Rosanna Pansino NEW Bloopers and Funny Moments!

This video was heavily requested! Should I make another one???
1) Baking Bloopers:
2) Bloopers with Mo:
3) Bloopers with Guests:
4) More Bloopers:
5) Nerdy Nummies Bloopers:
6) New Bloopers and Funny Moments!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    I hope you all have a wonderful New Year! Here are some Bloopers and Funny Moments from 2019! What's your New Years Resolution? 🎉🥂🎊

  • Tucker Dunkley

    Tucker Dunkley

    20 dager siden

    Hilarious english accent, ro.

  • Lizzie Terry

    Lizzie Terry

    4 måneder siden

    I love you we much

  • Jack Fun tube

    Jack Fun tube

    6 måneder siden

    DreamPookie what is she going to do

  • Hadiya Kadir

    Hadiya Kadir

    6 måneder siden

    Do a night routine please please please

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    Melinda Mihok

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  • PM - 09BM 714824 Judith Nyman SS
    PM - 09BM 714824 Judith Nyman SSDag siden

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  • Sheranie Goerdajal
    Sheranie Goerdajal10 dager siden

    Ro : thanks again bye Me: you thank me so bye??

  • Biana Vacker
    Biana Vacker16 dager siden

    R.I.P cookie🥺😢🍪

  • ella brandow
    ella brandow18 dager siden

    When to said my fly came down a pull ups commercial comes on!!!😂😂😂

  • Princessy Vlogs By Ash
    Princessy Vlogs By Ash20 dager siden

    I love her shirt in the intro 💝 it reminds me of the outfit Ari wears in act 1 of the sweetener world tour

  • Avalovesparis330
    Avalovesparis33023 dager siden

    I fricken love Ro's laugh. It's my favorite thing EVER 💖

  • Penguin-Schlupp Studio
    Penguin-Schlupp Studio26 dager siden

    We need more bloopers!!!

  • Katherine Eng
    Katherine Eng27 dager siden

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  • Katherine Eng
    Katherine Eng27 dager siden

    It’s 2021 roe!🥳

  • Ahusaan Hussain
    Ahusaan HussainMåned siden

    Hahahahahaahaha so funny dogs hahaha

  • Hazel Sachs
    Hazel SachsMåned siden

    The majority of these are just Ro being the most wholesome person on the planet.

  • Anna Katherine
    Anna KatherineMåned siden

    Make a channel for Coconut and Blueberry

  • Ruby Dupre
    Ruby DupreMåned siden

    WAIT If she knows Anthony you think she knows Mykie cause that’s his girlfriend??? My life is complete if she does(mykie is glam and gore btw)

  • Anonymous
    AnonymousMåned siden

    You should REALLY make another blooper video for 2021... ❤️ I LOVE your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • warriorwolfprincess
    warriorwolfprincessMåned siden

    The dogs barking at Molly’s hello 🥰 I went to my mums place one night and said hello rather loudly and it startled my dog who just let out a single loud bark before she came to investigate who was in the house, she saw me and then just got so excited

  • AJC
    AJCMåned siden

    Ro:whole facts Me:😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😊😊😊🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ricardo Perez
    Ricardo Perez2 måneder siden

    Haven’t seen your videos in 5 years and the only thing I can’t get used to is you wearing makeup! Liked your earlier videos on how you looked all natural

  • Hinckley Wright
    Hinckley Wright2 måneder siden

    I love u!!! I don't make your things but I always want to!!! I love your bloopers!!! Oh and say hi to Husky for me!!!

  • Evalyn Gilland
    Evalyn Gilland2 måneder siden

    O:55 ro: from the top Me: make it drop

  • Ella Roberts
    Ella Roberts2 måneder siden

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  • Chiz Francis
    Chiz Francis2 måneder siden

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  • Paul Gangte
    Paul Gangte3 måneder siden

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  • The Future 3D
    The Future 3D3 måneder siden

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  • Ella Roberts
    Ella Roberts3 måneder siden

    2020 bloopers please?🐵🐵🐵

  • Charlotte Gibson
    Charlotte Gibson3 måneder siden

    Ro, 2020 (and the rest of the everything ever) doesn't deserve your giggles.

  • Robin C.
    Robin C.3 måneder siden

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  • Fun with Katie
    Fun with Katie3 måneder siden

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  • Liliana Garcia
    Liliana Garcia3 måneder siden

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    pinkymai 043 måneder siden

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  • music boy
    music boy3 måneder siden

    No one: Literally no one: Not even me(and that's saying something): Ro: confuses liner with weiner some how

  • יוסי לוי
    יוסי לוי3 måneder siden

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  • Rose Yeo
    Rose Yeo4 måneder siden

    i love that blueberry sticks her tongue out it is ssssssoooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Gurpreet Thind
    Gurpreet Thind4 måneder siden

    ro is sooo funny!!!

  • CreeperCon Gamer
    CreeperCon Gamer4 måneder siden

    poofy sleeves (ps I'm drinking orange juice out of a wine glass and I feel like a god)

  • Heavy-Hev
    Heavy-Hev4 måneder siden

    Blueberry’s tongue was so cute👅🥺

  • Lizzie Terry
    Lizzie Terry4 måneder siden

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  • Jpkj anand
    Jpkj anand4 måneder siden

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  • sukhi dhaliwal
    sukhi dhaliwal4 måneder siden

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  • Sithmi Edirisinghage
    Sithmi Edirisinghage4 måneder siden

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    Peter Nightingale4 måneder siden

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  • Steven Lakey

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  • Washim Akram
    Washim Akram4 måneder siden

    4:51 when u hear to saying fired she is .......

  • Abbey Bo
    Abbey Bo5 måneder siden

    Blueberry s tongue when she was little was adorable it just hangs out her mouth 😂

  • Isla MacQueen
    Isla MacQueen5 måneder siden

    Ro: 3:40 its ok👌i have a big brain Me: a minute later laughing realizing what she said

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    Anonymous Bruh or Maddie5 måneder siden

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    Nadia Amoako-Andoh5 måneder siden

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  • Mazy dog
    Mazy dog5 måneder siden

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  • Cookiemonster :P wants cookies
    Cookiemonster :P wants cookies5 måneder siden

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  • Anonymous Bruh or Maddie

    Anonymous Bruh or Maddie

    5 måneder siden

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    Annelise Spencer

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    Anonymous Bruh or Maddie

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  • Anonymous Bruh or Maddie

    Anonymous Bruh or Maddie

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  • Annelise Spencer

    Annelise Spencer

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    Emmalyn Rose5 måneder siden

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  • Annelise Spencer
    Annelise Spencer5 måneder siden

    5:47 OMG hahaha Ro thanks for making my day Also 7:03 U and mo are the cutest sisters ever Cooking moments 8:35 8:39 And there’s also a big 17 foot unicorn floating in the background Ro:I also throw rs into words that don’t have rs which is something very southern Mo:that’s very cardi b of u Ro: really? Mo:okrrrr Both:🤣🤣🤣 5:03 12:12 just helping out her little sis Snaps thingy Ahhhhh hehehehe The cutest moment is here 12:58 6:36 their so cute together 🥰🥰

  • Aneetpal Kaur
    Aneetpal Kaur5 måneder siden

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    Saepulloh asep5 måneder siden

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    Erika Eng5 måneder siden

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  • Erika Eng
    Erika Eng5 måneder siden

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    Erika Eng5 måneder siden

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    Erika Eng5 måneder siden

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  • Madilyn Ager
    Madilyn Ager5 måneder siden

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    11962 AMANAT5 måneder siden

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