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Had so much fun taking Coconut to the beach for the first time and surprising my mom with a beach picnic! Big thanks to Canon for sponsoring this video.
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Loved vlogging at the beach! #ad #Canon #beach #CoCreateWithCanon


  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino2 måneder siden

    How cute is my mom? Everyone say hi to her, this is the first time she's been on my channel! 😊❤️

  • Christine Jaison

    Christine Jaison

    2 dager siden

    Yea your mom is so cute and i can't believe you took your dogs to the beach is it their first time Rosanna

  • Popper PleZ

    Popper PleZ

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  • Pumpkin pie With A Twist

    Pumpkin pie With A Twist

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    Priyanka Sharma

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  • Maheen Zeeshan

    Maheen Zeeshan

    12 dager siden

    Hi to you mom

  • Bxnny
    Bxnny23 timer siden

    The green macaroon is pistachio :)

  • Mylin Anandula
    Mylin AnandulaDag siden

    Hi hi love you Ro

  • Christine Jaison
    Christine Jaison2 dager siden

    Rosanna i think i want to see another new video of you cooking

  • Zara Soyalp Sall
    Zara Soyalp Sall3 dager siden

    hello ro and molly's mom

  • Tobias’ Gaming Life
    Tobias’ Gaming Life3 dager siden

    Green ones are normally pistachio flavoured

  • Aishani Sahay
    Aishani Sahay4 dager siden

    I have been on Ro's channel for 5 years and I am not use to coconut but I still love her Love you cookie

  • Katelyn Miller
    Katelyn Miller8 dager siden

    Rosanna pansion movie

  • Yash Khambhayata
    Yash Khambhayata8 dager siden

    Make different channel for only vlogging.

  • PM - 09BM 714824 Judith Nyman SS
    PM - 09BM 714824 Judith Nyman SS9 dager siden

    Love your mom ro its awesome

  • Monodam The Monokub
    Monodam The Monokub11 dager siden

    Her hair looks so soft and reminds me of my aunt and this is the best thing ever. Me and her live far apart and her positivity reminds me so much of her and I don’t know she’s just good vibes-

  • Heidi A.
    Heidi A.12 dager siden

    That starter kit is 600+ dollars.

  • Owna Maye
    Owna Maye13 dager siden

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    Brittany Lewis13 dager siden

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    Karle Kaylee Pastoril13 dager siden

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  • Leia Monaco
    Leia Monaco14 dager siden

    Y’all are so cool I would love to meet you guys I have been watching since when u got cookie bless her soul any way I love u guys

  • Unstoppable Ducks
    Unstoppable Ducks16 dager siden

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    AyeAyeRon Molay17 dager siden

    Hi Mama Mia!!!! ❤️

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    Taylor Ray19 dager siden

    Ro you are so sweet 🥰

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    vedya maharaj19 dager siden

    Hi also what app do you use to edit your videos

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    Nicole Caro19 dager siden

    Hi Ro & Mo’s MAMA

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    Maria Cervantes21 dag siden

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  • Maria Cervantes

    Maria Cervantes

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  • merielle
    merielle21 dag siden

    I swear, Ro's smile is contagious for me

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    BeachQueens Smith22 dager siden

    Hi I love you so much I got my dream dog from you your dogs are so cute you make me smile and laugh and you’re an amazing baker

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    Arianna's Appetizing Adventures22 dager siden

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    GamerCrazyGirl23 dager siden

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    Krissy Cat25 dager siden

    I was hoping it was Ro telling she's pregnant!

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    Anje du Toit26 dager siden

    aaaaw your mom is so lucky too have you and molly! love you

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    Esther Olawoye28 dager siden

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  • Roise Slavin
    Roise Slavin28 dager siden

    hey ro and molly's mom ro your mom is lovely

  • Freny Surana
    Freny Surana28 dager siden

    Hi ro’s and Molly’s mom! Ur rly cute and kind ❤️

  • Darlene Fierro
    Darlene Fierro28 dager siden

    Thank u so much for this video! It was so nice and I got this kit for Christmas! I wanted this camera for my NOlocal Channel and taking pictures and videos!

  • Yourex_skatergirl Ayyy
    Yourex_skatergirl Ayyy29 dager siden

    Looking at this reminds me of cookie 🥺

  • シhayhay
    シhayhayMåned siden

    I couldnt stop smiling when ro’s mom was clapping and jumping when she saw the set up

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    meryl caseyMåned siden

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    Kerry AvezzieMåned siden

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    queen HortonMåned siden

    Your mom looke just like Mo

  • Mary Jo Creative At Heart
    Mary Jo Creative At HeartMåned siden

    That is the most beautiful picnic setup I have ever seen. Gorgeous, molly. You have an artistic flair for sure. Lovely day y'all shared. Sweet dolphin visit at the end.

  • Devil's Advocate
    Devil's AdvocateMåned siden

    You guys are amazing. I swear, all your smiles made my day and brought about smiles. Wish you all the happiness in the world♥️

  • Peachy Playz
    Peachy PlayzMåned siden

    I actually ate all of these macrons before so I know all of the flavors! Heres a list! •Raspberry •Vanilla •Lemon •Caramel •Pistachio -Orange and Mango

  • Honey Lolly
    Honey LollyMåned siden

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    Rizwana ParveenMåned siden

    Rosanna and Molly's mother is very cute I love her plzz ❤️ ❤️ ❤️RO plz make more new videos,vlogs and challenges with your mother

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    preet sainiMåned siden

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    Avie MMåned siden

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    Ruby's ChannelMåned siden

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    Brooklyn BayMåned siden

    Ro, at 5:59 your hair looked so short!! you would look super good with short hair. you're so pretty!!!

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    Dream Kai XinMåned siden

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  • -SMP- scientific method perspective
    -SMP- scientific method perspectiveMåned siden

    After all these years, we meet her mom, and she's just as sweet as Ro. No surprises here

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    Drew AlexanderMåned siden

    The dolphins randomly showing up just strengthens the theory that Ro is actually a Disney princess.

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    Lesedi MoloiMåned siden

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  • Snow
    SnowMåned siden

    That’s great with your mom. My moms 91 and I would love to be able to get her on the beach. Sea gulls here on the East coast would have done in your sweet picnic before your mom could get to it.

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    Ong YuzhenMåned siden

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  • The Amazing Sheldon Show
    The Amazing Sheldon ShowMåned siden

    This is a challenge recommendation, using that app that scans your face and tells what animals u are! I just watched one of ur vids and 1 of the questions was what type of dog you are! Sooooo, yeah! I would REALLY love if u did that! Also, love your Frenchies! OMG SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! R.I.P. Cookie and R.I.P. PapaPizza😇... Also, hope ur dogs had fun at the beach! Hehe, nothing here Also, for the 1% of people who see this, your the best🤩😛😜😝😋🤪

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    Brian LeeMåned siden

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    Steven DoyleMåned siden

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    Dayne ZeimetMåned siden

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