Is This The Worst Kitchen Gadget Yet?!?!

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Well... that happened.
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We had a very...interesting time #Trying trying this Macaroni and Cheese #Kitchen #Gadget! It's supposed to be used to make Mac and Cheese easily but things did not quite go according to plan. Because it took so much time to figure out we will test the other gadgets next time!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    Hi everyone! I CANT believe how this video went 😂😂😂😂

  • Lu Frederick

    Lu Frederick

    Måned siden

    This was so funny. Love you Ro!!!

  • kara Burgess

    kara Burgess

    Måned siden

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  • Kendall Knight

    Kendall Knight

    Måned siden

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  • Kaitlyn Connolly

    Kaitlyn Connolly

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  • harpy
    harpy14 timer siden

    I think the biggest problem with that mac n cheese cooker was that they put too much water in. the instructions said 3 cups but Ro put 4, so it started boiling out/over

  • Maddie Gwyn
    Maddie Gwyn19 timer siden

    part 6 part 6 part 6 part 6 part 6

  • Maddie Gwyn
    Maddie Gwyn19 timer siden

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  • Maddie Gwyn
    Maddie Gwyn19 timer siden


  • Mari Pardi
    Mari Pardi2 dager siden

    I love with the mac & cheese they called it in ingredient Hole😂😂

  • Gabor Rapi
    Gabor Rapi2 dager siden

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  • Kaie Aamisepp
    Kaie Aamisepp3 dager siden

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    Mashlyn Vlogs4 dager siden

    But I’m having a bad day you guys make me laugh so hard end it makes the whole day better

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  • Samantha Wojick

    Samantha Wojick

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  • Ngô Phước Thảo Trân (Angela)
    Ngô Phước Thảo Trân (Angela)5 dager siden

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  • *•NatalieYT•*
    *•NatalieYT•*5 dager siden

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  • Naomi Jarrett thorpe

    Naomi Jarrett thorpe

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  • Sara W.
    Sara W.5 dager siden

    I love how she has all of the burn kit including a aloe plant

  • Rogue One
    Rogue One5 dager siden

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  • Jacci Simms
    Jacci Simms5 dager siden

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    Carol l Marshall Marshall6 dager siden


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    Caitlin Mai7 dager siden

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  • Miss Gipsy Danger
    Miss Gipsy Danger7 dager siden

    I love the unicorn pool floaty just casually floating through the background hahaha

  • Alayna Russell
    Alayna Russell7 dager siden

    Go to 6:34

  • Hannah Skrobarcek
    Hannah Skrobarcek7 dager siden

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  • Chloé Sharpe
    Chloé Sharpe7 dager siden

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  • Brina F.
    Brina F.8 dager siden

    justine burned her finger and i started laughing so hard and my dad just asked if i was okay

  • Brina F.

    Brina F.

    8 dager siden

    just realized how evil i sound

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    Amanda Kirby

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    EverlyGerrald loves your videos

  • does it hack / will it hack
    does it hack / will it hack10 dager siden

    she said macoroni pot but she coudve said macoroni in a pot

  • Nusrat Akter
    Nusrat Akter10 dager siden

    I make macaroni on the stove LOL

  • Juliana Ryan
    Juliana Ryan11 dager siden

    I’m your biggest fan I want more

  • Suvi Sanjay Yadav
    Suvi Sanjay Yadav11 dager siden

    Ro: STOP IT INGREDIENT HOLE Justine: I DON’T WANT A HARD NOODLE Meanwhile: *Unicorn floating in the background* This is so funny guys do more!!!

  • Haley’s Unicorns
    Haley’s Unicorns11 dager siden

    Next time your on a hill you mite find Justine Making Mac and cheese

  • Frankiel Zergelo Acorda
    Frankiel Zergelo Acorda12 dager siden

    Justine burning herself: 2:52 4:39 7:26

  • Christyn Arnot
    Christyn Arnot12 dager siden

    Justine: heat resistant gloves are recommended Also Justin: burns her fingers like a million times😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alberto Aparicio
    Alberto Aparicio12 dager siden

    Today was just not Justine's day she kept on getting burnt today

  • Alyssa Northey
    Alyssa Northey12 dager siden

    2020 anyone??

  • Tharini Paraman
    Tharini Paraman13 dager siden

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    Miaw Cat13 dager siden

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    EdWaRdO, aNdElE lEtS gO!13 dager siden

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  • Sav
    Sav13 dager siden

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  • Marina Playz
    Marina Playz13 dager siden


  • Marina Playz
    Marina Playz13 dager siden


  • Lucy Phillips
    Lucy Phillips13 dager siden

    Omg I’m dead when she kept bribing her hand I was dying of laughter and kept going back

  • Violet Goodwin
    Violet Goodwin13 dager siden

    Justine: DO I EAT THE PLANT!?!!?!?!?!?! Me: I’m dead 💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 By the way that was at 8:37

  • karma nassar
    karma nassar14 dager siden

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    Sandy Ibrahim14 dager siden

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  • 100k followers with no videos
    100k followers with no videos14 dager siden

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    Trisha Jawrani14 dager siden

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    A.N. Parvathy15 dager siden

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    Saar Poplin19 dager siden

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    PicCollage Maker21 dag siden

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    Trusfrated Trusfration23 dager siden

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