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Today I tried even more $5 Halloween Makeup Kits with my friend Joey Graceffa!
Extra Video with Joey:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
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  • Emily Unicorn 2012
    Emily Unicorn 201214 dager siden

    I love James Charles’s pallet

  • emma guevara
    emma guevara19 dager siden

    do the laugh ro: uh

  • Bronte Louttit
    Bronte Louttit21 dag siden

    Joey was a whole new person as soon as he put black onto his teeth 😂

  • Alice Komarova
    Alice Komarova21 dag siden

    next halloween make a spoky cake and tos it ni your thase

  • Sam OMG
    Sam OMG23 dager siden

    To is being so nice to joy when he's got her killed twice😂

  • Kylani Bowman
    Kylani Bowman26 dager siden

    @Rosanna Pansino are you upset the Joey moved away

  • Mizanur Rahman
    Mizanur Rahman28 dager siden

    Who is watching this in 2020

  • Angie Blizz
    Angie Blizz29 dager siden

    "Sponsored by Chrest" -Joey 2019

  • Mary Jo Creative At Heart
    Mary Jo Creative At HeartMåned siden

    I clinked LIKE. haha

  • Abrar HJ
    Abrar HJMåned siden

    Joey spooked me out with him and he was a pumpkin because the look on his face actually am is scary so I think I just think only the pumpkin man well when

  • Aseel Aadossery
    Aseel AadosseryMåned siden

    Joey Pamkin look is superb , it's damn creepy 👍👍👍👍

  • Aseel Aadossery
    Aseel AadosseryMåned siden

    👑👑🥰🤣 This something else and I kind of feel bad for them , they were having a bad makeup day 🙈🙊🙉🤦‍♀️

  • Rizwana Parveen
    Rizwana ParveenMåned siden

    I couldn't stop laughing 😂 these guys 🤣😹 are very funny lol Best 🤣 laughing video 🤣 on NOlocal

  • Laura Colin
    Laura ColinMåned siden

    Bro Ro's laugh is so cute😊😊

    LSW LSWMåned siden


  • Trisha Collins
    Trisha CollinsMåned siden

    When you went towards her I thought you were going to kiss her

  • Cailyn Plascencia
    Cailyn Plascencia2 måneder siden

    The way Joey did it was good and ro did it funny and then Joey did it funny and ro did it good 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Brayan Jaime
    Brayan Jaime2 måneder siden

    Omg joey scard me sooooo much that peed my pants oh and i like joey's pumpkin and i like creepy loks!

  • Cats, Gaming And More
    Cats, Gaming And More2 måneder siden

    I’m sorry or but when you were Elsa it looks like you were putting on clumpy sun screen

  • Maya Welle
    Maya Welle2 måneder siden

    Ro I love you so much I probably watched every NOlocal videos you have ever made

  • Maya Welle

    Maya Welle

    2 måneder siden


  • Cam B
    Cam B2 måneder siden

    Who’s watching during quarantine? If so | |

  • Scardi Dos
    Scardi Dos2 måneder siden

    You so cute I like you and Joey graceffa so funny I like you so good makeup

  • Anaya Lal
    Anaya Lal2 måneder siden

    I am going to get nightmares

  • Emily Brannen
    Emily Brannen2 måneder siden

    This is ofishaly one year old today. October 30 2020

  • Franz-Lu Family
    Franz-Lu Family2 måneder siden

    love joey grasefa

  • Serenity_ Cutie
    Serenity_ Cutie2 måneder siden

    I'm being a queen of hearts for Halloween what are you guys gonna be?

  • Caroline Cragg
    Caroline Cragg2 måneder siden


  • Elle Garcia
    Elle Garcia3 måneder siden

    Your the best I love you videos😻😻

  • Melina Martin
    Melina Martin3 måneder siden

    cos you are a qeen

  • Melina Martin
    Melina Martin3 måneder siden

    hi hi hi hi

  • عزيزة المطلق
    عزيزة المطلق3 måneder siden

    gibi asmr

  • katherine kearns
    katherine kearns3 måneder siden

    Hi Rosanna I'm Tia Kearns I'm nine years old. I've been a big fan of you for four years now and your the best😀

  • Painting with Taylor
    Painting with Taylor3 måneder siden

    Rip ro’s sweater

  • Elena Jenkins
    Elena Jenkins3 måneder siden

    Omg, please do this again this year but with Husky!!!

  • Jodie
    Jodie3 måneder siden

    The man lots bc he's a noob

  • Joanne Heinsler
    Joanne Heinsler3 måneder siden

    Creepy was better here

  • Teri Harcrow
    Teri Harcrow3 måneder siden


  • Peyton Walton
    Peyton Walton3 måneder siden

    Poor ro

  • Sarah Yates
    Sarah Yates3 måneder siden

    I love your video

  • Sarah Yates
    Sarah Yates3 måneder siden

    I love your dogs

  • Frank Inzone
    Frank Inzone3 måneder siden

    Hi joey

  • Xkiwix robloX
    Xkiwix robloX3 måneder siden

    His cuet

  • Lyla Fisher
    Lyla Fisher3 måneder siden

    i love your chanall

  • Mia Rose
    Mia Rose3 måneder siden


  • Sofia Vargas
    Sofia Vargas3 måneder siden


  • Ned Campbell
    Ned Campbell3 måneder siden

    Who do u prefer matpat or joey

  • Hase nausham
    Hase nausham3 måneder siden

    rosanna looks sooooo cute without make up pls dnt glue ur face ever

  • claudio lilllo
    claudio lilllo3 måneder siden

    Yeah me to

  • Friends For Life
    Friends For Life3 måneder siden

    It’s 16 days till halloween

  • Serenity Bolton
    Serenity Bolton3 måneder siden

    And he was

  • Ella Cohen
    Ella Cohen3 måneder siden

    Hey I love your channel your such a good baker 😊

  • Daybugdesigns
    Daybugdesigns3 måneder siden

    well at least she tryed soo...

  • Amelia Facey
    Amelia Facey3 måneder siden

    Me hearing camrer man gigles

  • Keeping up with Nana
    Keeping up with Nana3 måneder siden


  • Keeping up with Nana
    Keeping up with Nana3 måneder siden

    Sorry no joey wins

  • Keeping up with Nana
    Keeping up with Nana3 måneder siden


  • Keeping up with Nana
    Keeping up with Nana3 måneder siden


  • Lamar Basman
    Lamar Basman3 måneder siden

    1 round Joey _ 2 round Romania

  • Caitlin Mills
    Caitlin Mills3 måneder siden


  • Lena Useini
    Lena Useini3 måneder siden

    Anyone thought that ro kinda looked like bellatrix in the thumbnail?

  • Hailey Fernandez
    Hailey Fernandez3 måneder siden

    do a joker laugh Rosanna: Ah. 14:54

  • Moza Almarar
    Moza Almarar3 måneder siden

    Ro you gotta do the laugh Ro: enah

  • Kate Church
    Kate Church3 måneder siden


  • Kendall Brown
    Kendall Brown3 måneder siden

    Who else noticed that the joker one says evil prankster lol

  • am Bn
    am Bn3 måneder siden

    منو عربي👍❤👈👇

  • Nikita Marsh
    Nikita Marsh3 måneder siden

    Love your videos 😍❤️❣️

  • BlepQueen_ C
    BlepQueen_ C3 måneder siden

    I'm laughing that much I'm crying omg

  • Monira Jesmin
    Monira Jesmin3 måneder siden


  • Guillermo Lopez
    Guillermo Lopez3 måneder siden

    Make a Escape the night Cake

  • Kacie Leigh snook Snook
    Kacie Leigh snook Snook3 måneder siden

    I like your friend

  • Tatum Stafford
    Tatum Stafford3 måneder siden


  • Sara Gorda
    Sara Gorda3 måneder siden

    U need to laugh ENH😂😂😂😂

  • Sara Gorda
    Sara Gorda3 måneder siden

    At de End how did he do de like look at he's big finger I don't know how it's called

  • Alabama M
    Alabama M3 måneder siden

    joey is so surprised when she said at the beginning all the things about him

  • kailani santini
    kailani santini3 måneder siden

    Elsa doesn't exist anymore so yeah so stop it and I love your videos so much and Rebecca zamolos your best friend

  • Andria Belote
    Andria Belote3 måneder siden

    louder with crowder

  • جمانه مختار
    جمانه مختار3 måneder siden

    Omg you look so scary aaaaaaa I’m joking get it joking

  • جمانه مختار

    جمانه مختار

    3 måneder siden

    That is so true

  • جمانه مختار
    جمانه مختار3 måneder siden

    The joker is so much better and fun I want it I’m jealous

  • جمانه مختار
    جمانه مختار3 måneder siden

    You look am I can’t judge so sorry heheheheheheheeh

  • Alynn Salinas
    Alynn Salinas3 måneder siden

    I like creepy suff

  • جمانه مختار
    جمانه مختار3 måneder siden

    Jo your spouse to dab it harder

  • Robloxsunflowerzz does stuff
    Robloxsunflowerzz does stuff3 måneder siden

    I hate you

  • EmSparkle 29
    EmSparkle 293 måneder siden

    It does not look like joey

  • Christopher Newlands
    Christopher Newlands3 måneder siden

    Hi roo

  • tyndellwanda
    tyndellwanda3 måneder siden

    Ro = pro and poor joey is = noob sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyy

  • Lexi _roblox
    Lexi _roblox3 måneder siden

    Me watching this is painful

  • Shaniah Corpuz
    Shaniah Corpuz3 måneder siden


  • queen bee
    queen bee3 måneder siden

    I love how joey kinda pulled of the mermaid look

  • Summer Foster
    Summer Foster3 måneder siden

    i am so scared of joeys pumkin look that i have to put my hand over his face btw i'm waching this at 11:30pm

  • Angela Traverzo
    Angela Traverzo3 måneder siden

    the prime guessing I mean she

  • Laquita Jennings
    Laquita Jennings3 måneder siden

    Ooohh fun I like your videos with Joey but sorry you die 😨

  • CactusClover
    CactusClover3 måneder siden

    How Joey and Rosanna dies. Rosanna: dies from chemical poisoning. Joey: dies from chemical black paint on his teeth

  • Stella Gomez
    Stella Gomez3 måneder siden

    Why does ro look really good with out makeup

  • makayla winnie
    makayla winnie3 måneder siden

    i hate you you tack to loge and you say bad words

  • olivia's account
    olivia's account3 måneder siden

    Creepy 🗣🗣

  • idk what to put here
    idk what to put here3 måneder siden

    Joey: doing his makeup fabulous. Me: HOW

  • Adithi Raghavan
    Adithi Raghavan3 måneder siden

    i almost thought that he was going to say "im here with my friend justine..."

  • Ara Rice
    Ara Rice3 måneder siden

    It is cool 😘😘🇬🇧

  • Kim Lardizabal
    Kim Lardizabal3 måneder siden

    ro your cheeks are really red

  • Shahbaz Mohammad

    Shahbaz Mohammad

    3 måneder siden

    Jk I'm just tryna be funny

  • Shahbaz Mohammad

    Shahbaz Mohammad

    3 måneder siden

    wOw uR sO SmArT!

  • Anisa Hawlader
    Anisa Hawlader3 måneder siden

    The pumpkin on tho Joey can't stop smiling 🤣