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Today Timothy DeLaGhetto and I made a Moon Landing Cake in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing!
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2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 stick (4 ounches) unsalted butter, room temperature
1/4 cup solid vegetable shortening
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon almond extract
5 large egg whites
3/4 cup whole milk
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This #Moon #Nasa #Cake is from the Nerdy Nummies Cookbook and we made it to celebrate the 50th year anniversary of the moon landing! I love all things space, Nasa and science.


  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    I cant believe we haven't collabed sooner! Have you seen the new season of Escape the Night yet??? 😊❤️

  • bennyboy919


    Måned siden

    Rosanna Pansino I have never had a waffle before

  • Raffy Mendoza

    Raffy Mendoza

    4 måneder siden


  • freya mallin

    freya mallin

    6 måneder siden

    And pancakes

  • freya mallin

    freya mallin

    6 måneder siden

    Xan Peterson don’t get it

  • freya mallin

    freya mallin

    6 måneder siden

    I have watched all of them and I hope that there’s going to be so much more and hopefully more with you in them . P.S your my number one favourite youtuber 👍😘

  • Kim Coffey-Philbrick
    Kim Coffey-PhilbrickDag siden

    You should make a Irish step

  • Chitra Gupta
    Chitra Gupta9 dager siden

    Definitely 👍 waffels 🧇

  • Shane Cullen
    Shane CullenMåned siden


  • That one person
    That one personMåned siden

    I would be so many dollars🤣🤣🤣 she’s so adorable I can’t 🤣🤣

  • Rockin' Ben
    Rockin' Ben2 måneder siden

    I prefer pancakes!

  • jazmin belliard
    jazmin belliard2 måneder siden


  • Electrik Melon
    Electrik Melon2 måneder siden

    The answer was right under our noses, the moon landing was cake.

  • MissStephieTing
    MissStephieTing3 måneder siden

    Tim brought me here 😅 watching in 2020

  • April Vincent
    April Vincent3 måneder siden

    I am a big fan of Rosanna Pansino I have the nerdy Nummi‘s book

  • supreme patrick
    supreme patrick3 måneder siden

    Ro: pancakes or waffles Me: blueberry pancakes

  • Luca Rhoden
    Luca Rhoden3 måneder siden

    Waffles 😘I’m gonna subscribe

  • Narmada Kularathne
    Narmada Kularathne4 måneder siden


  • [WUT]Scary Yea
    [WUT]Scary Yea4 måneder siden

    This is like having Master Chief in cooking mama I’m not mad though, this was fun to watch

  • Ariana Midnight
    Ariana Midnight4 måneder siden

    I love NASA because my parents used to work there and one of them still does and I’m still obsessed with it I can’t believe you’re making The man and the astronaut

  • Kshethra Golla
    Kshethra Golla4 måneder siden

    5:40 pancakes

  • Sofia Chiavetta
    Sofia Chiavetta4 måneder siden

    I like pancakes 🥞!

  • Daisies and Butterflies
    Daisies and Butterflies4 måneder siden

    The flag doesn’t move on the moon is because there is no wind in space.

  • Red Pheonix
    Red Pheonix4 måneder siden

    I like pancakes

  • Emmalee Pearson
    Emmalee Pearson4 måneder siden

    Who else really ships them?

  • Nora Diep
    Nora Diep4 måneder siden

    Pancakes 🥞

  • imtrash
    imtrash4 måneder siden

    w.a.f.f.l.e.s forever

  • Angelica Grills
    Angelica Grills5 måneder siden

    How would you recommend storing the cake? I don't have a cake stand or cover.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous5 måneder siden

    i prefer 🥞 over 🧇 😊💕

  • Lola R
    Lola R5 måneder siden


  • I'm Yusuf!
    I'm Yusuf!5 måneder siden

    wow! Great job I love it!

  • Yuyue Kintsugi
    Yuyue Kintsugi5 måneder siden

    im the moonnnn!!!!

  • Yuyue Kintsugi
    Yuyue Kintsugi5 måneder siden

    plss make the unicorn cookle!😘😘😘

  • Naomi Barker
    Naomi Barker5 måneder siden

    According to Ro The more smol you are, the funnier you are I consider myself funny ro And I'm 5.7 at 13 years old

  • Usha Thakar
    Usha Thakar6 måneder siden

    Pan cakes

  • Black Cat
    Black Cat6 måneder siden

    Pancake or waffle? I go pancake :D

  • Sadie Kelly
    Sadie Kelly6 måneder siden

    Absolutely I have to vote for waffles. Like Tim said you get light, fluffy insides mixed with a crunchier outside. Plus the little squares hold the butter, syrup, and other toppings if you choose to add on! It is superior. Thank you for coming to my ted talk lol.

  • Cashmoney_ royal
    Cashmoney_ royal6 måneder siden

    I’m 10 and I look like I’m 5 like no joke

  • Hollie Rubino
    Hollie Rubino6 måneder siden

    I like pancakes better than waffles

  • slime asmr
    slime asmr6 måneder siden

    I like pancakes better than waffles

  • zeenea latifa
    zeenea latifa6 måneder siden

    my daughter said she likes waffles but i say pancakes

  • Made Gde Darendra Putrawan
    Made Gde Darendra Putrawan6 måneder siden


  • Faith Sells
    Faith Sells7 måneder siden

    Waffals are just pancakes with abs

  • slassegaard
    slassegaard7 måneder siden


  • Cameron Don
    Cameron Don7 måneder siden

    I refuse to believe that we didn't land on the moon. I can't really explain why, but I refuse to believe we didn't land on the moon because we were definitely smart enough to do so 51 years ago (I'm watching in 2020), and likely still are. And if we have rovers traversing the sands of Mars, then we definitely have rovers on the moon. Although that's not a manned landing, its still a landing, and if I'm correct actually landed alongside one of the manned Apollo missions (I'm not exactly counting on being correct, but my point stands. We landed on the moon 51 years ago and no one can convince me otherwise). And I prefer pancakes over waffles.

  • Michael Barniskis
    Michael Barniskis7 måneder siden

    You should make Natsuki’s cat cupcakes from Doki Doki Literature Club

  • Dakota Partelow
    Dakota Partelow7 måneder siden

    There's no wind on the moon. That's why the flag doesn't move.

  • Julia S
    Julia S7 måneder siden

    “The shorter you are the funnier you are” - Rosanna Pansino Why is this so true tho😂😂

  • Kali Macdougall
    Kali Macdougall7 måneder siden


  • Deborah Connelly
    Deborah Connelly7 måneder siden

    pancakes are my fav.

  • Meredith Rosario
    Meredith Rosario7 måneder siden


  • Altynay B
    Altynay B7 måneder siden

    Doughnuts 🍩 have holes like when you eat a doughnut 🍩 where does the hole go

  • Catherine Erdesky
    Catherine Erdesky7 måneder siden

    Waffles all the way!

  • Misha's Sims
    Misha's Sims7 måneder siden

    waffles... i have bad memories of pancakes

    ABDO KAMEL7 måneder siden

    Rossana:I love the smell of butter Me:wait butter has a smell?

  • Mia S

    Mia S

    7 måneder siden


  • 최병락
    최병락7 måneder siden


  • Rachel 07
    Rachel 078 måneder siden

    ro: the more petite you are the funnier you are me being tall: 😖

  • Rivki Smith
    Rivki Smith8 måneder siden


  • Random Person
    Random Person8 måneder siden

    2020 end one Just me ok

  • Dreament64
    Dreament648 måneder siden

    I love Pancakes.

  • Jayla Williams
    Jayla Williams8 måneder siden

    The flag isn’t moving because there is no wind in space

  • Lillian Crooms
    Lillian Crooms8 måneder siden

    I like both. I would add pancake batter to waffle batter, partially cook it in a pan on a stove, then cook it the rest of the why in a waffle maker.

  • mythirdchannel
    mythirdchannel8 måneder siden

    OH MY GOD XD You were on an episode of It's Always Sunny on Philly?! WHAT?! that's amazing XD I never would've expected lol - so awesome!

  • betty Russell
    betty Russell9 måneder siden

    He likes her he blushed the HOLE TIME

  • beans


    7 måneder siden

    Or he's shy...

  • Katie Wallace
    Katie Wallace9 måneder siden

    I love waffles!

  • PurpleGlitch
    PurpleGlitch9 måneder siden

    :o space + moon + space thing stuff= me happy 😊

    HUEY BRIDWELL9 måneder siden

    Who told this chick the moon was in the Earth's atmosphere?

  • Emily Kortz
    Emily Kortz9 måneder siden

    Waffles, hands down. There are literally pockets for the butter and syrup, not to mention the crunch.. waffles ♡🙌

  • supreme patrick
    supreme patrick9 måneder siden

    Pancakes vs waffles pancakes because they're fluffy

  • Rebecca Rosario O. Bercasio
    Rebecca Rosario O. Bercasio9 måneder siden

    I pick waffles like or comment if you agree 🖤

  • Lindon Parrot
    Lindon Parrot9 måneder siden

    Who else is taller than rossana but younger than 10 or 10

  • Angle Rider
    Angle Rider9 måneder siden

    Ro in that picture you look like your sister

  • Lilly Rivera
    Lilly Rivera9 måneder siden

    i hate pancakes but i love waffles

  • Cerindiputy
    Cerindiputy10 måneder siden


  • Alexandra KUMIC
    Alexandra KUMIC10 måneder siden

    Oh this was posted a day before my birthday

  • Alexandra KUMIC
    Alexandra KUMIC10 måneder siden

    I much,much rather pancakes because u can make them thick or thin big or small and they are soooooo FLUFFY!

  • David Hoj
    David Hoj10 måneder siden

    so no JFK cake?

  • amna rehman
    amna rehman10 måneder siden


  • Playtime with Carly
    Playtime with Carly10 måneder siden

    You should make a series where you make rellavant pop singer inspired cakes

  • Katarzyna Palubicka
    Katarzyna Palubicka10 måneder siden

    Aren't they the same thing but different shapes?

  • Katarzyna Palubicka

    Katarzyna Palubicka

    10 måneder siden

    Btw love ur Chanel! ❤️💞

  • Lupita Leticia Lengkey
    Lupita Leticia Lengkey10 måneder siden

    Ro please make a ETN cake please please please 😭😭😭 guys help me like this comment

  • Jaden Doyle
    Jaden Doyle10 måneder siden

    Definition of NASA Not A Serious Astrophysicist

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl10 måneder siden

    I prefer pancakes

  • Innocent Coffee Lover
    Innocent Coffee Lover10 måneder siden

    as a brit i prefer pancakes as waffles in britain are savoury and made of potato.

  • Dawn Manning
    Dawn Manning10 måneder siden

    I like both the pancakes and waffles together.

  • spaceblox co.
    spaceblox co.10 måneder siden

    I don’t like waffles or pancakes

  • Silver Raxtus
    Silver Raxtus10 måneder siden

    I love pancakes, and i’m a guy

  • jenna van doodewaard
    jenna van doodewaard10 måneder siden

    waffles leave like if u agree

  • ItsAJokay My gameplays are kinda funny
    ItsAJokay My gameplays are kinda funny11 måneder siden

    Me at 15:43: Or did Lance Armstrong go to the moon?

  • Kinsley Menees
    Kinsley Menees11 måneder siden

    Aliens are not real. People beloved people lived on mars because somebody said something that sounded like canal which is man doug. But they did not say "canal" but it lead people to believe aliens are real.👽

  • Kinsley Menees
    Kinsley Menees11 måneder siden

    You should collab with Infinite lists😄

  • olivia grace
    olivia grace11 måneder siden

    waffles are basically crunchy pancakes right? did i upset el for nothing

  • XxUnknown PotatoxX
    XxUnknown PotatoxX11 måneder siden

    Pancakes ae the best food ever. Other than bread but..... yeah

  • Mando Sav
    Mando Sav11 måneder siden

    Escape the night

  • Ellerby Doughnuts
    Ellerby Doughnuts11 måneder siden

    Awww thanks Ro. I am so much shorter than all my friends but I’m way older and in my opinion i am really funny Like if you’re short to

  • loveandlove3
    loveandlove311 måneder siden

    Waffles ❤️

  • Maria Insana
    Maria Insana11 måneder siden


  • Snake GaL
    Snake GaL11 måneder siden


  • Samantha Coker
    Samantha Coker11 måneder siden


  • Theo Chalhoub
    Theo Chalhoub11 måneder siden

    Pen cake

  • SlumMasterJ The Man
    SlumMasterJ The Man11 måneder siden


  • Eliana Summers
    Eliana Summers11 måneder siden

    hi I have been a fan for a long time how can i get your baking line

  • MIKE Vlaky
    MIKE Vlaky11 måneder siden

    Apollo 11 50 years

  • fatimah anwaar
    fatimah anwaarÅr siden

    the moon is actually pearl aqua color

  • Eon Paco
    Eon PacoÅr siden