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Loved trying all of these fun treats from Hawaii! (This was filmed before Social Distancing started)
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Today we tried a lot of delicious locally made treats from Hawaii! We tried banana jerky, honey, chocolate covered sweets, cookies, and candy! What other videos would you like to see?
xoxo Ro


  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino9 måneder siden

    I hope you enjoy today's video! This was filmed before Social Distancing started. Have you ever been to Hawaii?? 😊🌴🍍🌊

  • Charlie's Challenges

    Charlie's Challenges

    8 dager siden


  • Charlie's Challenges

    Charlie's Challenges

    8 dager siden


  • KoasterGirl


    25 dager siden

    Noo, i wish!

  • kaikai espanola

    kaikai espanola

    29 dager siden

    Ye i have

  • Jane Sluck

    Jane Sluck

    Måned siden

    No but I would like to go there

  • Haydenjane Dorn
    Haydenjane Dorn4 dager siden

    Who watches this all the time and does not get tired of the just cause there so funny 🤣🤣🥰

  • MagicFerret69
    MagicFerret696 dager siden

    Grey are just prawn crackers you get them all the time with Chinese takeaways in the uk

  • Anaisha Patel
    Anaisha Patel8 dager siden

    12:51 ro: why cant I do this today me: wait do u do that everyday.... is throwing food to mike normal 🤣🤣

  • Jessiele TV
    Jessiele TV8 dager siden

    What do you film with?!? lol he quality is amazing

  • Charlie's Challenges
    Charlie's Challenges8 dager siden

    You are wearing the same clothes that you where wearing when you where on ijustine’s Chanel viewing the Samsung phone

  • Charlie's Challenges

    Charlie's Challenges

    8 dager siden


  • Charlie's Challenges

    Charlie's Challenges

    8 dager siden

    The zflip and galaxy s20 ultra

  • Murat Kars
    Murat Kars9 dager siden


  • Chasity Yarbough
    Chasity Yarbough10 dager siden

    As someone who is Hawaiian I love these treats we might just just be crazy

  • Smallcrumble
    Smallcrumble10 dager siden

    Ro if u like pineapple Chinese pineapple cakes I recommend there really good uwu

  • TAMI Aaron Michael's Only Wife
    TAMI Aaron Michael's Only Wife11 dager siden

    There has to be a cute role for the two of them somewhere... I Love & Adore Them together. 💞

  • SHRIJYOTHI Yeleswarapu
    SHRIJYOTHI Yeleswarapu12 dager siden

    Can u do something with Justine 🥺🥺

  • Lucie Cornelia
    Lucie Cornelia18 dager siden

    I love the shrimp chips. I'm surprised she hadn't tried them.

  • Candy Cane
    Candy Cane19 dager siden

    Roe: there’s some things I wouldn’t eat like bark Me: (goes and gets a piece of bark to try it) I agree

  • Candy Cane
    Candy Cane19 dager siden

    Roe: I can’t wait to be 90 I would look so good 😊 Me: I don’t want to be 90 just let me stay young please god

  • Amelie Hammond
    Amelie Hammond19 dager siden

    Y'all rlly never had prawn crackers with ur Chinese(British ppl will get it) Im a big fan

  • Cameron White
    Cameron White21 dag siden

    I can’t be the only one who hoped we had an updated versions on the pineapple pretzels

  • Shilpi Bhattacharyya
    Shilpi Bhattacharyya22 dager siden


  • Digital Wasp
    Digital Wasp22 dager siden

    ME: DROOLING over the chocolate covered coffee beans ALSO ME: stuffing my face with half a pan of brownies

  • Apphia Rean Dancel
    Apphia Rean Dancel22 dager siden


  • Kristin Bleyenberg
    Kristin Bleyenberg23 dager siden

    a stqands for albanes

  • Liv __
    Liv __24 dager siden

    I’ve not been here for ever where is po

  • Neleigh Lamprecht
    Neleigh Lamprecht24 dager siden

    I know why the gummy bears have A’s on them they are Albenese gummy bears

  • Kimi Nawilis
    Kimi Nawilis25 dager siden

    maybe the "A" on the gummy bears maybe its aloha?

  • All about Ranger The Labredoodle
    All about Ranger The Labredoodle25 dager siden

    Nobody: Ro and Justine: nothing better then some flaky balls

  • truitalian1980
    truitalian198026 dager siden


  • Lauryn Partnow
    Lauryn Partnow26 dager siden

    i think the a stands for artificial lol

  • Lauryn Partnow

    Lauryn Partnow

    26 dager siden

    thumbs up if u agree

  • Ugen Pillay
    Ugen Pillay26 dager siden

    who is wlch in 2021

  • Nicole Newton

    Nicole Newton

    16 dager siden


  • Pumpkin spice Love
    Pumpkin spice Love28 dager siden

    U can pronounce it like lie-cheat without the t in cheat like lie|chea-

  • Daphné Doris Auger
    Daphné Doris Auger29 dager siden

    Justine and Rosanna have literally dog personality and it makes me laugh so much! Justine : ''Where do we go? FOR A WALK? RUN AROUND? WHAT DO WE DOOO?''

  • kaikai espanola
    kaikai espanola29 dager siden

    Im Filipino and i was in Hawaii last year and i have ate all of the food in Hawaii my favorite was the pineapple gummy i had it everyday when i wad in Hawaii so Ro i hope u had a gud time while eating with justie i love u i have been subscribed to u for almost 10 years and im 11

  • xaieshax_
    xaieshax_Måned siden

    18:10 the sugar kicks in.... Btw love the video ro and justine!!

  • M ø ç h å B e a r
    M ø ç h å B e a rMåned siden

    Ro, the “A” on the mango gummy bear’s belly comes from the company called Albanese. Most of their other gummy’s have an “A” on it.

  • Zaara Ashik
    Zaara AshikMåned siden

    I couldn’t see the Honolulu cookies because of the shade of Ro’s sweater.😂

  • Eclipse wolfie
    Eclipse wolfieMåned siden

    Okay so Ro and Justine bought dark chocolate, hard, flakey donkey balls. WHY WOULD ANYONE SELL THAT

  • Olivia Lybbert
    Olivia LybbertMåned siden

    sugar doesn't give you a sugar rush it is actually supposed to calm you down the only reason you are very hyper is because you think your rushed by the sugar

  • Victoria Ireland
    Victoria IrelandMåned siden

    Do a Texas themed candy challenge

  • Ari_ Lai
    Ari_ LaiMåned siden


  • Kiarra Bella
    Kiarra BellaMåned siden

    I don’t know about America but in Australia you get a nag of shrimp chips with your Chinese food

  • Candice Gray
    Candice GrayMåned siden

    I love your videos so so much

  • Haniyah Butt
    Haniyah ButtMåned siden

    Ro what about fish 🐟

  • nolawi shewangzaw
    nolawi shewangzawMåned siden

    eating shrimp is a sin

  • Zoha Haider
    Zoha HaiderMåned siden

    Ro and Justine are my fav youtube duo

  • Rebekkah Stanley
    Rebekkah StanleyMåned siden

    the giant shrimp chips look like giant prawn crackers

  • arianaprincess
    arianaprincessMåned siden

    I want some of these cute treats! They look amazing.

  • arianaprincess
    arianaprincessMåned siden

    Need more vids like this, especially kit kats part 2 pleaseee! I love itt!

  • iiSiena _Playz
    iiSiena _PlayzMåned siden

    Who is here from December?? They haven’t filmed a single video together since quarantine this must be so hard for them 🥺🥺

  • Oni
    OniMåned siden

    Seasoned seaweed *Excuse me what* Edit: this should be called trying mostly pineapple stuff and some we regret a lot

  • Peeps 1007
    Peeps 1007Måned siden

    you should have brought her more pineapple pretz lol she would be so happy hahah

  • Aarohi
    AarohiMåned siden

    Next time ro goes to Hawaii ....she has to do a collab with Hyram

  • Caitlin Mclain
    Caitlin MclainMåned siden


  • Caitlin Mclain
    Caitlin MclainMåned siden

    I don't eat meat

  • Caitlin Mclain
    Caitlin MclainMåned siden

    Food yes I love food

  • Emma rodrigue is awsome
    Emma rodrigue is awsomeMåned siden

    quote of the year: "these are some good balls"

  • • C h e r r i •
    • C h e r r i •Måned siden

    Hello Ro! You should try Chinese pineapple cakes! They are delicious, trust me! :D

  • Kanchana Kathirvel
    Kanchana KathirvelMåned siden

    Yeh rosania is right about Justine she is awesome if u think I am right give a like

  • Ada Altay
    Ada AltayMåned siden

    Justine; I feel silly should we go on a walk should we run what should we do teach me something this hit me so hard Fshhhhh Ro: show me something we need to go on a jog after this

  • elizabeth murphy
    elizabeth murphyMåned siden

    2:32 OMG THAT SOUND lol

  • Anastasiya Vasilchuk
    Anastasiya VasilchukMåned siden

    they have an a on it because my name is ana

  • Ericarec
    EricarecMåned siden

    Where in Hawaii did you go

  • bad kitty
    bad kittyMåned siden

    when they said DONKEY BALLS hahahahha LMAO

  • 命
    2 måneder siden

    just wanted to mention they have resealable zip lock-ish reseal, but she cut it below the resealable line. lol

  • someone2
    someone22 måneder siden

    Ro clean fuel ,potassium stress relief and joy Justine: WhY dOeS iT lOoK lIKe A tUrD

  • someone2
    someone22 måneder siden

    I always love to see them collab its always my favorite

  • Jay Walker
    Jay Walker2 måneder siden


  • Dalia Dahbour
    Dalia Dahbour2 måneder siden

    I think justine has adhd. i can tell

  • Cerenity Gonzalez
    Cerenity Gonzalez2 måneder siden

    # Roridiculous

  • Angel Beliera
    Angel Beliera2 måneder siden


  • Penne Haddow
    Penne Haddow2 måneder siden

    Can u please at me on snap chat bc I've all ready added u I just need u to accept btw I ♡♡ Love ur videos with Justine

  • Sunny Chilambi
    Sunny Chilambi2 måneder siden

    For some reason, I've had this thought that Ro and Justine don't like each other and are putting on an act. I have absolutely no idea why I would think this because they clearly are best friends. I love your videos Ro! And Justine's too. Please, please, please make more!!!

  • Madison SantiagoBraga
    Madison SantiagoBraga2 måneder siden

    i live in hawaii so i get to have those on special occasions.

  • Laura Shepherd
    Laura Shepherd2 måneder siden


    ELIPLAYZ1232 måneder siden

    I am Hawaiian 🌺 ❤️✌️



    2 måneder siden

    But I live in TN ✌️❤️🌺

  • Hoang Serena
    Hoang Serena2 måneder siden


  • Mia Williams
    Mia Williams2 måneder siden

    I have no clue how Americans have never have "shrimp chips", they are Chinese and are called prawn crackers ,do they never get Chinese take away

  • Maya Baldacchino
    Maya Baldacchino2 måneder siden

    Justine: shrimp chips...... Ro: WITH REAL SHRIPS

  • Vani Menon
    Vani Menon2 måneder siden

    When justine said 2020 i literally laughed

  • Guppyhead videos
    Guppyhead videos2 måneder siden

    My favorite line in this video is: "Oh my gosh, I can't wait to be ninety!" I love your videos with Justine! Anyone in quarantine watching this?

  • Ellen Dickinson
    Ellen Dickinson2 måneder siden

    Yes came

  • thespywholovedme1977
    thespywholovedme19772 måneder siden

    Ro, I think you’ll find that what looks like a letter 'A' is actually just his jacket falling naturally to each side with the buttons of his shirt in the middle. ?? Only a guess but I hope it helps you sleep nights now! 😊

  • Manya Sharma
    Manya Sharma2 måneder siden

    I’m in love with justine’s hoodie😍😍

  • lyssnelson
    lyssnelson2 måneder siden

    The A Stands for the brand name

  • Ashley Hays
    Ashley Hays2 måneder siden

    You guys should try gluten free foods! Mostly desserts, there the best!!!

  • Erin
    Erin2 måneder siden

    Their like best friends

  • Alice The Malice
    Alice The Malice2 måneder siden

    I have a new photo and name now it feels weird but it did feel weird on my mom's old account it's the same one but I changed it thanks to the help of my brother no more Kristina V

  • Lilly Romero
    Lilly Romero2 måneder siden

    Justine finally got her own knife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leah Hutton
    Leah Hutton3 måneder siden


  • Shamika Sivasundar
    Shamika Sivasundar3 måneder siden

    isn't lychee pronounced lee-chee ?

  • Lily Vis
    Lily Vis3 måneder siden

    Your two should create a channel for you two

  • Jayla Gomillion
    Jayla Gomillion3 måneder siden

    Maybe it stands for “Aloha”

  • Samantha Rogers
    Samantha Rogers3 måneder siden

    In the UK, we call the shrimp chips prawn crackers and they come with every Chinese takeaway 😋

  • Banana Breanna
    Banana Breanna3 måneder siden

    "you know someone who like chocolate,who likes coffee". " Me" that explains why she is always so hyper

  • Yasmin_ Playzz
    Yasmin_ Playzz3 måneder siden

    13:35 When scammers say ‘İlL Gİve it RİGhT BACK’

  • Eva Kekec
    Eva Kekec3 måneder siden

    Petition to bring back Justines pineapple pretzelz 👀

  • Maheshwari
    Maheshwari3 måneder siden

    Can you try indian sneaks

  • Jason Holcombe
    Jason Holcombe3 måneder siden

    I love when you and her do videos

  • Paul Gangte
    Paul Gangte3 måneder siden

    Oh my god

  • Welaeluli Hoapili
    Welaeluli Hoapili3 måneder siden

    Ro I am from Hawaii and I’m pretty sure It’s for Aloha

  • Mille Martine Almvang
    Mille Martine Almvang3 måneder siden

    the A stands for the first letter in the alfabet and the first gummy bears u will taste

  • The Girls Circle
    The Girls Circle3 måneder siden

    Rosana:oh it’s good Justine:i FeEl sIlLYYYYYY

  • starwarsfan238753
    starwarsfan2387533 måneder siden

    my chemical romance