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Today I tried even more $5 Halloween Makeup Kits with my friend Joey Graceffa!
Extra Video with Joey:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
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  • Peyton Walton
    Peyton Walton2 dager siden

    Poor ro

  • Sarah Yates
    Sarah Yates2 dager siden

    I love your video

  • Sarah Yates
    Sarah Yates2 dager siden

    I love your dogs

  • Frank Inzone
    Frank Inzone2 dager siden

    Hi joey

  • Xkiwix robloX
    Xkiwix robloX2 dager siden

    His cuet

  • Lyla Fisher
    Lyla Fisher3 dager siden

    i love your chanall

  • Mia Rose
    Mia Rose4 dager siden


  • Sofia Vargas
    Sofia Vargas4 dager siden


  • Ned Campbell
    Ned Campbell5 dager siden

    Who do u prefer matpat or joey

  • Hase nausham
    Hase nausham5 dager siden

    rosanna looks sooooo cute without make up pls dnt glue ur face ever

  • claudio lilllo
    claudio lilllo5 dager siden

    Yeah me to

  • Friends For Life
    Friends For Life5 dager siden

    It’s 16 days till halloween

  • Serenity Bolton
    Serenity Bolton5 dager siden

    And he was

  • Ella Cohen
    Ella Cohen5 dager siden

    Hey I love your channel your such a good baker 😊

  • Daileigh Tibbets
    Daileigh Tibbets5 dager siden

    well at least she tryed soo...

  • Amelia Facey
    Amelia Facey6 dager siden

    Me hearing camrer man gigles

  • Keeping up with Nana
    Keeping up with Nana6 dager siden


  • Keeping up with Nana
    Keeping up with Nana6 dager siden

    Sorry no joey wins

  • Keeping up with Nana
    Keeping up with Nana6 dager siden


  • Keeping up with Nana
    Keeping up with Nana6 dager siden


  • Lamar Basman
    Lamar Basman6 dager siden

    1 round Joey _ 2 round Romania

  • Caitlin Mills
    Caitlin Mills6 dager siden


  • Lena Useini
    Lena Useini7 dager siden

    Anyone thought that ro kinda looked like bellatrix in the thumbnail?

  • Hailey Fernandez
    Hailey Fernandez7 dager siden

    do a joker laugh Rosanna: Ah. 14:54

  • Moza Almarar
    Moza Almarar7 dager siden

    Ro you gotta do the laugh Ro: enah

  • Kate Church
    Kate Church7 dager siden


  • Kendall Brown
    Kendall Brown7 dager siden

    Who else noticed that the joker one says evil prankster lol

  • am Bn
    am Bn7 dager siden

    منو عربي👍❤👈👇

  • Nikita Marsh
    Nikita Marsh7 dager siden

    Love your videos 😍❤️❣️

  • Caitlyn Dowler
    Caitlyn Dowler7 dager siden

    I'm laughing that much I'm crying omg

  • Monira Jesmin
    Monira Jesmin7 dager siden


  • Guillermo Lopez
    Guillermo Lopez7 dager siden

    Make a Escape the night Cake

  • Kacie Snook
    Kacie Snook8 dager siden

    I like your friend

  • Tatum Stafford
    Tatum Stafford8 dager siden


  • Sara Gorda
    Sara Gorda8 dager siden

    U need to laugh ENH😂😂😂😂

  • Sara Gorda
    Sara Gorda8 dager siden

    At de End how did he do de like look at he's big finger I don't know how it's called

  • Alabama M
    Alabama M8 dager siden

    joey is so surprised when she said at the beginning all the things about him

  • kailani santini
    kailani santini8 dager siden

    Elsa doesn't exist anymore so yeah so stop it and I love your videos so much and Rebecca zamolos your best friend

  • Andria Belote
    Andria Belote8 dager siden

    louder with crowder

  • جمانه مختار
    جمانه مختار8 dager siden

    Omg you look so scary aaaaaaa I’m joking get it joking

  • جمانه مختار

    جمانه مختار

    8 dager siden

    That is so true

  • جمانه مختار
    جمانه مختار8 dager siden

    The joker is so much better and fun I want it I’m jealous

  • جمانه مختار
    جمانه مختار8 dager siden

    You look am I can’t judge so sorry heheheheheheheeh

  • Alynn Salinas
    Alynn Salinas8 dager siden

    I like creepy suff

  • جمانه مختار
    جمانه مختار8 dager siden

    Jo your spouse to dab it harder

  • Robloxsunflowerzz does stuff
    Robloxsunflowerzz does stuff9 dager siden

    I hate you

  • EmSparkle 29
    EmSparkle 299 dager siden

    It does not look like joey

  • Christopher Newlands
    Christopher Newlands9 dager siden

    Hi roo

  • tyndellwanda
    tyndellwanda9 dager siden

    Ro = pro and poor joey is = noob sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyy

  • Lexi _roblox
    Lexi _roblox9 dager siden

    Me watching this is painful

  • Shaniah Corpuz
    Shaniah Corpuz10 dager siden


  • Queen bee
    Queen bee10 dager siden

    I love how joey kinda pulled of the mermaid look

  • Summer Foster
    Summer Foster10 dager siden

    i am so scared of joeys pumkin look that i have to put my hand over his face btw i'm waching this at 11:30pm

  • Angela Traverzo
    Angela Traverzo10 dager siden

    the prime guessing I mean she

  • Laquita Jennings
    Laquita Jennings10 dager siden

    Ooohh fun I like your videos with Joey but sorry you die 😨

  • Cactus_Clover_draws
    Cactus_Clover_draws10 dager siden

    How Joey and Rosanna dies. Rosanna: dies from chemical poisoning. Joey: dies from chemical black paint on his teeth

  • Stella Gomez
    Stella Gomez10 dager siden

    Why does ro look really good with out makeup

  • makayla winnie
    makayla winnie10 dager siden

    i hate you you tack to loge and you say bad words

  • olivia's account
    olivia's account10 dager siden

    Creepy 🗣🗣

  • Ivys Suarez
    Ivys Suarez10 dager siden

    Joey: doing his makeup fabulous. Me: HOW

  • Adithi Raghavan
    Adithi Raghavan10 dager siden

    i almost thought that he was going to say "im here with my friend justine..."

  • Ara Rice
    Ara Rice10 dager siden

    It is cool 😘😘🇬🇧

  • Kim Lardizabal
    Kim Lardizabal10 dager siden

    ro your cheeks are really red

  • Shahbaz Mohammad

    Shahbaz Mohammad

    10 dager siden

    Jk I'm just tryna be funny

  • Shahbaz Mohammad

    Shahbaz Mohammad

    10 dager siden

    wOw uR sO SmArT!

  • Anisa Hawlader
    Anisa Hawlader10 dager siden

    The pumpkin on tho Joey can't stop smiling 🤣

  • Alex POP Unicorns
    Alex POP Unicorns11 dager siden

    Joey win round 1

  • Alex POP Unicorns
    Alex POP Unicorns11 dager siden


  • Alex POP Unicorns
    Alex POP Unicorns11 dager siden

    The pink is for the blue to make purple

  • eva gibson
    eva gibson11 dager siden

    Harley Quinn is the jokers daughter that’s why her jacket say daddy’s little monster on the back

  • Meera Alkaabi
    Meera Alkaabi11 dager siden

    You did this challenge with Miranda sings 2 years ago

  • Shahbaz Mohammad

    Shahbaz Mohammad

    10 dager siden

    I'm sure she knows this..

  • Mia Canales
    Mia Canales11 dager siden

    Joey wins the first round

  • Madalyn McSwain
    Madalyn McSwain11 dager siden

    I just finished watching the back off lol

  • Clash Clans
    Clash Clans11 dager siden

    He is like a girl hahahh

  • Geoffrey Hailing
    Geoffrey Hailing11 dager siden


  • Gaming Pusheen
    Gaming Pusheen12 dager siden

    OH MY GOD HE IS SO SCARY!!!!🧟‍♂️

  • Teocalli Tlaneci
    Teocalli Tlaneci12 dager siden

    Ro what was this accent 4:58 - 4:49

  • ya ya ya oh ya
    ya ya ya oh ya12 dager siden

    haha but all is cute

  • kiana n jadyn Patel
    kiana n jadyn Patel12 dager siden

    The fact the sponge stuck to her face 😂

  • Yasmina Y
    Yasmina Y12 dager siden

    Ro: oh so like you can breathe

  • FFORRESSTT Last name
    FFORRESSTT Last name12 dager siden


  • Demetrus johnson
    Demetrus johnson13 dager siden


  • Lily Bradley
    Lily Bradley13 dager siden

    the thing is yeah, the make up is bad but Rossana, your legit wearing a full face of make-up XD

  • Jen Wadge
    Jen Wadge13 dager siden

    What a fun idea to do on your NOlocal channel

  • Nicole Control
    Nicole Control13 dager siden

    does anyone not notice the blood

  • Emma Dallimore
    Emma Dallimore13 dager siden

    I wonder what hurt the most the charcoal face mask Ro and Justine tried or Ro taking of her Ice Queen look.

  • Isabella C.
    Isabella C.13 dager siden

    Joey looks like an umpa Lupa from Charlie and the chocolate factory no hate love you Joey!!!

  • Kiannah Jenkins
    Kiannah Jenkins14 dager siden


  • Evan Meekings
    Evan Meekings14 dager siden

    the way Ro looked like with the first look is what i look like in the morning when i wake up lets try to get this to 1500 k

  • xXPotato BlossomXx
    xXPotato BlossomXx14 dager siden

    When she laughed do almost died XD

  • Imrana Cheema
    Imrana Cheema14 dager siden

    The second looks look soo good u gauge killed it

  • Shannon Ray
    Shannon Ray15 dager siden

    6:38 Rosanna looks like her skin is peeling off (no hate)

  • Shannon Ray
    Shannon Ray15 dager siden

    My birthday is actually in october

  • Story Difilippantonio
    Story Difilippantonio15 dager siden

    i like both

  • Madeline Osborne
    Madeline Osborne15 dager siden


  • doahwhitewater1936
    doahwhitewater193615 dager siden


  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith15 dager siden


  • Josselyn Young
    Josselyn Young15 dager siden

    hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

  • AbbieC_gacha
    AbbieC_gacha15 dager siden

    me: laughing dying on the floor ro: dying from glue joe: laughing

  • Shih Tzu squad
    Shih Tzu squad16 dager siden

    Joey has a hitch hiker thumb like if you saw it to. Surskibe to it's funneh

  • Shahbaz Mohammad

    Shahbaz Mohammad

    10 dager siden

    nA FaM!

  • Piper And Leah
    Piper And Leah17 dager siden

    Can you do this with James Charles please!

  • Grace Docherty
    Grace Docherty17 dager siden

    camera person:you gotta do the laugh ro:weak ah Joey and me: lmao

  • I'm not Hope
    I'm not Hope18 dager siden

    omg!! i'm cryiing!!! When Ro accidentally moans HAHAHAHH 14:52