The Pop-Tart Challenge w/ MatPat!!

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Today my friend MatPat and I tried to guess a bunch of different weird Pop-Tart flavors!
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This #Poptart #Eating #Challenge was super fun! There we so many funny flavors including Splitz, Peanut Butter, Cupcake, Wild Berry, and many others!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    MATPAT IS BACK! I want to film another video with him, what should it be??? 😂👏

  • Peter Bosch

    Peter Bosch

    8 dager siden

    Omg, you and MatPat are so funny together.

  • A Google User

    A Google User

    18 dager siden

    You guys should host a morning show lol

  • Ruby Jocelyn

    Ruby Jocelyn

    Måned siden

    I don't care I just want more of these you guys are hilarious together

  • Ramcharan Arya

    Ramcharan Arya

    2 måneder siden


  • Sommer Martin

    Sommer Martin

    2 måneder siden


  • Gwen Krolikowski
    Gwen KrolikowskiDag siden

    OMG Matpat is sooo funny

  • Nya Vlogs
    Nya Vlogs3 dager siden

    These two are soulmates🥰🥰🥰

  • Hoang Tran
    Hoang Tran5 dager siden

    Ro: were here to crack a case. Me: a case of pop tarts 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Leo Liu
    Leo Liu5 dager siden

    how would you NOT know matpat???

  • Izuku Midoria
    Izuku Midoria6 dager siden

    Wheat sounded like weed

  • Kylie Anastacia
    Kylie Anastacia6 dager siden

    I’m laughing so hard when Mat said people can’t do puzzles right he was talking about Colleen 😂🤣

  • Alexandra Dorizzi
    Alexandra Dorizzi6 dager siden

    Escape The Night season 3 anyone? These two are the BEST duo!

  • Leia Kay
    Leia Kay6 dager siden

    My new favorite quote is "It's not my fault people can't do puzzles right!"

  • eva
    eva7 dager siden

    LOL! how mat makes fun of every pop tart. LOLLLLLL

  • Fłamê Thrøwêr
    Fłamê Thrøwêr7 dager siden

    Anyone here in 2021?

  • Landon Smith
    Landon Smith8 dager siden

    hot fudge sundae

  • Logan Mckenny
    Logan Mckenny8 dager siden

    Mat giving the camera a murder glare when he sees its a split has me dying 😆

  • Gigi Hide
    Gigi Hide13 dager siden

    Has anyone else just noticed this? Mo kinda looks like Bella from twilight-

  • Addy Williams
    Addy Williams14 dager siden

    15:56 that all i have to say

  • aubrie long
    aubrie long15 dager siden

    Matt is so concerned when Ro is gagging over there

  • Avery Wilson
    Avery Wilson17 dager siden

    11:05 it sounds like a meme

  • Brogan Green
    Brogan Green20 dager siden

    I’m sad there are no pop tarts where I live🥺

  • Seema ABD
    Seema ABD21 dag siden

    OKAY is no one gonna talk about how she can get a world record by how well she knows her kitchen

  • Alice Pineapalice
    Alice Pineapalice24 dager siden


  • Jaclyn Hillenburg
    Jaclyn Hillenburg25 dager siden

    Who else secretly wants them to be a couple No one just me ok

  • Rena Raj
    Rena Raj28 dager siden

    Mat: Don’t leave me hanging Ro: where are you? Mat: I am in the same position! That cracked me up 😂

  • Dolphin Waffle
    Dolphin WaffleMåned siden

    Mat: "tasted like *lies* " Me: then I guess it tasted like my life

  • Dolphin Waffle
    Dolphin WaffleMåned siden

    Ro: "oh, we got it" Me: *don't you mean 'oh, WHEAT got it'?*

  • Dolphin Waffle
    Dolphin WaffleMåned siden

    Ro: "Watch this! Watch this!" Mat: "I *CANT* , I have a blindfold on!"

  • Dolphin Waffle
    Dolphin WaffleMåned siden

    Ro: "if you're new and you DON'T know Mat-" Mat: *looks betrayed.*

  • Rizwana Parveen
    Rizwana ParveenMåned siden

    Matpat and Ro are looking good Best siblings ❣️ I want more video's with matpat with RO do some smoothies challenge video

  • Evan
    EvanMåned siden

    Hi all of you guys

  • Rose Satchell
    Rose SatchellMåned siden

    You guys should do a try not to laugh video ps I love it your videos And then after that you can do the same thing but with water in your mouths

  • Rose Satchell
    Rose SatchellMåned siden

    Yes do 10 more videos with him then make 1000 more PS I loooove when u make videos with Matt PPS u guys always make me lauph so plsss make more videos.

  • Sarah Schmidt
    Sarah SchmidtMåned siden


  • Vanna Leigh
    Vanna LeighMåned siden

    My favorite pop tart flavor is smore's.

  • Ashley Brooks
    Ashley BrooksMåned siden

    I all most choked on my drink I was dieing of laughter😂😂😂

  • H y b r i d
    H y b r i d2 måneder siden

    I swear I love the way mat laughs in any video 🤣

  • Laurie Cochran
    Laurie Cochran2 måneder siden

    I like chocolate pop tarts

  • Savannah cristia
    Savannah cristia2 måneder siden

    Gummy vs real food part 3

  • Ava Langsford
    Ava Langsford2 måneder siden

    I only recognize Matt and ro from escape the night

  • help me
    help me2 måneder siden

    pop tarts? more like more like crack cocaine

  • Erica Engeman
    Erica Engeman2 måneder siden

    Ros snort is like her dogs. Ro is a french bulldog

  • Emme Christian
    Emme Christian2 måneder siden

    I’m so upset bc my phone won’t let me play the video and I really want to wach it, i don’t even know if this comment will post☹️

  • Amanda Aziz
    Amanda Aziz2 måneder siden

    Ro is the sweetest person ever she has such an amazing personality she even got a microwave for Justine and a toaster for Mat blindfolded she is the best love you Ro 👇

  • Bluebxrries
    Bluebxrries2 måneder siden

    I can’t take matpat seriously when he is wearing the pink bunny mask 😂

  • Aseel Aadossery
    Aseel Aadossery2 måneder siden

    Tasted like lies , tasted like betrayal 👍🤣

  • Aseel Aadossery
    Aseel Aadossery2 måneder siden

    833333 🤣👍

  • Aseel Aadossery
    Aseel Aadossery2 måneder siden

    Why Ro , you got the strawberry right ....... I think she deserved half a point

  • Andrey K.L.H
    Andrey K.L.H2 måneder siden

    "I can smell chocolate a mile away"

  • Isabella Auzinger
    Isabella Auzinger2 måneder siden

    In the words of will smith and now matpat; das hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The JJ's
    The JJ's3 måneder siden

    11:04 Ro sounded like that funny tiktok audio...AaaaaAAaahhhHhh 🤣🤣🤣

  • aralyn franklin
    aralyn franklin3 måneder siden

    Is he the guy from _____________ Theory!!!!????

  • I Love To Draw
    I Love To Draw3 måneder siden

    Ro's Sister, Boyfriend, and Brother from another mother all have names that start with the letter M

  • Germino, Alwena
    Germino, Alwena3 måneder siden

    I know my way around the whole house blindfolded😁😁😁😂😂😂

  • Gabriela Garcia
    Gabriela Garcia3 måneder siden

    iLovamamha yahza

  • Anne Harper
    Anne Harper3 måneder siden

    Do you have any alujis.

  • MilkyMe XD
    MilkyMe XD3 måneder siden

    Who's here when food theory happened

  • Sammie Wilcox
    Sammie Wilcox3 måneder siden


  • LuvTohruHondaFor LIFE
    LuvTohruHondaFor LIFE3 måneder siden

    Me just casually eating a cookies n creme pop tart while watching this

  • WolfyWolf Dog
    WolfyWolf Dog3 måneder siden

    6:30 That is all

  • Hadiya Kadir
    Hadiya Kadir3 måneder siden

    Mat was about to swear at 0:01

  • PengwengUnicorn
    PengwengUnicorn3 måneder siden

    Ro 100% deserved a half point on the first pop tart

  • Lucy Whitechurch
    Lucy Whitechurch3 måneder siden

    MatPat and Ro together now (for a video not for gf and bf) would be perfect as MatPat ahs FOOD THEORY now!

  • Rhiannon Walsh
    Rhiannon Walsh3 måneder siden

    I love you and your way now 💘😚😚😚😚😚

  • Frankie Jacob

    Frankie Jacob

    3 måneder siden


  • Lucy Bennett
    Lucy Bennett3 måneder siden

    I have never tried a pop-tart before

  • Frankie Jacob

    Frankie Jacob

    3 måneder siden

    same here

  • Mackenzie Lee
    Mackenzie Lee4 måneder siden

    11:46 Ro:" your not my brother anymore!" Mat: no. No. (Karate hands activate) 5 minutes later 15:43

  • Frankie Jacob

    Frankie Jacob

    3 måneder siden


  • Mackenzie Lee
    Mackenzie Lee4 måneder siden

    Omg their hand difference look 9:17

  • Mackenzie Lee
    Mackenzie Lee4 måneder siden

    I love that they're like being a team while other people are like HA I WIN

  • Geanna Drascic
    Geanna Drascic4 måneder siden

    "One of us needs to surge ahead." Few seconds later, Matpat gets ahead. Lol good vid.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix4 måneder siden


  • skull face
    skull face4 måneder siden

    Has anyone thought that rose is two pretty like a cover girl

  • Frankie Jacob

    Frankie Jacob

    3 måneder siden

    It’s ro not rose but I like anyway

  • Camilla Cardenas
    Camilla Cardenas4 måneder siden

    “Want to think it’s shaded well it is

  • Teresa Faulkner
    Teresa Faulkner4 måneder siden

    Ro: HoW dO yOu EaT tHiS cEaReAl!!!! Mat: Um... usually with a spoon ro Me: ro, get your head in the game🤣🤣😂😂😅

  • Star Blade
    Star Blade4 måneder siden

    I’d like to think this is Rosanna’s afterlife after season 4

  • Jade__Stone
    Jade__Stone4 måneder siden

    did anyone else notice the way Mat looked at Ro at 8:32? pause it when you get to that point and reply back to me if you notice the way he is looking at her. he looked at her the way someone would if they liked the person.

  • Tlotlo Matlho
    Tlotlo Matlho4 måneder siden

    You guys are the best

  • Amanda Federico
    Amanda Federico4 måneder siden

    Ro got so offended by the fact that poptarts are artificial😂

  • Little Miss Lovely
    Little Miss Lovely4 måneder siden

    It wouldnt be a video with mat if food didnt get thrown at the camera!!! 😂

  • Matthew's Corner
    Matthew's Corner4 måneder siden

    Mat and Ro are such a fun duo.

  • AgentDino
    AgentDino4 måneder siden

    S’mores pop tarts are.. ❤️💕💕👌🏼👌🏼👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️🥰🥰😍😍😋😋

  • Annie Hancock
    Annie Hancock5 måneder siden

    Matpat is such a dad and it gives me so much happiness

  • Mia C
    Mia C5 måneder siden

    Raspberry is the ultimate best pop tart flavor followed closely by brown sugar cinnamon

  • Liam Walker
    Liam Walker5 måneder siden

    I'm from the future sorry ro you get eaten by doino

  • Nathan Panusky
    Nathan Panusky5 måneder siden

    TIL that the live-action Gravity Falls has been running since 2016 or whenever Dipper and Mabel decided to start collabs on NOlocal.

  • Nickfredy Gutierrez
    Nickfredy Gutierrez5 måneder siden

    My favorite Pop Tarts are actually Cookies n Cream and Unfrosted Strawberry (yes that’s a thing I bought before). There’s just a lot that I like.

  • mynameisjo
    mynameisjo5 måneder siden

    matt being salty about split pop tarts is so funny

  • Rixy_Wolf//WolfosJR
    Rixy_Wolf//WolfosJR5 måneder siden

    Red velvet for the win

  • Rixy_Wolf//WolfosJR
    Rixy_Wolf//WolfosJR5 måneder siden

    They need to do a food theory collaboration!

  • PennyKay
    PennyKay5 måneder siden

    There's GTLive, Game Theory, Film theory, and *Food Theory*

  • nyenye boy
    nyenye boy5 måneder siden


  • Georgina Gail F. Chua
    Georgina Gail F. Chua5 måneder siden

    Fun fact I’ve never tased a pop tart or peanut butter and jelly sandwich

  • ShadowxXxGaming
    ShadowxXxGaming5 måneder siden

    Mat pat didn’t he die in escape the night just a question.

  • Joseph Bohm
    Joseph Bohm5 måneder siden

    Now there is the food theorists.

  • Mae Magpantay
    Mae Magpantay5 måneder siden

    Wow!, that’s so many pop tarts can ro eat them all.

  • Olivia Maxipup
    Olivia Maxipup5 måneder siden

    I don’t believe how much you look alike

  • Olivia Maxipup
    Olivia Maxipup5 måneder siden

    So glad you too are back together

  • Kelley Salvo
    Kelley Salvo5 måneder siden

    Ro What what is it No one no one.... Matt 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😡😡😡😡😡😒😡😒😡😒 Also Matt OH LOOK ITS A SPLIT Me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • K. Hizzle
    K. Hizzle5 måneder siden

    MatPat: “this is not a response to you audience this is not a response to pop tart, it’s a response to these two shmos on the other side of the camera.” Me: “Umm those two shmos are Ro’s sister and boyfriend”

  • Melissa Cara
    Melissa Cara5 måneder siden

    I have the same toaster but in light blue. It's such a good little toaster!

  • AJ Productions
    AJ Productions5 måneder siden

    That seems fun

  • Wolfania
    Wolfania5 måneder siden

    I just finished binge watching Escape the Night AND THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED TO GET OVER RO’S DEATH AND MAT AND RO’S SEPARATION! THANK YOU!

  • Jazlin Albrechtson
    Jazlin Albrechtson5 måneder siden

    There so cute

  • Laurie Cochran
    Laurie Cochran5 måneder siden

    Fun video I love her challenge videos you rock matt patt he's cute