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We are back!
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We had so much fun #Trying all of these #Kitchen #Gadgets! There was a pretzel hot dog maker, a bag resealer, vegetable chopper, potato chip maker, and more!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    Justine and I are back with some more food gadgets! What are you doing this weekend? 😊❤️

  • Alva


    17 dager siden

    I think the potatoes were to thick.

  • I dont know what this photo means ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    I dont know what this photo means ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    19 dager siden

    Hi Ro! How’s Blueberry and Coconut?

  • Hihihihi4848


    29 dager siden

    Hi soo cool

  • Eliza Salam

    Eliza Salam

    Måned siden

    Rosanna Pansino it was so funny 😂 to watch!!

  • Eliza Salam

    Eliza Salam

    Måned siden

    So cool

  • Rhea
    Rhea57 minutter siden

    Ro and Justine are such drama queens especially for the first gadget and 4:36 just because they don’t know how to work it doesn’t mean the gadget is bad!

  • Luna Angel Rosewood
    Luna Angel Rosewood10 timer siden

    Nobody: Ro:"It comes with skewers!"

  • Laila Baxter
    Laila Baxter16 timer siden

    Who thinks they should do more off these videos Like if you agree 👍 👎

  • Taro Yamada
    Taro YamadaDag siden

    0:13 bisexual alert 😳 (She’s not bisexual... OR MAYBE SHE IS GASPPPP)

  • Selena Ishak
    Selena IshakDag siden

    Ro: turkey dog's! Both Ro and Justine: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! keeps on going

  • Vanessa Frost
    Vanessa FrostDag siden

    the 4 in1 one is awsome it works so well did you keep it

  • Victoria T
    Victoria TDag siden

    Who is watching this in Quarantine

  • Sophia kaith Vallejos
    Sophia kaith Vallejos2 dager siden

    I watch the Mac and cheese and I was laughing so hard

  • Youya Moll
    Youya Moll2 dager siden

    Omg makes me laugh every time Love, you guys!!!!!!

  • Reese Olivero
    Reese Olivero3 dager siden

    you guys are such dorks AND I FRICKIN LOVE IT

  • Trevor Vicchiariello
    Trevor Vicchiariello3 dager siden

    That scream was hilarious

  • Tara Kohut
    Tara Kohut3 dager siden

    “WHAT IN THE ACTUAL WORLD JUST HAPPENED” I’m dead love u Justine and ro

  • Shaima Hameed
    Shaima Hameed3 dager siden

    RO do have you had a bad hair day😕😕😢 don’t worry me too

  • Zoha Haider
    Zoha Haider4 dager siden

    Ro: "why would they make it if it doesn't work?" Justine:" *how many things have we tried that don't work* "

  • Ruby's life
    Ruby's life4 dager siden

    For that think you where using for the onion. You are meant to remove the leave things and then chop the onion in half :) hope that helps

  • Zoha Haider
    Zoha Haider4 dager siden

    Justine: you use you're scissors to cut dough? Ro: yea these are kitchen scissors so yea you can use them for this Justine *in embarrassment* : I use mine to unbox amazon packages

  • Nora Diep
    Nora Diep4 dager siden

    This is so funny 🤣😂😅

  • Kylie Joslin
    Kylie Joslin4 dager siden

    You made my Siri go off. lol

  • Camren Raposo
    Camren Raposo4 dager siden

    dark phoenix trailer

  • Chicken Huynh
    Chicken Huynh5 dager siden

    Everything is COMPLETELY "fine" and "normal"😅😅

  • فرح القحطاني
    فرح القحطاني5 dager siden


  • Josh GHS
    Josh GHS5 dager siden

    Hey guys its Ro that iconic intro

  • Emily Kalanithi
    Emily Kalanithi6 dager siden

    egg: *cracks on last throw!!!!*

  • Emily Kalanithi
    Emily Kalanithi6 dager siden

    i have an egg cooker totally works:)

  • Nithya Ranjan
    Nithya Ranjan6 dager siden

    Try art gadgets with justine

  • Jhan Michael Alzen Bautista
    Jhan Michael Alzen Bautista6 dager siden

    Ro:I'm just saying thats a thicc chip in my mind:Adam!! I'm not fat I'm thicc give this a like if you know who im talking about⬇️

  • Germino, Alwena
    Germino, Alwena6 dager siden

    Their reaction to the pretzel dog maker thingy had me DYING😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Matilda Loader
    Matilda Loader6 dager siden

    za warudo

    SHALINI SRIVASTAVA7 dager siden

    Ro- Justine don't do it!!! Justine - does it anyway🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Creative_ Bxilders
    Creative_ Bxilders7 dager siden

    I would go to your bakery everyday

  • Olivia Maxipup
    Olivia Maxipup7 dager siden


  • Olivia Maxipup
    Olivia Maxipup7 dager siden

    Ro : cayoti poops Justine: concentrating the POP both scream

  • Samantha Reed
    Samantha Reed8 dager siden

    Where I almost died to laughter: 4:36

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob8 dager siden

    7:w0 Justine just went and said. IM NOT GOOD AT CUTTING. Man U have a collection of various knifes.

  • Abby Jessie
    Abby Jessie9 dager siden

    Ro: gets a bunch of stuff to get eggs on plate Justine: aaaah,aaah Ro again:how... How did you do that Justine again:i burnt all my finger prints off 😹😹😹

  • Rita Tahbildar
    Rita Tahbildar9 dager siden

    I am just a kid and I touch the heating part and it is painful

  • Stuff Squad
    Stuff Squad9 dager siden

    You should do more of these vids, it's been a year since this one!

  • Harley Quinn/ Kate Hough
    Harley Quinn/ Kate Hough9 dager siden

    4:12 when Justine said "so I think it's just steam" I so badly wanted to say to her "Do you? Do you think that it's just steam Justine?" 😂😂😂

  • Isabella Marinelli
    Isabella Marinelli9 dager siden

    You should do more of these vids

  • marwa elmelegy
    marwa elmelegy10 dager siden

    More kitchen gajets

  • A2E-Z
    A2E-Z10 dager siden

    You have to cut it in have then put it in the chopper I have one and that’s the way

  • Miaw Cat
    Miaw Cat10 dager siden


  • Hannah Clawson
    Hannah Clawson11 dager siden

    Are pretzel dogs just pigs in a blanket?

  • Olivia Francis
    Olivia Francis11 dager siden

    them: I've never been to a carnival me: escape the night season 3 intensifies

  • Al Yazia Al Darmaki
    Al Yazia Al Darmaki11 dager siden

    I’m a fan

  • Carmela Wilken
    Carmela Wilken11 dager siden


  • W Pontius
    W Pontius12 dager siden

    You two are so fun to watch!

  • Valentin .21

    Valentin .21

    12 dager siden

    It’s weird that people are watching this at the same time I am lol

  • Stamford Alex
    Stamford Alex12 dager siden


  • ItsmeStout
    ItsmeStout13 dager siden

    pretty please do more of this

  • Georgiaplayz Roblox
    Georgiaplayz Roblox13 dager siden

    you should do cooking tictok hacks

  • Adeen Pervex
    Adeen Pervex13 dager siden

    Why didn’t they PEEL the potatoes??

  • Unicorn Squad!
    Unicorn Squad!13 dager siden

    4:36 omg I was laughing my mommy out of this house 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Frankiel Zergelo Acorda
    Frankiel Zergelo Acorda13 dager siden

    This is how many times the’ve screamed out of fear because of these kitchen gadgets 4:35 👇🏻 👇🏻

  • Emery Johnson
    Emery Johnson14 dager siden

    4:35 head phones users beware

  • Rehan nimnada
    Rehan nimnada14 dager siden

    You guys have gone to a carnival ESCAPEBTHE NIGHT

  • CrazyNaturekitty Live
    CrazyNaturekitty Live14 dager siden

    "We'll call it the lioness salad Grr" Me: Lionesses dont have manes....

  • Loly Orellana
    Loly Orellana14 dager siden


  • Total Harmony
    Total Harmony15 dager siden

    Me looking up to see if Justine was really in chopped 😂

  • Jessica f
    Jessica f15 dager siden

    Please do another one

  • Star Fire
    Star Fire15 dager siden

    Keep Justine away from hot thing🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • dana
    dana15 dager siden

    1 year ago today

  • Sunflower
    Sunflower16 dager siden

    It’s the anniversary of this video!

  • Rhiannon Diaz
    Rhiannon Diaz16 dager siden

    For the chopper plus you have to cut the vegetable in half then put it in there 😊 hope this helped!🙃

  • Rhiannon Diaz
    Rhiannon Diaz16 dager siden

    Her neighbors hearing them scream like 😳😳😳😳 Hi Bye 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Anaya K
    Anaya K16 dager siden

    you were suppposed to chop the onion in 4 ths first

  • Clare Ross
    Clare Ross16 dager siden

    Them: trying gadgets for the 25th time, the 400th episode , 540 Me: it’s only the 5th

  • Sydney Kolbe
    Sydney Kolbe16 dager siden

    Can you plz do pt6???

  • Rose Brien
    Rose Brien16 dager siden

    me 2020 still waiting for that bakery

  • Cassidy Ward
    Cassidy Ward16 dager siden

    back exactly a year later

  • Grace Docherty
    Grace Docherty16 dager siden

    Justine:catches almost every egg without breaking five mins later justine:drops spoon after simply holding it me:I love these guys🤣💚

  • glen judge
    glen judge17 dager siden

    they are talking about being assains me: I hope the FBI isn't watching this

  • glen judge
    glen judge17 dager siden

    they should have a collab channel called just Ro

  • glen judge
    glen judge17 dager siden

    who here came for the bad acting

  • Sasha Melnychuk
    Sasha Melnychuk17 dager siden

    make a 6 cooking gadgets video

  • GDXdominator Geo
    GDXdominator Geo17 dager siden

    7:57 Ro’s hippity sass tho 😂

  • Maysa Hadaya
    Maysa Hadaya17 dager siden

    Do a part 8 I love ❤️ you

  • Destiny Ream
    Destiny Ream17 dager siden

    i love these videos so much fun!!! ❤❤❤

  • M Nicholas
    M Nicholas17 dager siden

    Them: PART 540! Me: Part 5

  • Jaimee Hunter
    Jaimee Hunter17 dager siden

    Hi ro and husky

  • Jaimee Hunter
    Jaimee Hunter17 dager siden

    When ro says the pepper is the last thing in the saled 😂😂😂

  • Jaimee Hunter
    Jaimee Hunter17 dager siden

    Hi i love you so so much

  • Sheraz Rammal
    Sheraz Rammal17 dager siden

    11:37 I thought everyone has one and know how to use it 😐

  • Adrianna miller gacha
    Adrianna miller gacha17 dager siden

    4:36 Me:😂🤣🤣

  • FriskyFRIES 1
    FriskyFRIES 118 dager siden

    i like how ro said cucumber like coocumber

  • James Lambropoulos
    James Lambropoulos18 dager siden

    Ro:I have never been at a Carnival Also Ro:being in escape the night season three

  • Himani Amaratunga
    Himani Amaratunga19 dager siden


  • :p :p
    :p :p19 dager siden

    The screaming when the Turkey dogs flew out mad me die 🤣🤣🤣

  • Janke Cordier
    Janke Cordier19 dager siden

    Hi m a big fan and I love u

  • Ai Sha
    Ai Sha19 dager siden

    You have to cut the onion in half and then put it in

  • Ella mae
    Ella mae19 dager siden

    is it just me or did justine started sounding like a surfer dude at random poins lol

  • Nuhayla Cannon
    Nuhayla Cannon20 dager siden

    Hey I’m just wondering (no offense at alllll) but does anyone know if ro has adhd or ad or autism? I’m just wondering no hate on her personality I love it but I’m just wondering

  • PaigeMustang
    PaigeMustang20 dager siden

    Omg when the pretzel dogs jumped out, I screamed 😂😂

  • Arman Verma
    Arman Verma21 dag siden

    You have to cut the onion in half first

  • Abby Marcus
    Abby Marcus21 dag siden

    I used the watermelon thing for son's open house ..love it

  • samsamabc
    samsamabc21 dag siden

    Did Justine get injured.

  • coral reef
    coral reef21 dag siden

    Please do like a million of these its my favorite

  • k.popper
    k.popper21 dag siden

    for the chips one, you need to wash the potatoes, dry and oil them:)

  • Nithya Ranjan
    Nithya Ranjan21 dag siden

    You two make more videos only you pls

  • theodore johnson
    theodore johnson22 dager siden

    A 4’10 trained assassin 😑 8:40