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I have an exciting #Announcement today! The Nerdy Nummies #Merch is finally here! This is the very first time I've ever sold Merch on my website and I hope you guys love it as much as I do!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    The Nerdy Nummies Merch is finally here! Shop the full collection here: What's your favorite episode of Nerdy Nummies? 😊🎂❤️

  • maria camus

    maria camus

    7 måneder siden

    The one that mo was having like 7 marshmello's in her mouth!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Navie govender

    Navie govender

    År siden

    @MC gaming f

  • Navie govender

    Navie govender

    År siden

    All of them

  • Anastasia Brosnan

    Anastasia Brosnan

    År siden

    Rosanna Pansino I love you 😍

  • Muhammed Arslan

    Muhammed Arslan

    År siden

    MUHAMMED 👍🏼😀😁♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😁😄😄😄😄♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️☺️👍🏼

  • Megan
    Megan5 måneder siden

    Me: looking at the website Ro: crop hoodies are out! Me: on website search. NO MATCH FREAKIN FOUND!

  • Rameen Mujtaba

    Rameen Mujtaba

    4 måneder siden

    well this was one year ago sooooo things r probably a little different now

  • ShelbyMisunderstood
    ShelbyMisunderstood5 måneder siden

    Me seeing that Ro has Merch GET IN LOSERS WERE GOING SHOPPING

  • Rebeca Zoie Mendonca
    Rebeca Zoie Mendonca7 måneder siden

    Would love to have one of them! 😍❤🎀

  • Sydney Greenacre
    Sydney Greenacre7 måneder siden

    Ro do you ship to Australia?

  • Matt and Kate
    Matt and Kate7 måneder siden

    I’m not sure if you’ll see this comment, I’m not famous at all but I am a huge fan of yours. I’d love to collaborate with you if I could. I feel like we got a lot in common and if be-so fun !

  • Aunixia
    Aunixia7 måneder siden

    OH.. i thought it said FREE LOL

  • maria camus
    maria camus7 måneder siden

    You should make crop tops of nerdy nummies with a cookie on the back of the crop tops isn't that so cute!!!

  • Oyku Calargun
    Oyku Calargun7 måneder siden

    It only shows recipies

  • Oyku Calargun
    Oyku Calargun7 måneder siden

    When I got to the link it doesnt show apperal

  • Kate Obrien
    Kate Obrien8 måneder siden

    I love ❤️ Rosanna so much I bought everything

  • Carys Tomilloso
    Carys Tomilloso8 måneder siden

    I think it would be cool to just have the cookie on the hoodie/crop hoodie

  • Kay Mariner
    Kay Mariner8 måneder siden

    All i want to do is look T merch but the merch doesnt show up when i click the link

  • Japji Jatana
    Japji Jatana8 måneder siden

    Hey ro I when to you merch web sight and I can’t find a single item of clothing only food

  • Yomi Oketikun
    Yomi Oketikun9 måneder siden

    I can’t use the website plz help

  • Amber May
    Amber May9 måneder siden

    I really want to get some mercy but the website for me doesn’t work it only has the recipes

  • POP101
    POP10110 måneder siden

    Did u get rid of it???

  • POP101
    POP10110 måneder siden

    it is making me login but when I do it does not work!!!!!!

  • Aubrey Henry
    Aubrey Henry10 måneder siden

    There's no more sizes for xL and XXL so are you guys going to be restocking or once there gone are they gone forever?

  • Megan Bryant
    Megan Bryant10 måneder siden

    𝚆𝚊𝚝𝚌𝚑 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚠𝚊𝚢 𝚜𝚑𝚎 𝚜𝚊𝚢𝚜 "𝚜" 𝚅𝚎𝚛𝚢 𝚌𝚕𝚘𝚜𝚎𝚕𝚢. 𝚂𝚑𝚎 𝚑𝚊𝚜 𝚊 𝚕𝚒𝚜𝚙 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝙸 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚔

  • Emily Ludwig
    Emily Ludwig10 måneder siden

    Ro casually rolls off back of the couch 😂

  • Autumn Burns
    Autumn Burns10 måneder siden

    I'd love the hoodie your wearing now to be colored all cute colors like your nerdy nummies

  • Brooke Butterworth
    Brooke Butterworth10 måneder siden

    ROSANNA! PLEASE! Your missing out on so much money by not making Baking supplies! Sure you've thought about it but making thinks like whisks, measuring cups mixing bowls that are cute and in your fun style is SO MARKETABLE! Don't miss out on all the money you could be making!

  • jurovschi78
    jurovschi7811 måneder siden

    its so cool!

  • Flor Monrroy
    Flor MonrroyÅr siden

    Also my name is Ally

  • Flor Monrroy
    Flor MonrroyÅr siden

    Ro I wish I can get your murch but My mom doesn't have i enough money same with my dad

  • Tiger Cat
    Tiger CatÅr siden

    Only here because Markiplier wears this sweater

  • Dan Yarger
    Dan YargerÅr siden

    Nobody buys vlogger merch because no one cares.

  • Awesome Ninja
    Awesome NinjaÅr siden

    Hey us Nerdy Nummies still a thing or did you stop doing it due to needing repices?

  • Charlize
    CharlizeÅr siden

    Ro: so if you’re in Los Angeles this is a really fun thing to do ! Me: but I don’t live in L.A ! 🥺🥺 Oh and Ro can you collab with someone from buzzfeed? Please

  • Ali Al-Redha Al-Jarah
    Ali Al-Redha Al-JarahÅr siden

    This is Rosanna happenes

  • ClipOn60hz
    ClipOn60hzÅr siden

    How do I get that mercy I wanna get ittt!?

  • Muireann Flaherty
    Muireann FlahertyÅr siden

    I don't like tags either

  • Ramon Gonzalez
    Ramon GonzalezÅr siden

    Ro! Collab with Courtney Miller!

  • Sahar Rahmani
    Sahar RahmaniÅr siden

    who adores her merch so much and is begging their parents to buy it for them

  • Arely Alaniz
    Arely AlanizÅr siden

    Ro can you do a size small again or a xs again please 😯

  • HeyHey another name.
    HeyHey another name.År siden

    okay.... RO lied to us all! she said that her merch ships to OVER 200 CONTRIES. theres only 195 contries on the planet lol. Look it up, if you really need proof, 6:06.

  • Dream
    DreamÅr siden

    After this can you do the 100 layers challenge

  • Fahima Akter
    Fahima AkterÅr siden


  • Ava Feyt
    Ava FeytÅr siden

    But it would be a good idea to have a good conversation about what I need and I am going on to get this done in the next few months or so and I will get it to the next level of the year for the future?

  • Robert Guatno
    Robert GuatnoÅr siden

    Hi rosanna I have a request because my birthday is next week, can you bake an anime birthday cake, because I dont know how to bake perfectly I just copy what you bake. Pls make an anime cake. 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 😞😓🙇 Anime option (Naruto, boku no hero academia, detective Conan, or Kuroko no baske) Plllllllsssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Zingy Khan
    Zingy KhanÅr siden


  • The amazing life of Sky
    The amazing life of SkyÅr siden


  • Becca Grimes
    Becca GrimesÅr siden

    Who wants to trade subsss!

  • Brooke Chapman chapman
    Brooke Chapman chapmanÅr siden

    I'm a nerd nummoe

  • Wazir Imran
    Wazir ImranÅr siden

    Nerdy Nummies PLEASE make a COOKIE plushie !!!!!!!!! Please make it happen in the FUTURE !!!!!!!!!! Like if u agree if u want that to happen in the FUTURE !!!!!👍🏻😍

  • bredda lassi
    bredda lassiÅr siden


  • Catelyn Haney
    Catelyn HaneyÅr siden

    PLEASE make a jello filled cake!!!!!!

  • Natalie Feild
    Natalie FeildÅr siden

    You should bake something Throne of Glass themed

  • Sharda Gite
    Sharda GiteÅr siden

    We love you

  • Kayla Lopez
    Kayla LopezÅr siden


  • Marcelo Marcelo
    Marcelo MarceloÅr siden


  • Diego Pulido
    Diego PulidoÅr siden

    I’m buying merch

  • MaDi Ietha
    MaDi IethaÅr siden

    Mantep ini ibu, TERBAIK👍

  • James Willett
    James WillettÅr siden

    Why do you only make cake videos

  • 李铭
    李铭År siden

    What a nice girle

  • Xav Lynn
    Xav LynnÅr siden

    Your next baking theme should be fortnite

  • The Random Potatoes
    The Random PotatoesÅr siden

    Hey! I love your mech but you don’t have any children clothes!!!

  • سجاد ياس
    سجاد ياسÅr siden

    لك نافذة

  • Méabh
    MéabhÅr siden

    R u going to throw a other birthday for your dog cause his birthday is so close

  • Peach Cupcakez
    Peach CupcakezÅr siden

    I got your merch

  • First Born
    First BornÅr siden

    Proud of You Ro,You Did That Girl♥️🎈🎈Hoping to See You and Your DAD Making a New Video Soon!!♥️👑🍰⭐⭐

  • Ayanna Hemani
    Ayanna HemaniÅr siden

    I got the hoodie you are wearing!!!

  • Keely Pischke
    Keely PischkeÅr siden

    The merge is so cute ❤️

  • Conaday Sweet
    Conaday SweetÅr siden

    I love you I can’t get your merch since my parents don’t trust getting stuff online

  • Meya Baldwin
    Meya BaldwinÅr siden

    Yay merch !!

  • Sue Chen
    Sue ChenÅr siden

    Ro can you make a nerdy nummies smart cookie cheesecake please.

  • Sue Chen
    Sue ChenÅr siden

    So cute, you should definitely make a puppy merch for your doggies! Thumbs up if you agree.

  • Ashley tapscott
    Ashley tapscottÅr siden

    Cookie and blueberry should be a blueberry and a cookie

  • Alexa gisselle Roman Sanchez
    Alexa gisselle Roman SanchezÅr siden

    And I like your hair

  • Alexa gisselle Roman Sanchez
    Alexa gisselle Roman SanchezÅr siden

    You are the best

  • Lily Dennis
    Lily DennisÅr siden

    ahh so excited for these me and my younger sister have been watching you for about 7-8 years and were both getting a jumper each i remember the old ,old houses videos and intros , love all of your videos one of the first youtoubers we ever watched cant wait for these

  • Eleanor Welch
    Eleanor WelchÅr siden

    Hi rose I just watched escape the night and I actually thought you were dead oof

  • Maggie Hough
    Maggie HoughÅr siden

    "A SURPRISE!!!" 😂

  • isang jaboc
    isang jabocÅr siden

    Rosanna please add me on faceboock

  • Natalie Isabela
    Natalie IsabelaÅr siden

    Is no one gonna talk about how she hardly ever does baking anymore?

  • Cindy Alvarez
    Cindy AlvarezÅr siden

    Hey Ro I love you channel Crop Top yesss

  • Olivia Anne
    Olivia AnneÅr siden

    Yay!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited! 👏🏻🍪

  • Manvitha Valluri
    Manvitha ValluriÅr siden

    Ro please please please please do another music video ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Like if u think so too 😄😄 👇

  • SuperSarah 007
    SuperSarah 007År siden


  • ralua wolf
    ralua wolfÅr siden

    loves it

  • moms club of chester brookhaven
    moms club of chester brookhavenÅr siden

    You should make a cake of your two dogs

  • Alyssa Marie
    Alyssa MarieÅr siden

    Omg I’m so excited!!! I absolutely LOVE Nerdy Nummies! Totally getting the cropped hoodie!! 🥰

  • Talk with Tom
    Talk with TomÅr siden

    I love you

  • M Hasan
    M HasanÅr siden


  • Easton Rader
    Easton RaderÅr siden

    coalab whith LaurenzSide

  • Torie Toles
    Torie TolesÅr siden

    So excited about the new merch! Wish there were kids sizes my 5 year old is obsessed with Ro

  • Yee Ping Chua
    Yee Ping ChuaÅr siden

    Rosanna : tells her subscribers thingy at the end Me : she mostly tell her subscribers thingy at the start I think she was to excited to tell about her merch to everyone

  • grace d
    grace dÅr siden

    YASS COOK QUEEN! I love you Rosanna so much And you are so pretty I obviously have to buy some MERCH!!! xoxo -Your biggest fan Grace! Xoxoxoxo♡♡♡♡♡❣❣❣❣❣❣

  • janet deleon
    janet deleonÅr siden

    Love half way through video all attention is on Blueberry 🐶💙

  • Heidi & Ollie's Kitchen
    Heidi & Ollie's KitchenÅr siden

    Hi Rosanna, it would mean the world to my 8 year old daughter if you could subscribe to her channel "Heidi & Ollie's Kitchen" all the way down under in Australia. You are a huge inspiration to her, she watches your video's non-stop!! We posted our first video yesterday!! xoxo

  • Saniyah Syedd123
    Saniyah Syedd123År siden

    Her laugh Uwu

  • Perla Santana
    Perla SantanaÅr siden

    I'm getting 4 of them

  • Jess C
    Jess CÅr siden

    Love love love!!! your hair would like to know if you'd have done a tutorial on it?

    BETSY SALASÅr siden

    I wish it was a lower price cant afford the price sorry

  • Gabriella
    GabriellaÅr siden

    Omg! I love all the merch. It’s sooo cute 😂😊♥️

  • Sierra L
    Sierra LÅr siden

    love you I bine waching you for 6yare

  • Zay DayZ
    Zay DayZÅr siden

    ❤❤so cute❤❤

  • Powercrime25
    Powercrime25År siden

    Nice good looking clothing

  • Caity King
    Caity KingÅr siden

    PLEASEEEE create an apron! I want a nerdy nummies apron to wear while baking some nerdy nummies!