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Do you like Marvel Movies?
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2 ¼ cups all purpose flour
5 tablespoons cocoa powder
¾ teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon salt
½ cup + 2 tablespoons milk
1 ¼ cups sour cream
5 ounces butter, unsalted
2 ¼ cups granulated sugar
4 eggs
1 ¼ teaspoons vanilla extract
4 teaspoons red food coloring
20 large marshmallows
Black, red and white fondant
Black, red and white buttercream frosting
I had so much fun #Baking this #Marvel #Cake on this new episode of Nerdy Nummies! I used a decorating technique I've never done before where I melted marshmallows and made them look like spooky spider webs! While the movie Black Widow was supposed to come out this year it has been delayed until 2021, I still wanted to make a cake to celebrate!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino5 måneder siden

    Who's your favorite super hero?? 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️🦹‍♀️🦹‍♂️

  • The Apple

    The Apple

    19 dager siden

    Black widow 100%

  • Harry Potter Queen

    Harry Potter Queen

    Måned siden

    @Nick Lantzer yes

  • Harry Potter Queen

    Harry Potter Queen

    Måned siden


  • Ivana Schut

    Ivana Schut

    Måned siden

    Wanda maximoff

  • Paulina Kasprzyk

    Paulina Kasprzyk

    Måned siden

    Black widow and Scarlett witch

  • lamees suliman
    lamees sulimanDag siden

    Ya I'm so excited I watch all of the marvel movies and shows and my favorite carcter is black widow

  • Kobe Tookey
    Kobe Tookey13 dager siden

    like a cloud...of SugAr

  • Hope
    Hope16 dager siden

    a black widow spider cake

  • Marta T
    Marta T18 dager siden

    I think it’s flawless too

  • Marta T
    Marta T18 dager siden

    Super girl is my favorite.

  • Nugget
    Nugget19 dager siden

    Aaah! Are you kidding me? This is some technique! I think you can make more money producing those things for the consumer! You're doing it so well!

  • Ridha Zainab
    Ridha Zainab20 dager siden

    Wowww ro that cake looks soooo delicious and spooky 💝🤭😋

  • Minecraft_Sister
    Minecraft_Sister24 dager siden

    I love your vids Ro!!!!!!!

  • Sarai Gudino
    Sarai Gudino25 dager siden


  • Connie Tsui
    Connie Tsui25 dager siden


  • Twins Pizarro
    Twins Pizarro27 dager siden

    Black widow and Scarlett witch

  • Elsa Hyun
    Elsa HyunMåned siden

    elsa jonas favorite superhero is black widow

  • Elsa Hyun
    Elsa HyunMåned siden

    why are you keep saying boom!! stop it

  • keilani harries
    keilani harriesMåned siden

    please do wanda vision themed!!

  • Aiza Abbas
    Aiza AbbasMåned siden

    I feel like Rosanna is the Bob Ross of baking lol

  • Jorja West
    Jorja WestMåned siden

    holy damn this is my childhood

  • Geeky Goods
    Geeky GoodsMåned siden

    I miss nerdy nummies........



    16 dager siden

    @Geeky Goods haha i heard nothibg but great things about it! You can get a free subscription to hbo max which lasts a months i think to watch ut uf h want to!

  • Geeky Goods

    Geeky Goods

    16 dager siden

    @START GAME YT i was just notifed yesterday through a family member she also has a show on Hbo max.... Might have to get a subscription lmao



    17 dager siden

    It's the same but just her channel name is different

  • Amir Kirkwood
    Amir KirkwoodMåned siden

    If Rosanna was the “red room” chef she would get them exposed

  • Kelly Dolan
    Kelly DolanMåned siden

    I thought there was baking soda and vinegar involved in making red velvet?

  • The Disney Doodler
    The Disney Doodler2 måneder siden

    Can you do a Scarlet Witch cake in honor of WandaVision?

  • Cuppie Cupsters

    Cuppie Cupsters

    17 dager siden

    Yes please!

  • Teri
    Teri2 måneder siden

    Wait so, the measurments in description box are already doubled so they make those 4 cakes or just 2? Cuz i wanna make just two of them and im confused help me please

  • DaLocalGiraffe
    DaLocalGiraffe2 måneder siden

    I don’t like red velvet because of all the food coloring 🤮

  • Aaron Wylde
    Aaron Wylde2 måneder siden


  • Teri
    Teri2 måneder siden

    I just love how Ro has her iconic lines. Like „ just makes it a little bit easier" or „salty salty" Love u Ro

  • Natasha Raymond
    Natasha Raymond2 måneder siden

    I'm Natasha romanof

  • Tay Mcconnachie
    Tay Mcconnachie2 måneder siden

    what do you do with the leftovers

  • b_.k.h .r._xe
    b_.k.h .r._xe2 måneder siden

    Bro... I haven't watched Ro's channel in years and I just came back and just... The childhood nostalgia T^T MY HEART!!!

  • makeourown
    makeourown2 måneder siden

    i have a request can you make a 9 layerd wedding cake

  • randomness unleashed
    randomness unleashed2 måneder siden

    Can you do one Hawkeye themed??? 🥺🥺🥺

  • Heather Grancourt
    Heather Grancourt2 måneder siden

    Ro dresses up as Black Widow and she ends up being spiderman is amazing

  • Myesha W
    Myesha W2 måneder siden

    Can u bake just a normal pretty cake ? I would love to do a recipe like that from u ! U seriously inspired me to be a baker for about a year now, I’m nearly 13. I love watching ur videos and love trying to bake them but I sometimes don’t have all the supplies u have, and I really want to bake a normal pretty red velvet cake with white fondant on it and some colourful flowers surrounding the rim nope the cake ! I would love to see u try baking it too ! Love you 😍 😘

  • PM - 09OR 714824 Judith Nyman SS
    PM - 09OR 714824 Judith Nyman SS2 måneder siden


  • Asif Habib
    Asif Habib2 måneder siden

    # nerdynummmies I am Anna and Ro I tried this recipe. And I am successful. I liked and subscribed your video. Love you so much. 💞

  • Patrick Zhou
    Patrick Zhou3 måneder siden

    The spider web just amaze me, your creations are so amazing.

  • maria aggelou
    maria aggelou3 måneder siden

    Martin Luther King Jr

  • millennium fox
    millennium fox3 måneder siden

    Where in the world did you get that costume that thing is amazing it's literally so realistic

  • Daniella Robles
    Daniella Robles3 måneder siden

    Did she seriously not cut into the cake? I wanted to see what it looked like inside

  • Citrina Videos
    Citrina Videos3 måneder siden

    Can you make an unicorn cake please

  • Maria Dakkan
    Maria Dakkan3 måneder siden


  • Arti negi
    Arti negi3 måneder siden


  • SheIsAshanti
    SheIsAshanti3 måneder siden

    I’d love a Ro cake for my 19th bday but I’m in Florida ...🥺

  • Kylie Bute
    Kylie Bute3 måneder siden

    It’s a miracle she didn’t get marshmellow in her hair.

  • Jules Becker
    Jules Becker3 måneder siden

    “It doesn’t have to be perfect” Precedes to make it perfect

  • Jules Becker
    Jules Becker3 måneder siden

    Omg! I love the hair Ro!

  • HSE mena
    HSE mena3 måneder siden

    I feel like Roe should make a oreo cake what do you guys think? Tell me by liking my comment or reply to my comment.

  • ash universe
    ash universe4 måneder siden


  • Puppy family
    Puppy family4 måneder siden

    Can you make a Christmas cake

  • Abigail Kovell
    Abigail Kovell4 måneder siden

    Black widow

  • Abigail Kovell
    Abigail Kovell4 måneder siden


    KAY_T_THE_BOSS4 måneder siden

    I saw this and was like YES YES!!

  • sanchari malkhandi
    sanchari malkhandi4 måneder siden

    Ro plzzzzz make a tennis cake. I love u and i am your biggest fan.And thanks in advance

  • sanchari malkhandi
    sanchari malkhandi4 måneder siden

    Dear Ro, I would be so happy if you made a tennis themed cake.Your videos are amazing and I am your biggest fan. Thanks in advance. 😄

  • The Kiddos
    The Kiddos4 måneder siden

    is there spider on top

  • Jbi 8647
    Jbi 86474 måneder siden

    My favorite hero is wondering happy Halloween!!!👿👹👽🤡

  • T Stephenson
    T Stephenson4 måneder siden

    can you do a thor cake next

  • Auddrey Brescilli
    Auddrey Brescilli4 måneder siden

    I like Wonder women

  • Saanvi Prasad
    Saanvi Prasad4 måneder siden

    Ro is my superhero. She is always there to save me from going into a sad world. Because o her i have started making such amazing cakes with all these kind of fondant creations. I LOVE YOU RO

  • IDK_its_just_Breeze
    IDK_its_just_Breeze4 måneder siden

    Natasha Romanoff is proud

  • Emmanuel gonzalez
    Emmanuel gonzalez4 måneder siden

    Do a Thor themed cake pleaseeee

  • I Simons
    I Simons4 måneder siden

    i love Rosanna's personality its so fun and cute and i just love her

  • hilow 44
    hilow 444 måneder siden

    Oh no i just realized ro is one of those people who post food on insta wow. 😐

  • Estrella Estep-Rodriguez
    Estrella Estep-Rodriguez4 måneder siden

    Im deathly allergic to chocolate but i like red velvet cake

  • swati samal
    swati samal4 måneder siden

    Please make shawarma from the Avengers movie.

  • Vaishnavi Sisodiya
    Vaishnavi Sisodiya4 måneder siden

    Ur laugh is like a indian singer neha kakkar

  • Samantha Meader
    Samantha Meader4 måneder siden

    Ro I love watching your videos because you bake so well and you are so calm

  • Words Formed By Words
    Words Formed By Words4 måneder siden

    Lol bra

  • Kawaii Panda
    Kawaii Panda4 måneder siden

    My favorite super hero wonder women And black widow

  • Kawaii Panda
    Kawaii Panda4 måneder siden

    If you think ro,s costume is flawless think again she is :)

  • Kawaii Panda
    Kawaii Panda4 måneder siden

    I do

  • Yogita Bodkhe
    Yogita Bodkhe4 måneder siden

    I love red velvet cake but I don't like

  • Yogita Bodkhe

    Yogita Bodkhe

    4 måneder siden

    Chocolate cake

  • Suzanna Sustercich
    Suzanna Sustercich4 måneder siden


  • Arianna Isabella Jamandre
    Arianna Isabella Jamandre4 måneder siden

    I just realized Ro got 12.7 miliion subscribers!

  • Eva Delgado
    Eva Delgado4 måneder siden

    i miss old ro. something is off about her :(

  • Eva-Rena 09
    Eva-Rena 094 måneder siden

    I’ve been gone for 3 years and I see her w short hair She looks FIRE w short hair

  • Rizwana Parveen
    Rizwana Parveen4 måneder siden

    I love Spiderman 😍

    ROSHINI RIYA4 måneder siden

    Captain and window

  • The Official Andy Saenz
    The Official Andy Saenz4 måneder siden

    The new Wonder Woman 1984 film is about to be released this Christmas! Rosanna, can you please make a Wonder Woman themed cake for it?

  • Happy Cabbage
    Happy Cabbage4 måneder siden

    Anybody remember when she made a fnaf cake with mark

  • Katia Perez
    Katia Perez4 måneder siden

    Rosanna:seas it doesn’t sent have to be perfect *does it perfectly.

  • Butterfly Horse
    Butterfly Horse4 måneder siden

    This is my dream cake and I appreciate it so much!❤❤ I want my mom to make it for my 16th birthday next week!! THANK YOU RO!!!!😍

  • Sneha Patil
    Sneha Patil4 måneder siden

    12:34 for a second I actually thought Ro was standing in front of the counter...😅

  • Yaseen Abuali
    Yaseen Abuali4 måneder siden


  • Teertha Kamal Kanth
    Teertha Kamal Kanth4 måneder siden

    you could start your own superhero bakery

  • Anurag Dey
    Anurag Dey4 måneder siden

    Anybody after seeing her photo in playstore

  • Tricky monk
    Tricky monk4 måneder siden

    Has she taken supersoldier serum coz she.... she doesnt age!!!!

  • Taylor Griffin
    Taylor Griffin4 måneder siden

    Can you make a maleficent mistress of evil cake please 🖤

  • Shabnam Siraj
    Shabnam Siraj4 måneder siden

    Hi girl can you make captian amarica and iron man cake . Please

  • Unreasonably Random
    Unreasonably Random4 måneder siden

    After watching Jojo Rabbit I can't unsee Scarlett Johansson as a German lady

  • Slime Shop
    Slime Shop4 måneder siden

    Hey RO upload a video for cake beginners.......this is AVANTIKA from India

  • Slime Shop
    Slime Shop4 måneder siden

    Hey RO please upload a video on how to make fondant......

  • Purple Moon
    Purple Moon4 måneder siden

    I saw you in a ad for ritz

  • Layla Szuba
    Layla Szuba4 måneder siden


  • CxnnamonDolce
    CxnnamonDolce4 måneder siden

    Hi I’m a big fan!

  • yara.s
    yara.s5 måneder siden

    rosanna: "dOnT tElL aNyOnE" no one: absolutely no one: me: YOU LITERALLY HAVE 12 MIL SUBS BAHAHAHAH btw no hate at all ❤️

  • Logan Logan
    Logan Logan5 måneder siden

    At least we got something Black Widow this year

  • Lyla McBride
    Lyla McBride5 måneder siden

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  • Lyla McBride
    Lyla McBride5 måneder siden

    i was black widow for holween in 2020

  • Semu Karim
    Semu Karim5 måneder siden


  • Denesh wdolie
    Denesh wdolie5 måneder siden

    This is probably just me but I could listen to her for hours on end.