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It's time for more KITCHEN GADGETS!
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We had so much fun #Trying all of these #Kitchen #Gadgets! There was a funny star wars popcorn maker, magic salt and pepper shakers, fondant/egg molds to make cute animals, an on-the-go blender, and even a new cake slicer!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino23 dager siden

    I'm back with some more kitchen gadets! Did I miss any cool gadgets?? LETS GET DONAL TO 1,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS!: nolocal.info

  • Catherine King

    Catherine King

    21 time siden


  • naughty boy litu

    naughty boy litu

    7 dager siden

    @Kamal Daou hello I am Indian

  • Faith Freniere

    Faith Freniere

    11 dager siden

    there is a better one somewhere that i saw that comes with a mini silicone ice tray that fits perfect and it doubles as a cup.

  • Trin Marin

    Trin Marin

    11 dager siden

    Lol got subbed

  • Kayla Fenne

    Kayla Fenne

    12 dager siden

    "its just blended berries" "but on a stove top THATS A JAM" NONONONONONo

  • Ariana Granade
    Ariana Granade7 timer siden

    @rossanapasino can u plz put baketopiea on neflix plz bc I want to watch it

  • Anika Manglik
    Anika Manglik12 timer siden

    I think maybe instead of using frozen berries u could use cold milk maybe?

  • Vijayalakshmi Parayil Bhaskaranair
    Vijayalakshmi Parayil Bhaskaranair13 timer siden

    Can you do another video with ijustine

  • Catherine King
    Catherine King21 time siden


  • Catherine King
    Catherine King21 time siden


  • Catherine King
    Catherine King21 time siden


  • PeetahBread#1Fan
    PeetahBread#1FanDag siden


  • Michelle Camilleri
    Michelle CamilleriDag siden


  • Mehreen Hummad
    Mehreen HummadDag siden

    The way ro just yEeTeD the popcorn maker box out of the way when she got the instructions 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rose Taylor
    Rose Taylor2 dager siden

    R2D2 is never a fail!! Such a win. I wish I could eat popcorn

  • Jackson Dan
    Jackson Dan2 dager siden

    U guys crack me tf up 😂😂😂😂😂

  • maggymoo
    maggymoo2 dager siden

    hey Ro!! I've been a hugeeee fan of u for a loooooooooonnnngggg time! love your content! But there's one thing that you should probably look into.... HBO max isn't available for all the countries... I'm from India and I can't watch, though i soo badly want to.. Is there any other platform I can view this at?

  • Ashley G
    Ashley G2 dager siden

    Can you do more videos with mike?

  • Ashley G
    Ashley G2 dager siden

    I love baketopia!

  • deloreanfan81
    deloreanfan813 dager siden

    "Tastes a little like silicone and a little like sadness." Lol

  • Adewale Abayomi
    Adewale Abayomi3 dager siden

    I love rossana pansino l just watched her fondant recipe and ever since l watched her videos

  • Paul Mant
    Paul Mant4 dager siden

    R2d2 is a win

  • Emma Isabella
    Emma Isabella4 dager siden

    14:23 this is so nostalgic 🥲 my grandfather would allways cut me and my siblings sandwiched with a butterfly shape.

  • Jonathan Leath
    Jonathan Leath4 dager siden

    the reason the blendjet did not work its because you didnt charge it

  • Dimond Bunny
    Dimond Bunny4 dager siden

    But were Justine

  • sao sophia
    sao sophia4 dager siden

    I never get old of her channel

  • Kou B17
    Kou B174 dager siden

    “We have a delightful donut maker toaster thingy”

  • Rithvika Sree Thirumalai
    Rithvika Sree Thirumalai5 dager siden


  • Edith Arenas
    Edith Arenas5 dager siden

    Bring my girl Justine back 🥺🥺🥺

  • SmoothieGuy
    SmoothieGuy5 dager siden

    Eww I hate Cheetos

  • music queen
    music queen5 dager siden


  • It’s Me Milani
    It’s Me Milani5 dager siden

    WHEN THEY TAKE THE CRUST OFF THE SANDWICH 😭😭 also, why do some people not like the crust like bruh thats called a cocomelon kid 🤢

  • Yippikokoxiao
    Yippikokoxiao6 dager siden

    Could have use cold milk or yoghurt for the blender

  • Harini Sahan
    Harini Sahan6 dager siden

    Ro I have that last blender it is really helpful and very smooth I don't no what happened in yours......,

  • Khushi Sharma
    Khushi Sharma6 dager siden


  • Obviously Amanda
    Obviously Amanda6 dager siden


  • Elijah Bonilla
    Elijah Bonilla6 dager siden

    1:win 2:fail 3:wail 4:unecessary 5:yes 6: yaeaieiaiaieomaybeish

  • Sabrina Macwilliams
    Sabrina Macwilliams6 dager siden

    The mixer prob had to be charged

  • Ebony Sanders
    Ebony Sanders7 dager siden

    Me and my brother and my mom might get a French bulldog.

  • جسار
    جسار7 dager siden

    ياليت اذا اترجمي للعربيه لاني اتابعك من قبل ست سنوات

  • MarTeena Adelita
    MarTeena Adelita7 dager siden

    Ro you saved me from buying that smoothie machine, thank you, lol.

  • Jenny Sherwood
    Jenny Sherwood7 dager siden

    The chip fingers is a no

  • Jenny Sherwood
    Jenny Sherwood7 dager siden

    The cake cutter is a medium

  • Jenny Sherwood
    Jenny Sherwood7 dager siden

    Donut toaster is a no

  • Jenny Sherwood
    Jenny Sherwood7 dager siden

    I look up to you you so funny 🤣

  • Jenny Sherwood
    Jenny Sherwood7 dager siden

    The star was was a win

  • ESnanners Thompson
    ESnanners Thompson7 dager siden

    He pop corn maker 10 out of 10 that looks so fun I love your videos

  • Maria Velazquez
    Maria Velazquez8 dager siden

    1. win popcorn machine/wand is a no could be better 2. donut maker could have been better it a no 3. i think it goo i say it a win but heres the thing the cake should be BIGERRR 4. can be useful but its a no 5.IS A WIN IM IN LOVE WITH ITTT 6. its a win but for little kids i say 7. recomend but could be better

  • justin aiken lee
    justin aiken lee8 dager siden

    Your wrong it supposed to be 24 hour in the mold

  • Ceci Buhrer
    Ceci Buhrer9 dager siden

    3 round win win

  • Ceci Buhrer
    Ceci Buhrer9 dager siden

    2 round fail

  • Ceci Buhrer
    Ceci Buhrer9 dager siden

    1 round win win we have 1 too

  • Fadumo Abdullahi
    Fadumo Abdullahi9 dager siden

    Being watching here for so long though

  • Tuva Gya
    Tuva Gya9 dager siden

    Is baketopia only on HBO Max? Because I want to watch it but only have HBO Nordic. And HBO max is only U.S

  • laiqa farooq
    laiqa farooq9 dager siden

    Donal: YOU MEAN YOUVE DONE THIS BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!! Ro on the inside:?!***%&@!

  • Shelby Beals
    Shelby Beals9 dager siden

    Rosanna i love your cooking videos the R2 D2 popcorn maker is a thumbs up 👍

  • Rileyplayz YT
    Rileyplayz YT9 dager siden

    Gadget 1 is a win

  • Lydia Moss
    Lydia Moss10 dager siden

    I just subbed to ur channel Donald I rlly hope you get 1 mil

    VI-B-03-HARSHITA KAUR10 dager siden

    Unfortunately HPOmax is not available in India.

  • Nuggie's World
    Nuggie's World10 dager siden

    When the video first started I saw the donut maker and thought it said "Donal Maker"... I feel so much dumber now 😂😂😂

  • Kelly ruddy
    Kelly ruddy10 dager siden

    It is win

  • sheanine de villiers
    sheanine de villiers10 dager siden

    How do They dowlod HBO.max

  • Casey Williams
    Casey Williams10 dager siden

    All win

  • Kerryn Shaughnessy
    Kerryn Shaughnessy10 dager siden


  • Cristan Shamburger
    Cristan Shamburger10 dager siden

    On the cake slicer, maybe you're supposed to use the other end the cut it? It looked straighter.

  • Giovanni Singr
    Giovanni Singr10 dager siden

    The popcorn maker was a thumb s up

  • Aarika Van Amburgh
    Aarika Van Amburgh10 dager siden

    A hack for the Cheetos use chopsticks

  • Anna M
    Anna M10 dager siden

    Ro: *quack quack quack quack* Me: Omg Ro ur so funny! lol!

  • Shauna Howard
    Shauna Howard11 dager siden

    Love ro, but hearing her say Donal instead of dough-nal. He's Irish, that's how we say it

  • Jennifer Robicheau
    Jennifer Robicheau11 dager siden

    Ro your my fav i love you i wish to have your food everyday

  • Fariha Fayaz
    Fariha Fayaz11 dager siden

    8:22 they are mating with the mold

  • kesagani rajashekar
    kesagani rajashekar11 dager siden

    Please do part 7 l want you to try apple peeler in amazon

  • Walk Along With Sami Kash
    Walk Along With Sami Kash11 dager siden


  • Jeremy Schultz
    Jeremy Schultz11 dager siden

    I will say, the blendjet you tested is not their latest model. The blendjet 2 is definitely better and worth the money. You will not have the same experience as you did the with the first model.

  • Scull_ Frog
    Scull_ Frog11 dager siden

    Oh my God, her voice has changed so much compared to first video. I love you so much.

  • Alexis Velasquez
    Alexis Velasquez11 dager siden

    Ro what do you do with the gadget that were a fail?

  • Anna M
    Anna M11 dager siden

    5:25 HUGE WIN!

  • Tintswalo Khoza
    Tintswalo Khoza12 dager siden

    I can't believe this but I have the last gadget that ro has I feel special 😘😍😆

  • Aarunya Gupta
    Aarunya Gupta12 dager siden

    I mean donal's nice and all but i honestly liked justine so much more

  • Scout Wardlaw
    Scout Wardlaw12 dager siden

    My blendjet works really well with frozen fruit and anything there really amazing

  • Minytol Spider
    Minytol Spider12 dager siden

    so boring.....

  • Natasha Williams
    Natasha Williams12 dager siden

    How I would eat chips without any on my fingers, used chopsticks XD

  • Vanessa itumeleng Smit
    Vanessa itumeleng Smit12 dager siden

    Hi where u on nailed it? 🤗

  • M Watson
    M Watson12 dager siden

    The smoothie maker Probably needed to be charged

  • Playcookieplay.26.211
    Playcookieplay.26.21112 dager siden

    Part 7

  • Chef Evie Lee
    Chef Evie Lee12 dager siden

    Wow the donut toaster is more work than the Godzilla cake😂😂😂😂 If you would’ve done the thermal fingers first you could use them with the donut toaster😂

  • Rachel Chunn Lowery
    Rachel Chunn Lowery12 dager siden

    I’m so glad you had that experience with the blend jet because I bought one and had the exact same experience and was like what am I doing wrong?! Why won’t this work? Maybe it needs to be charged so then I charged it for so long and it still didn’t work. Now I don’t feel like an idiot, the product just sucks 😂

    I AM QUOKKA13 dager siden

    *casually eating a hard boiled egg while they test the hard boiled egg shaper*

  • ZainR
    ZainR13 dager siden

    This is such a random question but what is that background music at the beginning? I always have it in my head when I take long walks.

  • Ghillie James
    Ghillie James13 dager siden

    Hi ro, I have been watching you since I was six and I am 11 now. You have been such a role model to me and I love all your videos and all have inspired me to be a cook. ( like my mum ) thank you so much for being such a lovely human being and such a role model

  • safira lazaro
    safira lazaro13 dager siden

    Meeee totally meeee

  • Maleka cookie
    Maleka cookie13 dager siden

    I have been watching her since 2013 and I have been obsessed with her and her channel so I bought some of her merch but it was worth it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😁😁😁

  • Bob Herald
    Bob Herald13 dager siden

    I prefer Crunchy Cheetos

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr13 dager siden

    OMG A R2-D2 POPCORN MAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avery Carter
    Avery Carter13 dager siden

    also, the fact that he called her MOLLY?!

  • Avery Carter
    Avery Carter13 dager siden

    i think the donut thing might work, just make the batter with the 1/3 instruction cause maybe there was too much ingredient, and then try out 2

  • ashley keeton
    ashley keeton13 dager siden

    I’ve been watching Ro since the beginning. When she was in her tiny little kitchen and I remember her playing lego Harry Potter

  • Andrea Caldwell
    Andrea Caldwell13 dager siden

    I loooooove your show I watched the hole she in 2 days

  • Kaitlyn Keczely
    Kaitlyn Keczely13 dager siden

    I wish you show was on tv

    KAILYN BENITEZ13 dager siden

    At 14:48 he had never hand a peanut butter and jelly sandwich ??????

  • R Go
    R Go13 dager siden

    Yay do more!

  • MahoganySloth
    MahoganySloth13 dager siden

    Who is this mole person

  • rotarexgirl97
    rotarexgirl9714 dager siden

    Anyone here who still watches Rosanna and remember the old times of Nerdynummies ?

  • Sidana Tahnia Tahrin
    Sidana Tahnia Tahrin14 dager siden

    Who else thinks ro should collaborate with Moriah Elizabeth ???