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Do you play Minecraft???
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Rich Chocolate Cake
*1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
*2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
*1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda
*1 teaspoon baking powder
*1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
*1/2 teaspoon salt
*1 1/3 cups granulated sugar
*2/3 cup firmly packed light brown sugar
*4 large eggs
*1/3 cup water
*2 teaspoons vanilla extract
*1 cup sour cream
*1/4 cup vegetable oil
This #Minecraft Nerdy Nummies episode was so much fun! I always love #Baking with my friends. What other #DIY videos would you like to see?
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    Nerdy Nummies is back! Have you ever played Minecraft before? Do you know anyone who plays? 😊❤️

  • Dana A-N

    Dana A-N

    Måned siden

    @Pikafoxilisk icon

  • Dana A-N

    Dana A-N

    Måned siden

    I play Minecraft everyday all my closest friends play minecraft, I've been playing Minecraft for five years, and I am a PRO

  • Annahir S.

    Annahir S.

    Måned siden

    Well of course I know him.... He's me. I'm a girl but i thought this meme fit well lol

  • Malainie Hayray

    Malainie Hayray

    3 måneder siden

    I play mincraft and another game.

  • Izzy Hughes

    Izzy Hughes

    3 måneder siden

    I play and please make the Minecraft cake in real life but the bigger size

  • Lovely
    Lovely16 dager siden

    I want my nephews 7th birthday to be Minecraft themed so i have an excuse to make this.

  • Afreen Ahmed showing videos
    Afreen Ahmed showing videos21 dag siden

    yes i play minecraft i know the cake of minecraft even minecraft is life

  • Clare Alexander
    Clare Alexander22 dager siden

    Lol late to the party but Ro you should totally, once this little pandemic thing is over ofc, make the life-sized minecraft cake with the Dream Team. Or make muffins (that would be funny)

  • Claudia Marshall
    Claudia MarshallMåned siden

    my brother,s name is caleb & my name is Abigail

  • Claudia Marshall
    Claudia MarshallMåned siden

    yes i have and my bruther play,s &i play

  • hopefound injesus
    hopefound injesusMåned siden

    Please make this jumbo mineceaft cake.

  • King Christhoff
    King ChristhoffMåned siden


  • Michelle K
    Michelle KMåned siden


  • Sean Budman
    Sean BudmanMåned siden

    What happens if you are lactose intolerant, RO WHAT DO WE DO WHEN WE MAKE THIS CAKE

  • Drew Campbell
    Drew Campbell2 måneder siden

    I've played Minecraft before

  • Drew Campbell
    Drew Campbell2 måneder siden

    I RELLY want to see the LIFE SIZE MINCRAFT CAKE!!!!!

  • Melania Nash
    Melania Nash2 måneder siden

    When my mom makes chocolate cake, she uses coke instead of water, and mayo instead of sour cream, and you don't have to add olive oil, and it's super good

  • PoohPanda Xx

    PoohPanda Xx

    17 dager siden

    Sounds good!

  • D a r n e x i s
    D a r n e x i s2 måneder siden

    Omg! So funny how rosanna put all jordan’s yt links in the description lmaooo

  • Dmrt 1722
    Dmrt 17222 måneder siden

    Me to

  • Chris Humphrey
    Chris Humphrey2 måneder siden

    I wanna see the Minecraft cake as much as I wanna see Jordon without a shirt! 😍😉

  • Galen Gifford
    Galen Gifford3 måneder siden


  • Cherry_ ßerri ._.
    Cherry_ ßerri ._.3 måneder siden

    12:00 bottle it as a sent 😏

  • Rich Greene
    Rich Greene3 måneder siden

    do it do it do it do it do it do it do it

  • Afreen Ahmed anusha
    Afreen Ahmed anusha3 måneder siden

    so much

  • Afreen Ahmed anusha
    Afreen Ahmed anusha3 måneder siden

    i love minecraft

  • iambanana dog
    iambanana dog3 måneder siden

    if the chef said and alittle love and winked id think there was tryin to hit on me

  • ahmad almuhairi
    ahmad almuhairi3 måneder siden

    No no no no

  • Sondos Ayman
    Sondos Ayman3 måneder siden

    This year is when revenge is 8 years old :)

  • antonia immanuel
    antonia immanuel3 måneder siden

    We want a jumbo disaster

  • Minecraft Cake
    Minecraft Cake3 måneder siden


  • Ojie Dayoc
    Ojie Dayoc3 måneder siden

    Jojo siwa cake

  • That Billie Eilish fan
    That Billie Eilish fan4 måneder siden

    Make a life size Minecraft cakes plssss or make a Minecraft Steve pls pls

  • Nicole Minnikin
    Nicole Minnikin4 måneder siden

    Real size Minecraft cake?!? Will it ever happen?!

  • Lara Joy Gheriafi
    Lara Joy Gheriafi4 måneder siden

    Almost one year later and we’re still waiting for the giant cake...

  • Georgia Taylor
    Georgia Taylor4 måneder siden

    But in Minecraft you can eat the whole cake in 1 sitting.........600,000 CALORIES!!!!

  • Faisal Ahmed
    Faisal Ahmed4 måneder siden

    please do cake for Moira in OverWatch game =(

  • M550Wolfer34
    M550Wolfer344 måneder siden

    Do the cake!!!

  • Simara White
    Simara White4 måneder siden

    anyone else read jordans last name as moron

  • IKonic Mira
    IKonic Mira4 måneder siden

    Y’all should make a life size minecraft cake!!

  • mariyam nasir
    mariyam nasir4 måneder siden

    pls make that humongous cake i really wanna see it

  • Tahkeyah Teng
    Tahkeyah Teng4 måneder siden

    Ro: Sour cream is my secret ingredient Me: it’s not a secret if I know

  • Landon Chapa
    Landon Chapa5 måneder siden

    New video idea! U do the new updated version of the cake that is a little bit more detailed with him agin.

  • picolo santiago
    picolo santiago5 måneder siden

    Jordan: How many calories? Ro: 2,000. Jordan: "giggles" I can hear graystillplays in the background saying, "THOSE ARE ROOKIE NUMBERS".

  • Lisa Dudek
    Lisa Dudek5 måneder siden

    yes indeed

  • Gilly Videos
    Gilly Videos5 måneder siden

    Everyone: I think it’s 740,000 calories Me: How fat is stampy cat then... he eats one a day...

  • Dana Burlacu
    Dana Burlacu5 måneder siden

    Hey! I was looking for a recipe for a chocolate cake (I obviously found it here 🤣) but can you please put the mesures in grams?!? 😊😘🥰

  • Marina Dianna
    Marina Dianna5 måneder siden

    call up Alvin from tasty he has a show called making it big where he makes food but in a MASSIVE version

  • xepher
    xepher5 måneder siden

    ur dj from full house in real life

  • Yamuna Jawalkar
    Yamuna Jawalkar5 måneder siden

    Yes please

  • Max Cai
    Max Cai5 måneder siden

    The biggest food gives the worst saturation.

  • b e e s
    b e e s5 måneder siden

    Creepuh, aw man

  • Millie The Imp
    Millie The Imp5 måneder siden

    I just got the book today and I LOVE IT

  • Claire for Greatness
    Claire for Greatness5 måneder siden

    I don't play minecraft but my brother does he is obsessed with it I''m going to make him this cake for his birthday! I'm so excited to suprise him with this cake.

  • Kaylee Oneth
    Kaylee Oneth5 måneder siden

    yes do it

  • falaaiAna Caroline
    falaaiAna Caroline5 måneder siden

    Quem é português aqui deixa lake

  • Posiepie 05
    Posiepie 055 måneder siden

    Giant Minecraft cake!

  • Dr. Pasta
    Dr. Pasta6 måneder siden

    My mom made this for my 10th birthday :D

  • Prisha Sharma
    Prisha Sharma6 måneder siden

    Her secret ingredient isn’t so secret now is it Ro

  • laylonie co
    laylonie co6 måneder siden


  • Dadhich Dadhich
    Dadhich Dadhich6 måneder siden

    To plz play Minecraft Like if u agre 🗡

  • Mady’s Singing World
    Mady’s Singing World6 måneder siden

    i wish i could bake with you! i like baking for my family and i watch u soooo much! but im also not a big youtuber...

  • Gleek Glee
    Gleek Glee6 måneder siden

    He’s so hot

  • Brandon Phan
    Brandon Phan6 måneder siden


  • Cosmic Undead
    Cosmic Undead6 måneder siden

    didn't y'all do somethin like this like 6 years ago?

  • Alpha Veronica
    Alpha Veronica6 måneder siden

    To be able to eat that...

  • Anna Has Problems
    Anna Has Problems6 måneder siden

    I’m still waiting for the huge cake

  • hilow 44
    hilow 446 måneder siden

    Life sized minecraft cake

  • claudia souza
    claudia souza6 måneder siden

    lf minecraft cool coool and have meeet rellay

  • primo rama1
    primo rama16 måneder siden

    I’ve watched you for 3 or 4 years 💛

  • Allison Kalpokas
    Allison Kalpokas6 måneder siden

    thank you for doing a buttercream mindcraft cake...

  • James BOWDEN
    James BOWDEN6 måneder siden

    Cake? Aww man

  • Nin Anderson
    Nin Anderson6 måneder siden

    she could always bake multiple cakes and ice them in stacks and size to make the Minecraft cake

  • Belachew Gaming
    Belachew Gaming6 måneder siden

    make the big cake please. love that idea

  • XX Cuahella Roblox and minecraft and pixel Nguyen
    XX Cuahella Roblox and minecraft and pixel Nguyen7 måneder siden

    Great Rebecca don,t know to cook teach to bake

  • Sara Sprouse
    Sara Sprouse7 måneder siden

    Please make the life size cake

  • Che Sinson
    Che Sinson7 måneder siden

    5:34 16:31

  • JoseBache DlTorre
    JoseBache DlTorre7 måneder siden

    Make a jumbo cake!

  • Felicity Beighton
    Felicity Beighton7 måneder siden


  • Quickid
    Quickid7 måneder siden

    Are they trying to make cap look tall

  • Ben Palma YT
    Ben Palma YT7 måneder siden

    the creepers gonna steal our stuff again

  • Unicorn TheYoutuber
    Unicorn TheYoutuber7 måneder siden


  • Salma Khalil
    Salma Khalil7 måneder siden

    life size minecraft cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anna Day
    Anna Day7 måneder siden

    make a huge minecraft cake!!!!

  • PandaBanana
    PandaBanana7 måneder siden

    pls make somthing minecraft themed with DanTDM PLSSSS!!!!!!!!!

  • pluviæ !!
    pluviæ !!7 måneder siden

    i literally remember her making a minecraft cake like years ago dafuq

  • Mason Fuller
    Mason Fuller7 måneder siden

    poke poke is moist

  • DemonNightmareAngel
    DemonNightmareAngel7 måneder siden

    Ro please make that massive real size Minecraft cake

  • Amber McNaughton
    Amber McNaughton7 måneder siden

    I still really wanna see that life sized minecraft cake

  • Creatures of the Night
    Creatures of the Night7 måneder siden

    *Ace Pennies*

  • Rachel Goldenburg
    Rachel Goldenburg7 måneder siden

    oh my god it’s captainsparklez

  • Skely
    Skely7 måneder siden

    I am looking for evidence that Jardon is not an android

  • Raji Salman
    Raji Salman7 måneder siden

    Imagine Rosanna and SSUNDEE

  • David Reyes
    David Reyes7 måneder siden

    I love your vids

  • JDR Photography
    JDR Photography7 måneder siden

    Watching this again during quarantine and uhhhhh ro u now have time to make the irl size cake

  • DJ Radio Gab
    DJ Radio Gab7 måneder siden

    how long do you bake the cake for.

  • Deddsos
    Deddsos7 måneder siden

    Jardon: *is holding bowl of cake mix* Ro *while scooping it out into pans*: “YOU’RE DOING GREAT”

  • Deddsos
    Deddsos7 måneder siden

    She should totally edit the description and add the newer channels. I.e. Jordan lifts (aka Maron Muscles)

  • KamiyaK
    KamiyaK7 måneder siden

    GUUUURRLLLL!!!! OMG Jordan's standing next to a Guuuurrrrll!!!

  • Hashir Ahmed
    Hashir Ahmed7 måneder siden

    snow block

  • Rasabee
    Rasabee7 måneder siden

    I came here to say that you are standing on a box

  • Justin Hernandez
    Justin Hernandez7 måneder siden

    I thought each Minecraft block was like 1ft by 1ft

  • Louie Unicorn
    Louie Unicorn7 måneder siden

    I want you to make a lifesize cak

  • Irwin Samoy
    Irwin Samoy7 måneder siden

    (Sheir) i hate minecraft

  • Irwin Samoy
    Irwin Samoy7 måneder siden

    (Sheir) 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝that minecraft cake is poison is YUCK!