My Workout Routine!

Had so much fun showing you my workout routine! Thank you to NordicTrack for sponsoring this video. Click here to get your own NordicTrack complete with iFit personal trainers: Check out the iFIT app for strength, HIIT, and yoga classes!
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I love trying new workouts and loved sharing my routine! #ad #NordicTrack #iFit


  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoMåned siden

    I hope you enjoy today's video! I do different workouts every day but wanted to show some of my favorite exercises! A mix of weights and cardio is what has worked best for me! 😊❤️

  • Fernanda González lara

    Fernanda González lara

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  • jumana attarwala

    jumana attarwala

    Måned siden

    Really loved watching your workout video but if you don't mind me asking you can you please show some workouts without the equipment as I don't own these equipments please would to see it lots of love from India Mumbai 🥰❤️😍

  • Sabrina Baque

    Sabrina Baque

    Måned siden

    Ooh i love love looove workout routines/videos, just gets me pumping for the day. Ro should definitely do more of these from time to time, it’s so much fun watching along. And can we take a moment to appreciate the super cute hair and fit! 🤩

  • Molly Stanley

    Molly Stanley

    Måned siden

    Ya can you do a new House tour

  • Molly Stanley

    Molly Stanley

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    Becky Haight17 timer siden

    Um can we take a min to look at how cute her hair is

  • Triston Lovell
    Triston LovellDag siden

    I NEED to know where she got her shirt omg I love it ❤

  • uni bear
    uni bear5 dager siden

    So I did see it before but you known that I love your recipe best because I like to eat so what

  • uni bear

    uni bear

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    Uhhhh any one

  • uni bear
    uni bear5 dager siden

    Hey can you do more recipe

  • Abbie Amend
    Abbie Amend5 dager siden

    I could never have a personal gym. On the days that my gym is closed, I do home workouts and I barely have any motivation and 20% of the time I stop just because I can. At the gym, I always have that tunnel vision since the whole point of being there is to work.

  • Niamh McAuley
    Niamh McAuley12 dager siden

    Would love to see more versions of this and more fitness videos!

  • Chanelle Vichitphot
    Chanelle Vichitphot13 dager siden

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  • Amanda Owens
    Amanda Owens14 dager siden

    you have the perfect body shape to be a top on an acrobatics and tumbling team!

  • Katheryn Peltier
    Katheryn Peltier18 dager siden

    Ro! First of all! Love you too bits you seem sooo sweet!! Like all your delicious deserts!! You are so good too explaine stuff! You should Do (if you feel like it of course) some little fitness video! 💜

  • Talitha Warren
    Talitha Warren18 dager siden

    Very informative thanks Rosanna

  • Talitha Warren
    Talitha Warren18 dager siden

    I really like your workout look 🖤

  • Talitha Warren
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  • Bo Johnson
    Bo Johnson19 dager siden

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    Yasmine Padilla20 dager siden

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    Kimberly Morris20 dager siden

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    Alexandra Bautista-Chattin21 dag siden

    lol, I need a trainer like Rosanna! Super bubbly and fun!

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    Savannah Wells21 dag siden

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    Bryan Gohn22 dager siden

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    Neon Jellyfish25 dager siden

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  • Panda K
    Panda K26 dager siden

    I have a rowing machine but there are no classes can you tell maybe how long I should do it

  • Shannon Alber
    Shannon Alber26 dager siden

    Thank you! I never know where to start or what to do when I go to the gym, this was really helpful! If you have time to show more exercises you do that’d be awesome!!

  • Coco Davis
    Coco Davis26 dager siden

    Not trying to be mean but I'm not even a teen yet and I am 4,8ft

  • starzblue 80
    starzblue 8026 dager siden

    Cool workout Ro and I like to do push-ups and sit-ups sometimes

  • D U C K
    D U C K26 dager siden

    This is 17 minutes of Ro being my personal trainer and teaching me lol.

  • All about Josie
    All about Josie27 dager siden

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  • Fernanda González lara
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    Raidah AlamMåned siden

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