Do you think I earned by Drivers License???
My Boyfriend:
Facebook: rosannapansino
Twitter: RosannaPansino
Instagram: rosannapansino
TikTok: RosannaPansino
I had so much fun being surprised with a #New #Car by my #Boyfriend! It wasn't what I expected but I had a ton of fun driving it around and getting my drivers license!
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  • Mina Cadaner
    Mina CadanerDag siden

    weredid you gat this car can you sand a link

  • Pilar Oropeza
    Pilar OropezaDag siden

    Who wants to see the dogs try to fit in there

  • cutcat kittylover
    cutcat kittyloverDag siden

    Love your dog names and they look so cute rip cookie blueberry coconut

  • Neelanjana Goswami
    Neelanjana GoswamiDag siden

    That cardboard cutout of Ro is honestly creepy......

  • Neelanjana Goswami
    Neelanjana GoswamiDag siden

    They live together, Mike buys Ro all kinds of things and puppies :), They clearly love each other a lot, BUT THEY'RE NOT MARRIED!!!!! Mike has gotta propose like, NOW!

  • Tanya Davis
    Tanya Davis2 dager siden

    yes you passed

  • Lewis Kirkbride
    Lewis Kirkbride2 dager siden


  • Majestic Espeon
    Majestic Espeon2 dager siden

    You should prank Justine with that toy car try to fool her into thinking that you drove all the way to her house with that thing but really you came by your real car

  • Loyal 152
    Loyal 1523 dager siden

    Did she get lip fillers

  • Reygan Brock
    Reygan Brock3 dager siden

    That so cool

    NEONIC4 dager siden

    Who else can't afford this noice of car?

  • danilealuvify
    danilealuvify4 dager siden


  • Lyricsofficial
    Lyricsofficial4 dager siden

    you're joke was so indeed a "dad joke" 😂

  • Oceania Edwards
    Oceania Edwards5 dager siden

    U feill

  • Oceania Edwards
    Oceania Edwards5 dager siden

    Me to

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S6 dager siden

    Passed! 👍

  • Kinnari Amit Patel Patel
    Kinnari Amit Patel Patel6 dager siden


  • Hannah Jaradat
    Hannah Jaradat6 dager siden

    I really thought husky got her a new car!! I was fooled by the key! Anyone else?

  • ItzThe CrazyPeeps :3
    ItzThe CrazyPeeps :37 dager siden

    love it XD

  • Hans-Daniel Gardner
    Hans-Daniel Gardner8 dager siden

    Hei like Your vids

  • Will Porter
    Will Porter8 dager siden

    How could you fit in that 😂😂🤣🤣😅😅

  • ChocoBerry VanillaCake
    ChocoBerry VanillaCake8 dager siden

    Ro:Husky surprised me with a new car! Me:HE DID WHAT?! *sees her car* Oh now it makes sense🤣

  • Avery Vanater
    Avery Vanater8 dager siden


  • Haley Thomas
    Haley Thomas8 dager siden

    Put the dogs in the trunk

  • Fatima Bella
    Fatima Bella8 dager siden


  • boba bel
    boba bel8 dager siden

    LoL really?! thats funny she got a miniature car!🤣

  • Christobanistan
    Christobanistan8 dager siden

    Ro is the cutest ever. I think I love her. :)

  • Annalise TB
    Annalise TB9 dager siden

    Get married people!!!!!!

  • Crystal Rodriguez
    Crystal Rodriguez9 dager siden

    Finally Baking All Year Round signed copy is back in stock 🥰😍❤️SOLD👍

  • Theresa McCarron
    Theresa McCarron9 dager siden

    That is sow small

  • Marcus' Mashups
    Marcus' Mashups9 dager siden

    Did Ro get cheek filler?

  • N Albayati
    N Albayati9 dager siden


  • Lou DeLuca
    Lou DeLuca10 dager siden

    I didn't know Ro wad THAT small. Danny Devito is 4' 10"

  • Ellas World
    Ellas World10 dager siden

    I really really really love your videos

  • Kaleia Rauls
    Kaleia Rauls10 dager siden

    I am shipping them mosanna mike+rosanna

  • Kaleia Rauls
    Kaleia Rauls10 dager siden

    Rockin the hair cutout go girl

  • Lennyn Morrison
    Lennyn Morrison11 dager siden

    I love your video

  • Tyler Adams
    Tyler Adams11 dager siden

    Who else thought that she was about to run over those poor puppies or dogs just be careful Rowe be careful

  • Paul Gangte
    Paul Gangte11 dager siden

    OMG that is so beautiful 💕🤩

  • ・Pow・
    ・Pow・11 dager siden

    Where is coconut/dog

  • Amanda Parker
    Amanda Parker12 dager siden

    I did not know you have a boy friend🥇🎀🥇🏀

  • Cool Jordan
    Cool Jordan12 dager siden

    Yes uuuum Definitely lol 😱😂

  • Jeffrey Audet
    Jeffrey Audet12 dager siden


  • Amelia Barras
    Amelia Barras12 dager siden

    Aunt joke

  • Mandy Justice
    Mandy Justice13 dager siden

    i love ur hair

  • Rafael Perez
    Rafael Perez13 dager siden

    OMG I am 11 and i am 5 feet

  • lomite heera
    lomite heera13 dager siden

    She looks nice 👍🏻 in her new merch Nice car 🚘🚗

  • Ashfaq Hussain Sywani
    Ashfaq Hussain Sywani13 dager siden


  • Etika Ribss
    Etika Ribss13 dager siden


  • Audrielle Weston
    Audrielle Weston13 dager siden

    Omg is a good night

  • Chelsea Giannino
    Chelsea Giannino13 dager siden


  • Macie McGhee
    Macie McGhee14 dager siden

    Is it just me or is everyone loving roe’s new short hair

  • megan bordios
    megan bordios14 dager siden

    I sub to you cause your like the cutest and cheerful person ever i love you.

  • Fme20 A
    Fme20 A14 dager siden

    how cute. i actually thought it was a real car

  • Sophie Milich
    Sophie Milich14 dager siden

    It was an awesome joke

  • Oswaldo Platas-Sanchez
    Oswaldo Platas-Sanchez14 dager siden

    Wow that’s a cool car that must of cost a bunch of money

  • olga998123
    olga99812314 dager siden

    Ro, please do not do More fillers in your Face. You are turning into an old lady like this

  • Natalija Motko
    Natalija Motko14 dager siden


  • Kelly Rawlings
    Kelly Rawlings14 dager siden

    You can only like if you have been watching Ro for 3 or more years

  • indie_xaudrina__
    indie_xaudrina__15 dager siden

    Hiii! I love ur channel! I got the nerdy nummies cookbook! I made one of the recipes from it! I forget which one though lol!!

  • You’re not My style
    You’re not My style15 dager siden

    I just realized I’m the same height as Ro.

  • Jet Fuel
    Jet Fuel15 dager siden

    Holy that car is fast lol

  • Nsnsjs Snsnsn

    Nsnsjs Snsnsn

    15 dager siden


  • Ashley Thornton
    Ashley Thornton15 dager siden

    -1 +2 +5 +5 -10 +10 -1 +2 +1 so maybe?

  • Ava
    Ava16 dager siden

    Omggg I love her new merch

  • Victor Maldonado
    Victor Maldonado16 dager siden


  • Haniya Ali
    Haniya Ali16 dager siden

    Omg I thought it was a real car🙄

  • Naomi & Alessa
    Naomi & Alessa16 dager siden

    Rooooo plsss go back to making more cakes not vegan stuff plssss i dont like change i hate time

  • XxRoseGachaxX
    XxRoseGachaxX16 dager siden

    We said ring 💍 not car but it's still amazing 😊😊

  • Vanesa Sharkadi
    Vanesa Sharkadi16 dager siden

    I’m literally laughing so hard

  • Harper Webb
    Harper Webb16 dager siden

    No one: Not a single soul: Not even Blueberry: Ro: CaLiFoRnIa PaRkInG

  • Brooke Parker
    Brooke Parker16 dager siden

    im a kid this is my dads acount but i woch your vibs

  • iamgoldengarbage
    iamgoldengarbage17 dager siden

    when i watched her burger, pop tart and challenges with mo and stuff 5 years ago. she looked so much different

  • Kendra Belisle
    Kendra Belisle17 dager siden

    Yes you did and also I am taller then you and I am 10

  • lovebriah
    lovebriah17 dager siden

    Why is this video so funny 🤣

  • lovebriah
    lovebriah17 dager siden

    No hate but is it sad that my little sister has a Minnie Mouse car that goes 25 miles per hour? 😂

  • lovebriah


    17 dager siden

    And Ros only goes 6 miles

  • S Afsar
    S Afsar17 dager siden

    Why did you got a small car 🚘

  • CJ Channel
    CJ Channel17 dager siden


  • Preeti Sharma
    Preeti Sharma17 dager siden

    Yes that indeed was a dad joke

  • Preeti Sharma
    Preeti Sharma17 dager siden

    Yes that indeed was a joke

  • Avy Gwen
    Avy Gwen17 dager siden

    Does he nose look different

  • Remy Ramirez
    Remy Ramirez18 dager siden

    You could probably put coconut in the hood space

  • Mary Miller
    Mary Miller18 dager siden

    This made me laugh so hard😂

  • Janelle Kaylie Kyla
    Janelle Kaylie Kyla18 dager siden

    Boyfriend.BOYFRIND.get married already ro

  • Gaia Karudo
    Gaia Karudo18 dager siden

    Am I the only one who was laughing the whole time 😂

  • gesu gesu
    gesu gesu18 dager siden

    You need to go through drive throughs in that car... 💖😁

  • Qwak
    Qwak18 dager siden

    I haven’t been here In 2 years and she looks really different

  • Froggy Pebbles
    Froggy Pebbles18 dager siden

    I’m almost as tall as you Rosanna

  • Alisha Naicker
    Alisha Naicker19 dager siden

    im sad cookie died

  • Keeping Up With Stella
    Keeping Up With Stella19 dager siden

    Like if you miss coco

  • Noah
    Noah19 dager siden


  • erguvan erguvan
    erguvan erguvan19 dager siden

    how about makin a 24 hours in your new car video like if you agree

  • Tania Zaman
    Tania Zaman19 dager siden

    Why u look so artificial.

  • Felix Hernandez
    Felix Hernandez19 dager siden

    She did and her makeup is different

  • Aruna Manchey
    Aruna Manchey19 dager siden

    I thought it was a big cart

  • Aruna Manchey

    Aruna Manchey

    19 dager siden

    Sorry car

  • violet fargher
    violet fargher19 dager siden


  • Emily Manzanarez
    Emily Manzanarez20 dager siden

    my apologies is.Starr Avenue

  • Emily Manzanarez
    Emily Manzanarez20 dager siden

    can i have one of thas cars

  • Emily Manzanarez
    Emily Manzanarez20 dager siden


  • Emily Manzanarez
    Emily Manzanarez20 dager siden

    hi i love your youtube chanal

  • KarinaPLAYS
    KarinaPLAYS20 dager siden

    I am 1"inch shorter than her! also Love her hair!