Throwing My Dog an EPIC Birthday Party!

My dog Coconut turned 1 year old today on her birthday!
My Dog's Instagram: blueandcoconut
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Instagram: rosannapansino
Snapchat: rosannapansino
Dog's Instagram: blueandcoconut
I had so much fun throwing my #dog an #epic #birthday party! Subscribe for more videos.
xoxo Ro


  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoMåned siden

    Two videos in two days! Happy Birthday Coconut! Anyone else EXCITED FOR BAKETOPIA??

  • Kennedy Kioko

    Kennedy Kioko

    6 timer siden

    I love you so much for the dog

  • Oaklee Haynes

    Oaklee Haynes

    Dag siden


  • Ma Hailim

    Ma Hailim

    3 dager siden

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  • Tvixey's Madness

    Tvixey's Madness

    13 dager siden

    I just ate the dog that had a whole, PICKLES! 🥒🥒

  • Elise mootoo

    Elise mootoo

    15 dager siden

    I am so oo exited that Baketopia!

  • laibah zafar
    laibah zafar4 timer siden

    Happy birthday 🎉 coconut 🥥

  • It’s Dino Explorer
    It’s Dino Explorer16 timer siden

    I was surprised when I didn’t see Justine in the online meeting..

  • Devyn Davison
    Devyn DavisonDag siden


  • Preeti Rajput
    Preeti RajputDag siden

    You're so cute ❤️😍❤️😍

  • Preeti Rajput
    Preeti RajputDag siden

    Happy Birthday dear coconut 🥥🥥🥥

  • Audrey Randolph
    Audrey RandolphDag siden

    How’s cookie doing? Haven’t seen her In your videos lately

  • Oaklee Haynes
    Oaklee HaynesDag siden

    Blue Berry: *death stair at pickles* i will end ur life Blue: *bites* Ro: NOOO PICKLES 😂

  • Oaklee Haynes

    Oaklee Haynes

    Dag siden

    Oh also Ro is like the only person i know who dresses up her doggos

  • Amaya
    AmayaDag siden

    I love frechies and watching Ro! So I love the puppy birthdays!

  • Aarini Patel
    Aarini Patel2 dager siden


  • Jodat Quratulain
    Jodat Quratulain2 dager siden

    Hmmm i did not saw justine

  • Jenna Deagle
    Jenna Deagle2 dager siden

    Most girls have future baby names on their phone Ro and I: future dog names 😅🥰

  • Varsha Shah
    Varsha Shah3 dager siden

    Henry is cute as well. 3 amazing cuties

  • Varsha Shah
    Varsha Shah3 dager siden

    Blueberry Muffin and Coconut Such adorable names Rosanna

  • Barbara Harris
    Barbara Harris3 dager siden

    Happy birthday

  • Puppy Mirror
    Puppy Mirror4 dager siden

    I love your videos with your dogs Ro!🐶😄

    BLUEBERRY GAMEING4 dager siden

    I am laughing my bootie off

  • Baby mochi Bts lover
    Baby mochi Bts lover4 dager siden

    Coconut’s nickname should be coco

  • ILove Pubg
    ILove Pubg5 dager siden

  • Cat Meow Dana
    Cat Meow Dana5 dager siden

    I feel bad for pickles r.i.p pickles

  • Loading Ruby
    Loading Ruby5 dager siden

    Omg this video was soooo funny! Blueberry is hilarious I laughed so hard at her running around with the blow up dogs. 🤣 The cutest dogs - Henry too. Adorable!

  • Drvijai Valteti
    Drvijai Valteti5 dager siden

    Hi ro can you please do a collaboration with sssniperwolf

    JORDYNN CAMPBELL6 dager siden

    That is so cute I love the bra on Coconut And loved that blueberry was jumping up and trying to get the pups blowup pups

  • Abigail Dedeaux
    Abigail Dedeaux7 dager siden


  • Abigail Dedeaux
    Abigail Dedeaux7 dager siden


  • Abigail Dedeaux
    Abigail Dedeaux7 dager siden

    8:48 woo hoo

  • Tara Cantu-Nishimoto
    Tara Cantu-Nishimoto7 dager siden

    IS SHE now to and my name is ro

  • Tara Cantu-Nishimoto
    Tara Cantu-Nishimoto7 dager siden


  • Gabriella Coulson
    Gabriella Coulson7 dager siden

    Can you just take a moment to say how pretty rosanna is

  • Stray Stars
    Stray Stars7 dager siden

    Poor dogs didn’t even have time to get cakes but at least blue berry had fun

  • ka williams
    ka williams8 dager siden

    there so cute ill get a puppy

  • Amie Foster
    Amie Foster10 dager siden

    as a owner of a frenchie people think they wont walk or cant run but she is speed when she wanna see a bird

  • Meah Suggitt
    Meah Suggitt10 dager siden

    Ummm what happened to cokie

  • amanda Sondergaard
    amanda Sondergaard10 dager siden

    I love how you go above and beyond for your fur babies 😊

  • Kevin Griesser
    Kevin Griesser10 dager siden

    Me: watching this with my dog Ro: squeaks toy My dog: WERE IS THE TOY!!!!!

  • Grace Day
    Grace Day10 dager siden

    ro, blueberry just made me dye she made me laugh so hard with the baloon digs hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahashahahahahahahahaha

  • Kimberly Dees
    Kimberly Dees11 dager siden

    My dog is only about 3 weeks younger than Coco

  • Iris Correa
    Iris Correa11 dager siden

    Just seeing Blueberry trying to kill the balloons made my day so much better

  • Sadie Torosian
    Sadie Torosian11 dager siden

    What happened to Cookie 🍪

  • Deskie
    Deskie11 dager siden

    I feel like I would call all my dogs food names to xD

  • Blobs
    Blobs11 dager siden

    What Rosanna stands for... R- really creative O- open S- SO CUTE WHEN IT COMES TO NAMING DOGS A- Awsome!!! N- Never say never kind of person A- A great person in general I’m being completely honest right now with Rosanna she is the best dog owner a dog can have she is legit the best to dogs my dog is 9 and I never made him a party I hope Rosanna sees this to make sure to see how great she is make this a liked comment so she can see :)

  • Michelle Giardino Bast
    Michelle Giardino Bast12 dager siden

    My boston is named Oreo🐾. Happy Birthday to Coconut from Oreo who is 7 months❤

  • Christina Ortiz
    Christina Ortiz12 dager siden

    can you make a cookie plushie?? pleasse

  • Aubrey_Playz_Roblox
    Aubrey_Playz_Roblox12 dager siden

    coconut is such a cute name i love itttt

  • Lenna Clarke
    Lenna Clarke12 dager siden

    Happy Birthday Coconut😁😁😁😁

  • Rosa Cenobio
    Rosa Cenobio13 dager siden

    Can I have a shout out

  • Reecia Messer
    Reecia Messer13 dager siden

    Blueberry reminded me of America’s Funniest Videos when she ran into the post 😂

  • Reecia Messer
    Reecia Messer13 dager siden

    Oh my God Rosanna running around with the loom dogs

  • Nicola Bonnar
    Nicola Bonnar13 dager siden

    Happy birthday coconut love seeing you videos

  • Alyianna camacho
    Alyianna camacho13 dager siden

    It is so funny how blueberry Muffins started popping all of the dog balloons I was laughing

  • Alyianna camacho
    Alyianna camacho13 dager siden

    Happy birthday to coconut Coconut and blueberry Muffin are so cute Together

  • Mera Man
    Mera Man13 dager siden


  • Nugget
    Nugget13 dager siden

    "Throwing My God" *gasp* "... an EPIC Birthday Party!" *whew*

  • Mera Man
    Mera Man13 dager siden

    Where is cookie

  • Tvixey's Madness
    Tvixey's Madness13 dager siden

    MY CATS NAMED OREO! So adorable

  • Ali The doggie
    Ali The doggie13 dager siden

    1:26 Coconut : I want treats :)

  • khloe love
    khloe love14 dager siden

    Hiw come blueberry and coco are always in the videos and henry is just a ghost i hadent watched yall in a lonc time so if someone knows pls tell me

  • khloe love
    khloe love14 dager siden

    I cant stop laffing when bluebarry ran into the wall while chacing umthe balloin lol

  • Farouk Osman
    Farouk Osman14 dager siden

    Love the 🐕 ♥️💐🐕

  • eliqsxa
    eliqsxa14 dager siden

    i still remember cookie🍪

  • xXBxrry PlaysXx
    xXBxrry PlaysXx14 dager siden

    📀💿💴💶💷💳🔧🗡️🗝️🔑🪦🪁 Who has seen these emojis

  • Leal Bertram
    Leal Bertram14 dager siden

    So cute 🥺 that is all I need to say

  • Shafire the Fox
    Shafire the Fox14 dager siden

    Happy b day Coconut

  • Jessica Cuevas
    Jessica Cuevas14 dager siden

    Even though your dog Cookie died since last year

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick15 dager siden

    Does she have three dogs or two I know she has blueberry she has cookie and coconut did she give away cookie because I didn’t see cookie I saw blueberry and coconut

  • roses_are_graceful røœkié

    roses_are_graceful røœkié

    14 dager siden

    Cookie died

  • Aseels Journey
    Aseels Journey15 dager siden

    the cutest name coconut

  • forever_ sunflower
    forever_ sunflower15 dager siden

    Henry is so cute

  • forever_ sunflower
    forever_ sunflower15 dager siden

    omg i watched when mike surprised you with her and now she is as big as blue berry she’s grown so much in the past year.

  • Stacey Nugent
    Stacey Nugent15 dager siden

    I have a pug name d jujupickles

  • Maren Jørgensen
    Maren Jørgensen15 dager siden

    Coconut looks like my dog but white and really cute

  • Ashley Cunningham
    Ashley Cunningham15 dager siden

    What happend to cookie.

  • CalypsoCatGamer
    CalypsoCatGamer16 dager siden

    Happy Birthday, Coconut!

  • Thom Hammel
    Thom Hammel16 dager siden


  • Hugo Garcia
    Hugo Garcia16 dager siden

    Blueberry muffin is a cereal killer

  • Hugo Garcia
    Hugo Garcia16 dager siden

    Cinnamon roll flies up in the sky

  • Hugo Garcia
    Hugo Garcia16 dager siden

    Rosanna makes me laugh so much 🤣

  • Ava Carroll
    Ava Carroll16 dager siden

    Where’s cookie?

  • Emma Young
    Emma Young16 dager siden

    Where did cookie go?

  • Calleigh Pihlajamaki
    Calleigh Pihlajamaki16 dager siden

    happy birthday coconut

  • JoBala26
    JoBala2616 dager siden

    Am I the only one who loves how Ro calls her dogs “ladies”

    SANGEETA RAMSURATH16 dager siden

    I love coconuts cake☺☺☺🐶👧👧👪

  • LILLY Fox
    LILLY Fox16 dager siden

    Coconut is the 🤩🤗ever and my dog

  • Ivonne Acosta
    Ivonne Acosta16 dager siden

    When blue ran into the pole I was dead laughing and crying

  • Siimply Boujee
    Siimply Boujee16 dager siden

    when puddles looses an ear Ro: OH NO PUDDLES U LOST AN EAR!!!!! They still have hope that the dogs would believe the inflatable dogs are real

  • cristty229
    cristty22917 dager siden

    Dd7e48it we yep w run go qrjat a vqpquqoqgkqwiuqp a qi4qi a qiqwqyeqqowiqgwgqiwwu a Iq vqe on a g hi qkeukfejqe8qlvp3oqrgaryqw qqehqwhqeoe we ryiqqeq u q I q ag4qwvpq33u q qeqit4qiqeuequ

  • Alessandra Angela Gomez
    Alessandra Angela Gomez17 dager siden

    Ro is literally the best dog mom!! 😭😂😂

  • Greg Cruz
    Greg Cruz17 dager siden

    My Aunts dog name is coco!!

  • LauraAnnDunn
    LauraAnnDunn17 dager siden

    I love it when they are going to blow up Pickles but he had a hole in him, lol 😆

  • Dung Dinh
    Dung Dinh17 dager siden

    happy birthday coconut:)

  • khadijah kabeer
    khadijah kabeer17 dager siden

    9:47 Blueberry murders Coconut's guests Ro: NOOOO! BLUEBERRY NOOOOO! NOT PUDDLES! PICKLES! SWEET POTATO! CINNAMON ROLL! I only saved Noodles and Oreo! Mike: Blueberry sure knows how to party!

  • Sarai Gudino
    Sarai Gudino17 dager siden

    please cake a wanda cake

  • Praya Sweetie Aurora
    Praya Sweetie Aurora17 dager siden

    Happy Bday Dog's!

  • Katie and Bingo
    Katie and Bingo18 dager siden


  • -Itz Just Me -
    -Itz Just Me -18 dager siden

    This was posted on my birthday:D

  • Anna Spencer
    Anna Spencer18 dager siden

    When the ballon pickless had a hole in it a dog a dog the same type came up with the I will always love you best ad ever for that prefect timing!!

  • Cactus
    Cactus18 dager siden

    Yayyyyyyy happy birthday Coconut!!

  • Dglittersparkles Dakota
    Dglittersparkles Dakota18 dager siden

    This is ADORABLE

  • Awesome fan edits!
    Awesome fan edits!18 dager siden

    Yay! Happy first birthday Coconut!

  • Susan Solis Perez
    Susan Solis Perez18 dager siden

    balloon dogs: **exist** Blueberry: _Peace was never an option._

  • Sarieh Mazariegos
    Sarieh Mazariegos18 dager siden

    Did cookie die