Trying CANDY Flavored FOOD! (Jolly Rancher)

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I cant believe how many weird cereal flavors there are!
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I had so much fun #Trying these #Weird #Food flavors that all taste like Jolly Rancher candy! We tried a popcorn, freeze pop, cereal, candy canes and more! I cant believe they make hilarious flavors like this.
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoMåned siden

    I hope you guys enjoy this new video! Would you try any of these??? Go subscribe to Husky:

  • Sasha Gaming

    Sasha Gaming

    7 dager siden

    Ro u r THE BEST U are funny and make me happy U r really fun to watch For me any way But whats your problem with grape ????????????/

  • megan m

    megan m

    9 dager siden

    Same I love WATORMELON

  • Kelly Murdock

    Kelly Murdock

    15 dager siden


  • Dehian Cruz-Aguilar

    Dehian Cruz-Aguilar

    18 dager siden

    Do you know that they made Hot cinnamon flavored jolly ranchers 🔥

  • صافي الود

    صافي الود

    24 dager siden

    Love you roo

  • Ndota House
    Ndota House3 timer siden

    Mine is blue raspberry

  • Bella Normand
    Bella Normand11 timer siden

    Who doesn’t like blue raspberry

  • Rusty Horse
    Rusty Horse21 time siden

    Blue raspberry is my favorite flavor

  • Olivia wilcox
    Olivia wilcox22 timer siden


  • Olivia Whitaker
    Olivia Whitaker22 timer siden

    Blue rads berry or grape

  • Tessa Mitz
    Tessa Mitz23 timer siden

    My favorite is blue raspberry and watermelon 😋💙❤

  • Daisy Macke
    Daisy MackeDag siden

    I love the blue Jolly Ranchers.

  • Victoria Jean
    Victoria JeanDag siden


  • Sally Carson
    Sally CarsonDag siden

    You are the best

  • Sally Carson
    Sally CarsonDag siden


  • Jonathan Mcallister
    Jonathan McallisterDag siden


  • Kaila’s. Creations Kaila Richardson
    Kaila’s. Creations Kaila RichardsonDag siden

    Grapes are a delicious one. I will like try every one jolly ranch food also I am go to. Eat all the favor

  • Casey Chacko
    Casey ChackoDag siden


  • Erin Voight
    Erin VoightDag siden

    i like watermelon

  • Kayley Durgadeen
    Kayley DurgadeenDag siden

    Rosanna is dumb how did she not know what an Otter Pop is

  • Emily Moore
    Emily MooreDag siden

    I dont like grape candy or medicine but i like ragular grapes

  • Molly Dao
    Molly DaoDag siden


  • Maia Zoe
    Maia Zoe2 dager siden

    OMG the height difference.

  • Maia Zoe
    Maia Zoe2 dager siden

    and i said YES!

  • Jose Quinones
    Jose Quinones2 dager siden


  • Nayla Biggs
    Nayla Biggs2 dager siden

    The box:there are ten in the box and you are to eat one a day Ro:trying every popsicle but avoiding grape

  • Nayla Biggs
    Nayla Biggs2 dager siden

    Jolly rancher candy canes

  • Ava Dumesny
    Ava Dumesny2 dager siden

    I don’t know if you have already done this but if not then you should try all the different Oreo flavors!!!

  • Aila Jameson
    Aila Jameson2 dager siden

    my favourite jolly rancher flavor is blue-rasberry and also there are jolly rancher fruit-roll-ups

  • Gamergirl 7979
    Gamergirl 79792 dager siden

    I have never had jolly ranchers in my life I live in africa and I have never seen them here

  • he4rt5
    he4rt52 dager siden

    ro questioning otters being the mascot of freezerpops, as if toucans/tigers/bunnies/leprechauns/etc are totally normal cereal eaters

  • HeidiG
    HeidiG2 dager siden

    ummm... so can an American pls reply, I'm Australian and in our country our raspberrys are red not blue so do you Americans have raspberries that are actually blue????

  • Avocado Girls
    Avocado Girls2 dager siden

    my family calls me by my sisters name sometimes...we look nothing ro there is rlly no problem..Love your vids!

  • KittyGirlz
    KittyGirlz2 dager siden

    Starburst theme

  • KittyGirlz
    KittyGirlz2 dager siden

    I can't have strawberry bc I'm allergic to strawberries unless if it's JUST artificially flavored so my favorite flavors are watermelon, green apple & cherry

  • hirenm
    hirenm2 dager siden

    They are called Pepsi cola in india

  • Hanna Dowling
    Hanna Dowling3 dager siden

    blue raspberry or watermelon

  • Kenzie Conover
    Kenzie Conover3 dager siden

    The raspberry

  • ゴゴゴShadow Dio
    ゴゴゴShadow Dio3 dager siden


  • Not Laron
    Not Laron3 dager siden

    If I was ro I would have put a ring emoji in the description

  • m@
    m@3 dager siden

    I love blue raspberry jolly ranchers.

  • Ana Nikolic
    Ana Nikolic3 dager siden

    im afrrican so i dont know how jolly ranchers taste

  • Carleigh Dismore
    Carleigh Dismore3 dager siden

    ,my favorite jolly rancher is green and blue

  • 99xplord
    99xplord3 dager siden


  • Danielle Begley
    Danielle Begley3 dager siden

    Blu Ras of Watermelon

  • Faith Duggan
    Faith Duggan3 dager siden

    Omg i love you so much!!!!!!!!!!! my fav flavor is blue razz lol

  • Colleen Gannon
    Colleen Gannon4 dager siden

    My favorite jelly rancher flavor is the green one

  • ks217AE
    ks217AE4 dager siden

    Cool I love jelly answers to

  • Chris Raphael
    Chris Raphael4 dager siden

    my favorite jolly rancher flavor is blue raspberry

    6G ADA VERMA4 dager siden

    My favourite flavour is.................Watermelon and strawberry and also green apple

  • Sunshine Sisters
    Sunshine Sisters4 dager siden

    Can you guys do a eating one colored food for a day Again i really enjoyed that video!!

  • The Three Reynolds
    The Three Reynolds4 dager siden

    Water malein

  • Becca Haliburton
    Becca Haliburton4 dager siden

    Y’all need to do like half a pack or less for the water stuff cuz usually it’s for 2 cups of water

  • Mackenzie Ward
    Mackenzie Ward4 dager siden

    My favorite is the blue one (I think it is blue raspberry) and green apple

  • Olivia Kim
    Olivia Kim4 dager siden


  • SnappyMew
    SnappyMew5 dager siden

    My heart broke when she said 'ew'

  • Jack Mcham
    Jack Mcham5 dager siden

    The water one is ment for a whole pitcher 🤣

  • Jack Mcham
    Jack Mcham5 dager siden

    My favorite is Blue Raspberry

  • james mccaw
    james mccaw5 dager siden

    Top 2 sour apple and watermelon.

  • ADITRI Bhanja
    ADITRI Bhanja5 dager siden


  • Animal lover G
    Animal lover G6 dager siden

    My favorite jolly rancher flavor is cherry and watermelon

  • Zapper Q
    Zapper Q6 dager siden

    Me too watermelon flavor

  • Emma's Vlog’s
    Emma's Vlog’s6 dager siden

    Blue raspberry

  • Soul Server127
    Soul Server1276 dager siden

    If I can be honestly. I will say be happy it the flavor was not powerful. I remember the sour patch kids cereal. It was too much

  • Aubree Richardson
    Aubree Richardson6 dager siden

    My favorite is watermelon too!!!!

  • Lysandra Nightowl
    Lysandra Nightowl7 dager siden

    Grape is my favorite 😭

  • Sasha Gaming
    Sasha Gaming7 dager siden

    OMG were to find them!!

  • Maya Sasikumar
    Maya Sasikumar7 dager siden

    Maybe for the drink you should pore half the powder

  • Gwendolynn Lang
    Gwendolynn Lang7 dager siden

    Blue ras

  • Rafa G
    Rafa G7 dager siden

    me eating jolly ranchers rn

  • Madi Madness
    Madi Madness7 dager siden

    Grape is one of my favorites 🤩 I’m a weird ones but I also love watermelon 🍉😂😂😂

  • Mesha Small
    Mesha Small7 dager siden

    My fav flavor is blue raspberry

  • Violetta Munoz
    Violetta Munoz7 dager siden


  • Caylee Spearing
    Caylee Spearing7 dager siden

    When ro said she has not had a freezey❄ it made my heart break 💔 and when she said she dose not like 🍇grape flavour it made me 🥲cry on the inside also who eats the candy candy from the top❓

  • Nikki Golden
    Nikki Golden7 dager siden

    Blue is my favorite flavor

  • Lewis
    Lewis8 dager siden

    My favourite is either cherry or blue raspberry

  • Renaldi Kota
    Renaldi Kota8 dager siden

    I love grape and hate watermelon jolly rancher

  • Jenny Kelly
    Jenny Kelly8 dager siden

    Hey ro! I honestly think the water packets were so strong because they're supposed to go into a water bottle.... so that way the ratio is better haha and its not as strong 😂❤

  • You
    You8 dager siden

    the way he says her full name 😩😩😩❤️❤️

  • Eliwia Midtskog
    Eliwia Midtskog8 dager siden


  • Madison
    Madison8 dager siden

    Watermelon is my favorite jolly rancher flavor too!! 😍😍 I got the bag that’s all watermelon!!

  • kara Aldridge
    kara Aldridge8 dager siden

    Try extremely hot bean Boozel jelly beans they are extremely hot might need juice or something

  • Easton Hopper
    Easton Hopper8 dager siden

    Grape and cherry

  • Tina Bby
    Tina Bby8 dager siden

    Ro: -talking ab how gross grape is- Me: 👁💧👄💧👁 -cries in grape flavor is my favorite-

  • Ally Carter
    Ally Carter9 dager siden

    Blue ras is my fav

  • Ally Carter
    Ally Carter9 dager siden

    Its a broke people thing bro, we couldnt afford the popsicles with the stick. But we had the frezze pops for me and my friends. But its funny to see how different people grow up.

  • Tim Brazier
    Tim Brazier9 dager siden

    My favorite flavor are the blue raspberry

  • Hope Hammond
    Hope Hammond9 dager siden

    My favourite jolly rancher Flavour is watermelon

  • Laranya satpathy
    Laranya satpathy9 dager siden

    💍I found ro’s ring!

  • PikaSheep
    PikaSheep9 dager siden

    Me: Lol what if Ro is like “if you get it wrong we’re breaking up” Ro: We need a break up Me: **surprised Pikachu face**

  • Dammala Charan

    Dammala Charan

    3 dager siden

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  • Lidya Oktaviani

    Lidya Oktaviani

    3 dager siden

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  • XxxbubblegirlxxX
    XxxbubblegirlxxX9 dager siden

    Blue Is my favourite flavour!

  • Sadie Baker
    Sadie Baker9 dager siden

    Cherry is the best!!!

  • Arabella A Longoria
    Arabella A Longoria9 dager siden

    My flavor of jolly ranchers are grape , cherry , and watermelon.

  • Olivia Marhoefer
    Olivia Marhoefer10 dager siden

    I would no doubt try all of those!!! I love jolly ranchers !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Olivia Marhoefer
    Olivia Marhoefer10 dager siden

    blue raspberry

  • Piano Player
    Piano Player10 dager siden

    Blue rasberry

  • Ayla Brooke
    Ayla Brooke10 dager siden

    ro we both like the watermelon flaver

  • Inderpreet Kaur
    Inderpreet Kaur11 dager siden

    My favorite flavors are probably blue raspberry green apple and watermelon

  • S U N D A E
    S U N D A E11 dager siden

    My is blue

  • Jodie sexton
    Jodie sexton11 dager siden

    Ro says ew as mike picks grape that’s me I do not like grape but I love watermelon

  • Singing_Lilys
    Singing_Lilys11 dager siden

    Mines blue or red.

  • Eliya Welch
    Eliya Welch11 dager siden

    my fav is grape

  • Susan Finocchiaro
    Susan Finocchiaro11 dager siden


  • Lilly plays games !
    Lilly plays games !11 dager siden

    Grape is my favourite