OMG! My NEW HBO Show! *Baketopia* Trailer

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IM SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU! Baketopia is out March 25th!
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I hope you enjoy this #Trailer for my new #HBO #TV show 'Baketopia'! This is a show I have been working on for almost 2 years! A big thanks to 'B17' for producing the show and to HBO for making this all possible! I am so excited for you guys to be able to watch the entire first season on March 25th!


  • Stardustpearls
    Stardustpearls3 dager siden

    I have been a Rosanna Pansino fan since you started and am excited for your show and can not watch it HBO max is not available in my country

  • Tejal Mohanlal
    Tejal Mohanlal6 dager siden

    Hi, pls can someone tell me where to I can watch Baketopia besides hbomax? Thx 😁

  • Joe Gallo
    Joe Gallo6 dager siden

    How do we watch it if we are in Australia

  • Aadhya Sharma
    Aadhya Sharma8 dager siden

    Put it on Netflix

  • scherene basheer
    scherene basheer8 dager siden

    Bake land

  • Xi-Ane ROETS
    Xi-Ane ROETS9 dager siden

    When is the launch I can't wait it's my April 20 or the 12 and I'm like waiting

  • Xi-Ane ROETS

    Xi-Ane ROETS

    9 dager siden

    Sorry couldn't talk I was busy watching watching the video therefore I could not speak

  • Zak
    Zak9 dager siden

    I wont to watch it so badddd. But it is not avalable in where in live.😢😢😭😭😭

  • floop
    floop9 dager siden

    I’m so annoyed... I really wanted to watch this but even if I had an HBO max subscription I wouldn’t be able to watch it, because I’m in Australia...

  • Emma Nesbit
    Emma Nesbit10 dager siden

    It's kinda like nailed it

  • ryna shahid
    ryna shahid10 dager siden

    if yall dont have HBO max than i know a website which has all episodes of Baketopia called "tinyzone" its free and no sign up required thank me later :)

  • Zoey ALexandra
    Zoey ALexandra10 dager siden

    so your new show is like the show nailed it on neflix right

  • tayyaba imtiaz
    tayyaba imtiaz11 dager siden

    Hi this is my first comment I love your vedio's but HBOmax is not available in Pakistan so how can I watch your show.Love from Pakistan

  • Musfira atif
    Musfira atif11 dager siden

    How to use or what to do in it

  • Musfira atif

    Musfira atif

    11 dager siden

    I live in Pakistan so can I download the app

  • Musfira atif

    Musfira atif

    11 dager siden

    Plz tell

  • Ava Dooney
    Ava Dooney11 dager siden

    Is it on Netflix

  • ʎpoqou
    ʎpoqou11 dager siden

    The guy in the first episode looks like the gay Lil Pump

  • Mira Sobhy
    Mira Sobhy11 dager siden


  • Llama Toaster
    Llama Toaster11 dager siden

    3:29 trailer

  • OP Gamer
    OP Gamer12 dager siden

    I don't have any problem if you wear a sweat suit

  • rorielle
    rorielle13 dager siden

    When HBO MAX is not avaliable in my country... uhm. Im a big fan sitting here alone... ;c

  • Lisa Zhong
    Lisa Zhong13 dager siden

    Do anyone know the code for baketopia

  • Hunter Poke
    Hunter Poke13 dager siden


  • Trisha313
    Trisha31314 dager siden

    I just got HBO! Deff will watch

  • Creative Aesthetics
    Creative Aesthetics14 dager siden

    where can we see the baketopia season

  • Pink clouds
    Pink clouds15 dager siden

    I wish I had hbo

  • Kaleb
    Kaleb15 dager siden

    congrats ro!!!

  • Alyssa Jiang
    Alyssa Jiang15 dager siden

    It reminds me of James Charles’s show instant influencer

    HARIPRIYA KAPUR16 dager siden

    This should be on netflix

  • Lizzie Christiansen Young
    Lizzie Christiansen Young16 dager siden

    He only question I have is it when is it going to be released I have been a big fan of you for a long time and every time you don’t upload I will sit in bed trying to figure out which video I’m going to watch of yours but yeah when is it going to be released???? 😘🤗🌸xxxxxxx

  • Christine Gwadiso
    Christine Gwadiso17 dager siden


  • Sayda Rahman
    Sayda Rahman17 dager siden

    No I don't can wear whatever u want cuz I know I'll look cute and pretty in anything 😘💜

  • gacha ash playzYT
    gacha ash playzYT17 dager siden

    Plsss tell me it will go on Netflix ssss

  • Yoonie
    Yoonie17 dager siden


  • Anika Suklikar
    Anika Suklikar18 dager siden

    I love your Ro but don't u think your just copying NAILED IT i mean you were on an episode of it butt don't u think its a little odd i'm not delivering any hateeee but Rosanna i think if u dont take this down ur gonna be in big trouble. Btw I LOVE YOUUU

  • Myhari Parker
    Myhari Parker19 dager siden

    i love your show i have been a fan since i was like four i love when you made that elsa and anna cake and now your coming out with baketopia omg i like litterly love you right now

  • TechBoy
    TechBoy20 dager siden

    Hi! I’m your fan from India! Too bad we don’t have hbo 😔 I would’ve loved to watch your show

  • Ridha Zainab
    Ridha Zainab21 dag siden

    Woww ro looking so forward for baketopia💞💞

  • Nahediya Haroon
    Nahediya Haroon21 dag siden


  • Nahediya Haroon
    Nahediya Haroon21 dag siden

    Why does it show that the episode is block in my country😭

  • marvin lett
    marvin lett21 dag siden

    While I am so excited for you ro there's something I am worried about does this mean you're gonna leave your NOlocal channel nerdy mummies for good?

  • r m
    r m21 dag siden

    i started watching baketopia, and it's addicting af!!

  • C̶o̶r̶r̶u̶p̶t̶e̶d̶ M̶i̶s̶t̶i̶c̶o̶r̶e̶
    C̶o̶r̶r̶u̶p̶t̶e̶d̶ M̶i̶s̶t̶i̶c̶o̶r̶e̶22 dager siden

    Will the show be on Netflix too

  • Natal Jondi
    Natal Jondi22 dager siden

    please give us more episodes

  • Abdullah M. A
    Abdullah M. A22 dager siden

    I love it omg

  • Clarissa C
    Clarissa C22 dager siden

    My favorite baking show format!!! 😍

  • Mae Portelli
    Mae Portelli22 dager siden

    I can't watch it because when u was going to download it, it said that in my country it can't download 😭😭

  • waniya umer
    waniya umer22 dager siden

    Wait ro can international ppl watch this ???? Bc I'm from Pakistan ......

  • Mystique Jade
    Mystique Jade23 dager siden

    It isn't available for many countries ro, as a supporter of urs since the start this makes me very upset :

  • Sysia Misia
    Sysia Misia23 dager siden

    I'm so sad that I can't watch it in Poland ;/

  • Corrie DeLisle
    Corrie DeLisle23 dager siden

    You are is amazing I love you

  • Scott Santos
    Scott Santos23 dager siden

    Can she upload it on NOlocal as a NOlocal original

  • 15y.osakatwins
    15y.osakatwins23 dager siden

    U deserve it so much congrats Queen ❤👏

  • Jonathan Fairchild
    Jonathan Fairchild23 dager siden

    What a journey. I remember trying one of her recipes after her appearance on Coffeh Time when I was a wee lad.

  • Chocolate chips
    Chocolate chips24 dager siden

    I can’t see it I don’t have HBO max

  • Mark Roice
    Mark Roice24 dager siden

    The clip where ro comes out from a cake was just like when Miranda hit 10 million tic tok followers

  • Loretta Yao
    Loretta Yao24 dager siden

    When will it be out where will it be out on Netflix?

  • PandaHannah Vlogs
    PandaHannah Vlogs25 dager siden


  • PandaHannah Vlogs
    PandaHannah Vlogs25 dager siden

    I can't watch it where I live, hbi max, please! Let me watch it in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😭😭😭😭😭

  • Icecreampro 5432
    Icecreampro 543225 dager siden

    Did you be a judge in nailed it

  • Clare Louise
    Clare Louise25 dager siden

    I can’t afford hbo max

  • Zaina Al Freij
    Zaina Al Freij25 dager siden


  • Valentina Legreca
    Valentina Legreca25 dager siden

    SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Absar Farogh
    Absar Farogh25 dager siden

    I gave watched 2 episodes I love baketopia I love ur teal dress that mate be my fav

  • applejuice
    applejuice25 dager siden

    You should add it to Netflix!!

  • Mubashar Mahmood
    Mubashar Mahmood26 dager siden

    Can't wait until it launches 😄😣😆 If I am not able to watch it within the our it will take place then I am not going to watch NOlocal for the next day lol 😅😡😥

  • Patricia Argueta
    Patricia Argueta26 dager siden

    Check out @leonardoughs ! his sweets are bomb!

  • EclipseUnderCover 3
    EclipseUnderCover 326 dager siden

    Cookies on my plate why you gotta make me wait? I’ve just been dancing to that🍪🍪🍪🍪

  • Femke Swelsen
    Femke Swelsen26 dager siden

    I am so excited for you unfortunattly, i cant see it because i live in the netherlands

  • Olivia Zambrano
    Olivia Zambrano26 dager siden


  • Kizzy TV UK
    Kizzy TV UK26 dager siden

    Is it going to me in the uk 🇬🇧?

  • Samaira's Unique World
    Samaira's Unique World26 dager siden

    Amazing but I live in India so how do I watch it I am a big fan of rosanna pansino

  • Samaira's Unique World

    Samaira's Unique World

    26 dager siden

    Pls tell

  • Samaira Shaikh
    Samaira Shaikh26 dager siden

    Congratulations on your new show ❤️👍

  • Justart Ash
    Justart Ash26 dager siden

    Whaaaaa last time I watched Ro she had only around hundreds of thousands of subscribers

  • GreenJordan 30
    GreenJordan 3026 dager siden

    When you realise hbo max is not available in your country 😅😢😭😭😭

  • Patrick
    Patrick26 dager siden

    Years 👀

  • Ivanka Owls
    Ivanka Owls26 dager siden

    these are the same people who worked with laurdiy right, because the end sounds familiar. im gona binge watch it !

  • Anshu Kohli
    Anshu Kohli26 dager siden

    How to watch if I am from india

  • Cheryl Christina
    Cheryl Christina26 dager siden

    Ah dang I couldn’t watch baketopia or even craftopia

  • maira u.
    maira u.26 dager siden


  • MizzRivera86
    MizzRivera8626 dager siden

    I'm pretty sure I envisioned this trailer.. EXACTLY!

  • Neptxne
    Neptxne27 dager siden

    OMG NO WAY!?

  • martonios polus
    martonios polus27 dager siden

    Is it on Netflix plz put it on Netflix

  • Chloe Melton
    Chloe Melton27 dager siden

    it’s AWESOME!🤩🤩

  • Chloe Melton
    Chloe Melton27 dager siden


  • J R
    J R27 dager siden

    Congratulations, this has been so wonderful so watch your journey and see you grow. Can't wait to watch!!

  • Mathew Samer
    Mathew Samer27 dager siden

    I don't care if you ware a sweat sut😘

  • Mathew Samer
    Mathew Samer27 dager siden

    But congrats😘😘😘😘

  • Mathew Samer
    Mathew Samer27 dager siden

    I live in Egypt and I can't watch the show😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Dayanara Rosales
    Dayanara Rosales27 dager siden

    I am soooooo exited for you rosanna pansino i cannot wait to get hbo max to watch baketopia

  • Ricky Gonzalez
    Ricky Gonzalez27 dager siden

    Today's the day!

  • MermaidQueen
    MermaidQueen27 dager siden

    POV: your waiting for her to stream the first episode

  • Lilly Mario
    Lilly Mario27 dager siden

    I am so excited for today!!!!

  • kavitha battula
    kavitha battula27 dager siden

    i don’t have hbo max ro , what can i do ro ?

  • Ashley Stevens-Hughes
    Ashley Stevens-Hughes27 dager siden

    when i first saw this vid i got on HBO and got on the show

  • Vijayalaxmi S
    Vijayalaxmi S27 dager siden

    Hi Ro pls respond to me

  • Vijayalaxmi S
    Vijayalaxmi S27 dager siden

    Today is the baketopia day

  • Ojas Hardikar
    Ojas Hardikar27 dager siden

    She should've picked a global streaming service like Netflix or prime etc. She has a global presence so fans around the world should get to watch this show😒😤

  • Ikin Bae

    Ikin Bae

    25 dager siden

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    CATHERINE WEAVER27 dager siden

    To ur show is 10000000000/10 AMAZING IVE WATCHED IT 5 TIMES ALREADY 🤣🤧❤️💞

  • spritecranberry
    spritecranberry27 dager siden


  • Maitha Alkaabi
    Maitha Alkaabi27 dager siden

    Is it on Netflix

  • Yukti Tirdhala
    Yukti Tirdhala27 dager siden

    We will never care what you wear ro cause you’re the best