Think Of Me - Phantom of the Opera (Rosanna Pansino Official)

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What song should I sing next??? 🎤🎼
Recorded, Filmed and Edited by Sam Tsui and Casey Breves
Cellist: niallfest
Facebook: rosannapansino
Twitter: RosannaPansino
Instagram: rosannapansino
Snapchat: rosannapansino
Think of me, think of me fondly
When we've said goodbye
Remember me, once in a while
Please promise me you'll try
When you find that once again you long
To take your heart back and be free
If you ever find a moment
Spare a thought for me
We never said our love was evergreen
Or as unchanging as the sea
But if you can still remember
Stop and think of me
Think of all the things
We've shared and seen
Don't think about the way
Things might have been
Think of me, think of me waking
Silent and resigned
Imagine me trying too hard
To put you from my mind
Recall those days
Look back on all those times
Think of the things we'll never do
There will never be a day when I wont think of you
Flowers fade, the fruits of summer fade
They have their season so do we
But please promise me that sometimes
You will think of me


  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino6 måneder siden

    Making a cover of this song was so much fun! What other songs would you like to see me sing??? 😊💕🎭

  • Abhisikta Gupta

    Abhisikta Gupta

    Måned siden

    OMG Ro!!! I know I'm late but your singing is amazing 😊😊❤❤

  • Autumn Trickey

    Autumn Trickey

    Måned siden

    You should sing my favorite song witch is Work of Art by: Britt Nocole

  • Wajahat Hussain

    Wajahat Hussain

    2 måneder siden

    Let it go by elsa causse u r one princess that disney never saw

  • Gracie Splash

    Gracie Splash

    2 måneder siden

    Please please please Do All I Ask Of You!!! It’s my favorite song from Phantom

  • Amarish •_•

    Amarish •_•

    2 måneder siden


  • covid 19
    covid 1911 timer siden

    She sings , she is a fantastic baker , looks very beautiful and she is very sweet , hmmm then she is of course an Disney princess 😊😊😍😍

  • Cindy Duong
    Cindy Duong16 timer siden

    Please sing something from Les Mis!

  • playing with soso
    playing with soso23 timer siden


  • playing with soso
    playing with soso23 timer siden


  • AriKucHiri47
    AriKucHiri47Dag siden

    1:50 OMG YESSSS QUEEN!!!!

  • Nora Morad
    Nora MoradDag siden

    Memory! From Cats the Musical (WWAAAYYYY better than the film).Pleeeaaaassseeee. I just want the musical to get the recognition it deserves!

  • K j
    K jDag siden

    I love the song

  • Caroline Hendren
    Caroline HendrenDag siden

    Wait, who asked for this? Idk why she did this lmao

  • hayley leedham
    hayley leedham2 dager siden

    This is gorgous ro!

  • Invis
    Invis2 dager siden

    Noone: Animals when they hear this: *D A N C E T I M E*

  • CateRose Dunne
    CateRose Dunne3 dager siden

    Ro your voice is beautiful just like you ❤️ I’m also a singer myself and your voice so lovely to hear❤️❤️❤️

  • Vanda Khatibi
    Vanda Khatibi3 dager siden


  • Hayley Gappy
    Hayley Gappy3 dager siden


  • Sienna Breust
    Sienna Breust4 dager siden

    That does not sound like ro

  • Kinu Himanshi
    Kinu Himanshi4 dager siden

    I Love You ro so much

  • Christine liu
    Christine liu5 dager siden

    She such a princess! Love you!🎶

  • Prisca Wiersma
    Prisca Wiersma6 dager siden

    Song P!NK's Just Like Fire

  • Lauren J
    Lauren J6 dager siden

    Wow she looks sooooo different to me

  • Karissa Jordan
    Karissa Jordan7 dager siden

    Please sing Time to Say Goodbye

  • Meet Puniyani
    Meet Puniyani7 dager siden

    Chutiya song hai 😂😂😂😂 Binod 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gem Miner Playz Roblox
    Gem Miner Playz Roblox7 dager siden

    OMG Rosanna you are such a good singer I’ve heard you sing before but this is the best I’ve ever heard you sing you’re such an amazing singer

  • Vanessa Walsh
    Vanessa Walsh7 dager siden

    Can it be? Can it be Christine?

  • Tyler Fernandez
    Tyler Fernandez7 dager siden


  • MacKenzie Kight
    MacKenzie Kight7 dager siden

    Her voice is pretty! And she looks beautiful but it kinda of sounded choppy and like she was using a smule filter. The best part was when she sang with the piano player. They also either changed the key or just dropped it at the end because there was no way that last note was an Bb7 I think she’s an amazing talented Person! But this is a hard song for anyone.

  • E R
    E R8 dager siden

    Why am I barely seeing thisss!?? I LOVE THIS SING

  • Alyson Nielson
    Alyson Nielson8 dager siden

    You should do a collab with The Piano Guys

  • Lana Byrne
    Lana Byrne8 dager siden

    AMAZING!!!!!! I could never do that

  • A A
    A A9 dager siden

    Wooow soo cool

  • Lyka Ignacio
    Lyka Ignacio10 dager siden

    I cant believe i only heard this a couple days ago! Its so prettyyy, now i cant stop listening to it!!!

  • Gyongyi Pearl
    Gyongyi Pearl10 dager siden

    You have beautiful voice, beautiful face! Please, please stop what you doing with your face. You know what I mean. 💖🌸👋

  • Michael Nielsen
    Michael Nielsen11 dager siden

    No offence but to classic

  • Neezhad Irfan
    Neezhad Irfan12 dager siden

    Do masquarade next but you need you colab with lot people

  • Brianna Graves
    Brianna Graves13 dager siden

    That was sos amazing, Ro! You should definitely sing "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again."

  • Little lori Weir
    Little lori Weir13 dager siden

    Oh wow bravo bravo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👑

  • Emma M
    Emma M13 dager siden

    I think this is even prettier than the actual movie! Good job Ro! LYSM

  • Esme Hutto
    Esme Hutto15 dager siden

    I love phantom of the opera and when I saw this in my recommend I was so excited

  • Z1ng1s
    Z1ng1s15 dager siden

    Wow... Dind't expect this! Amazing! 🤩😲

  • ruslan ruslan
    ruslan ruslan15 dager siden

    amazing 👏 speechless 😍 👏 ❤

  • Cezanne AGT
    Cezanne AGT15 dager siden

    isn't very safe

  • Bianca Lambarena
    Bianca Lambarena15 dager siden

    Okay but he could play her princess yes good too

  • callum buxton
    callum buxton16 dager siden

    Two of my favourite things (phantom and rosanna pansino) in one 😍😍

    ANDY ANDRES17 dager siden

    good singing

    ALEXANDRA ORTIZ17 dager siden

    if u ever did aother song ro can u do sweet dreams by eurythmics please lol and u have a great pretttttttty singing opera voice rosanna

  • William Mills
    William Mills17 dager siden

    I would LOVE to hear you sing "Castle on a Cloud" From Les Miserables, Please?

  • Matt Paul
    Matt Paul18 dager siden

    You can sing, you can act, you can cook, and you have a fantastic personality. Is there anything you can’t do?

  • Ivy chaplin
    Ivy chaplin18 dager siden

    wow Amazing, Amazing, AMAZING!!!, I love the song.

  • clare gardiner
    clare gardiner19 dager siden

    Can u sing rewight the stars from the gratis show man

  • Axelia Nxxlie
    Axelia Nxxlie19 dager siden

    Your so good ro!

  • Jewel & The Home Girls
    Jewel & The Home Girls20 dager siden

    Disney I think we have discovered a new disney princess and now yall need to make a movie on her

  • Jasmine Kerr
    Jasmine Kerr20 dager siden

    great singing ro

  • Superalto
    Superalto20 dager siden

    I wish that you & I did a Wicked medley & Les Miserables medley together with Clark on Stage, because I live up to my You Tube name, Superalto. Plus Clark on Stage is a great tenor, & you’re the angelic soprano. Perfect! Me as Eponine, Clark as Marius & you as Cosette for the Les Miserables. For the Wicked medley, I’m Elphaba, Clark is Fiyero & you’re Galinda turn Glinda. Awesome!

  • jxzmxn bunny lover
    jxzmxn bunny lover20 dager siden

    Omg ro needs to start singing at like weddings and big events

  • Vya Pardal
    Vya Pardal21 dag siden

    I feel like it should be illegal to be that talented and pretty.

  • Superhero Aly 737
    Superhero Aly 73722 dager siden

    You have a beautiful voice

  • Miggy B
    Miggy B23 dager siden

    Omg I want you to be at my future wedding and funeral

  • Destiny Tyler
    Destiny Tyler23 dager siden

    So beautiful you should be a Disney Princess!

  • Jayda's Gallery of Toys
    Jayda's Gallery of Toys23 dager siden

    Beauty and beast pls 🥺

  • Carlien Erasmus
    Carlien Erasmus23 dager siden

    She should be a disney prinsses

  • rachybug 16
    rachybug 1625 dager siden

    Can you do never enough, from the greatest showman. PLEASE ❤️

  • Glenn Townsend
    Glenn Townsend25 dager siden

    I fell like this was for cookie and her dad

  • MT_girl
    MT_girl25 dager siden

    Wow... Your voice is outstandingly beautiful, honestly Ro. You should sing more for real Rosanna! The guy also sang so beautiful man jeez. I was really into the song. It's just WOW!

  • Madison Delgado
    Madison Delgado25 dager siden

    She’s needs that dress for when she gets married

  • Eleanor Scott
    Eleanor Scott26 dager siden

    it's coming up to a whole year now but what would've been a year and 9 1/2 months I lost my best friend. We used to hang out together many times (Once being at McDonalds) chatting back and forth. I remember he used to be so warm hearted to me. Thing where so much better like nothing horrifying would happen, if I had had a bad day it would go when I'd see him. Miss him so much and I wish we where somehow together but this song brings him back completely. Thank you Ro. Please sing wishing you where somehow here again from the phantom of the opera

  • Kaberi Roy
    Kaberi Roy27 dager siden

    Never enough from the greatest showman

  • Ashlynn Fay
    Ashlynn Fay27 dager siden

    Ro I just wanna say I literally love you so much I have been watching you for 5-6 years and I love every one of your videos, you are literally my favorite youtuber ever, you are a literal Disney princess, your absolutely gorgeous, you can sing amazingly, you can bake, and you are just over all an amazing human being and I love you so so so so so so much

  • Kate
    Kate27 dager siden

    Wait I got goosebumps and chills!! This is so good and I love the song and movie!!! The phantom of the opera is prob my favorite movie

  • Anxiety Gamer
    Anxiety Gamer27 dager siden

    This is insane- I love it!

  • XxLemon sundaexX
    XxLemon sundaexXMåned siden

    Ro: *sings all the lines perfectly and it sounds AWSOME* Me: *sings in a dead rat voice and singing it the total opposite*

  • Kristin The Wolf
    Kristin The WolfMåned siden

    How is Ro not a Disney Princess yet?

  • Meriam Dalia Kouchih
    Meriam Dalia KouchihMåned siden

    wow ro you have the most beautiful voice in the whole universe

  • Samantha k
    Samantha kMåned siden

    I’m getting nostalgia because this song is reminding me of Barbie: the princess and the pauper which I probably watched like a hundred times when I was 3 or 4. Ahh the good times I had back then.

  • Margie Holm
    Margie HolmMåned siden


  • Donna Patton
    Donna PattonMåned siden

    You should do past the point of no return from phantom of the Opera

  • J J
    J JMåned siden

    ro having all the traits of being a princess

  • KenzieHurlock
    KenzieHurlockMåned siden

    I didn't think she was a very good singer. She's good not great though. Whoever the piano guy is don't like his voice at all.

    THE RANDOM NERD 45Måned siden


    THE RANDOM NERD 45Måned siden


  • Karissa Ramos
    Karissa RamosMåned siden

    it was beautiful but umm...

  • Quillan Nicasia
    Quillan NicasiaMåned siden

    Wow I am soooooooo surprisd!!!!!!!

  • Jasmine Sharrer
    Jasmine SharrerMåned siden

    Is this the nerdy nummies chick 🤨

  • x Sono x

    x Sono x

    Måned siden


  • ghani mohd
    ghani mohdMåned siden

    Ro is like fairy who is beautiful pretty who do everything for us she said how to make cake how to make ice cream how to make cookies cupcakes and it's enjoying I love her every video do you like her video like it 👇 👇 👇

  • ghani mohd
    ghani mohdMåned siden

    Ro‐beautiful voice sing Me‐she is the best singer ever looks beautiful excellent skin is fair

  • ghani mohd
    ghani mohdMåned siden

    Your voice is so beautiful excellent you are like a Disney princess

  • ghani mohd
    ghani mohdMåned siden

    Actually you have the beautiful voice in the world

  • IaMaFaTcOw
    IaMaFaTcOwMåned siden

    Everyone: she sounds so good(and she does) Me: is that were fifth harmony did their last music video

  • angcandel
    angcandelMåned siden

    this is so beautiful!!!

  • Mae Elliott
    Mae ElliottMåned siden

    She should do “ I dreamed at dream” from Les Miserables

  • A Bee!
    A Bee!Måned siden

    LOVE!! IT

  • It's meh UwU
    It's meh UwUMåned siden

    Ro pls do 'never enough' from greatesr showman :) its my sis's bday next week

  • Robert and Carenne Mclauchlan
    Robert and Carenne MclauchlanMåned siden

    That was very impressive 😄

  • Pure iced Gatorade
    Pure iced GatoradeMåned siden

    ro you never said you could sing so elegantly edit: and mike

  • Bethan Keen
    Bethan KeenMåned siden

    This song was played at my Grandmas funeral back in September. I can’t listen to it without crying 😭

  • Kayla Fierro
    Kayla FierroMåned siden

    i love you and your song sing as much as you whant

  • A Bee!
    A Bee!Måned siden


  • Jeet Mehta
    Jeet MehtaMåned siden

    Classic songs

  • Abbey Writes
    Abbey WritesMåned siden

    Everyone like "She is a Princess" meanwhile I'm like she is a WARRIOR AND A QUEEN

  • Huggy's Exciting News
    Huggy's Exciting NewsMåned siden

    OMG your so good and your voice is BEAUTIFUL Like if u agree

  • Victoria Zhao
    Victoria ZhaoMåned siden

    Your voice is beautiful you should really do more music videos I love your voice!!!

  • Jaime Wilson
    Jaime WilsonMåned siden

    I did not think you could sing that well