My Weekend Morning Routine! | Rosanna Pansino

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What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
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I had so much fun doing my first ever #Morning #Routine #Lifestyle video showing you everything I do in the morning on the weekend!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    I hope you enjoy today's video! It was very heavily requested! Would you like to see a 'My Makeup Routine Video'? 😊❤️

  • Abby Nala

    Abby Nala

    Måned siden

    Ro,you inspired me to become independent!I do my chores and wake up at 5:20 every morning and I make my bed which I had never done before



    2 måneder siden


  • Rizwana Parveen

    Rizwana Parveen

    2 måneder siden

    Yes Rosanna

  • Rahul Banka

    Rahul Banka

    2 måneder siden

    yes pls would love to watch one

  • Debanya,Sidashi, Pancham elachi

    Debanya,Sidashi, Pancham elachi

    3 måneder siden

    Please do a makeup routine video it will be fun

  • Rose Mann
    Rose MannDag siden

    Did anyone notice cookie in the intro in the bottom left

  • Rebecca Luwinas
    Rebecca LuwinasDag siden

    Wait people eat breakfast before brushing their teeth

  • On-u-lan Thepsamarn
    On-u-lan Thepsamarn3 dager siden

    Before harley quinn movie Perfect sandwich 🥪 was in the Cinema this is exactly what I make for breakfast 🥐🍳 almost every time.

  • Ben
    Ben3 dager siden

    You have a great lipstick and I love it really looks so cute really row

  • Lilliana Sprissler
    Lilliana Sprissler4 dager siden

    can you do a makeup video

  • Leila
    Leila5 dager siden

    You missed the opportunity to call it Ro-time

  • Kavitha Chandran
    Kavitha Chandran9 dager siden

    You so cute

  • Eden
    Eden9 dager siden

    Can u pls do a makeup routine

  • Srishti Baskaran
    Srishti Baskaran11 dager siden


    SRINIKA SATHISH12 dager siden

    Miss you cookie

  • saira Bilal
    saira Bilal12 dager siden

    Rosanna please make a hair and makeup routine video as i love to adopt your routines

  • Harley Wills
    Harley Wills12 dager siden

    Her dance is so cute it’s at 4:31

  • James
    James14 dager siden

    Rosanna, can you please making nighttime routine video

  • Katie Gray Day
    Katie Gray Day15 dager siden

    How about a daily routine

  • Olivia O
    Olivia O16 dager siden

    What food do you give them? My dog does not like his food.

  • Chaman Kaw
    Chaman Kaw17 dager siden

    Oh geese she really needs a holiday

  • Gracey Brown
    Gracey Brown19 dager siden

    I am a real fan like a real big fan but anyways I love to cook like all the time because it makes me happy and I feel relaxed when I do so ro is like a inspiring person to me and I hope to others

  • Sarah McIntosh
    Sarah McIntosh19 dager siden

    Hi I enjoy this video can you please do an morning routine

  • Jyotimoiee Saikia
    Jyotimoiee Saikia20 dager siden

    Ro your washing machine is of your height.....

  • Keisha Mejias
    Keisha Mejias21 dag siden


  • Watch and Learn
    Watch and Learn21 dag siden

    Girl Both cookie and blueberry look so cut with u and henry as well

  • Luna Lucky
    Luna Lucky21 dag siden

    Or a day in the life

  • Luna Lucky
    Luna Lucky21 dag siden

    Do a get ready with me please

  • Alicia Spingies
    Alicia Spingies24 dager siden

    To can you please make a night routine and a morning routine ❤️❤️

  • Kieshu Sloan
    Kieshu Sloan24 dager siden

    The dogs are so cute in every video you make

  • Amanda Hymans
    Amanda Hymans26 dager siden

    I love this video! Pls could you do a day in the life video and like what I eat in a day? That would be sooo good!

  • Zain Khan
    Zain Khan27 dager siden

    Just a casual tennis court in the back garden

  • Sia Menon
    Sia Menon27 dager siden

    Cookie is crying

  • Dylan Leonard
    Dylan Leonard27 dager siden

    Hello sana and a smaller sibling and I am a girl and I have a Big Brother and big sister by rosana

  • Summer Snow
    Summer Snow29 dager siden

    yes please i want to see how u do your make up

  • Michael Langley
    Michael LangleyMåned siden

    Hey can you do a day in the life that would be awesome I love your channel

  • Tips And Tricks
    Tips And TricksMåned siden

    Go Ro!!!!! You work hard and still have time to play and have fun!!!

  • E Hill
    E HillMåned siden

    i love love love you

  • Kerry Thomas
    Kerry ThomasMåned siden

    it was great ro

  • Patti Nero
    Patti NeroMåned siden

    could you do a night routine

  • yvette cunanan
    yvette cunananMåned siden


  • M.B.B
    M.B.BMåned siden


  • Alyssa Whitaker
    Alyssa WhitakerMåned siden

    I love you Rosanna Pansino you know you're the best

  • Rachel Kolodny
    Rachel KolodnyMåned siden

    I get so sad every time I see cookie. Rip best dog on the world

  • hotla7
    hotla7Måned siden

    How do you curl your hair. It always looks amazing

  • ebonyloveivory
    ebonyloveivoryMåned siden

    Loved this but I could never understand the concept of wearing shoes in the house...and I see it's so common in American households. WHY?!

  • Jane Wang
    Jane WangMåned siden

    Does anyone want to buy bissel? Like if you want to

  • Yas_the_shieldmaiden
    Yas_the_shieldmaidenMåned siden

    I love the Blueberry derps.

  • Tayyaba Safder
    Tayyaba SafderMåned siden

    We want an entire day routine vedio from waking up to sleeping down. Hope you won't mind on this vedio but still I request you to make this vedio. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Cook With Love by Annie
    Cook With Love by AnnieMåned siden

    You should really do a hair and makeup routine!!! Also Brooklyn I didn't mean to copy you that's the first thought I had when I watched this and I didn't see your comment.

  • Suzanna Sustercich
    Suzanna SustercichMåned siden

    do you live with your sister

  • Suzanna Sustercich
    Suzanna SustercichMåned siden


  • Morgan VanCleve
    Morgan VanCleveMåned siden

    hello i like your dogs and i was if you like cats

  • Magnolia Amabile
    Magnolia Amabile2 måneder siden

    cool ro

  • Samantha Alexandria
    Samantha Alexandria2 måneder siden


  • Tamara Stoffey
    Tamara Stoffey2 måneder siden

    Make up Routine please!

  • Haya Aldarmaki
    Haya Aldarmaki2 måneder siden

    Do another morning. Routine 😍 I love you 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    ALL ANIMAL LOVER2 måneder siden

    Do the hair & makeup routine.

  • Madi Hawkins
    Madi Hawkins2 måneder siden

    can you do more routine videos

  • Cats, Gaming And More
    Cats, Gaming And More2 måneder siden

    I love blues little tongue 👅

  • Зарина Филиппова
    Зарина Филиппова2 måneder siden

    I loooove herrrr❤️❤️❤️

  • Stella Hryniewicki
    Stella Hryniewicki2 måneder siden

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  • Saima khan Khan
    Saima khan Khan2 måneder siden

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  • Simarie Lino
    Simarie Lino2 måneder siden

    why don't you do a night routine as well.

  • Joelytt Moe
    Joelytt Moe2 måneder siden

    Wake up with makeup

  • Laxmareddy Erri
    Laxmareddy Erri2 måneder siden

    Makeup routine video please

  • Gaby Vicente
    Gaby Vicente2 måneder siden

    I want your life😍

  • Abby Smith
    Abby Smith2 måneder siden

    I would like to see that

  • This is a CHANNEL.
    This is a CHANNEL.2 måneder siden

    I'd like to see what Ro likes to make for lunch. But her hair and makeup routine would be nice.

    GRACE H2 måneder siden

    I love you you're so cute

  • Briana Burkhead
    Briana Burkhead2 måneder siden

    The funny thing is the Ro is the same size as the washer and dryer.

  • xiao yue
    xiao yue2 måneder siden


  • Rebecca Timbs
    Rebecca Timbs2 måneder siden

    Do a hair and make up routine please I love your videos and your dogs

  • Maroosha Zahra Shamsi
    Maroosha Zahra Shamsi2 måneder siden

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  • Leah Hutton
    Leah Hutton2 måneder siden

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    stacy madhoo3 måneder siden

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  • Larry Galbo
    Larry Galbo3 måneder siden

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    Larry Galbo3 måneder siden

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    Hilary Van Wyk3 måneder siden

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    Vimala Vimala3 måneder siden

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  • Maya Gupta
    Maya Gupta3 måneder siden

    Don't take me wrong but Ro's smile is kinda like a turtle.... 😂 but you are very beautiful 😇😇😇

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown3 måneder siden

    so good.

  • Michele Islas
    Michele Islas3 måneder siden

    Did no one noticed That her toothbrush is a kid princess toothbrush Do you like if you notice👍🏼! 👇🏻

  • Aisha Shahid Khan
    Aisha Shahid Khan3 måneder siden


  • Quintin Te Maari
    Quintin Te Maari3 måneder siden

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  • Debanya,Sidashi, Pancham elachi
    Debanya,Sidashi, Pancham elachi3 måneder siden

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