Making A Wedding Dress Cake w/ Safiya Nygaard!

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I made Safiya Nygaard a Wedding Dress Cake!
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This #Wedding #Dress #Cake was so much fun to celebrate Safiya Nygaard getting married! It has a lot of intricate lace detailing, sprinkles, and fondant. What other videos would you like to see?


  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    I hope you enjoy today's video! What was your favorite part? 😂👰🏻

  • Tim Walker

    Tim Walker

    Dag siden

    If you're looking at the iPad love you you are my favorite

  • •Lex•Gaming•


    2 dager siden

    I wish I could bake with ya lol even though I’m young I know how to bake and I would love to bake with you but COVID so- and idk,,

  • Sophia A-C Equestrian

    Sophia A-C Equestrian

    8 dager siden

    How tiny you are compared to Safyia 🤣

  • Malorie Alamillo

    Malorie Alamillo

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  • Abigail Benitez

    Abigail Benitez

    25 dager siden

    Rosanna Pansino all of it girl😂🙂

  • MooMookittycat!!!! Mila
    MooMookittycat!!!! Mila8 timer siden

    Love this video

  • The Zoobi Fam
    The Zoobi FamDag siden

    It is so dark but she will be beautiful without makeup

  • The Zoobi Fam
    The Zoobi FamDag siden

    Rose brows make me scared

  • Abia Singh
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  • maimoona rehman
    maimoona rehman4 dager siden

    it must be so thick

  • Apolloclubber23 apolloclubber
    Apolloclubber23 apolloclubber5 dager siden

    she looks like emily printiss i spelt that wrong my bad

  • Eva Mendias
    Eva Mendias5 dager siden

    I can not believe the amount of people who dislike this video 1.6k I mean it’s not ok I liked this video I always like your videos and I am subscribed to love u Rosanna 🥰

  • New Gameplays
    New Gameplays6 dager siden

    Safiya: "I just wanna stick my face in that!" Me: this reminds me to the moment Justine and Ro was trying out different face masks

  • Klingler Family
    Klingler Family6 dager siden

    I've watched this a million times

  • Rachael Watson
    Rachael Watson8 dager siden

    As we comment below to find out more

  • Veronica Johnson
    Veronica Johnson8 dager siden

    The height difference lol

  • Paige Mitchell
    Paige Mitchell8 dager siden

    Safiya looks like morticia adams, we stan

  • Naya Muhannad Masoud Hammad
    Naya Muhannad Masoud Hammad8 dager siden

    Safiya looks so tall next to ro😳

  • Gail Thomson
    Gail Thomson9 dager siden

    You need to fix your white balance can't see the cake everything is so bright white,loved the vid

  • Adalyn Nase
    Adalyn Nase9 dager siden

    lol but thats prob true

  • krysjordyn
    krysjordyn15 dager siden

    Safiya: hit me.... Me: ok “ slaps safiya “

  • Ruby Dupre
    Ruby Dupre16 dager siden

    Ro is the most positive person ever I love so much

  • Nico VanderJagt
    Nico VanderJagt16 dager siden

    Oh mah goodness, at 6:08 a bit of batter falls off the mixer.

  • covid 19
    covid 1917 dager siden

    Did anybody notice that ro told I will put the measurement in the description but she forgot to do it 🤣🤣😂😂

  • AniaxAyaa
    AniaxAyaa18 dager siden

    Collaboration with moriah elizabeth please

    CORA J MCINTYRE19 dager siden

    It looks so cute!!!

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  • Mia Drew
    Mia Drew21 dag siden

    I know I’m late but the height difference has me shaking! I thought the were closer in height.

  • Lori Love
    Lori Love22 dager siden

    Ro: it makes icing a pro Me: it makes icing a ro

  • Tanuki
    Tanuki22 dager siden

    I would LOVE to meet Rosanna some day!

  • Arunima Iyer
    Arunima Iyer23 dager siden

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  • Sena Barhan
    Sena Barhan24 dager siden

    ro what did you did to your eyebrows

  • Crystal Galaxy
    Crystal Galaxy25 dager siden

    This is random but I really want Ro and Wengie to collab. Idk why

  • Ken Lleyton Seril
    Ken Lleyton Seril28 dager siden

    Safiya's laugh is driving me crazy

  • sunktolow
    sunktolow28 dager siden

    Hi how dropped it is it you

  • Alizae Rivera
    Alizae RiveraMåned siden

    How does ro out icing on so good LOL like she does it so satisfyingly

  • Claire Walsh
    Claire WalshMåned siden

    Now it’s my dream to bake with you

  • Estella Borck
    Estella BorckMåned siden

    10:53 is how I imagine Ro would be at 3 in the morning suddenly feeling the urge to bake

  • Yan Li
    Yan LiMåned siden

    I fell asleep and Realized I went through 33 of her vids👁👄👁

  • Raheeq Elamin
    Raheeq ElaminMåned siden

    You should do a collab with Moriah Elizabeth she will give you a creative idea for a cake and you will cook it.

  • Ashlyn Staadt
    Ashlyn StaadtMåned siden

    Can u make a among us cake

  • Maytal Hershtal
    Maytal HershtalMåned siden

    Ro: so take off the dolls clothes Saf: oo this is my favourite part*realizes she said that outloud*

  • Maytal Hershtal
    Maytal HershtalMåned siden

    Ro: whats ur baking experiance? Saf: i um once baked lipstick into a cake and ate it....... Ro: oh um wow okayyy

  • naturegeek33
    naturegeek33Måned siden

    why do they remind my of cat and jade from victorious? =

  • •{Iam Esti}•
    •{Iam Esti}•Måned siden

    I just noticed how tall this woman is or is it heels-

  • Gursimar Singh
    Gursimar SinghMåned siden

    4:37 When i find out i have homework due and its already sunday night

  • Aazeen Kidwai
    Aazeen KidwaiMåned siden

    Turn on captions and go to the part where Ro asks people to subscribe to Saf. You will not regret it. I'LL BE PUTTING HER LEGS DOWN BELOW

  • Aditri Shukla
    Aditri ShuklaMåned siden

    Ok this is super cool my both fav. channels are here

  • Susan Ijaware
    Susan IjawareMåned siden

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  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito UchihaMåned siden

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  • Carlynn Smallegan
    Carlynn Smallegan2 måneder siden

    My 5 year old says! “ I like so much your videos”.

  • Jonathan Yard
    Jonathan Yard2 måneder siden

    Safiya: We make videos kind of about fashion, beauty, and weird stuff. Also Safiya: One time I baked a cake with real lipsticks inside...” Me: Sounds accurate 😂😂

  • Aadhya Khandelwal.
    Aadhya Khandelwal.2 måneder siden

    Btw, you're outstanding and bake great

  • Aadhya Khandelwal.
    Aadhya Khandelwal.2 måneder siden

    Hey Rosanna! I think you should travel to India after the lockdown bcuz you should see the sweets and culture, it awesome...🤗🤗🤗

  • Breille Anne Loria
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    Micaela Ledesma2 måneder siden

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    Sarah Wright2 måneder siden

    This was so much fun to watch! Rosanna's baking is impressive-this is the first video of hers I've seen. Highkey weirded out that she calls frosting 'icing,' though-they're VERY different things.

  • Palitha Yaggahawita
    Palitha Yaggahawita2 måneder siden

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    srinivasan vkrishnan2 måneder siden

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  • k333999 Smith
    k333999 Smith2 måneder siden

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