I Tried Hydro Dipping CAKE!

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This worked so good!!!
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I had so much fun #Trying #Hydro #Dipping for the first time ever! I've never Hydro Dipped food before and it worked surprisingly well. I'm definitely going to do this more in the future. Would you ever hydro dip food??
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino10 måneder siden

    I wanted to try something new for today's video! What do you think of Hydrodipping Cake??? Would you ever try this? 🎂😊❤️

  • nicole nocerino

    nicole nocerino

    5 dager siden

    @Shai Malka mudras

  • nicole nocerino

    nicole nocerino

    5 dager siden

    @Cotton candy Player slayer rrHY

  • Meher Siddiqui

    Meher Siddiqui

    9 dager siden

    @Twilight Sparkle no

  • Twilight Sparkle

    Twilight Sparkle

    11 dager siden

    Won't it be sogy

  • sreethajaanu


    14 dager siden

    I love the food coloring one they were so pretty

  • Настя Біляк
    Настя Біляк3 timer siden

    when Ro used blue and yellow I was like YAAAY UKRAAAAAINEEE!!

  • Thalye Picard
    Thalye Picard4 timer siden

    I made some it was so freaking cute and it was so good and yours look cute like mine

  • Kittycornparty150 Roblox
    Kittycornparty150 RobloxDag siden

    Rosanna Pansino: 🍨🍰🎂🧁🍭🍡🍬🍮🍯 Moriah Elizabeth: 🎨🖌️ My opinion about Moriah: 💟💟💟💟💟💟 My opinion about Rosanna: 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟

  • Fennec luna
    Fennec luna3 dager siden

    rosanna: OOH SON OF A BISCUIT Me: son of a dog Dang xD

  • Roslyn Gomes
    Roslyn Gomes3 dager siden

    I it's Lilly I see your videos I also bake

  • Maria Dakkan
    Maria Dakkan3 dager siden

    I am on yotube maria dakkan

  • Emily Grace Lollar
    Emily Grace Lollar4 dager siden

    sooooo cool

  • Reese Billings
    Reese Billings5 dager siden

    I so wanna try this

  • Madiha
    Madiha5 dager siden

    I will try

  • Madiha
    Madiha5 dager siden

    Oaa MG.. It's so cool😍🦄

  • AestheticxDestiny XxX
    AestheticxDestiny XxX9 dager siden

    U forgot to put purple in the edible cake!

  • Anna Buchbinder
    Anna Buchbinder9 dager siden

    Only people can like this comment

  • Agamjot Dhaliwal
    Agamjot Dhaliwal11 dager siden

    i dont get how ur 35 u look like your 29

  • Shatha Alroqi
    Shatha Alroqi11 dager siden

    Isn't it food wasting if u hydro dipped the food in the not edibl paint 🤔 😐

  • Ariana Arruda
    Ariana Arruda11 dager siden

    Can you do a lava lamp

  • Rania Muhammad
    Rania Muhammad12 dager siden

    WOW! I can't say anything it's amayzing

  • PM - 09BM 714824 Judith Nyman SS
    PM - 09BM 714824 Judith Nyman SS13 dager siden

    Oh My Gosh 4:37

  • Princessa Noella tjia
    Princessa Noella tjia13 dager siden

    How much cupcakes and cak pops did you waste😭

  • Meggi Nguyen
    Meggi Nguyen14 dager siden

    It’s like your ty dying food!

  • Corinne Preciado
    Corinne Preciado15 dager siden


  • Parneet Mann
    Parneet Mann17 dager siden

    Oh my gosh 4:37

  • Esther Mathews
    Esther Mathews17 dager siden

    I love u Ro ur just so amazing

  • Juliette Hill
    Juliette Hill20 dager siden


  • Emily Borg
    Emily Borg20 dager siden

    I need those cake pops in my life 😍

  • Katie Monnin
    Katie Monnin21 dag siden

    She chose the most unappetizing color combinations for the spray paint 👎

  • Skater Gamer
    Skater Gamer21 dag siden

    How come ro didnt make a bakery yet

  • euro 22
    euro 2221 dag siden

    Who remembers when she made a princes cake that was Anna and Elsa??

  • Dishi's
    Dishi's21 dag siden

    Woah!!! I think you just created a trend and honestly oil works way better than spray paint. So 👏👏

  • Tayyaba kazmi
    Tayyaba kazmi22 dager siden

    tie die baked goods

  • Kelsey_ Vlogs
    Kelsey_ Vlogs22 dager siden

    i think its just me but when she was inside her voice sounded kinda lower and when she was outside it sounded higher pitched but i think thats just me.

  • Isabel Dominici
    Isabel Dominici25 dager siden

    Ro: SON OF A BI- Me: is she gonna- Ro: BISCUT

  • Isabel Dominici
    Isabel Dominici25 dager siden

    this video makes me hungry

  • Plum Sparkles
    Plum Sparkles25 dager siden

    Ro I'm disappointed you would waste food like this. I expect better from you.😡

  • Ekaterina Mikhaylova
    Ekaterina Mikhaylova26 dager siden

    Edible hydro dipping is better than the normal version

  • maymoona nabie
    maymoona nabie26 dager siden

    I'm kinda of feeling upset becos u wasted food

  • Laura Thomsen
    Laura Thomsen26 dager siden

    Ro: they look toxic Me: they are toxic

  • Abhisikta Gupta
    Abhisikta Gupta27 dager siden

    Will it watermarble? Edible edition, Simply Nailogical flashbacks follow me everywhere...

  • S Stoner
    S Stoner28 dager siden

    :o wow

  • Stephanie Morrison
    Stephanie Morrison28 dager siden

    My 13 year old tried this today and it is gorgeous. Except the oil stayed wet. Rosanna Pansino - Did you use solid coconut oil melted or liquid coconut oil. We used liquid.

  • Cooking with Humi
    Cooking with Humi29 dager siden

    Beautiful love it 😋👍❤

  • Andromeda_Potter14
    Andromeda_Potter14Måned siden

    Why not you that spray color stuff? Wouldn't it be more accurate to spray paint?

  • Ben Maxwell
    Ben MaxwellMåned siden

    I love you

  • Allie Kitty
    Allie KittyMåned siden

    Me: *expects her to say “welcome to another nerrrrdy nummie” since I haven’t watched her for 3-2 years* Her:Hello everyone it’s Ro Welcome back to my channel Me:disappointed* 😂

  • Albert Jacob Alvarez
    Albert Jacob AlvarezMåned siden

    The regular hydro dip, I can only use that for plain white T-shirts.

  • Albert Jacob Alvarez
    Albert Jacob AlvarezMåned siden

    If I can Hydro dip baked goods, I would do the edible version of that.

  • Cullen and Harlie
    Cullen and HarlieMåned siden

    Did they taste ok after being submerged in the water????

  • farah L
    farah LMåned siden


  • monieka Hall
    monieka HallMåned siden

    I'm going to try this today what food coloring did you use

    YAP KAY YEE MoeMåned siden

    What is your fav coulour?

    YAP KAY YEE MoeMåned siden

    I like itttttttttttttt lovyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤

  • charlotte wetwell
    charlotte wetwellMåned siden

    why isnt anyone taking about the terribad *DUMB FACE EMOJI*

  • Maya Siva
    Maya SivaMåned siden

    Go ducks

  • Kgosi Rakobane
    Kgosi RakobaneMåned siden

    Cool video😚😇

  • Mabel Ferrari-Adler
    Mabel Ferrari-AdlerMåned siden

    This was posted two days after I started quarantining. That was nine months ago.

  • State TB Officer Maharashtra
    State TB Officer MaharashtraMåned siden

    Hi Rosanna I love your videos I am your biggest fan

  • Sylvia Boyle
    Sylvia BoyleMåned siden

    ro: maybe i will start a trend! me: looks up edidible hydrodipping

  • Rita Chawla
    Rita ChawlaMåned siden

    I'd rather use food coloring but still that can work ro

  • Anaisha Patel
    Anaisha PatelMåned siden

    "but they're all *TERIBAD* " rosanna pansino, march 14 2020 nice new word ro 😉

  • Angela H
    Angela HMåned siden

    Ro: SoN oF a BiScUiT!!! Mike: Yummy...? *silence* Me: LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  • Suri Baksh
    Suri BakshMåned siden

    She did not do it properly

  • Jadyn Burton
    Jadyn BurtonMåned siden

    You can tell on the cover that she’s forcing that smile

  • Pillsbury Doughboy
    Pillsbury DoughboyMåned siden

    I believe you could make a technique involving frosting & fondant to make these new creations edible

  • Taqdees khan
    Taqdees khanMåned siden

    You know that you are very pretty ❤️😘

  • Distrar Subvoicar
    Distrar SubvoicarMåned siden

    I'm totally gonna try edible hydrodiping myself sometime. Especially with cake pops

  • nataucha Legge
    nataucha LeggeMåned siden


  • رازان
    رازانMåned siden

    الي جاي من قناة كاج لايك 👇🏻

  • Chloe Haryanto
    Chloe Haryanto2 måneder siden

    Your the best ro

  • Magdalena Krol
    Magdalena Krol2 måneder siden

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  • Diem Mattey
    Diem Mattey2 måneder siden

    I love your channel but this is just wasting at the beginning

  • The Little Joker
    The Little Joker2 måneder siden

    I literally loved it when she said son of a biscuit

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    Bella2 måneder siden

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    Cher Lazo2 måneder siden

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    Cats, Gaming And More2 måneder siden

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    cuddle bud2 måneder siden

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  • Bianca Collins
    Bianca Collins2 måneder siden

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  • Rhea Spence
    Rhea Spence2 måneder siden

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    Castillo Sisters Playtime2 måneder siden

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  • Crazycrafter Marshmallow

    Crazycrafter Marshmallow

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  • Briana
    Briana2 måneder siden

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  • Crazycrafter Marshmallow

    Crazycrafter Marshmallow

    2 måneder siden

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  • Deena
    Deena2 måneder siden


  • Deena
    Deena2 måneder siden

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    Deena2 måneder siden


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    Jannat David2 måneder siden

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    Jannat David2 måneder siden

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  • Giselle Farias
    Giselle Farias2 måneder siden

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  • Sinethemba Nkambule
    Sinethemba Nkambule2 måneder siden

    Was the cake butter iced or was with fondant ?

  • Swetha Buddineni
    Swetha Buddineni2 måneder siden

    You’re so energetic Ro, love ur vids

  • Diego Sketches
    Diego Sketches2 måneder siden

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    potato on controller2 måneder siden

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  • Rafaelkeizr Baldrias
    Rafaelkeizr Baldrias2 måneder siden

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  • Emma Vick
    Emma Vick2 måneder siden

    You should hydro dip brownies and cookies!🍪also donuts🍩🍩🍩and ALSO 🍦!

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    Christian Dove2 måneder siden

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  • Fiona marie Clavio
    Fiona marie Clavio2 måneder siden

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    THE ART IN ACTION2 måneder siden

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    mimi //2 måneder siden

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  • Suzane Cockroft-Garnett
    Suzane Cockroft-Garnett3 måneder siden

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    afifa3 måneder siden

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