Our Wedding Vows *emotional*

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This recipe is amazing!
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1 ¾ cups flour
2 tsp. baking powder
¼ tsp. baking soda
½ tsp. salt
1 cup almond milk
1 tsp. apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp. applesauce
1/3 cup + 2 tbsp. sugar
¼ cup vegetable oil
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1/3 cup flour
2/3 cup brown sugar
1 tsp. cinnamon
¼ cup vegan butter, chilled
GLAZE (Optional):
¼ cup powdered sugar
2-3 tsp. almond milk
This #Vegan #Coffee #Cake is absolutely delicious! I would highly recommend baking this cake.
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    What a beautiful wedding 😂

  • Sean Hazell

    Sean Hazell

    29 dager siden

    @Amelia Mayse oh yes but what a shame

  • XxCreativityxX


    Måned siden

    P!ATD fans? Anyone?

  • Noelle Texidor

    Noelle Texidor

    5 måneder siden

    Agreed 👌🏼

  • K. Hizzle

    K. Hizzle

    5 måneder siden

    What was your boyfriend’s reaction? 🤣

  • ava the swaggy simp

    ava the swaggy simp

    6 måneder siden

    what a beautiful wedding says a brides maid to a waiter yes but what a shame what a shame the poor grooms bride is a 🤫

    》FROSTY TOAST《22 dager siden

    When to bring up angry birds 2 he should have brong up escape the night

  • Toby Trittschler
    Toby TrittschlerMåned siden

    Does anyone else remember when the channel was still called nerdy nummies

  • xStellar ඞ
    xStellar ඞMåned siden

    *I love this human.* Don't we all, Ro.

  • Erina Ethila
    Erina Ethila2 måneder siden

    No one: Anthony: I'll ALWAYS be here to "spread" your StrUsO

  • Janina Kaufmann
    Janina Kaufmann3 måneder siden

    As Streusel is a german word, it is pronounced more like Stroysel, not strewsel.

  • Anissa Valentino
    Anissa Valentino3 måneder siden


  • Hannah Libby
    Hannah Libby3 måneder siden

    You can’t spell professional without Ro

  • Minty Emerald
    Minty Emerald4 måneder siden

    coffee cake is cake you dip or pour coffee on too

  • Raj Prathap
    Raj Prathap4 måneder siden


  • Jojo Love
    Jojo Love4 måneder siden

    Donald Watson coined the term vegan in 1944 It feels crazy cause 100% there were people eating all vegan before 1944 so why wasn’t it named before that?

  • Stryder Elite
    Stryder Elite5 måneder siden

    Does anyone else miss Anthony’s old emo hair?

  • Steven Harper
    Steven Harper5 måneder siden

    When I saw the title I was freaking out! But then I remembered that wait, she can’t be cheating on Husky right in front of his eyes

  • Steven Harper
    Steven Harper5 måneder siden

    Anthony did the Mr.Beast three balloons challenge with the Odds1sout and Jainden Animaions

  • K. Hizzle
    K. Hizzle5 måneder siden

    Anthony: “...we have got one shot...” Me: *thinks of Hamilton*

  • riley busse
    riley busse5 måneder siden


  • K. Hizzle
    K. Hizzle5 måneder siden

    This hurt my brain a bit because in my mind Husky is the only man for Ro I know that Rosky haters are waiting to hate but let me just say that Rosanna and Mike are happy and that’s what matters Sorry for the long comment

  • zoe breedlove
    zoe breedlove6 måneder siden

    I have the last name problem!! My last name is Breedlove but people say it is Breadlove!

  • K. Hizzle

    K. Hizzle

    5 måneder siden

    I have the same problem with mine

  • Z Mythos
    Z Mythos7 måneder siden

    I find it kinda cute that Ro has a Mike and Anthony has a Mykie. ^_^

  • Thomas Rodil
    Thomas Rodil7 måneder siden

    What happened to hin emo hair😞

  • Rylie Begley
    Rylie Begley7 måneder siden

    I am so excited to try this recipe it looks so good!

  • Lizz K
    Lizz K7 måneder siden

    Anyone here after Mykie and Anthony announced they're dating? No? Just me? Ight

  • kathia j. diaz
    kathia j. diaz7 måneder siden

    They are platonic soulmates change my mind

  • r st
    r st7 måneder siden

    i saw this and i was like "your WHAAAAAt? does mykie know about this?"

  • K. Hizzle

    K. Hizzle

    5 måneder siden

    I was like, “does Husky know about this!!!”

  • ElizaBancroft
    ElizaBancroft7 måneder siden

    Anthony talking about how people with the same last name as him pronounce it wrong reminds me that when I turned 16 years old I realised I was pronouncing my last name wrong the whole time.

  • Terrah Bruner
    Terrah Bruner8 måneder siden

    Avatar the Last Airbender recipe please

  • Oog Boog
    Oog Boog8 måneder siden

    Shoulda made a pink frosted sprinkled donut

  • Abrianna
    Abrianna8 måneder siden

    We’re not married... Yet PLEASE GET MARRIED I SHIP IT

  • Abrianna
    Abrianna8 måneder siden

    Why are they an iconic couple but not even together... I still ship it!

  • K. Hizzle

    K. Hizzle

    5 måneder siden

    I think Ro and Mike because they are sooooooo cute together

  • Elizabeth Schuyler
    Elizabeth Schuyler8 måneder siden

    Wait, isn’t your Bf filming

  • storytelller
    storytelller8 måneder siden

    I made the coffee cake today....This is YUMMMMMMM! So tasty! Thanx for sharing it!

  • Priscilla Rodriguez
    Priscilla Rodriguez8 måneder siden

    Y’all remember when smosh was a thing 🥺🥺🥺

  • Janyse Cendejas
    Janyse Cendejas8 måneder siden

    They’re so cringey not hate just saying I cringed 😂💘

  • skin head
    skin head8 måneder siden

    anthony : 20 sumthing rossana: 34 *title* : our wedding vows: age doesnt matter

  • Marleyopolis
    Marleyopolis8 måneder siden


  • Brenna Jo
    Brenna Jo9 måneder siden

    Ro and Anthony: *say their vows* Mykie and Husky: well....okay....... so that’s a thing

  • K. Hizzle

    K. Hizzle

    5 måneder siden


  • Olivia O’Connor
    Olivia O’Connor9 måneder siden

    But don’t you have a boyfriend

  • K. Hizzle

    K. Hizzle

    5 måneder siden

    She does it’s a joke ( still my brain hurts )

  • Rommel Erombo Cantila
    Rommel Erombo Cantila9 måneder siden

    What a beautiful wedding Ro,😂😂

  • Rommel Erombo Cantila
    Rommel Erombo Cantila9 måneder siden

    Anthony: were not married.... Yet.. me; wait.... What!?

  • Rommel Erombo Cantila
    Rommel Erombo Cantila9 måneder siden


  • gay_girl 58
    gay_girl 589 måneder siden

    "Yes give me it please put it in me"

    SALAMI9 måneder siden

    Can you use normal milk instead of buttermilk?

  • Matilda Cat
    Matilda Cat9 måneder siden

    "I'm gonna look in your eyes." 😳😲👁️👃👁️

  • cherry kuma
    cherry kuma9 måneder siden

    I SHIP THIS SO HARD NGL At the back of my head: b-but you ship matpat x rosanna

  • Thank,u next

    Thank,u next

    7 måneder siden

    Mat is with Stephine Ro is with mike and Anthony is with Mykie

  • Elegant _Melody
    Elegant _Melody9 måneder siden

    This friendship is EVERYTHING 😂❤️

  • Faith Lippincott
    Faith Lippincott9 måneder siden

    I have a friend that has Padilla as a last name and I call her Padildo so for those who don't know how to pronounce his last name just call Ant Padildo.

  • CNiss20
    CNiss209 måneder siden

    why is it called wedding vows

  • Marleyopolis
    Marleyopolis9 måneder siden

    Get In there applesauce... GET IN THERE APPLESAUCE

  • Lily Reynolds
    Lily Reynolds9 måneder siden

    Miss Rosanna Padilla

  • K. Hizzle

    K. Hizzle

    5 måneder siden

    If they are “married” then she is Mrs.

  • Lisl
    Lisl10 måneder siden

    If Ro was a Spice Girl she would be Pumpkin Spice or Chai Spice

  • Thacker White
    Thacker White10 måneder siden

    i’m so confused i thought husky was dating ro

  • K. Hizzle

    K. Hizzle

    5 måneder siden

    She is it’s a joke

  • Olivia Arambel
    Olivia Arambel10 måneder siden

    Woah Anthony cool it down

  • that one cool kid
    that one cool kid10 måneder siden

    He do b giving off Trent Garrett vibes (google him)

  • izzy thompson
    izzy thompson10 måneder siden

    Does anyone ever watch a collab video and not know who the other person is but then a few months later you start watching the person's videos and then rewatch the collab Because same

  • Altynay Begim
    Altynay Begim10 måneder siden

    Ro I want to be you when I grow up so can you tell where you learned to bake

  • Ruby Vargas
    Ruby Vargas10 måneder siden

    what does spread your streusel mean lol

  • Rachelle :3
    Rachelle :311 måneder siden

    I have the same problem Ro and Anthony. I’ve been there

  • K. Hizzle

    K. Hizzle

    5 måneder siden


  • SGT
    SGT11 måneder siden

    wait...John Snow can cook!? YOU KNOW NOTHING JOHN SNOW!

  • CloudBomb3r
    CloudBomb3r11 måneder siden


  • Soupy_
    Soupy_11 måneder siden

    Ro: “Anthony do you have any cute nick names?” Anthony: *Sweats in Padildo*

  • Mohammad Misleh
    Mohammad Misleh11 måneder siden

    I subscribe to both of you rosanna!

  • party player
    party playerÅr siden


  • Ryan
    RyanÅr siden

    Well Anthony,technically padilla in the Philipines is pronounced padillia and it's not wrong,it's just our way of saying it

  • Coliyllahnnah T.
    Coliyllahnnah T.År siden

    anyone else see elliot from the magicians?

  • Tired Tracie
    Tired TracieÅr siden

    Everyone also has a hard time saying my last name, its "Espina" but they they say it Espeña-

  • Wolfie Issy
    Wolfie IssyÅr siden


  • JustJamin
    JustJaminÅr siden

    No wonder he looks so fimalar, I watch is channel

  • Galacticmoonwolf
    GalacticmoonwolfÅr siden

    In the UK we have coffee cake that has coffee in it and in the icing. I hate coffee but I love coffee cake

  • Naomi Lul
    Naomi LulÅr siden

    Oh look, it's dan howell.

  • Tiny Burciago
    Tiny BurciagoÅr siden

    I wonder if she knows about Derek Gerard being in love with her.

  • K. Hizzle

    K. Hizzle

    5 måneder siden

    ??? Please explain

  • lola everts
    lola evertsÅr siden

    next with mykie plsssss

  • Toni
    ToniÅr siden

    Everything can be with coffee ay?... Cheese and coffee

  • ღBasically Lelaღ
    ღBasically LelaღÅr siden


  • Rachel
    RachelÅr siden

    *mykie has entered the chat*

  • Rachel R
    Rachel RÅr siden

    Bro I actually ship it ❤️❤️❤️

  • WastedGTAZ
    WastedGTAZÅr siden

    I’m so upset “I had a vegan video with Anthony before like 4 years ago” THEY CUT OUT IAN I MISS SMOSH

  • WastedGTAZ
    WastedGTAZÅr siden

    Anthony looks like a short hair Dan avidan

  • Zodiac Annan
    Zodiac AnnanÅr siden

    It's funny that Anthony and Ro are dating someone named Micheal, Mykie/Mike

  • Addison Putts

    Addison Putts

    9 måneder siden

    Omg I just released that XD

  • Ana Carolina Canelas
    Ana Carolina CanelasÅr siden


  • Addison Putts

    Addison Putts

    9 måneder siden


  • Abilicious Bakery
    Abilicious BakeryÅr siden

    You and Anthony should start a podcast It’s would be hilarious 😆

  • Alexandria Mitchell
    Alexandria MitchellÅr siden

    He is handsome. I definitely getting Jon Snow vibes from Anthony...

  • Hano Aj
    Hano AjÅr siden

    The laugh in the background sounds like Mikye right? Glam and Gore

  • Hano Aj

    Hano Aj

    År siden

    Emma Embrey at 16:00 when he said his butt turned on the stove 😂

  • Emma Embrey

    Emma Embrey

    År siden

    What part?

  • Charlize
    CharlizeÅr siden

    While I was watching the video I got a ad about a bakery who has now VEGAN CAKES! WHAT A COINCIDENCE!

  • Flaming Roses
    Flaming RosesÅr siden

    OMG Ro please do a colab with man about cakes's Joshua John Russell

  • dangasky
    dangaskyÅr siden

    anthony and ro... my bisexuality is showing

  • Mariumrizi Channel
    Mariumrizi ChannelÅr siden

    Recipe in grams! Please

  • Şpŕįñğłøçķ
    ŞpŕįñğłøçķÅr siden

    Okay, I've been saying both your names correctly HOORAY XDDD Like, it's Pan-seen-o and Pah-dee-uh

  • Kayla Cat
    Kayla CatÅr siden

    When there’s more chemistry with a guest than she has with her actual boyfriend

  • renagade septiceye
    renagade septiceyeÅr siden

    Anthony is so dramatic because vegans don't get actually good food

  • Redacted Name
    Redacted NameÅr siden

    Where's husky?

  • Andrew S
    Andrew SÅr siden

    Collab with Matthew Santoro!!

  • Bearbombastic
    BearbombasticÅr siden

    I'm going to try this, wish me luck! xD

  • bbh_
    bbh_År siden

    Anthony can know nothing and i'd say Thank you.

  • Gaby Olguin
    Gaby OlguinÅr siden

    Gonna try to make it but gonna have to switch some ingredients because I don't have them. I hope this won't change the flavor or anything.

  • K
    KÅr siden

    Don't act like smosh didn't happen

  • YoYo ASMR
    YoYo ASMRÅr siden

    Wth! Anthony from smosh looks like an indie band member

  • Karen Valenzuela Aguirre
    Karen Valenzuela AguirreÅr siden

    Why doesn’t anyone ever say how freaking hot Anthony is?!? Like my goddd 😍😍😍

  • s0.fia_x
    s0.fia_xÅr siden

    literally started watching his channel before I saw this isnt that great. I havent watched her in a long time and I was like wait.. i that Anthony-?? IT ISSS and so I watched and I loved it!

  • no yes
    no yesÅr siden

    What waht do u know what hevin smells like

  • Danny Corella
    Danny CorellaÅr siden

    B A B I E