Trying $3 Pumpkin Decorating Kits! w/ iJustine!

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These turned out so funny!
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We had so much fun #Trying all of these #Funny Pumpkin Decorating #Kits! There was a witch, unicorn, llama, black cat, spider, and more!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    This video was so much fun to make! What was your favorite pumpkin that we made? Are you dressing up for halloween?🎃🎃🎃👻

  • Rae S

    Rae S

    2 dager siden

    So cute!

  • Caroline van de Kamp

    Caroline van de Kamp

    6 dager siden

    @Keely Rose same

  • Hiren Bhakta

    Hiren Bhakta

    7 dager siden

    Black cat and spider

  • Anushka Deshmukh

    Anushka Deshmukh

    7 dager siden

    i am Malaficent the One & ONly

  • Erin J

    Erin J

    14 dager siden

    Should maybe make slime

  • Sunflower Pug
    Sunflower Pug5 timer siden

    In 2020 I am being a zombie 🧟‍♀️ 👮‍♀️ cop

  • roukaya elhousseini
    roukaya elhousseini6 timer siden

    For the first pumpkin I like the llama and for the second pumpkin I liked the black cat and for the third pumpkin I liked the dragon

  • Harper Vlog’s
    Harper Vlog’s11 timer siden

    For halloween people say black cats are bad lick when they pass you on halloween

  • Kelsey Horkey
    Kelsey Horkey11 timer siden

    2021 will be collabs galore for everyone who does collabs.

  • Kalina Chanel
    Kalina Chanel17 timer siden

    My grandma has 2 black cats and they are just shy and so sweat. Rhett never do anything bad or get yelled at❤🖤

  • Scarlette Cason
    Scarlette Cason17 timer siden

    I’m going to be a fifty’s girl

  • Fancy Cat
    Fancy Cat18 timer siden

    🤣 11:56

  • Aoife Mcguirk
    Aoife McguirkDag siden

    Me and my friends are being m & ms

  • Simran Lalli
    Simran LalliDag siden

    Alice and wonderland

  • Ava Flory
    Ava FloryDag siden

    a really liked the lama pumpkin

  • Leo D
    Leo DDag siden

    I thought this was a new video because u read teh date wrong and the cookie came on camera and that confused me

  • Queen Julia Morales
    Queen Julia MoralesDag siden

    Never mind I thought this was in 2020

  • Queen Julia Morales
    Queen Julia MoralesDag siden

    I love your pumpkins and we are having a Halloween party

  • Layla Norris
    Layla NorrisDag siden

    2020 peeps???

  • Melanie Flores
    Melanie FloresDag siden

    Who else is watching this in 2020 October

  • Fynlee Ogle
    Fynlee OgleDag siden

    My family is the Incredibles this year

  • My Fun World
    My Fun WorldDag siden


  • MGN
    MGN2 dager siden

    13:23 Aka me trying to get my friends to watch Harry potter 😂😝😂

  • Puneet Dhaliwal
    Puneet Dhaliwal2 dager siden

    I am going to be a cat for Halloween

  • Pathivada Darshini
    Pathivada Darshini2 dager siden

    For this Halloween I will be harlequin

  • Rae S
    Rae S2 dager siden

    I'm being a devil vampire

  • Niveditha Bejoy
    Niveditha Bejoy2 dager siden

    My favourite was the unicorn and Lama

  • Tim Harris
    Tim Harris3 dager siden


  • Lyli Blue
    Lyli Blue3 dager siden

    My fav is the dragon

  • Brenham’s Dance Videos Fleetwood.
    Brenham’s Dance Videos Fleetwood.3 dager siden

    Wait... cookie is still alive?

  • Donna Dimitrova

    Donna Dimitrova

    2 dager siden

    Nope the video is from a year ago

  • Michelle Boncel
    Michelle Boncel3 dager siden

    A black cat is considered bad luck

  • Natalia Lopez
    Natalia Lopez3 dager siden

    im going to be dorthy with my dog in a little basket

  • Natalia Lopez
    Natalia Lopez3 dager siden

    12:33 killed me 😂😂😂

  • Karen Maktabi
    Karen Maktabi3 dager siden

    I'm planning on being the Mad Hatter for Halloween!!

  • mary jayne
    mary jayne3 dager siden

    I love black cats

  • A&A Forever
    A&A Forever4 dager siden

    this waas uploaded one year ago today for me.

  • Noppy 0509
    Noppy 05094 dager siden

    Inflatable shark is what I am for Halloween will be posting pictures on my insta @noppy0509_diy

  • Carolyn Allen
    Carolyn Allen4 dager siden


  • Mochi
    Mochi4 dager siden

    My fav is the cat

  • Lillian Doody
    Lillian Doody4 dager siden

    I think she meant Binx

  • Sharon Pearce
    Sharon Pearce4 dager siden


  • Lillian Doody
    Lillian Doody4 dager siden

    I'm being a fox

  • ღXx. Snowbell . xXღ
    ღXx. Snowbell . xXღ4 dager siden


  • Olivia Valuk
    Olivia Valuk4 dager siden

    A zombie cheerleader

  • Esmeralda Iniguez
    Esmeralda Iniguez4 dager siden

    Can you make more Halloween stuff

  • Kyle Gragg
    Kyle Gragg4 dager siden

    I'm going to be a fox

  • BlaZe KiT
    BlaZe KiT4 dager siden

    This is my first time watching this and it’s October 16 for me 😆

  • Mieko Bercich
    Mieko Bercich4 dager siden

    Can you be a sparkly witch for Halloween I’m just on my dads account

  • Amaya Carmello
    Amaya Carmello4 dager siden

    Ro's face when she's showing Justine the lego set😂

  • AlexThe Alex
    AlexThe Alex4 dager siden

    9:42 you’re really telling me that she doesn’t know how many legs are on a spider? 💀💀💀💀

  • Hannah Lee
    Hannah Lee4 dager siden

    Who else is watching this exactly one year later

  • Jordyn Walters
    Jordyn Walters4 dager siden

    I’m going to be a monarch butterfly

  • vf vgfjnbfhfvgvf bhfbefvcecdevbbtnjjibtgtne
    vf vgfjnbfhfvgvf bhfbefvcecdevbbtnjjibtgtne5 dager siden

    I just randomly clicked on this video and realised it was uploaded a year today!1

  • gina lanier
    gina lanier5 dager siden


  • Jayden Barrios
    Jayden Barrios5 dager siden

    He watching this on the 15th of October and I see it is on 16 and I'm shook.😂 omg 👁️👄👁️

  • Madison Madness
    Madison Madness5 dager siden

    I just got done watching hocus Pocus.

  • Ruby Amador
    Ruby Amador5 dager siden

    Zombie cheerleader and my friend is going to be she going to be a 🦙

  • Cassie Dyal
    Cassie Dyal5 dager siden

    Ron is usually the one who is scared of the knife but now Justine is

  • Sara Gorda
    Sara Gorda5 dager siden

    Ur so butiful I wish I look like u when I get older

  • Berkley S
    Berkley S5 dager siden

    For Halloween I am going to be a Siberian husky

  • Bentley Hadley
    Bentley Hadley5 dager siden

    For Halloween I am going to be a Semetary Bride

  • Laiba Faiz
    Laiba Faiz5 dager siden

    Ro:begins intro *I AM SPEED*!!!!!

  • Saanvi Dheer
    Saanvi Dheer5 dager siden

    Me in corona

  • Eliana Askari
    Eliana Askari5 dager siden

    The black cats are bad luck and I guess they’re also for the witch

  • Daira Trujillo
    Daira Trujillo6 dager siden


  • Hayden Mishoe
    Hayden Mishoe6 dager siden

    I am a sheet ghost with a sign that says oh sheet

  • Niamh Snook
    Niamh Snook6 dager siden


  • Emma G
    Emma G6 dager siden

    Justines lamas head came off was it fun?!!?

  • Cami Webb
    Cami Webb7 dager siden

    A Slytherin from Harry potter

  • Emily Gladstone
    Emily Gladstone7 dager siden

    For Halloween I’m going to be killer Frost from the flash

  • Anna Burek
    Anna Burek7 dager siden

    I am being a black cat

  • Kendra Van Mol
    Kendra Van Mol7 dager siden

    I am being a vampire for Halloween I am on my mom Account by the way she’s being a vampire with Me to

  • Heba Ramzi
    Heba Ramzi8 dager siden

    I can't stop watching you two guys I never watch other you tuber I swear I need help😐😐😐😐😐😐

  • Brandon James
    Brandon James8 dager siden

    My goodness you guys are hazards with knives 🔪

  • Divine Didi
    Divine Didi8 dager siden

    Im beeing a swan princessl

  • Maryana Perez
    Maryana Perez8 dager siden

    I just checked how much subscribers ro has and she has more than royalty family

  • Ava Prato
    Ava Prato8 dager siden

    For the black pumpkins I like the cat better

  • Ava Prato
    Ava Prato8 dager siden

    For the white pumpkins I like the llama better

  • Ava Prato
    Ava Prato8 dager siden

    I want to be Evie from descendants threee

  • aubree atkinson
    aubree atkinson8 dager siden

    Taylor swift

  • aubree atkinson
    aubree atkinson8 dager siden

    I like the lama

  • Nathalia Rivera
    Nathalia Rivera8 dager siden

    My sister: comes to my room to get MY PAINT to color pumpkins Me : looking in my recommend page This video : pops up in my recommend page Me: It's like they heard me

  • Lucia Hidalgo
    Lucia Hidalgo8 dager siden

    Wait, I'm confused, didn't cookie pass away on march?

  • elizabeth merrifield
    elizabeth merrifield8 dager siden


    ASIF JAVED8 dager siden

    Green wich

    ASIF JAVED8 dager siden

    Black cat

    ASIF JAVED8 dager siden

    White lama

  • Michelle Beckham
    Michelle Beckham8 dager siden

    I am being a character from a Netflix show

  • Stefanie Mullett
    Stefanie Mullett8 dager siden


  • Red Roses Roblox
    Red Roses Roblox8 dager siden

    Ro: climbing out of the chair Justine: moving the chair back and getting out of the chair 😂

  • Red Roses Roblox
    Red Roses Roblox8 dager siden

    I love the song they put it reminds me of Going to the airport

  • M&A crafts
    M&A crafts9 dager siden

    The cat of of hocus pocus is binx and I named my cat of of him

  • Kayla Hakimi
    Kayla Hakimi9 dager siden

    hi pls answer

  • Mylie Ann’s Life
    Mylie Ann’s Life9 dager siden


  • Chloe Hill
    Chloe Hill9 dager siden

    I just got done watching joeys series on youtube red & yall were my favorites 🥺

  • Rodolfo Ruelas
    Rodolfo Ruelas9 dager siden

    My sister is going to be chucky bridesmaid and I am going to be chucky

  • Brooklynn Brown
    Brooklynn Brown9 dager siden

    When you said tell me what you are going to be for Halloween well my dream is to be a dirtbike rider so I’m dressing up as a dirtbike rider

  • Janelle Bissell
    Janelle Bissell9 dager siden

    Zombie cheerleader

  • Janelle Bissell

    Janelle Bissell

    9 dager siden

    My halloween 🎃 costume

  • Johan Morales
    Johan Morales9 dager siden

    Im gana be among us

  • harleen gill
    harleen gill9 dager siden

    Stromi from Winx club

  • Garvit Jain
    Garvit Jain10 dager siden

    6:33 ok so from here she got the idea to make "HOCUS POCUS BUNS" have you seen hel latest video ?? i mean the recipe of HOCUS POCUS BUNS.

  • Maggie June
    Maggie June10 dager siden

    You know roes sitting on something when she almost as tall as Justine

  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear10 dager siden

    I’m being lilo and stich with my cousin

  • Sophie Milich
    Sophie Milich10 dager siden

    Hocus pocus is awesome