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Decorating cakes to look like your friends is super fun and easy!
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Today I did the #Princess #Cake #Decorating challenge with my friend Justine Ezarik! We used the new Princess Cake Pan from my baking line. With colored frosting, fondant, and Barbie Dolls, we made them look like eachother. The cake I decorated had a pink camouflage dress with a white fondant dog and a pink iPhone. Justine's cake had a yellow dress with green top standing on the beach!
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xoxo Ro


  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino2 år siden

    Hi you guys! There was a technical glitch with this video so I had to reupload it! I hope you enjoy todays video. What's your favorite kind of cake? 😊💕 **BUY PRINCESS CAKE PAN:

  • Yency Cabrera

    Yency Cabrera

    Dag siden

    Rose I think you would because I don't like the cookie top I don't like it it's so I think you would Rose

  • Mayank Nayak

    Mayank Nayak

    Måned siden


  • Smrity Star

    Smrity Star

    Måned siden


  • Kevin Marshall

    Kevin Marshall

    Måned siden

    I'm turns get mY mum to get the pan for my birthday cake

  • Jeffeni Ami

    Jeffeni Ami

    Måned siden

    My favorite kind of cake is chocolate cake.

  • Saree Henderson
    Saree Henderson2 dager siden

    4:03 10000 dollars on the line!

  • Hoang Tran
    Hoang Tran2 dager siden

    I think the loser has to eat the cake they make and I think Justine wins 👩🏼🏆🎂

  • Rup Gun
    Rup Gun6 dager siden


  • Vivian Chan
    Vivian Chan7 dager siden

    Who saw a floating Unicorn in the pool like if u saw

  • saanvi Verma
    saanvi Verma10 dager siden

    Rosanna your cake is so beautiful

  • Tasneem Akhtar
    Tasneem Akhtar11 dager siden

    Pink doll won

  • abby jones
    abby jones11 dager siden

    They really should of done a video where they got the dresses made and tried them on

  • Ellie D
    Ellie D13 dager siden

    At the end ro finally found out that there was an empty spot she didn’t cover. 🤨😋And I saw way before ro did.

  • Sadia Bucha
    Sadia Bucha14 dager siden

    Ro you won according to me.

  • aksa mehmeti
    aksa mehmeti14 dager siden


  • Diana Thompson
    Diana Thompson23 dager siden

    I love how Justine's looks like a pineapple!

  • Adele Mansfield
    Adele Mansfield24 dager siden

    She should do a collab with Man About Cake

  • ana Kump
    ana Kump24 dager siden

    Ro missed a spot at the back🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • meme forever
    meme forever25 dager siden

    I love justine to

  • Heyyy Its Victoria
    Heyyy Its Victoria25 dager siden


  • Mahesh Kocharekar
    Mahesh Kocharekar28 dager siden


  • Savannah Jiron
    Savannah JironMåned siden

    I think Ro won this challenge

  • Smrity Star
    Smrity StarMåned siden


  • Kristy Akemon
    Kristy AkemonMåned siden


  • Tanya rose
    Tanya roseMåned siden

    4:53 the unicorn floaty at the back

  • BrandonBricks12
    BrandonBricks12Måned siden

    8:28 Roe’s cake wasn’t fullly covered!

  • Simply Fragmented
    Simply FragmentedMåned siden

    This was so much fun!

  • Rosa Fitzjohn
    Rosa FitzjohnMåned siden

    Hi you are the best

  • Precious&Peyton
    Precious&PeytonMåned siden


  • Leatherwood Bespoke Rosin
    Leatherwood Bespoke RosinMåned siden

    Both, bc u both are perfect at it, I'm bad Hehe

  • kenia Oliveira
    kenia OliveiraMåned siden

    You both win

  • Sukhnik singh
    Sukhnik singhMåned siden

    Pink cake is so cute

  • Sanaya Balchandani
    Sanaya BalchandaniMåned siden

    ro is the prefesinol of making cake and now we have another

  • Isha Hussain
    Isha HussainMåned siden

    Shut up

  • ZB - 03SR 856515 Robert J Lee PS
    ZB - 03SR 856515 Robert J Lee PSMåned siden

    What is her show called

  • lebohang lesenyeho
    lebohang lesenyehoMåned siden

    Nice 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • lebohang lesenyeho

    lebohang lesenyeho

    Måned siden


  • Yasmin Playzz_Robloxx
    Yasmin Playzz_RobloxxMåned siden


  • josue colon
    josue colonMåned siden

    My favorite was the one you made for Justine

  • Austin Myers
    Austin MyersMåned siden

    Justine won because it was her first time but i love the camo dress idea Row it’s so cute

    TANAYA CHANDAKMåned siden

    I think ro won

  • farah L
    farah LMåned siden


  • Miss Cookie Crumb
    Miss Cookie CrumbMåned siden


  • Nadeen Ismail
    Nadeen IsmailMåned siden

    Me watching the unicorn floaty at the back 👁 👄 👁

  • Zaynah Mclagonn
    Zaynah MclagonnMåned siden

    hotel california

  • عاشقة الجوري
    عاشقة الجوريMåned siden

    good 🤗😍♥♥♥

  • هديل العبيد
    هديل العبيدMåned siden

    Rose on the win

  • هديل العبيد
    هديل العبيدMåned siden


  • هديل العبيد
    هديل العبيدMåned siden


  • Jamal Ahmad
    Jamal AhmadMåned siden

    Ro won this game

  • Georges Epah
    Georges EpahMåned siden

    Can you make your own home

  • Morgan Joynt
    Morgan JoyntMåned siden

    Rome on the back there is a slip that you didn’t ice

  • Ru by
    Ru byMåned siden

    no efence but justine wins

  • Amogha B
    Amogha BMåned siden


  • Bailey Avery
    Bailey AveryMåned siden

    I think they both won bc they look beautiful and....................... I LOVE CAKE!!!!!!

  • kassie young
    kassie youngMåned siden

    No one: The unicorn floatie in the backround:

  • Abdullah khan
    Abdullah khanMåned siden


  • جمانه مختار
    جمانه مختارMåned siden

    You had five min and 32 sec

  • Buthaina Al shanfari
    Buthaina Al shanfariMåned siden

    I like both

  • The Finley Show
    The Finley ShowMåned siden

    Justine's toung is green 😂

  • Sonia Mandal
    Sonia MandalMåned siden

    Rosanna is looking like doll Who agrees

  • Abigail Johnson
    Abigail JohnsonMåned siden

    I think both of you win!

  • Sara Dunton
    Sara DuntonMåned siden

    i miss cookie

  • المعمري المعمري
    المعمري المعمريMåned siden

    واو از ذس كيك يامي👅👅👅👍👍👍🍰🍰🍰تحياتي من

  • kylxwplayzzz
    kylxwplayzzzMåned siden

    2020? 👇🏻

  • Sky Gray
    Sky GrayMåned siden

    Me: have like a MILLION barbies Ro and Justine: horrible at opening barbies and don’t know the kinds they have Me: *jaw drops*

  • Hallie Ojuroye
    Hallie OjuroyeMåned siden

    I love vids with iJ and Ro

  • Heather Midlam
    Heather MidlamMåned siden

    If I did dis I would take a HOUR(bc I will be makeing 8 pepole bc I’m makeing my HOLE family

  • thilagavathi karunakaran
    thilagavathi karunakaranMåned siden

    Rosanna u look like isabela merced

  • Willow Loves cookies
    Willow Loves cookiesMåned siden

    Justine reminds me of harley quinn cause she looks like her

  • sophie stafford
    sophie staffordMåned siden

    at 7:14 i'm was pretty sure i had OCD idk why tho and who is watching this in 2020

  • Funny Money TV
    Funny Money TVMåned siden

    Rosanna forgot one spot

  • Izzah Mawaddah
    Izzah MawaddahMåned siden

    Good morning

  • Ellie Enageli
    Ellie EnageliMåned siden

    I thought that fondant dog was a bunny

  • Balamurugan muthusamy
    Balamurugan muthusamyMåned siden

    i love justine and you rosanna

  • cute panda
    cute pandaMåned siden

    You know what Ro needs to do she needs to help out Moriah Elizabeth with the bake

  • Joyce Sanabria
    Joyce SanabriaMåned siden

    you guys both one lol itis so hard to chose

  • Isbella Schroeder
    Isbella SchroederMåned siden

    You tied

  • Farag Moussa
    Farag MoussaMåned siden

    I love them both

  • ayesha k
    ayesha kMåned siden

    Make a video of the dog you make the cake that looks say cookie and cookie or blueberry

  • Hi it’s me U-U
    Hi it’s me U-UMåned siden

    There’s a bald spot on the pink dress

  • Luisa Nahkur
    Luisa NahkurMåned siden

    Ro WIN

  • suhel rayeeny
    suhel rayeenyMåned siden

    Please give me your WhatsApp number

    DALIYAH KHALILMåned siden


  • Albert Garza
    Albert GarzaMåned siden

    Can you please make a Jesus cake something real

  • mishal mir
    mishal mirMåned siden

    I think you both won

  • Lyla McClellan
    Lyla McClellanMåned siden

    *the master chef*

  • Amad Abdulzahra
    Amad AbdulzahraMåned siden


  • Tanjila Farzana
    Tanjila FarzanaMåned siden

    i like princess rosanna cake mor

  • macca candida
    macca candidaMåned siden

    I think both won

  • dima alkhateeb
    dima alkhateebMåned siden


  • ada sezer
    ada sezerMåned siden


  • Sha Assyfe
    Sha AssyfeMåned siden

    hello! Rosana Pansino i am a new fan!!! i have been watching your video wen i was 5! now i am 9 olso i love you stay happy!!😊😊😉😍😋

  • lana c
    lana cMåned siden

    ya i sore it to

  • Alyssa Hanlon
    Alyssa HanlonMåned siden

    Anyone else saw that spot on ro’s cake lol 🍰 🎂 🧁

  • TCN_Vulture YT
    TCN_Vulture YTMåned siden

    Both did good

  • Deepthi Rhea
    Deepthi RheaMåned siden

    did anyone else notice one area rosana forgot to cover like if u did

  • TCN_Vulture YT
    TCN_Vulture YTMåned siden


  • Chloe Valton
    Chloe ValtonMåned siden

    i love you justine you are so cute

  • Disha Karthik
    Disha Karthik2 måneder siden

    I'm your dgfnm

  • Sarah Jayne Dimmick
    Sarah Jayne Dimmick2 måneder siden

    I think it was a draw.

  • Lisa Drinkwater Flowers
    Lisa Drinkwater Flowers2 måneder siden

    Spend 24 hours in a pool

  • Meherun Nahar Khan
    Meherun Nahar Khan2 måneder siden

    Ro you look fantastic

  • Lindsey Cole
    Lindsey Cole2 måneder siden

    The unicorn in the background at 2:19 lol

  • Maddison Moreno
    Maddison Moreno2 måneder siden

    Anyone else see the missing frosting spot on ro’s cake | +