Do you think I earned by Drivers License???
My Boyfriend:
Facebook: rosannapansino
Twitter: RosannaPansino
Instagram: rosannapansino
TikTok: RosannaPansino
I had so much fun being surprised with a #New #Car by my #Boyfriend! It wasn't what I expected but I had a ton of fun driving it around and getting my drivers license!
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  • Simon Buskell
    Simon BuskellDag siden

    Dad jokes and yes

  • Payton Trousdale
    Payton Trousdale3 dager siden

    Yes lol

  • Jessica Legaspi
    Jessica Legaspi4 dager siden

    Ro , Justine , and mike should do REAL LIFE Mario kart with this!

  • Annmarie Bhola
    Annmarie Bhola6 dager siden

    Well for my answer it aaaaaaa drum rooooooooooool please it's a YES for meeeeeee🥁

  • Hoang Tran
    Hoang Tran8 dager siden


  • Hoang Tran
    Hoang Tran8 dager siden

    You can put a dog in the front trunk and they can ride with you

  • Matthew McKellar
    Matthew McKellar8 dager siden


  • Redding Estate Sales
    Redding Estate Sales11 dager siden

    she can drive good

  • Christopher Vaughan
    Christopher Vaughan11 dager siden

    o so cute

  • BOB
    BOB13 dager siden

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  • The Star Singer
    The Star Singer14 dager siden

    You can put one of the dogs inside of the trunk and just take out the lid

    ANDY ANDRES17 dager siden

    i think you pass and you should get the drivers permit

    ANDY ANDRES17 dager siden

    that is cool

  • Josephine Sheesley
    Josephine Sheesley18 dager siden

    My guinea pigs can run at six miles per hour xD.

    AIDA TALAVERA18 dager siden

    I can't even fit in one of those cars

  • Rocky Rodriguez
    Rocky Rodriguez19 dager siden


  • Ashya Blythe
    Ashya Blythe19 dager siden


  • Brynn Moody
    Brynn Moody19 dager siden

    I;v bin watching her for 5 years to

  • Lizz K
    Lizz K19 dager siden

    I wish I actually had something like that when I learned to drive. And now driving position is 9 and 3 or 4 and 8.

  • Chloe Keim
    Chloe Keim20 dager siden

    Ro I love the new merch sadly I can't afford one but I would love to have one and also u look flawless with your hair!!!!

  • Paloma Orta
    Paloma Orta21 dag siden

    Wouldn't they become parents 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🤵👰🏼

  • Megan Campbell
    Megan Campbell23 dager siden

    I kept how it was the perfect prank because both she and Greyson can use it.

  • Enchanted Vlogs By Ella
    Enchanted Vlogs By Ella25 dager siden

    yes you deseive it

  • Zez mcguffin
    Zez mcguffin26 dager siden

    I love this video also this is not my first time watching this!❤

  • Zez mcguffin

    Zez mcguffin

    26 dager siden

    Just remembered you did pass your test and got your license!👍 good job!❤

  • Zez mcguffin

    Zez mcguffin

    26 dager siden

    Also the joke about the Periodic Table could definitely be a dad joke!😄

  • Lauryn Sullivan
    Lauryn Sullivan28 dager siden


  • dunkinxchar
    dunkinxcharMåned siden

    let me just say that i haven’t watched her in forever and she’s so damn pretty. she had a glow up in quarantine.

  • Gabby Puebla
    Gabby PueblaMåned siden

    Who else thinks ro passed

  • Dawn Morales
    Dawn MoralesMåned siden

    You got the driver's license and can you please do more videos with coconut and blueberry. 😄😃

  • Shruti Sehgal
    Shruti SehgalMåned siden

    Ro earned it

  • Manvitha Chinta
    Manvitha ChintaMåned siden

    Ro you definitely passsed I mean your really good

    ANDY ANDRESMåned siden

    i love the car

  • Camy
    CamyMåned siden

    Can husky just purpose already! 😂

  • Chelsie Fontan
    Chelsie FontanMåned siden

    i thought she ACTALLY got a tesla also its Amazingly cute also like if u want to meet ro irl she is so awsome!!!!!!!! also im not taller than anyone in my class but im taller than her 😂

  • deepashri manjunath
    deepashri manjunathMåned siden

    Fail because you crashed a wall

  • Milkxe YT
    Milkxe YTMåned siden

    Me watching ro’s videos again after a while: is that really her.....?

  • Emily Montague
    Emily MontagueMåned siden

    You could fit blue in your car 🚘

  • Paisley Murphy
    Paisley MurphyMåned siden

    Dad joke👨🏻‍🦰

  • Georgina Benson
    Georgina BensonMåned siden


  • Ritik Sagar
    Ritik SagarMåned siden

    I’m from India your videos is nice I’m watching awary day

  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha GirlMåned siden

    Ro look so cute in that car

  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha GirlMåned siden

    It’s a small car even compared to Ro.but it’s also small like me

  • Taylor Rose Shultz
    Taylor Rose ShultzMåned siden


  • Avery Price
    Avery PriceMåned siden

    HER HAIR!! Ahh

  • fatima arshad
    fatima arshadMåned siden

    I need one of those cars

  • Sharra Newcomb
    Sharra NewcombMåned siden

    To you should make ur website into an app as well!

  • Riki Stevens
    Riki Stevens2 måneder siden

    Is it a kids car. . .or is it the tiniest Tesla EVER! 🧐

  • wasim ganju
    wasim ganju2 måneder siden

    Advertising for car? Lol!! Let's all celebrate dumb day

  • Amy Welch
    Amy Welch2 måneder siden

    Love your shirt!!!

    BRIELLE FLORES2 måneder siden


  • Tammy Miller
    Tammy Miller2 måneder siden

    I want to get one of those cars for the kids. Where do I get it???

    JASON GROSSO2 måneder siden

    My kids say yes, you should get your license.

  • Oumaima Hedrach
    Oumaima Hedrach2 måneder siden

    I feel like RO have changed

  • LeaRoy McCoy
    LeaRoy McCoy2 måneder siden

    you should put blue and coconut in the hood

  • Tharikha Karunanidhi
    Tharikha Karunanidhi2 måneder siden

    Tiny car

  • Melanie Villela Melgar
    Melanie Villela Melgar2 måneder siden

    Yes i think you should

  • Ejeme Osin
    Ejeme Osin2 måneder siden

    I love your merch

  • Elise Desrochers
    Elise Desrochers2 måneder siden

    yes pass

  • Billy Sevek
    Billy Sevek2 måneder siden

    Yes you do

  • Cats, Gaming And More
    Cats, Gaming And More2 måneder siden

    You could fit some baking supplies or some cupcakes 🧁 in the hood u should true it Also you should put blueberry and coconut in the Tesla

  • samantha gobin
    samantha gobin2 måneder siden

    nobody: literaly nobody: Rosanna:1:45,*CRAKING HERSELF UP* Me:LMAO ALSO Me:should i make a comment about that experiance?🤔

  • King Swamp
    King Swamp2 måneder siden

    You passed

  • Leah Hutton
    Leah Hutton2 måneder siden

    💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💗💗💗🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣you Ro Pansino💗💗

  • DuccChar
    DuccChar2 måneder siden

    I can say you passed. . . For me u got a B+ on the test!!

  • Raelynn Johnson
    Raelynn Johnson2 måneder siden

    backing is a art cooking is a sientes

  • J.S.Hilldale
    J.S.Hilldale2 måneder siden

    Hi fish eggs. lol love you!

  • Pari Patel
    Pari Patel2 måneder siden

    ❤️❤️Ok, who agrees that they NEED to get married already! Like I’ve been dying to see them get married!! They are SOOOO cute together!!❤️❤️ ❤️Like if you agree!❤️ ⬇️ ⬇️

  • Catherine Arcibal
    Catherine Arcibal2 måneder siden

    You're prettier when you are wearing light and simple make up that looks natural.

  • Rachael Plesa
    Rachael Plesa2 måneder siden

    yes i do

  • Heidi Martin Poche
    Heidi Martin Poche2 måneder siden

    yes you deserved it

  • Heidi Martin Poche
    Heidi Martin Poche2 måneder siden

    yes and yall are the bomb .com

  • Heidi Martin Poche

    Heidi Martin Poche

    2 måneder siden

    I agree

  • Sazzy Kanko
    Sazzy Kanko2 måneder siden

    I want one!!

  • Colleen Johnson
    Colleen Johnson2 måneder siden


  • The book of random gameplay /TBORG
    The book of random gameplay /TBORG2 måneder siden

    Me: hearing ro is 4 10 Also me :realizing im taller than her

  • Sarah Sarah
    Sarah Sarah2 måneder siden

    WHAT DO YOU DO TO YOUR FACE!??!!!😳😳😳 My goodness girl you just destroy your beautiful face. SAD

  • Brittany
    Brittany2 måneder siden

    She must be exhausting to be around 24/7. “My boyfriend, my boyfriend” BRO we get it.

  • Lea Guibord
    Lea Guibord2 måneder siden

    i was scared ro was going to run over bluebarry and coconut!!!!

  • darin blakely
    darin blakely2 måneder siden

    You did pass

  • BellPlayz
    BellPlayz2 måneder siden

    NOOO you Cut your hair :( but it looks good

  • Abby Smith
    Abby Smith2 måneder siden

    I got two of your cookbooks for my birthday! I’ve always wanted them and now I have them

  • Gina Romero
    Gina Romero2 måneder siden

    You passed the test

  • Fouad AZZOUZY
    Fouad AZZOUZY2 måneder siden


  • Jessica Saenz
    Jessica Saenz2 måneder siden

    Another clothing store that has xxs is Lily Pulitzer.

  • Minty Emerald
    Minty Emerald2 måneder siden

    this looks so fun and I am 20

  • Charlie Chew
    Charlie Chew3 måneder siden

    8:47 got me 😂

  • Johneisha Phillips
    Johneisha Phillips3 måneder siden

    you are the best youtuber in the whole world

  • Johneisha Phillips
    Johneisha Phillips3 måneder siden

    i love you and your boyfriend i am a bigggggggg fan i love your videos and blueberry and cookie and i forgot the white puppy name i am so sorry but i still love him

  • Cara Butler
    Cara Butler3 måneder siden

    Could you make a altitude cook book or add adjustments for your existing recipes. I love all of your recipes but baking at altitude is a whole different beast

  • Luis Martinez-Orbe
    Luis Martinez-Orbe3 måneder siden

    Me: *seeing this video before the first one* Also me: OMG SHE GOT A CAR! Me again: *looking at the car* 😱💥 Ro: Look At this Hot Rod! Me:🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😅🚗

  • Aliza Blanner
    Aliza Blanner3 måneder siden


  • Broken Burst
    Broken Burst3 måneder siden

    I havent watch you in like 1 year when i come back and found this my dreams were crushed

  • ali talp
    ali talp3 måneder siden

    ترجمي الفيديوات

  • Mina Cadaner
    Mina Cadaner3 måneder siden

    weredid you gat this car can you sand a link

  • Pilar Oropeza
    Pilar Oropeza3 måneder siden

    Who wants to see the dogs try to fit in there

  • Catkitty Lover198
    Catkitty Lover1983 måneder siden

    Love your dog names and they look so cute rip cookie blueberry coconut

  • Neelanjana Goswami
    Neelanjana Goswami3 måneder siden

    That cardboard cutout of Ro is honestly creepy......

  • Neelanjana Goswami
    Neelanjana Goswami3 måneder siden

    They live together, Mike buys Ro all kinds of things and puppies :), They clearly love each other a lot, BUT THEY'RE NOT MARRIED!!!!! Mike has gotta propose like, NOW!

  • Tanya Davis
    Tanya Davis3 måneder siden

    yes you passed

  • Lewis Kirkbride
    Lewis Kirkbride3 måneder siden


  • Majestic Espeon
    Majestic Espeon3 måneder siden

    You should prank Justine with that toy car try to fool her into thinking that you drove all the way to her house with that thing but really you came by your real car

  • Loyal 152
    Loyal 1523 måneder siden

    Did she get lip fillers