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What was your favorite costume from the party???
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Anyone else LOVE #Halloween? I hope you enjoy this fun #Rodiculous #Costume party with my friends!
xoxo Ro


  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino2 år siden

    Happy Halloween Everyone! What are you going to dress up as? **Get My NEW Cookbook Here:! 👻🎃😊💕

  • Deepa Mahale

    Deepa Mahale

    Måned siden

    I am being a blackbcat

  • Anabella Martel

    Anabella Martel

    Måned siden

    I’m gonna be Cha Cha from Umbrella Academy

  • Trent L

    Trent L

    Måned siden


  • Trent L

    Trent L

    Måned siden


  • Alison and Gregory Scheuring Liao Music

    Alison and Gregory Scheuring Liao Music

    Måned siden

    Rosanna For me I might dress up as Disney princesses for every Halloween so but is for this year of Halloween is I will to dress up as Jasmine from Aladdin

  • iiEdenii
    iiEdenii20 timer siden

    where is rebecca zamolo?;(

  • Silentslayer 21
    Silentslayer 21Dag siden

    Me; Why am I not invited Ro? Ro: cause I wanted to invite my friends Me: Am I not ur friend I’m offended ahhhhhhhhhh ahahaha (crying)

  • Williams S McCarter
    Williams S McCarter4 dager siden

    Someone: "how much money do you wanna spend?" Ro: yes

  • Vedika_S
    Vedika_S7 dager siden

    My mom got a reading once...The person guessed she had 4 children....I'm her only child

  • Reese Gourley
    Reese Gourley7 dager siden

    I have a beanie baby 👶 Diana one

  • Javon Wideman
    Javon Wideman8 dager siden

    ro can you make a cake like you

  • Shikha Bhusal
    Shikha Bhusal8 dager siden

    # ridiculous

  • Amy Braithwaite
    Amy Braithwaite9 dager siden

    I cant belive this video was posted 2 years ago! i always get cheered up waching your videos!

  • MEGA X treme TV
    MEGA X treme TV10 dager siden

    You don't only see how you look you see your contant

  • Venna Cavill
    Venna Cavill10 dager siden

    She put so much effort into this! It’s so amazing how she pulled this off

  • Mabel Reyes
    Mabel Reyes11 dager siden

    its a furry :DDD

  • Jaedys Archie
    Jaedys Archie12 dager siden

    Imagine being her kid and her throwing you humongous parties like this and celebrating you to the fullest.

  • Wen shuen Kung
    Wen shuen Kung13 dager siden

    Daniel and Joey look amazing.

  • Lois Cole
    Lois Cole13 dager siden

    I dressed up as a vampire for Halloween

  • hari krishna reddy
    hari krishna reddy15 dager siden

    Ro you look nice with black hair 😍

  • Elva Maldonado
    Elva Maldonado16 dager siden

    Rosanna has so much people from the series escape the night lol

  • Samara
    Samara16 dager siden

    Rosanna I’m 2018: we even hired a vampire to greet people at the door Us in 2020: smh we don’t need any of theese people because if we hire one he won’t do anything because knowing will come to our doors Stay safe everyone

  • Chrissy Ruehl
    Chrissy Ruehl18 dager siden

    Joey is awesome

  • Kelsey Reade
    Kelsey Reade18 dager siden

    No One: Ro with a mini pool of candy " Oh, no It's just a little

  • My Advice
    My Advice19 dager siden

    I was a classy character (same as you Ro)

  • Kari Hanson
    Kari Hanson19 dager siden

    That’s going to be a lot of pocking up

  • H W
    H W20 dager siden

    I am going to be a witch for haloween

  • kate stricklin
    kate stricklin21 dag siden

    I was Mabel from gravity falls.

  • Beatriz Castro
    Beatriz Castro23 dager siden

    I wish I could go to her party 🎉

  • moni frausto
    moni frausto23 dager siden

    Love you rosnna pasnsio video

  • Chad Young
    Chad Young24 dager siden

    A puppy.

  • Ahd’s world
    Ahd’s world24 dager siden

    ILove you

  • Marissa Barnes
    Marissa Barnes25 dager siden

    I literally had that beanie baby from my mom and then donated it when I was like seven, i still kick myself for it to this day 😂

  • Demon Slayer
    Demon Slayer26 dager siden

    Jk rowling was right Hermione was black

    KYLEE A KERNS26 dager siden

    I have the ty babies lol

  • Corey Trainer
    Corey Trainer27 dager siden

    A witch

  • Mama Islief
    Mama Islief27 dager siden

    Rose it's not Halloween

  • Kristin Deschamps
    Kristin Deschamps27 dager siden

    Being a soccer player

  • Keira KS
    Keira KS27 dager siden

    Ro shows me a lot of candy and I have none!

    LUCY CORN28 dager siden

    I am watching this video on Halloween 2020

  • laugh with sofie
    laugh with sofie28 dager siden

    Happy hallowen

  • AC Tartaglia
    AC Tartaglia28 dager siden

    An angel

  • Brittany Latch
    Brittany Latch28 dager siden

    When I am watching this it is 1day until Halloween!

  • Peyton Jacobs
    Peyton Jacobs29 dager siden

    I am going to be a which.

  • Peyton Jacobs

    Peyton Jacobs

    29 dager siden

    What are you all going to be for Halloween.

  • Hannah Flake
    Hannah Flake29 dager siden

    i am drothy in my castume right now

  • Shrooq H
    Shrooq HMåned siden

    Iove you

  • Jason Stone
    Jason StoneMåned siden

    Omg I love the Addams family

  • Theresa Banerjee
    Theresa BanerjeeMåned siden

    Cookie looked so cute in her French toast costume

  • Tracey Anderson
    Tracey AndersonMåned siden


  • Kelley PerrinCummings
    Kelley PerrinCummingsMåned siden

    I am being Harley Qieen

  • Criselda Jeniffer
    Criselda JenifferMåned siden

    I am a vampire

  • buttercup blueskies
    buttercup blueskiesMåned siden

    i just saw sofie dossi in the video and also you are my fave

  • Molly Stephenson
    Molly StephensonMåned siden

    Wonder Woman Wonder Woman

  • Konner Meeks
    Konner MeeksMåned siden

    beetle juies

    BRUNO GUTIERREZMåned siden

    Chicken tinga toustadas jajaja I loved

  • Winny Yuen
    Winny YuenMåned siden


  • Jennifer Vasquez-Lopez
    Jennifer Vasquez-LopezMåned siden

    Winter from zombies 2💅

  • Vaishnavi Singh Rana
    Vaishnavi Singh RanaMåned siden

    unicorn for Halloween happy Halloween

  • Rishana Sinanan
    Rishana SinananMåned siden

    Rip cookie 😩😞

  • Rishana Sinanan
    Rishana SinananMåned siden

    Rodiculous 😅 also when you get this recommended one year later 👁👄👁

  • Noa Maddie
    Noa MaddieMåned siden

    I wonder what Safyia is for Halloween

  • Isabelle Howell
    Isabelle HowellMåned siden

    This year I'm gonna be Jason. Yes, Imma girl but IDC. Well, I hope y'all have a good Halloween!

  • Laurie Cochran
    Laurie CochranMåned siden

    I love lidsney costume she's a pretty butterfly

  • Laurie Cochran
    Laurie CochranMåned siden

    I love halloween

  • Laurie Cochran
    Laurie CochranMåned siden

    Fun halloween vlog video everybody costumes rocked congrats on your book

  • Kryshna Murray
    Kryshna MurrayMåned siden


  • iceman 16
    iceman 16Måned siden

    Hi Bob the Skeleton!

  • Audrianna Medina
    Audrianna MedinaMåned siden

    I am going to be a present 🎁

  • Chantelle Rochat
    Chantelle RochatMåned siden

    i cant with the outfit

  • Chantelle Rochat
    Chantelle RochatMåned siden

    omg joey

  • Isabella Lepelley
    Isabella LepelleyMåned siden

    little red riding hod

  • Maliah
    MaliahMåned siden

    I was a spooky clown

  • kenia daleyza
    kenia daleyzaMåned siden

    I really like she bo this 💜

  • Beep Boop bop Bob
    Beep Boop bop BobMåned siden

    Bruh is be eating everything there I’m so sorry

  • Lucy T
    Lucy TMåned siden

    The devil wears prada costume and riddler is good. 3 headed dog cute

  • geet seth
    geet sethMåned siden

    I'm going to be a vampire

  • Sukhmandeep Kaur
    Sukhmandeep KaurMåned siden

    Oh my gosh it is not just a Halloween party it is a celebrity Halloween party🎃

  • Charlie Change of plans I have to work tomorrow
    Charlie Change of plans I have to work tomorrowMåned siden


  • Sithmi Edirisinghage
    Sithmi EdirisinghageMåned siden

    Ro I love your parties, and your costume is beautiful... 💖

  • Dee Karkera
    Dee KarkeraMåned siden

    Looks so much fun!

  • Zavia Avila
    Zavia AvilaMåned siden

    Wait you did I sent that comment before I saw her

  • Zavia Avila
    Zavia AvilaMåned siden

    I saw Sophie Dossie contortionist talking to someone you should’ve introduced her but I already know her

  • Zavia Avila
    Zavia AvilaMåned siden

    OMG I got the same kit for my pumpkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MOYA OBRIENMåned siden

    A dead shook girl

  • Maddie and Addie gaming
    Maddie and Addie gamingMåned siden

    Was that Lindsey stirling??? Sorry if I didn’t spell that’s right

  • Silent Watcher
    Silent WatcherMåned siden

    merrell 👯‍♀️

  • liberty lafaver
    liberty lafaverMåned siden


  • Quinten Brower
    Quinten BrowerMåned siden

    I'm gonna be a dead baseball player/skeleton

  • Natalia Granados
    Natalia GranadosMåned siden

    anyone watching this october 19 2020?? LMAO

  • alicia
    aliciaMåned siden

    Imagine being her neighbor and having all those youtubers there.. I’d climb over the trees lol

  • Madalyn Page
    Madalyn PageMåned siden

    I am being a girl beetle juice for Halloween

  • Paloma Armstrong
    Paloma ArmstrongMåned siden


  • AMONG US girl
    AMONG US girlMåned siden

    Wth is with that kid scream at the beginning?

  • emily vuozzo
    emily vuozzoMåned siden

    ok i no this was last year and its 2020 but...... i am going to be beatle juaes..... sorry if i speel stuff rong this is not my first langeage lol sorry agean! make sure to like a sub to ROSANNA SHES AMAZING!!!

  • Parneet Randhawa
    Parneet RandhawaMåned siden

    I’ve already watched this 12 times in my life 😂😂😂

  • Mashlyn Vlogs
    Mashlyn VlogsMåned siden

    Ro can pass as a Merrell twin

  • Kadambari Dhruve
    Kadambari DhruveMåned siden

    Yes make more spooky

  • Nutemma The Gamer
    Nutemma The GamerMåned siden

    sofie dossi :D merrel twins :D

  • Nutemma The Gamer
    Nutemma The GamerMåned siden

    in corona 2020: fsddjfshkjgg

  • Maeve Jordan
    Maeve JordanMåned siden

    I know it’s a year later but I’m being Luna Lovegood for Halloween! Me and my friends are doing a costume contest!

  • Ivy Sharp
    Ivy SharpMåned siden

    Zombie cheerleader

  • Maria Godoy
    Maria GodoyMåned siden

    After that one girl said she got her entire costume from amazon a amazon add came up.

  • Autumn Tavery
    Autumn TaveryMåned siden

    mike look's good in a must ash

  • Angela Smith
    Angela SmithMåned siden

    I am going to be a peacock