg! too funny! some of them would definitely like to try, I just find it funny like chips the boxes of candy and cookies both by jojo and mothers cookies, the box to actual serving ratio is so different, such a small portion lol

  • Jaithya T
    Jaithya TMåned siden

    justine: reeses.... chip... packet.... hdsdjhshdvhdfuhrfduerhfqeuhfpiudhfreq ro: this .... this is alot this is a lot ok ok also ro : has a baking channel with 12.8 million subs

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    Melodie Jacobs!!!!Måned siden

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  • Catalina Orangefeather
    Catalina OrangefeatherMåned siden

    From a middle schooler buying RAM To an adult eating “Lollipoops”

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    zuzu and malaylaMåned siden

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