NEVER HAVE I EVER w/ Rosanna Pansino & iJustine!

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This was so much fun! What are your answers to the questions???
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I hope you enjoy today's #Funny and #Fun #Vlog! We played the fun game Never Have I Ever. Subscribe for more videos!
xoxo Ro


  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino2 år siden

    I hope you enjoy todays video! What was your favorite answer? 😂❤️

  • Elza Bilevica

    Elza Bilevica

    20 dager siden


  • Isabel Mesa

    Isabel Mesa

    Måned siden

    I love your video’s Ro

  • Amanda Colwell

    Amanda Colwell

    Måned siden

    Hi I wish I can meet you

  • Amanda Colwell

    Amanda Colwell

    Måned siden

    @moonlight bae hi

  • Matthew Hagerman

    Matthew Hagerman

    Måned siden


  • Clarissa Einspahr
    Clarissa Einspahr10 timer siden

    you do not look that old you look like your 16

  • Unicorn25
    Unicorn2514 timer siden

    I think Ro should get Cookie on her wrist or hand

  • Caitlin Mclain
    Caitlin Mclain2 dager siden

    I am a Labrador

  • Manuela Arregoces
    Manuela Arregoces3 dager siden

    Yo people are old i thout that you were 25 26 but 35. What is your workout👌

  • Manuela Arregoces
    Manuela Arregoces3 dager siden


  • cupcake girls
    cupcake girls3 dager siden

    If I was a dog I would be a husky

  • William Orr
    William Orr4 dager siden


  • Tyler Mueller
    Tyler Mueller5 dager siden

    Get it a cool heart on your back or on your shoulder

  • Casey Clark
    Casey Clark6 dager siden


  • Traci Wilson
    Traci Wilson8 dager siden

    Ro should get Cookies name and a slice of pizza for papa pizza as tattoos

  • Lau Natt
    Lau Natt9 dager siden

    I would be a chihuahua

  • David Engelson
    David Engelson9 dager siden

    Hi Rosanna

  • Jillian Williams
    Jillian Williams10 dager siden

    Im new to the chanel

  • Jaxson The tech
    Jaxson The tech11 dager siden

    With the laugh one were related

  • Jaxson The tech

    Jaxson The tech

    11 dager siden

    And I’m also related too I Justine with the falling

  • Jaxson The tech

    Jaxson The tech

    11 dager siden

    Me and Justine

  • Jaxson The tech
    Jaxson The tech11 dager siden

    For me 1 I have 2 I have 3 I have not 4 I have 5 I have not 6 I have 7 I have not because I am an only child I had too go so for first 7

  • Jaxson The tech
    Jaxson The tech11 dager siden

    That first one like I cried so bad In the new dumbo

  • Ellie D
    Ellie D11 dager siden

    I would be a corgi. 🐶😋

  • B T
    B T12 dager siden

    Golden lab

  • Gray Violet
    Gray Violet13 dager siden


  • Skylars Channel the Original!
    Skylars Channel the Original!13 dager siden

    can you play more games

  • Samira Harir
    Samira Harir14 dager siden

    i would bea husky ist my fav and i want to be it

  • Alexander Roderick
    Alexander Roderick14 dager siden

    Okay, hi im a girl this is my uncle's phone BUT im a new youtuber so i love you vids im 8 yrs

  • Tenley Kuckuda
    Tenley Kuckuda16 dager siden

    i thought she was in her 30s

  • Tenley Kuckuda
    Tenley Kuckuda16 dager siden

    shes 98!?!?!??!???!

  • Loujayne Rarih
    Loujayne Rarih16 dager siden

    Golden retriever

  • Loujayne Rarih
    Loujayne Rarih16 dager siden

    Yay I’m 8

  • Marie Cannon
    Marie Cannon16 dager siden


  • Jason Levy
    Jason Levy18 dager siden

    i would be a golden doodl

  • rnrfuentes
    rnrfuentes18 dager siden

    If I had it a tattoo I will have a tattoo that says I love animals

  • Kimberly Mair
    Kimberly Mair18 dager siden

    After this video I played never have I ever with my brother

  • Fanie Grobbelaar
    Fanie Grobbelaar19 dager siden


  • Dream world with Friends
    Dream world with Friends19 dager siden

    Ro-pIzza Justin-Ancer

  • Emma Young
    Emma Young21 dag siden

    I would be a Golden rehever

  • Milagros Martinez
    Milagros Martinez21 dag siden

    If I got a tattoo I would get a astronaut with colorful balloons going to the moon to remind me anything is possible

  • Katherine Aleman
    Katherine Aleman21 dag siden

    i have ate a hole pizza.But its finee it was those small ones

  • Brier Wood
    Brier Wood22 dager siden

    I don’t no whut dog I am

  • Mary K
    Mary K24 dager siden

    i would be a blue lacy

  • Leah Hutton
    Leah Hutton25 dager siden


  • Leah Hutton
    Leah Hutton25 dager siden


  • Leah Hutton
    Leah Hutton25 dager siden


  • Mary Henderson
    Mary Henderson25 dager siden

    I am a golden retriever

  • Yuni Witjaksono
    Yuni Witjaksono26 dager siden

    I like the vedio

  • Yuni Witjaksono

    Yuni Witjaksono

    26 dager siden

    And i like youre vedio

  • Sachin Desai
    Sachin Desai26 dager siden


  • janet b
    janet b26 dager siden

    imagine dragons thunder

  • Elisa Xuereb
    Elisa Xuereb26 dager siden

    If I was a dog I would be a Brittany Spaniel

  • New Gameplays
    New Gameplays26 dager siden

    I know justine I watch her videos on NOlocal. In some of the videos ijustine uploaded I saw you.

  • Anoud Shaikh
    Anoud Shaikh27 dager siden

    You make me laugh so much.

  • Kristal Akin
    Kristal Akin27 dager siden

    the ag doll vid was the same daaaaay

  • Daisy's Days
    Daisy's Days27 dager siden

    55k people like you guys colabing and I am one of them 🤣

  • Starr Ripley
    Starr Ripley28 dager siden

    German Sheppard

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith28 dager siden

    🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪 is so cute

  • Thanga Raja
    Thanga Raja28 dager siden

    How old are you roa

  • Gdarmybts Donez
    Gdarmybts Donez29 dager siden

    I made thousands of tattoo designs but I have no way of sending them to u

  • VictoriajoZ
    VictoriajoZ29 dager siden

    Ok but how long will the Backer gone back or something shirt going to be out?

  • Mily Rosales
    Mily Rosales29 dager siden

    I would be a pomchi dog

  • Mily Rosales
    Mily Rosales29 dager siden

    Ro you almost always lose on rock,paper,scissors

  • Kaylin Ki
    Kaylin Ki29 dager siden

    I cried on a dog's purpose

  • Nora's world
    Nora's worldMåned siden

    Okay but how many people were freaking out when ro said iam 96

  • The Wizarding Web
    The Wizarding WebMåned siden

    This uncovered some questions I had...

  • Rebecca Marquez
    Rebecca MarquezMåned siden

    Please make a wolf cake

  • סלימאן עראבי
    סלימאן עראביMåned siden


    SAMAIRA SHARMAMåned siden

    golden retrivre

  • The dog squad , Reece’s
    The dog squad , Reece’sMåned siden

    I would be a terrier pitbull

  • Violet Lowery
    Violet LoweryMåned siden

    There is NO WAY is 96

  • Rainbow Galaxy
    Rainbow GalaxyMåned siden

    You should get your dogs names on your arm Cookie Blueberry Muffin Coconut

  • Isabella Rhodes
    Isabella RhodesMåned siden

    I am 8 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

  • Allan Estrada
    Allan EstradaMåned siden

    I have a crush

  • Langston Duong
    Langston DuongMåned siden

    This was so much fun

  • Gladys Flores
    Gladys FloresMåned siden

    I've gone skydiving

  • Isabella Lindberg
    Isabella LindbergMåned siden

    I am an Australian Sheperd type dog

  • psychocat 1
    psychocat 1Måned siden

    One time my mom woke up laughing she couldn't breathe cause she had a dream about seeds. Lol that litterally was the most funniest thing in my whole entire life

  • Max B.M.
    Max B.M.Måned siden

    i would be a golden retriever, pitbull, and great dane mix if i was a dog

  • Molly McBride
    Molly McBrideMåned siden

    I am definitely a Pomeranian

  • Ambia Begum
    Ambia BegumMåned siden


  • Angel Egginger
    Angel EggingerMåned siden

    I would want a snake wrapped around my arm for a tatoo

  • Madelyn Camenzind
    Madelyn CamenzindMåned siden

    a calm aggie

  • Ada Wiechert
    Ada WiechertMåned siden

    You kan get a bake produkt

  • Fun hearts family
    Fun hearts familyMåned siden

    I also cut my bangs when I was 9 and right now I am 10

  • Himani Liyanage
    Himani LiyanageMåned siden

    I would be a chiuwawa.

  • Cheyann Sims
    Cheyann SimsMåned siden

    if i ever got a tattoo id probably get lifeline with a heart in the middle and underneath put the word "LOVE" in bold letters.

  • Aliza Faisal
    Aliza FaisalMåned siden


  • josue colon
    josue colonMåned siden

    If I would be any dog I would be a Labador!!!!!!🐕🐾🐶

  • Julie Harris
    Julie HarrisMåned siden

    I don't know... I think maybe a shitzu

  • Gianna Palaia
    Gianna PalaiaMåned siden

    for you guys a butterfly

  • Esmeralda Iniguez
    Esmeralda IniguezMåned siden

    i would be a Golden retiever because I’m Silly

  • Wang Xao Ling
    Wang Xao LingMåned siden

    I want to know, have you ever seen the rain

  • Tauna Hoover
    Tauna HooverMåned siden

    For a tatoo

  • Tauna Hoover
    Tauna HooverMåned siden

    You should get a piece of pie

  • Maria Greenwood
    Maria GreenwoodMåned siden

    Never Never have I ever Ever Found a Love so Good So Good -Hillsong Young & Free

  • Maria Greenwood

    Maria Greenwood

    Måned siden

    Yup, I'm going Around, Commenting on a bunch of Never have I Ever videos, this song. This is the first one, I hope to see you soon, on Another Video.

  • Lalli Love
    Lalli LoveMåned siden

    I cut my own bangs when I was little

  • Dylan Merz
    Dylan MerzMåned siden

    Im watching ths a year later cant believe it has been a year !!

  • Jordyn Singer
    Jordyn SingerMåned siden


  • Stephanie Best
    Stephanie BestMåned siden

    I would be a yorkie

  • Sloan Mazz
    Sloan MazzMåned siden

    I’m a frenchy

  • Cody Owens
    Cody OwensMåned siden

    You should do a French fry and hamburger tattoos for each of you to match

  • Lucy Sykora
    Lucy SykoraMåned siden

    you wrote iJustine haha

  • Kate McMaster
    Kate McMasterMåned siden

    i Cryed in marley and me

  • Asher Tapia
    Asher TapiaMåned siden

    I have peed my pants let me tell you ok so my brothers were telling jokes and we were all on this big swing then they told this really funny one where I laughed for like half an hour and then we were in the weird pose then my brothers face was under me then I needed to pee and I was like”I need to pee!””you’re gonna make me pee”then I peed on my brothers face!!!!!

  • Tt Gaming and blogs
    Tt Gaming and blogsMåned siden

    Ro get a flower tat