Just Me Teaching My Dog To Skateboard

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What else should I do while staying at home?
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I had so much fun doing this #Challenge with my #Dog! We tried teaching my French Bulldog how to #Skateboard for the very first time! She did so good and picked it up right away. She had fun learning to ride back and forth. I think I want to continue teaching her to do this!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino5 måneder siden

    I cant believe how good my dog Blueberry Muffin did learning how to skateboard! What other fun things should I teach my dog? 😊🐶💕

  • saiyli lakhkar

    saiyli lakhkar

    19 timer siden

    You should make dog treats and Blueberry and Coconut can judge.

  • Ashley M

    Ashley M

    Dag siden

    Would love to see an update video and teaching Coconut how to skateboard

  • Sofia Evans

    Sofia Evans

    Dag siden

    To bake

  • Puppy Dog33

    Puppy Dog33

    5 dager siden

    Hi RO i love your video

  • Trinny Okoji

    Trinny Okoji

    17 dager siden

    Thats so cool

  • Ben Pollard
    Ben PollardDag siden

    she was awesome

  • Random Ryleigh
    Random Ryleigh2 dager siden

    Tou should teach your dog to bake with you next

  • Aamera Siddiqui
    Aamera Siddiqui3 dager siden

    The title though😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anjola Mohammed
    Anjola Mohammed3 dager siden

    When you are Lil : princesse. But now : black,gangster

  • Mike Givens
    Mike Givens4 dager siden

    do this with cocanut

  • averie montgomery
    averie montgomery4 dager siden

    Rosanna Pansino:good girl Blueberry: what is happening in my life

  • Krystek Pski
    Krystek Pski7 dager siden

    shes so good at this and so CUTEEEE

  • AvaBrooks
    AvaBrooks13 dager siden

    Is that crop jumper still on sale somewhere? :’(

  • Robert Mathews
    Robert Mathews14 dager siden

    I think you should teach your dog to ride a bike😂🤣 ( Blueberry)

  • Goth Frogg
    Goth Frogg15 dager siden

    This made me want to get into skateboarding when I first watched it, now, I got one for Christmas and am doing okay! Any tips though would be nice, like how to balance TwT

  • Luis Melgarejo
    Luis Melgarejo17 dager siden

    I searched up how to teach a dog to pay taxes, this isn't what I wanted but okay

  • Deekshu Diary Vlogs
    Deekshu Diary Vlogs18 dager siden

    I would definitely do one of these fun activities with my dog!!!!! Thank you Ro for sending this video!!!!!! 😁😁👍

  • Clare Fletcher
    Clare Fletcher19 dager siden

    Rosanna do you still have cookie as a pet

  • fianelle


    17 dager siden

    Sadly cookie died :(

  • 파파윤스
    파파윤스20 dager siden

    Maybe do some tricks?

  • Autumn Trickey
    Autumn Trickey22 dager siden

    What did you do to your hair?!

  • fudge Brownie
    fudge Brownie22 dager siden

    can u do a part 2 plz

  • Pastel Sarah
    Pastel Sarah23 dager siden

    B E S T V I D E O E V E R !!!! L O V E B L U E B E R R Y F O R E V E R !!

  • Jill Gibson
    Jill Gibson23 dager siden

    Wait what happened to cookie

  • Jill Gibson

    Jill Gibson

    17 dager siden

    One of my favorite dogs are French bulldogs

  • Jill Gibson

    Jill Gibson

    17 dager siden


  • fianelle


    17 dager siden

    Sadly cookie died :(

  • Aileen Erni
    Aileen Erni25 dager siden

    I Love Blueberry Muffin i want tu si Blueberry and coconat tugeter l Love u ro😁😍

  • Peanut Frias
    Peanut Frias25 dager siden

    Is it just me or does Blueberry seem like the only time she is happy is when Ro is on the skateboard?

  • Brittany Turner
    Brittany Turner25 dager siden

    do apt.2

  • Brittany Turner

    Brittany Turner

    25 dager siden

    a part 2 i mean

  • Molly Sturtz
    Molly Sturtz25 dager siden

    currently i'm getting orthodontist stuff done and at the orthodontist's office there's a little frenchie named lulu and she's so cute

  • robloxworld32
    robloxworld3225 dager siden

    tech blueberry how to swim

  • Zahra Fateel
    Zahra Fateel26 dager siden


  • MrFox
    MrFox26 dager siden

    When you pushed blueberry back and forth it looked like Ro is a ninja

  • Rizwana Parveen
    Rizwana Parveen27 dager siden

    Do some more collabs with matpat for New year

  • Giselle Alvim
    Giselle Alvim29 dager siden

    Blueberry muffin learned very quickly

  • Luna Pv
    Luna PvMåned siden

    We need a part 2 please

  • Marco Diana
    Marco DianaMåned siden

    i like to go roller cating

  • Equestrian Actor
    Equestrian ActorMåned siden

    Ro: my first bf was a skater Me: Mine at the moment is... a... person??

  • Elizabeth Zorn

    Elizabeth Zorn

    28 dager siden

    mine at the moment is...an... imaginary person??

  • Mia Collins
    Mia CollinsMåned siden

    What happened to your hair 😱😲

  • Mia Collins
    Mia CollinsMåned siden

    What happened to your hair 😱😲

  • Henry Hsiung
    Henry HsiungMåned siden

    You are amazing 🤩

  • Henry Hsiung
    Henry HsiungMåned siden

    How cute

  • Max Castillo
    Max CastilloMåned siden

    how did cookie die?

  • Evan Mills
    Evan MillsMåned siden

    What happened to cookie

  • Ivy Jet
    Ivy JetMåned siden

    My English bull terrier Ziggy Stardust is learning to skateboard! He is doing great!

  • Teresa Ortiz
    Teresa OrtizMåned siden

    Ro: stay stay stay stay stay stay stay stay stay stay stay stay stay Me: *clicks off video*

  • varniha.R ravishankar
    varniha.R ravishankarMåned siden

    Can I have the link for the that skateboard

  • Rihanna Ali
    Rihanna AliMåned siden


  • Zayna Zaib
    Zayna ZaibMåned siden

    ro I like your wedyos and chaljzsa

  • bunny Wabbit
    bunny WabbitMåned siden

    i didnt know cookie died das litterly so sad

  • ashley perry
    ashley perryMåned siden

    I love your Videos there so fun

  • Silas Barton
    Silas BartonMåned siden

    plz make part 2

  • Sariah Hymas
    Sariah HymasMåned siden

    Ro, how come you never show coconut in your videos??

  • Lovercat361
    Lovercat361Måned siden

    The word board doesn’t even sound like a word now but that is good

  • B.J Champion
    B.J ChampionMåned siden

    What happened to cookie 🍪

    Emilia DE LA PUENTE NORMANDMåned siden

    I resently taught mine how to skate too and mine were the same I also have two and the oldest one always hated it the younger one has practiced for 2 days and he’s alrady jumping on the skate and riding by himself just a bit of improvements are needed and he’ll be a pro😂

  • Eleni Korolis
    Eleni KorolisMåned siden

    Oh you should teacher her concrete is not your best friend🫐🐶🛹

  • Eleni Korolis
    Eleni KorolisMåned siden

    I state bored so much but this whole pandemic I barely go out so yeah so usually a skateboard in my house but then my parents get mad at me because we have tile floor and they’re scared I might fall I have almost broken my wrist in my ankle probably 1000 times🛹🤟🏽

  • Eleni Korolis
    Eleni KorolisMåned siden

    Where is 🍪🐶

  • LaurenPlayz1212
    LaurenPlayz1212Måned siden

    This is how many times u said stay 👇

  • Taylor Neal
    Taylor NealMåned siden

    My dog is too lazy to even try this 😂

  • Goth Frogg
    Goth FroggMåned siden

    "Stay" no longer sounds like a word...

  • Lorelei Neveras
    Lorelei Neveras2 måneder siden

    my dad made me a balance board for christmas once and santa gave me a skateboard but by dad made a perfectly rond circle tube to balance on with a big balanceing thing he made for me to balance on

  • Tyler Mueller
    Tyler Mueller2 måneder siden

    What blueberry should do a she will control your day whatever she touches in the pantry you have to eat and also in the fridge

  • Katherine Akut
    Katherine Akut2 måneder siden

    Ok this was filmed after my birthday day

  • Wareesha Waseem Waseem
    Wareesha Waseem Waseem2 måneder siden

    Your necklace is so cool I miss 🍪

  • Lets do This with angel
    Lets do This with angel2 måneder siden

    I can ride a skateboard 🛹

  • Sarai Martinez
    Sarai Martinez2 måneder siden

    I love ur dog so cute BLUE so cute

  • Ashlynn Garwood
    Ashlynn Garwood2 måneder siden

    use iceto train my dog... ice is her fave treat lol

  • Gaming account
    Gaming account2 måneder siden

    Where did u get the skateboard I know this isn't sponsored but I want to get a skateboard for my sisters birthday but I don't know where to get it from.

  • Elizabeth Zorn

    Elizabeth Zorn

    28 dager siden

    i hope this isnt too late for you but white fang is a really good brand for skateboards.

  • Michelle Jobson
    Michelle Jobson2 måneder siden

    Teach your blueberry muffin to bake

  • Karam Qinnab
    Karam Qinnab2 måneder siden

    Row has so many talents it’s crazy to think about.

  • Padraig Roche
    Padraig Roche2 måneder siden

    So cute

  • Rebekah Johnson
    Rebekah Johnson2 måneder siden

    The way you train your dogs is amazing. You firmly tell them no when they are wrong, and give them praise when they are right. This method works so well for my dog and I’m glad to see that it does for yours too. Best of luck with them! 😊

  • Ginger Caspary
    Ginger Caspary2 måneder siden

    Whenever blueberry gets in trouble does she army crawl on the floor and have her ears down? That is what my Frenchi lulu does

  • Karen Bedinger
    Karen Bedinger2 måneder siden

    Please do more videos with Coconut in it. I want to see Blueberry when she masters skateboarding.

  • ella everett
    ella everett2 måneder siden

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute i ant your frenchies

  • 책읽어 주는 몽키
    책읽어 주는 몽키2 måneder siden

    Blue Barry is so cut!!!

    WREAFS2 måneder siden

    Who else wants a part 2? 👇 like if you agree

  • Amelia Jones
    Amelia Jones2 måneder siden

    I need a part two

  • Jessica Mast
    Jessica Mast2 måneder siden

    Ro: this channel is all about baking Me: u sure it’s not about the most adorable dogs on skateboards? Can’t get much better then that 😂

  • Savage Queen
    Savage Queen2 måneder siden

    Blueberry is so spoiled 😂

  • Presley Rivers
    Presley Rivers2 måneder siden

    Blueberry: yay its treat day!!!

  • Sofia Meneses-Soto
    Sofia Meneses-Soto2 måneder siden

    What happened to Cookie?

  • Eva Van Winkle

    Eva Van Winkle

    2 måneder siden

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  • 7706 Arundathi Subramanian
    7706 Arundathi Subramanian2 måneder siden

    I miss cookie 🍪😭😭😭😭😭😭😣😣

  • Stella Campbell
    Stella Campbell2 måneder siden

    so cute

  • Milissa Geer
    Milissa Geer2 måneder siden

    Ro: I’m not gonna say I love u more but..... (whispers) I’ll love u more❤️😂

  • Luis Martinez-Orbe
    Luis Martinez-Orbe2 måneder siden

    who else saw Ro wearing Cookies dog tag? We miss you cookie...😔🍪

  • Francesca Mari Fernandez
    Francesca Mari Fernandez3 måneder siden

    She so fat niw awwwwww i love blue And coconut

  • Not Wednesday
    Not Wednesday3 måneder siden

    There's something about bulldogs that makes them very open to learning to skateboard! Some of them are downright talented. It's very interesting cause bulldogs aren't that smart (no offense, It's just the truth) but they somehow grasp the concept of balancing, pushing and steering all at once much more readily than breeds that are a lot more intelligent. It's like they're born to skate!

  • Lyla Samoon
    Lyla Samoon3 måneder siden

    How many times did they say: *"Good Girl!"* ↓

  • Amanda Colwell
    Amanda Colwell3 måneder siden

    Hi Srows

  • - Belinda Otmane
    - Belinda Otmane3 måneder siden

    This is how many times she says stay l v

  • Mac Cv
    Mac Cv3 måneder siden

    This is so cute, i love skating ands long boarding so my franchise likes to come skating with me its so cute also you called you them super muscular and we call my Frenchmen a bicep on legs

  • Senaxian
    Senaxian3 måneder siden

    Please make some pranks on your Boyfriend please I want to see that happen like some funny jokes ha ha ha ha 🙏

  • Kaylin G
    Kaylin G3 måneder siden

    You kinda look like a rapper

  • Somebodythatiusetoknow
    Somebodythatiusetoknow3 måneder siden

    So cute 😍😍

  • Addison Hinshaw
    Addison Hinshaw3 måneder siden

    what happen to cookie ? if you don't what to tell it ok but just want to know .

  • hailey Uwu
    hailey Uwu3 måneder siden

    hi i love your dog

  • Jaylen Askey
    Jaylen Askey3 måneder siden

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  • Romina García
    Romina García3 måneder siden

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  • Suzy After30
    Suzy After303 måneder siden

    Oh man! That little smart fat nugget!!! Screw learning how to skate. Can I stop walking & just ride around everywhere please? Omg so good! You know she’s smart bc she’s conscious about the pool. She’d keep an eye on it when around it. Smart chubby berry! Good girl!

  • wolf pup
    wolf pup3 måneder siden

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    Awesome Life Of Abby3 måneder siden

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    Ann Mendoza3 måneder siden

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