PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE!!! Escape the Night Edition w/Joey Graceffa! #ETN4

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  • Christine Mumford
    Christine MumfordDag siden

    I think joey won

  • Home DES_Singh
    Home DES_Singh3 dager siden

    I think Joey won the game.👧🏾👩‍👧👨‍👧

  • Snow Leopard
    Snow Leopard4 dager siden

    At 0:52 Ro: I’m an angel 😇

  • Victoria Valladares
    Victoria Valladares5 dager siden

    joey: is that what you think of me

  • Anchana Rajagopal
    Anchana Rajagopal5 dager siden

    Rosanna won

  • Big Man
    Big Man6 dager siden

    Let’s use my social skills as a jet setter

  • charlotte baines
    charlotte baines6 dager siden

    Ro1and2and 3and 4and5and 6

  • Elizabeth Flores
    Elizabeth Flores7 dager siden

    I could not stop laughing when it happened a second time 🤣😂 12:59

  • Axolotl Potato
    Axolotl Potato8 dager siden

    I died when A CAKE DECORATOR messed up making pancakes 😝 love you Ro 😘

  • Wonky_ Smiles
    Wonky_ Smiles8 dager siden

    14:32 the little “no... okay” was so sad and funny, rOoOoOôOø I’m sorry lol

  • Maia Huston-McDonald
    Maia Huston-McDonald9 dager siden

    I love pancakes there so yum

  • lim geoff
    lim geoff9 dager siden

    I watched it and Rosanna died because the dinosaur bites Rosana gosh she was so damn cute bish

  • Joyce Dcunha
    Joyce Dcunha9 dager siden

    Literally only colleen survived

  • Mint Person
    Mint Person9 dager siden

    I love how she named her stuffed dog blueberry,and now her actual dog is named blueberry :D

  • Casey Fox
    Casey Fox10 dager siden

    4:14 ro your laugh is priceless

  • Casey Fox
    Casey Fox10 dager siden

    My fav episode is episode three and my least favourite is episode nine 😭😭

  • Divine Didi
    Divine Didi10 dager siden

    Why does joey have nail polis on!!!???😨😱😵😨😱😵

  • Tomas Klinger
    Tomas Klinger11 dager siden

    i Lavt

  • Tomas Klinger
    Tomas Klinger11 dager siden

    kiy jowy wan

  • matthew pedwell
    matthew pedwell12 dager siden


  • Grace Docherty
    Grace Docherty12 dager siden

    Ro accidentally killing raptor: no come on come on joey:it's gone, he's no longer with us me:that's what that stupid raptor deserves for eating up to and killing so now you can be eaten

  • A Brown
    A Brown12 dager siden

    both iiiiii love the joey one beautyy if i ever seen

  • Abby Henderson
    Abby Henderson13 dager siden

    Rosanna won in my opinion ❤️

  • Valeria Rodriguez
    Valeria Rodriguez13 dager siden


  • laura Oldroyd
    laura Oldroyd13 dager siden


  • Ritu Kapoor
    Ritu Kapoor13 dager siden

    Joey's looks like a mummy

  • Ritu Kapoor
    Ritu Kapoor13 dager siden

    None looks like a tra.....

  • Sophie Brisson-Voong
    Sophie Brisson-Voong13 dager siden

    I like the dragon in Escape the night

  • Ita Kurniawati BB
    Ita Kurniawati BB13 dager siden

    My favorit sesons is s2 e6

  • Yolanda Johnson
    Yolanda Johnson13 dager siden


  • Patrick Crowe
    Patrick Crowe14 dager siden

    Sorry roe i think Joey one first round

  • Matt Walls
    Matt Walls14 dager siden

    I just finished watching season 4 my favourite episode was I Can't choose but my least favorite was prehistoric dinosaurs one because one of my favorite characters died 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Margareth Pimentel
    Margareth Pimentel14 dager siden

    this is so funny hahahahahahaha

  • Alyssa Hanlon
    Alyssa Hanlon15 dager siden

    Omg four exploded

  • Snow Leopard
    Snow Leopard15 dager siden

    I love their friendship ❤️

  • Gacha kid
    Gacha kid15 dager siden

    Rosanna: ready...set...PANCAKE!! *not even 30 seconds later* *C H A O S*

  • Molly Chopra
    Molly Chopra15 dager siden

    Ro:Joey your key is so beautiful 🤩 Joey: urs look like a poo with a corn in it

  • Fathima Vk
    Fathima Vk16 dager siden

    I love ro's dinosaur

  • xxPug Playzxx
    xxPug Playzxx16 dager siden

    Joey’s face when RO MESSED UP :🤬

  • tiara rawit
    tiara rawit16 dager siden


  • PenywiseKitty99
    PenywiseKitty9917 dager siden

    My Favorite episode is when Rosana hugged matt and she was so exited to see him they look like a couple

  • Fluffy Ratッ
    Fluffy Ratッ19 dager siden

    that looks like a slipper

  • Love Lulu Vlog
    Love Lulu Vlog19 dager siden

    5:45 Roesanna: cerchophoca chercephacu chercaphe cherchopher Me:JUST SHUT UP

  • Love Lulu Vlog
    Love Lulu Vlog19 dager siden


  • Abigail Cunyus
    Abigail Cunyus20 dager siden

    (key: Joey). ( Egiption coffin: Ro). ( S.A.E: Joey). ( Dino: Joey) ya ima say joey won

  • Devu1502
    Devu150220 dager siden

    Who else thinks joey and Ro are the most funniest people together lmaooooo

  • The Good Place #1 Fan!
    The Good Place #1 Fan!21 dag siden

    I was JUST watching escape the night I'm addicted

  • Whaley Whale
    Whaley Whale22 dager siden

    Ro is alwayd adorable in ESCAPE THE NIGHT i still cant believe that she keep on diying :(

  • Sam Arzean
    Sam Arzean24 dager siden

    I love the season 4 episode 8

  • Robina Silva
    Robina Silva25 dager siden

    The Chinese wedding one

  • life of bolo Kiwi
    life of bolo Kiwi25 dager siden

    Rosanna is the sweetest cinnamon roll ever 🥺💕

  • maddison Harris
    maddison Harris28 dager siden

    The pop scene me

  • Rawdah Abdullah
    Rawdah AbdullahMåned siden

    joey is the winner

  • Rawdah Abdullah

    Rawdah Abdullah

    Måned siden

    the beast pancake is Rosanna pancake of joey

  • Natalie Arita
    Natalie AritaMåned siden

    Joeys pancake looks like me 😂🤣

  • Christine Ham
    Christine HamMåned siden

    even though I really like ro I think joey won

  • Letha Smith
    Letha SmithMåned siden

    Ro tore up that dinosaur like it did her in the show Who else is here in 2020

    TERESA STEVENSMåned siden

    will there be another season

  • Abbie Hartnett
    Abbie HartnettMåned siden

    Ro by far won the second last one. 🤣😂😁😉🥱😴😴😴🤤

  • Lovely Chan
    Lovely ChanMåned siden

    *I'm obsessed with the series XD*

  • Night Lander
    Night LanderMåned siden

    Nikita be lookin sexy in Season 4 Ngl

  • Yoselyn Altamira-Moreno
    Yoselyn Altamira-MorenoMåned siden


  • Abby Harlow
    Abby HarlowMåned siden

    Those dinosaurs killed you to in escape the night

  • Juana Mintardja
    Juana MintardjaMåned siden

    Ro i feel sorry for you but didn’t you get killed by the witches and that part is creepy and sad 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😭😢😱😱😱😨

  • christiana riggins
    christiana rigginsMåned siden

    Joey you cant just vote yourself wait you can

  • Yasmeen Bhayat
    Yasmeen BhayatMåned siden

    Rosanna pansino

  • Chris Youknow
    Chris YouknowMåned siden

    Rip Justine S1 to S4

  • Patrick Zhou
    Patrick ZhouMåned siden

    Ro can you do a nighttime routine??

  • roblox life
    roblox lifeMåned siden

    How come manny is not in season 4?

  • Alan Carranza
    Alan CarranzaMåned siden

    All of escape the night

  • Honeyluv Maria
    Honeyluv MariaMåned siden

    I cried when you died 😭😢🥺

  • Bunni
    BunniMåned siden

    I wish the show could come back. ❤️

  • Family Fam
    Family FamMåned siden

    Actully i really love the muffin hat that ro had it was so cute!!

  • Analee Del Valle
    Analee Del ValleMåned siden

    I was so sad when cinnamon Ro died in S4.

  • Aseel Aadossery
    Aseel AadosseryMåned siden

    Joey did better witch is a bit shocking but beautiful ....... he was complementing her 😝🥰by the way

  • Jana Almutairi
    Jana AlmutairiMåned siden

    Sorry ro won 💖❤️🧡💛💚💙💜😍🤩🦄🌈✌️

  • Sumitha Mathew
    Sumitha MathewMåned siden

    I think joey won

  • Colette Wilson
    Colette WilsonMåned siden

    i liked joeys dinosar the best so i think that ro is going to win sorry joey

  • Carrie Chan
    Carrie ChanMåned siden

    ha ha

  • Jada Thomas
    Jada ThomasMåned siden

    i started watching only season 1 of ETN like 2 or 3 days ago so please dont spoil it for me and im wondering joey i see episodes in diff seasons are there more people added cause some died or no well please answer my comment i never get noticed on yt

  • chiro tou
    chiro touMåned siden

    Escape the night made me cry 10 times i cant i was Like crying for a half off an hour bc U died and like my fav is the second last and the last i wachted evrything but Love you

  • Aphmau Redfox
    Aphmau RedfoxMåned siden

    * Joey bottle pops Ro: *laugh Karma: hold my raptor

  • Yoshipower 1057
    Yoshipower 1057Måned siden

    Here’s a note. In season 4 of ETN, Ro died in a dinosaur related episode. Ro was in a show called “Nailed it” as a judge. And the episode was *Dinosaur related* See a reference?

  • Bloody Bee
    Bloody BeeMåned siden

    My favorite episode was the one where everyone had to trade coins and the one with the least would die by the bird man Also, can you do a witch-themed cake with Joey? Maybe with the bells on the strings or poisoned apples or the witches brew? I know that might bring up some gross memories but I think it would be awesome

  • Felicity Summerfield
    Felicity SummerfieldMåned siden

    Were is the link

  • Terin Laux
    Terin LauxMåned siden

    Why is it that I almost cried when do died the first and second time 🥺

  • Hina Farrukh
    Hina FarrukhMåned siden

    By the way love your vids 🥰

  • Hina Farrukh
    Hina FarrukhMåned siden

    Joey won most

  • Ember BloodClaw
    Ember BloodClawMåned siden

    Joey won

  • Sarah Baila Solarsh
    Sarah Baila Solarsh2 måneder siden

    my favorite pancake was Ro

  • Cece Arreguin
    Cece Arreguin2 måneder siden

    Ro's Dino got de capitadid

  • Dragonfyre 39
    Dragonfyre 392 måneder siden

    When joey said "plot twist rosanna is the villian" I thought about Matpats film theory esacpe the night theory

  • SCB Marasinghe
    SCB Marasinghe2 måneder siden

    I love joey's 👍

  • Jesse Karic
    Jesse Karic2 måneder siden

    When Do said to not forget her white glove I thought of the kids e episode and when she said "WE HAVE A WHITE GLOVE! PARLAY"

  • Kimberly Rodriguez
    Kimberly Rodriguez2 måneder siden

    I like both of you guys you guys made my day thx rose and Joey

  • Lokesh paul
    Lokesh paul2 måneder siden

    Ro is more shady about SAE than she should about raptors 😂😂😂😂

  • Lokesh paul
    Lokesh paul2 måneder siden

    Ro is so shady about SAE 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rhianna Salisbury
    Rhianna Salisbury2 måneder siden

    Joey cant u remember the rusty key???? Lol

  • Anisha The bee
    Anisha The bee2 måneder siden

    I loved ro’s laugh

  • Avril Buchan
    Avril Buchan2 måneder siden

    When I randomly turned on the subtitles it said roll instead of ro

  • Mariah Fisher
    Mariah Fisher2 måneder siden

    We wanna see Lizzie in Season 5💌