My Weekend Morning Routine! | Rosanna Pansino

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What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
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I had so much fun doing my first ever #Morning #Routine #Lifestyle video showing you everything I do in the morning on the weekend!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    I hope you enjoy today's video! It was very heavily requested! Would you like to see a 'My Makeup Routine Video'? 😊❤️

  • Krishna Pathak

    Krishna Pathak

    8 dager siden

    Please do a makeup routine video it will be fun

  • Dilip Vasudeo

    Dilip Vasudeo

    Måned siden

    Hi Ro

  • Dilip Vasudeo

    Dilip Vasudeo

    Måned siden

    Yes I am very excited to see it

  • Rayna Parekh

    Rayna Parekh

    Måned siden

    Yes roa

  • Sumin Im

    Sumin Im

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  • Larry Galbo
    Larry GalboDag siden

    and husky

  • Larry Galbo
    Larry GalboDag siden

    love you ro

  • Hilary Van Wyk
    Hilary Van WykDag siden

    yes please

  • Vimala Vimala
    Vimala Vimala3 dager siden

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee make Make up and hair routine

  • Maya Gupta
    Maya Gupta3 dager siden

    Don't take me wrong but Ro's smile is kinda like a turtle.... 😂 but you are very beautiful 😇😇😇

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown4 dager siden

    so good.

  • Michele Islas
    Michele Islas5 dager siden

    Did no one noticed That her toothbrush is a kid princess toothbrush Do you like if you notice👍🏼! 👇🏻

  • Aisha Shahid Khan
    Aisha Shahid Khan6 dager siden


  • Quintin Te Maari
    Quintin Te Maari7 dager siden

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  • Krishna Pathak
    Krishna Pathak8 dager siden

    Please do a video on your makeup routine

  • Kranslin P
    Kranslin P9 dager siden

    She should hav a vlog

  • Fiorella Naranjo Ramos
    Fiorella Naranjo Ramos11 dager siden

    1:59 awweee 🥺

  • Sophie Humphreys
    Sophie Humphreys11 dager siden

    Same with my dogs on mornings 🐶🐶❣️

  • Sophie Humphreys
    Sophie Humphreys11 dager siden

    I always sleep in well on the weekend school days super early 😅😂😴

  • Ana Gonzalez
    Ana Gonzalez14 dager siden

    She love cleaning

  • Alex Yepes
    Alex Yepes16 dager siden

    i love you ro your so good at bakeing

  • Evelyn Chu
    Evelyn Chu16 dager siden

    Where is Mike?

  • Amber Neal
    Amber Neal17 dager siden

    Where was Husky

  • ishman singh
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  • Lora Wallack
    Lora Wallack19 dager siden


  • Lora Wallack
    Lora Wallack19 dager siden

    Can you do a weekend afternoon routine

  • Ruth Picciotto
    Ruth Picciotto19 dager siden

    lol love ❤️

  • Joy Bachman
    Joy Bachman19 dager siden

    Your life is my dream life!!!!😍🤩☺️

  • johnson varghese
    johnson varghese20 dager siden

    Eww you brush ater eating

  • Just Maria
    Just Maria21 dag siden

    Pls make another one!!

  • Emily Yu
    Emily Yu21 dag siden

    I would really like seeing your makeup and hair routine! You always look so glamorous either on or off camera!

  • Claire Wargo
    Claire Wargo22 dager siden

    She’s so real! I love it!!

  • deepthi Suresh
    deepthi Suresh22 dager siden

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    Kate Atkinson22 dager siden

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    Lily Peters22 dager siden

    Can you please do a make up and hair routine!

  • Ratnamala Annapragada
    Ratnamala Annapragada23 dager siden

    Ro , can you do a hole Sunday routine please

  • Mohammad Saif
    Mohammad Saif24 dager siden

    Pls make a day in a life or evening ROuntine get it

  • L F
    L F27 dager siden

    Don’t use mouth wash because it washes off all the fluoride off you’re teeth

  • Krithika Kailasam
    Krithika Kailasam28 dager siden


  • Yasmeen Bhayat
    Yasmeen Bhayat28 dager siden


  • Mousumi Narzary
    Mousumi Narzary29 dager siden

    I love your hair😶♡♡

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    Suha Ganesh. GN29 dager siden


  • Pau Tizon
    Pau TizonMåned siden

    where is your other laptop? you changed?

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    Angela WojtowiczMåned siden

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    Angeelina LalrinsiamiMåned siden

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    Garishma SethiMåned siden

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    Ananya & Aditi KMåned siden

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    Reese GourleyMåned siden

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    Esther OliverMåned siden

    Please make a video makeup routine and please make a video with your daily daily daily routine with your dog

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    Katelin NasseriMåned siden

    OMG did any of you guys notice that Ro was using a kids toothbrush 😂

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    Dilip VasudeoMåned siden

    🐶Your dog is so cute 🐶

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    Martin SavilleMåned siden

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    Martin SavilleMåned siden

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    Martin SavilleMåned siden

    What is your editing platform? I love your editing .💻🎞

  • jinkazama1992
    jinkazama1992Måned siden

    This video was uploaded on my bday ^.^

  • Jayalakshmi99 Ramakrishnan
    Jayalakshmi99 RamakrishnanMåned siden

    Such a healthy routine

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    Asma AhmedMåned siden

    I know ro and mo husky, ijustine i have met with them my house is near with ro and mo house thankyou My routine is just like ro Same like ro i know blueberrie i know cookie passed iam so sad i know ro amnd mo husky ijustine Thank you iam tracy i am using my mothe account 😎😎😎🕶🕶 this for cookie 😭😭😭😭 i have that vacuum cleaner and did you see ro video (what is in my bag) she give away some thing i have thoes things

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    Maddie LeeMåned siden

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    thavanesan theiventhiranMåned siden

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    sarah pervezMåned siden

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    Aqeela ShogieMåned siden

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    john dewhirstMåned siden

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    Jojuchalakudy ThomasMåned siden

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