My Dog's EPIC Birthday Party!!!!

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My dog Cookie turned 4 years old today on her birthday!
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I had so much fun throwing my #dog an #epic #birthday party! Subscribe for more videos.
xoxo Ro


  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino2 år siden

    Happy birthday to my dog Cookie! I hope you guys enjoy today's video and a big thank you to all of my friends who helped raise $4000 for the Humane Society! What other videos would you like to see? 😊🐶🎉🎁💕

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    Royal high queen !!!!!!!!!

    Dag siden

    @Makayla Hanach hhhhhhh

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    AnnaMichelle Molina

    Måned siden

    Rosanna Pansino I love your videos so much🥰😍🥳

  • Little Lexi

    Little Lexi

    2 måneder siden

    Rosanna Pansino I love your videeo

  • Sphiwo Kunene

    Sphiwo Kunene

    3 måneder siden

    Happy birthday cookie I love you cute wish you all the best wish to become rosanna we love you 🥰🤣🥳🥳🥳❤❤😂😪🤑💘🍰🍰🍦🧁🍼🎂🕶📸4️⃣4️⃣🏳️‍🌈

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    Zariah Berry

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    Polo u

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  • Yaerhin Kang
    Yaerhin Kang11 timer siden

    I want to host a dog party too... someday..

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    Jairus Ferrer12 timer siden

    And happy birthday cute dog

  • Jairus Ferrer
    Jairus Ferrer12 timer siden

    Paw am dogs it’s peanut and blackjack

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    Nadia Hassan20 timer siden

    This is amazing

  • Phone Kyi Phyu Maung
    Phone Kyi Phyu Maung2 dager siden

    Darn I cry often and but tis just makes me miss cookie and all these memories...

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    mahi sahu2 dager siden

    I just saw lily Singh

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    Samantha Duffort3 dager siden

    i am woch it in bed

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    I love you

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  • Student Cecie PalomeraCalzadillas
    Student Cecie PalomeraCalzadillas4 dager siden

    Happy birthday cookie 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳👏🏼👏🏼

  • Jayalakshmi99 Ramakrishnan
    Jayalakshmi99 Ramakrishnan4 dager siden

    Ro is the best dog mom ever

  • Johanna Velasquez
    Johanna Velasquez4 dager siden

    Happy birthday to cookie 🍪 😘 💓 💛 💗 💕 🍪 😘

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    Caitlin Mclain4 dager siden

    Happy birthday to cookie

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    Caitlin Mclain4 dager siden

    Wow you love your dog's

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    Yareli Urbina5 dager siden

    like and sud everyone

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    My dog died ro

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    Comidic Toaster6 dager siden

    I miss cookie so much but I'm also happy now you have new dogs they are so cute I love cookie blue and coconut

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    Sister's show7 dager siden

    Is that lily sing

  • Heather Kouba
    Heather Kouba7 dager siden

    This is all an amazing memory of the once loyal and adorable dog COOKIE I’m so sad that she is gone watching this vid almost makes me cry

  • Alysa Williamson
    Alysa Williamson7 dager siden

    Miss cookie so much she is in a better place now though

  • Angie Lafrance-faubert
    Angie Lafrance-faubert8 dager siden

    One like is one prayer🙏 for cookie : this is not for likes i had the same kind of dog and she died to pls dont think i wiuld do that

  • Angie Lafrance-faubert

    Angie Lafrance-faubert

    8 dager siden

    Im teling the truth

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  • Huskey Lover
    Huskey Lover8 dager siden

    I love the music in the start in every video

  • Austina Hayden
    Austina Hayden8 dager siden

    Cookie would be 28

  • Jonathan Yard
    Jonathan Yard9 dager siden

    Who else misses Cookie? 😭😭😭

  • Mia Lurack
    Mia Lurack9 dager siden

    Happy birthday cookie!

  • Samaira Gupta
    Samaira Gupta11 dager siden

    Ro:here is one of cookies freinnd Justine Justine:when ro said Justine Justine said maddie

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    C K12 dager siden

    I would throw a ball to my dog and I wouldn’t get it back 😂

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    Mishal Ali13 dager siden

    I miss Cookie R.I.P cookie:(

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    Ronan Higgins

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    I'm sorry I sound p

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    i just realized this was posted on my 23rd bday wow i feel old

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    Dylan Leonard15 dager siden

    So cuuuuuute

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    your best queen for life periodt shantie15 dager siden

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    Trista Taylor17 dager siden

    Who here is watching this after cookies death rip cookie 🍪😭

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    gameing 12318 dager siden

    Peanut is bigger than me

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    Ger Hegeman19 dager siden

    My dog is pregnant🐕

  • Valvie Cookiebanana
    Valvie Cookiebanana19 dager siden

    It is 7 years each year so for human years if your dog is 1 year then your dog is 7 in dog years my dog is 11 which means that he is 77 in dog years I am only 8 and I can’t believe I know this xD

  • paris honeter
    paris honeter19 dager siden

    I have a question its ok if you don’t answer but did you count the dogs as a person for $100 or did you just count real people

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  • red sus
    red sus19 dager siden

    Whenever you say pawty it sounds like potty xD

  • Kerry Culf
    Kerry Culf20 dager siden

    Happy birthday to a lovely lady like cookie 👍😘😘

  • Celina Ebrahim
    Celina Ebrahim21 dag siden

    Rosanna, I am so sorry about Cookie. Lots of love from me and my brother we love your videos! I am so glad that you have made priceless memories with beloved Cookie and as much as she is in your heart she is ours as well :)

  • Jass Flex
    Jass Flex21 dag siden

    The poop bags that you use I use the same ones but the lavender smelling ones

  • Isabel Ascencio
    Isabel Ascencio21 dag siden

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    Karla Hernandez mora22 dager siden

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  • Kelsie Gorman
    Kelsie Gorman22 dager siden

    Happy birthday cookie I like him he is just adorable I want one of those dog like that but I am going to name him Rocky if it’s a boy if it’s a girl I’ll name her Bella I like it and I said I just say happy birthday to cookie by and I’m your favorite favorite

  • Kelsie Gorman
    Kelsie Gorman22 dager siden

    It’s super cute and nice and want to say happy birthday to the doggie and she is adorable and I like the trees that you got and the food looks really delicious I wish I was there I was your favorite favorite friend food over there so yeah I’m like your favorite fan I love your funny videos I love your videos I love every single video in a graduations to your sister have her baby a boy don’t know what his name again I’m so sorry but that was super fun bye-bye

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    Brier Wood22 dager siden

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    Sarahy Bocanegra_Flores22 dager siden

    I had a dog named cookie and he died and one of the dogs was born when I was born2012

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    Ro and molly I only weigh 90 pounds me I'm nine turning 10 november 10 and I weigh like 81 pounds 😭😭😭😭

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    •Gatcha bull•28 dager siden

    R.i.P cookie we all miss you cookie but she is in a better place now😔

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    Michael Ortega29 dager siden

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  • Michael Ortega
    Michael Ortega29 dager siden

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    Pricila GuerreroMåned siden

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  • Amita
    AmitaMåned siden

    Did u say that cookie eats avacados ? They are seriously toxic and can injure their kidneys . Please don't give avacados to your dogs.

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    Coyuson LagamayoMåned siden

    STOP COMMENTING ABOUT "you know the incident" because we want to make this video stay as happy and positive as possible!

  • Martin Hambalek
    Martin HambalekMåned siden

    Did any one get that she said Cudy 1:09 and 22:53 she said Cudy again

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    sabrina talladoMåned siden

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