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This was filmed in early March before the shut downs. Hope you enjoy!
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I had so much fun #Trying all of the #Coffee from different restaurants in this #Challenge! I cant believe how many of them we were able to guess even though we were blindfolded and had no idea what they were!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino2 måneder siden

    What's your favorite brand of coffee? I had so much fun filming this back in early March before the stay at home orders. What videos would you like to see next? ☕️☕️☕️

  • Emma-Lee McDermott

    Emma-Lee McDermott

    3 dager siden

    mine is cappuccino fluff. ☕

  • Jamal Ahmad

    Jamal Ahmad

    8 dager siden

    You are the best

  • Kelly Lagardera

    Kelly Lagardera

    9 dager siden

    you can do 24 hours in the giant unicorn floatie with mike or with molly

  • Amaya Shafer

    Amaya Shafer

    10 dager siden


  • Kenzie Cajucom

    Kenzie Cajucom

    11 dager siden

    starbucks I luv u sooooooooooo much!!!!!!

  • Aliza Faisal
    Aliza Faisal3 timer siden

    I love love love coffee ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Lyricsofficial
    Lyricsofficial23 timer siden

    they should do a separate channel with just them. they're so amazing! I love them

  • Mystical Wowl
    Mystical WowlDag siden

    Omg the blind folds are hilarious

  • Candis Roegler
    Candis RoeglerDag siden

    I love your videos

  • Random Youtuber
    Random YoutuberDag siden

    this review is not fair. its just coffee cup test. its not a taste test. the coffee is easily identifiable by its cup. so they should pour the coffee to another cup and taste it so that they can't identify it by its cup anymore.

  • Tanner Mc
    Tanner McDag siden

    I wanna watch this video all day

  • Bella J
    Bella J2 dager siden

    Suggestion: You should have a I collab channel With ijustine

  • Willo Deakin
    Willo Deakin3 dager siden

    Who thinks it’s more entertaining watching talk with those eye masks

  • Amelia Rowe
    Amelia Rowe3 dager siden

    Taste soda brands

  • Autumn G
    Autumn G4 dager siden

    I love those masks! They are great!

  • smlfrye007
    smlfrye0074 dager siden

    mine my grocey store has coffe in it

  • smlfrye007


    4 dager siden

    sry for my spelling its horried

  • Paul Gangte
    Paul Gangte7 dager siden

    Ohhh wow that's a great chance 👍👍

  • wasabiimenace
    wasabiimenace7 dager siden

    How tf ijustine looks the same but actually better??? Ahhh she is a coffee queen lol

  • Gloria Lopez
    Gloria Lopez8 dager siden

    Ro’s friend rlly knows her coffee

    BEAUTIFUL DISCOVERY8 dager siden

    hi everyone

  • LENNY!
    LENNY!8 dager siden

    HEY ROE I love how wholesome you always are.

  • Adelyn Phifer
    Adelyn Phifer9 dager siden

    Y’all are so funny with your coffee my favorite one is the Dunkin’ Donuts 😂😂

    NOHIN PLAY10 dager siden

    Rosna u are so cute coffe and tea

  • Daily Life of a Basic Miami Girl
    Daily Life of a Basic Miami Girl11 dager siden

    Can you make a guess the jellybean flavor video?

  • Robin C.
    Robin C.11 dager siden

    I could not take y’all seriously with those sleep masks

  • Natalija Motko
    Natalija Motko11 dager siden

    Mano mėgstamiausia kakava

  • CJ the Wolf
    CJ the Wolf12 dager siden

    Rosanna and Justine look like switch controllers hahaha

  • Zenia Khan
    Zenia Khan12 dager siden

    plsssssssssss make more videos togheter

  • Zenia Khan
    Zenia Khan12 dager siden

    plsssssssmake more videos together

  • Zenia Khan
    Zenia Khan12 dager siden

    plsssssssss make more videoes together

  • Zenia Khan
    Zenia Khan12 dager siden

    plssssssssssss make more videos together

  • GymnasticsGirl :3
    GymnasticsGirl :312 dager siden

    I love coffee

  • Christyn Arnot
    Christyn Arnot13 dager siden

    Look at Ro’s hair at 8:25😂

  • Doge Da dogo
    Doge Da dogo13 dager siden

    Omg Justine is the Coffee Queen 🤣😂

  • Demet Tan
    Demet Tan13 dager siden

    ghost adventures

  • Zara Motilal
    Zara Motilal13 dager siden


  • صلو على النبي
    صلو على النبي14 dager siden

    Oh my god I remember you guys i missed you i used to watch y’all from like 2 years and ohhh myyyy goood

  • Breana Reyes
    Breana Reyes15 dager siden

    Can't take u guys seriously with those masks 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Stephen Fryar
    Stephen Fryar15 dager siden

    Ro: “where else do people go for coffee if not Starbucks?” Me: 😳🤦‍♂️ As a local coffee shop owner I deal with this mentality all the time 🙄 Well, props to SBUX for great marketing. People, some of your local coffee shops. They may have some great things for you to try that you will love and will put money in the pockets of local businesses who need the business. Be vocal, support a local.

  • Werdow 72
    Werdow 7215 dager siden

    I love coffee

  • Werdow 72
    Werdow 7215 dager siden

    Honestly that coffee looks awsome

  • Spongebob
    Spongebob15 dager siden

    Me randomly scrolling at 2:30 in the morning for videos to watch.

  • Analise Santiago
    Analise Santiago16 dager siden

    Those makes were throwing me off LMFAO

    SANJAY GUPTA16 dager siden

    Please collab once again with Justine

  • Birdie McNeal
    Birdie McNeal17 dager siden

    This is definitely cute and funny!

  • Deb Russell
    Deb Russell17 dager siden

    Hi Justine I love watching your videos can you make more?

  • Tech guy
    Tech guy17 dager siden

    I don't really like McDonald's coffee but I love their breakfast so I have to settle for it a lot. Add espresso shot makes it better.

  • فاطمه قدومة
    فاطمه قدومة18 dager siden

    أحححح تغيرت مره من يتذكر الفيديو هذاك حق كيكه إليسا وآنا 😭😂💔.

  • gymnastics vlogs
    gymnastics vlogs18 dager siden

    Ro should get 0 and justine wins because justine told ro and thats how she got some

  • Kara Boettcher
    Kara Boettcher19 dager siden

    Star B.

  • Kara Boettcher
    Kara Boettcher19 dager siden

    You should do more coffee videos with ijusten

  • Vsco-Summer
    Vsco-Summer19 dager siden

    I almost died 1 million times while watching this

  • Faith Roberson
    Faith Roberson19 dager siden

    I love you Ro

  • Kōsaki McMahon
    Kōsaki McMahon19 dager siden

    I love watching your videos

  • Cup o’ Coffee
    Cup o’ Coffee19 dager siden

    When you are a coffee rat:

  • louiseglasgow
    louiseglasgow20 dager siden

    I was today years old when I learned that you guys in the USA have plastic stirrers, not the wood ones we have in the UK.

  • Kailyn Hurd
    Kailyn Hurd20 dager siden

    Those masks tho

  • Rukiya Khuram
    Rukiya Khuram20 dager siden

    Can u plz make a video of making slime w/ijustin btw love 💓 u

  • gabxstump
    gabxstump20 dager siden

    Dunkin has stoppers now finally

  • D G
    D G21 dag siden

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  • Cady Moore
    Cady Moore21 dag siden

    🤣😂🤣😂 oh my gosh, I love you two!

  • Lila Rawlins
    Lila Rawlins21 dag siden

    Ro looks tired Is that rude? Sorrry

  • Akshay Maheshwari
    Akshay Maheshwari21 dag siden

    9:36 Basically sums up their personalities.

  • Alyssa Roblox
    Alyssa Roblox22 dager siden

    You two are eating to much cafeen 😂😂 hehe I love coffee tooo

  • ANYA
    ANYA23 dager siden


  • Sierra Arleene
    Sierra Arleene23 dager siden

    I really wanted the Starbucks one to be wrong 😂

    UMICL24 dager siden

    8:51 this is why they're my favorite NOlocal couple.

  • Trending Number 1
    Trending Number 124 dager siden

    Hello kitty and Facebook page and Facebook page and I am looking for a chance to get a big fan of the same

  • Sarah Nelson
    Sarah Nelson24 dager siden

    these blindfolds added a lot to the video that we didn't deserve

  • Zoha Haider
    Zoha Haider26 dager siden

    Justine: I'm in Santa Monica right now idk where you are

  • Zoha Haider
    Zoha Haider26 dager siden

    Ro: we have made a million g- gazillion b-bajillion videos together

  • Fatian Nashnond Hsieh
    Fatian Nashnond Hsieh26 dager siden

    Justine and Ro in their alien blindfold at 10:09 is hilarious 😂

  • Rocio Landaverde
    Rocio Landaverde26 dager siden

    Rosanna you are Anna and she is Elsa because your wereing red and she is wearing blue

  • Lilia Cristal
    Lilia Cristal26 dager siden

    The blindfolds are LEGENDARY

  • Lilia Cristal
    Lilia Cristal26 dager siden

    Justine has super powers

  • cammie cameron
    cammie cameron26 dager siden

    I’ve never had coffee so I can’t relate but this was still entertaining

  • StrqTom
    StrqTom27 dager siden

    Lol at this point it’s more like guessing the cups! I love this! So fun

  • Sollux16
    Sollux1627 dager siden

    Justine the coffee guru

  • Ilyas Rizvi
    Ilyas Rizvi28 dager siden

    Pleaaseeee do a prank videoo

  • Madison Lovesvids18
    Madison Lovesvids18Måned siden

    I feel like roe copies whatever Justine says lol 😂. No offense but the dunkin u said dunkin because Justine said it.

  • Samantha Fricke
    Samantha FrickeMåned siden

    1,000% agree with what you said about Dunkin coffee!!

  • snappEDup06
    snappEDup06Måned siden

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  • Chloe Lawley
    Chloe LawleyMåned siden

    U guys should get an award for most youtube collabs made

  • kooker krisp
    kooker krispMåned siden

    U two are my favorite duo u two are exactly like me and my bff of i LOVE u guys❤❤❤

  • Zyon Starling
    Zyon StarlingMåned siden

    You should bring back the kitchen gadgets challenge

  • Words and Pixels
    Words and PixelsMåned siden

    I legit gasped when Justine had a flashback and then correctly guessed Coffee Bean. How?!?!

  • John Vasquez
    John VasquezMåned siden

    Hi ro I am a 11 year old girl and I love your videos so much and my 4 year old sister

  • Angel Ocampo - Little Josh Minecraft
    Angel Ocampo - Little Josh MinecraftMåned siden

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  • DaughterofaKing
    DaughterofaKingMåned siden

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  • Eva Zheng
    Eva ZhengMåned siden

    9:27 they had a seizure lol

  • PandaBear Playz
    PandaBear PlayzMåned siden

    Ro:Dunkin coffee is for beginners. Charli:👁👄👁☕️

  • vivek hindlekar
    vivek hindlekarMåned siden

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  • Meerub
    MeerubMåned siden

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  • Kate Moore
    Kate MooreMåned siden

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  • Felicity Penkacik
    Felicity PenkacikMåned siden

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  • Nedal Machfej
    Nedal MachfejMåned siden

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  • 9A 11 Anantika Kumar
    9A 11 Anantika KumarMåned siden

    There eyes are a nice touch😂😂

  • Neon mole
    Neon moleMåned siden

    This is a fun video, but as someone who hates coffee, this just makes me remember the times over the years that I've tried coffee

  • Matthew De Alba
    Matthew De AlbaMåned siden

    youtube getting real comfortable with the two no skip adds

  • Sydney Abarientos
    Sydney AbarientosMåned siden

    I love dunkin donuts coffee. I mean that makes sense considering im from CT

  • Clare Conway
    Clare ConwayMåned siden

    you are the best

  • Claire Gray
    Claire GrayMåned siden

    Meanwhile in Australia, Starbucks is like the most bland coffee that pretty much just tastes like milk. 🤗

  • Elizabeth Moore
    Elizabeth MooreMåned siden

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  • LeKnight Studios
    LeKnight StudiosMåned siden

    Does iJustine have a PASSION being in a video with Ro XD XD XD