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What other shows should I bake for???
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Marshmallow Fondant Recipe:
2 ½ cup plus 2 tablespoons all purpose flour
2 ¼ teaspoons baking powder
3/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup unsalted butter at room temperature
3/4 cup creamy peanut butter
1 cup plus 2 tablespoons sugar
¾ cup plus 3 tablespoons honey
3 large eggs at room temperature
1 1/2 tablespoons vanilla extract
3/4 cup whole milk
Chocolate buttercream icing
Blue and red fondant
Cocoa Puffs Cereal (or similar)
I had so much fun #Baking this Paw Patrol #Cake on this new episode of Nerdy Nummies! I used a #Decorating technique that was super quick and easy. The chocolate cereal actually looks like real dog food!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino2 måneder siden

    I hope you enjoy today's video! What's your favorite TV show??? 😊❤️

  • Harley Wills

    Harley Wills

    12 dager siden

    @Molly M. I love that show

  • Gaming_ With Fox101

    Gaming_ With Fox101

    16 dager siden

    Sam and cat and The Babysitters Vou

  • Michael brown

    Michael brown

    Måned siden

    my little pony and Jojo's bizarre adventure (the last one is an anime)

  • Kitty Noir Cheshire

    Kitty Noir Cheshire

    Måned siden

    Rosanna pansino can u make a miraculous ladybug theme cake

  • Matea Lambertus

    Matea Lambertus

    Måned siden

    Ravens home & just roll with it

  • Elina Chen
    Elina Chen2 timer siden


  • Kristina Moore
    Kristina MooreDag siden

    I like prees

  • Keeping up with the Jones’s
    Keeping up with the Jones’s2 dager siden

    Can you please make a patrol lookout cake

  • puppycornshakira
    puppycornshakira3 dager siden

    My like miraculous

  • JuDy YT
    JuDy YT3 dager siden

    Do cocomelon

  • Sibling Spectacular
    Sibling Spectacular4 dager siden

    Ro it was my brothers birthday 2 days ago and I should of made this cake for him as he loves Paw Patrol. He turned 4 years old.🐶🐶🐶🐶

  • Kiya Allen
    Kiya Allen4 dager siden

    Ummm all of them

    ARCHISA DUTTA6 dager siden

    I and my dog were watching this video and he jumped and started liking the tab

  • Ekaterina Mikhaylova
    Ekaterina Mikhaylova7 dager siden

    You are soo entertaining to wach

  • Jeremiah Hamer
    Jeremiah Hamer8 dager siden

    Rip in the chat for nerdy nummes

  • Marli Momberg
    Marli Momberg8 dager siden

    You look like a mom here

  • Bryndlee bimby Whitmer
    Bryndlee bimby Whitmer9 dager siden

    “Be careful don’t get your fingers”; Me *cuts finger*

  • PM - 09BM 714824 Judith Nyman SS
    PM - 09BM 714824 Judith Nyman SS9 dager siden

    So cute

  • N.S.Maniam Thulasi
    N.S.Maniam Thulasi9 dager siden

    My sister love paw patrol so much 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Arely Rubio
    Arely Rubio12 dager siden


  • Rania Muhammad
    Rania Muhammad12 dager siden


  • Samantha Swaim
    Samantha Swaim14 dager siden

    Can You make a Riverdale themed cake please

  • Hayley’s Hairstyles
    Hayley’s Hairstyles15 dager siden

    My brother has every paw patrol toy

  • Abigail Stilwell
    Abigail Stilwell15 dager siden

    CEO: mix IT up

    THE RANDOM NERD 4516 dager siden

    Ro it’s so cute

    THE RANDOM NERD 4516 dager siden

    If you are in the uk 1 like the comment 2 you can use coco puffs

  • Bodden Wachter
    Bodden Wachter17 dager siden

    I love it Love you all 2021

  • Evelyn Newquist
    Evelyn Newquist17 dager siden

    make a rapunzel princess cake

  • Bodden Wachter
    Bodden Wachter17 dager siden


  • 黄福海
    黄福海17 dager siden

    I Iike!

  • DaiiBabyyy
    DaiiBabyyy17 dager siden

    Okay so can you make a dog safe version of this pls🙏🏾

  • Stephanie Markham
    Stephanie Markham17 dager siden

    Hey Rosana, I have an idea for a Nerdy Nummy. So there are a lot of Pokemon themed treats that people have made; Poffins, PokePuffs, I've seen a couple PokeBlock ideas, and many more. However, what I would love to see is an attempt at making the Gigantamax form of Alcremie.

  • ScouserGirl 2015
    ScouserGirl 201517 dager siden

    looks good but i can't stand peanut butter which makes me sad especially with this stunning cake

  • Haneefa Khan
    Haneefa Khan19 dager siden

    Your voice is like CookieSwirlC 😃❤️

  • ستوديو سكك حديد مصر
    ستوديو سكك حديد مصر19 dager siden

    Really delicious 🤗

  • Elise Thompson
    Elise Thompson20 dager siden

    At the end when she ate it I was thinking Ro your making me jealous 🤣

  • Zainab Siddiqui
    Zainab Siddiqui20 dager siden

    what is nerdy nummies?

  • Layla Davidson
    Layla Davidson21 dag siden

    my brother loves paw patrol.

  • Layla Davidson
    Layla Davidson21 dag siden

    I love your videos Rosanna!

  • Emon Bora
    Emon Bora21 dag siden

    I like sky

  • Kelli Foster
    Kelli Foster22 dager siden


  • The Evil Chocolate Cookie
    The Evil Chocolate Cookie22 dager siden

    Hey, my nickname is the evil chocolate cookie. I would like to see your interpretation of an evil chocolate cookie

  • Jayasree P
    Jayasree P23 dager siden

    It was awesome

  • JOY P
    JOY P25 dager siden

    Mine was shadow hunters

  • hemi newport
    hemi newport25 dager siden


  • haider sayed
    haider sayed25 dager siden

    My favorite tv show is Paw Patrol! I watched it since I was 5! I still watch it everyday! 😂

  • chris bowers
    chris bowers25 dager siden

    You are so good at backing

  • Daisy ASMR
    Daisy ASMR25 dager siden


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    J So26 dager siden


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    Alice Pineapalice26 dager siden

    Is mo's name mosana

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    Sam Vix27 dager siden

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  • Zach The Small Blue Saddle Tank Engine Productions
    Zach The Small Blue Saddle Tank Engine Productions28 dager siden

    I know it’s a little late but can you make a Thomas related nerdy nummies, because his 75th anniversary this year

  • Cindy Daniel
    Cindy Daniel28 dager siden

    You look different

  • CepheusLu
    CepheusLu28 dager siden

    This cake recipe sounds so delish! I might use it to make my brother's cake for his birthday in late January. Minus the Paw Patrol with him being an adult and all.

  • dianagt93
    dianagt9328 dager siden

    I know I'm late but this year was my 10th birthday on the 17th and I made my own cake because I was inspired by Rosanna Pansino you are my baking idol

  • dianagt93


    28 dager siden

    I meant the 17th of December

  • Sydney Sindey
    Sydney Sindey29 dager siden

    It’s so funny because dogs LOVE peanut butter 🥜

  • Altair Estrada
    Altair EstradaMåned siden

    Make a PAW Patrol thing is going to be so delicious

  • Altair Estrada
    Altair EstradaMåned siden

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  • sandhya boyina
    sandhya boyinaMåned siden

    This is so cute🎂

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    Alexia G NunezMåned siden

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    Selma DacicMåned siden

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    susie ConleyMåned siden

    Try Reese's Puffs next time it looks like kibbles and bits

  • Tilly Jefferson
    Tilly JeffersonMåned siden

    Where do you get your bowls from? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find any! Are you in America though...I’m in Australia so that’s not going to work...

  • Jennie Savage
    Jennie SavageMåned siden

    Let’s just take a minute to just see how beautiful Ro’s makeup is! 👁👄👁

  • horror_fam08
    horror_fam08Måned siden

    Watching Ro's baking videos helps so much with my anxiety. 😌 And then trying her recipes is the icing on the cake. ☺️💕

  • Manja Beglarian
    Manja BeglarianMåned siden

    please bake a Harry Potter cake

  • Ashley Hays
    Ashley HaysMåned siden

    What is the best way to measure and cut the parchment paper for the bottom of the cake pans?


    I love how ro keeps saying " mix it up"

  • ajeesh nair
    ajeesh nairMåned siden

    What happened to Cookie I cannot see her in the dog videos from this month .

  • Heri Hermelz
    Heri HermelzMåned siden

    Ooo ok

  • Shelby Shimpa
    Shelby ShimpaMåned siden

    My brother love this

  • scenepunk09
    scenepunk09Måned siden

    A dog mom could totally do this if they are wanting to do a birthday for their dog but want something the humans can eat lol.

  • Katherine Elmore
    Katherine ElmoreMåned siden

    You should do a Dog Cake of your dog

  • hoy Li
    hoy LiMåned siden


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    Portia PetriMåned siden

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    ANDY ANDRESMåned siden

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    ANDY ANDRESMåned siden

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    Paloma OrtaMåned siden

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    Lixzadia NegronMåned siden

    It is soooooooooo cute and fun ( and delicious )

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    Tania ThomasMåned siden

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    Akarsh ManojMåned siden

    Hi Rosanna I love you channel but can you tell me what is that fondent I don't know what it is

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    Lily Rose 123Måned siden

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    deepthi SureshMåned siden

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    ixi974Måned siden

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    Madison KuipersMåned siden

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    Mabel Ferrari-AdlerMåned siden

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    bernice baraquielMåned siden

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    AmandaMåned siden

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    Sara PrincessMåned siden

    Unfortunately, I am allergic to peanuts, but I can have something called wow butter which kooks like peanut butter, tastes like peanut butter, and even smells like peanut butter, but has no peanuts. I love your videos!!!!!

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    drippy AngelMåned siden

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    Joshua RaumMåned siden

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    Joshua Raum

    Måned siden

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    Joshua RaumMåned siden

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    Joshua RaumMåned siden

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    Joshua RaumMåned siden

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    Kyla PowellMåned siden

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    Silver RaxtusMåned siden

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    Victoria AlvaradoMåned siden

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