I Tried Following A Bob Ross Tutorial Using Frosting!

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I followed a Bob Ross Painting tutorial using FROSTING instead of Paint!!
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I hope you enjoy today's #Painting with #Frosting #BobRoss video! I have never painted anything before and had no idea it was possible to do something like this with frosting! I grew up watching Bob Ross and he was always such an inspiration to me. Not only did he make painting fun and accessible, he had such a positive outlook on life.
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna PansinoÅr siden

    I hope you enjoy today's video! Have you ever followed a tutorial video? How did it go? 😊🎨🏞💕

  • Kalpana Dombe

    Kalpana Dombe

    2 måneder siden

    Rosanna Pansino u paint really well! I haven’t watched many of ur vids but I love ur positive and optimistic behaviour and ur creativity!!

  • David Braña IV

    David Braña IV

    3 måneder siden


  • Emma's Dilemma

    Emma's Dilemma

    3 måneder siden


  • Katie Awad

    Katie Awad

    5 måneder siden

    Hi! I'm a new subscriber! I'm the last comment! The 500th comment!😄

  • ECoop’s Videos

    ECoop’s Videos

    5 måneder siden


  • CasCity Tv
    CasCity Tv10 timer siden

    I what to do a painting but I don’t have time so one day if I have time I will just do a painting of his art 🖼 and yeah I will just do it tomorrow I guess which is Saturday nov 26 2020

  • Barney Sanders
    Barney Sanders18 timer siden

    the frosting one looks more snowy

  • Yeny Ramos
    Yeny RamosDag siden

    Me being a actual painter and can’t paint as good as her 😂😂😐

  • Priya Saravanan
    Priya SaravananDag siden

    Ro you're an amazing artist 🎨 ❤

  • Tushika Singh
    Tushika SinghDag siden

    You look similar to avneet kaur.

  • Marilyn Cook
    Marilyn CookDag siden

    At 8:06 you can see one of her other attempts behind her. No hate, just observing. Ly, Ro!!

  • WolfieStudioz UwU
    WolfieStudioz UwUDag siden

    Its the Oh wait thats red not crimson for me

  • Hugh Tran
    Hugh TranDag siden

    Ro: puts icing in her mouth My sister walks in: why is she eating paint?!

  • justin enos
    justin enosDag siden

    And then you realize it's gonna get moldy

  • Alexis Faulcon
    Alexis FaulconDag siden

    Wow this is so good!

  • Rey
    ReyDag siden

    this reminds me of the time when mr bean did that food painting

  • luli dx
    luli dxDag siden

    omg is greirt i lovet

  • Game starder
    Game starder2 dager siden

    I skiped when you said frosting and i thoth it was paint and you eate it

  • six-days-seven-nights-blog
    six-days-seven-nights-blog2 dager siden

    I did not like this video :(

    KATELYN EANES2 dager siden

    This is amazing I love your videos so much you are an artist!

  • Lissy Rawl
    Lissy Rawl2 dager siden

    Ro: this is my first painting Me: ...... Ro: I think I did ok Me: I have to let it out...... Me: GIRL YOU PAINTED SOMTHING BETTER THAN I HAVE EVER PAINTED IN MY LIFE AND U USED FROSTING!

  • Lissy Rawl
    Lissy Rawl2 dager siden

    Who was watching this when it came out and then a year later on the day before THANKSGIVING

  • Finjap Bernice
    Finjap Bernice3 dager siden

    Wow this is amazing 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Maha K
    Maha K3 dager siden

    I just have one word: WOW

  • Tina Tran
    Tina Tran3 dager siden

    Did anybody see when ro step back there was a canvas she tried to paint Edit: u are a better painter then I am

  • Sandra Root
    Sandra Root3 dager siden


  • Lucy MacLean
    Lucy MacLean3 dager siden

    Omg ro this is a frickin' masterpeace you have incredible talent it looks exactly like bobs painting i love you so much

  • Laury Burnette Okeley Azizet
    Laury Burnette Okeley Azizet3 dager siden

    it doesn't even look like frosting. I would end up licking the frosting

  • Purfict
    Purfict4 dager siden

    Thats do good

  • Dariah Clinkenbeard
    Dariah Clinkenbeard4 dager siden

    I love this so much. It’s the fact that you respected him and how he paints. But you did really good

  • Danika Shah
    Danika Shah4 dager siden

    When you can’t even draw a strait line without a ruler and she can make a bob ross panting

  • Junior Cornelio
    Junior Cornelio4 dager siden

    That was so good

  • Piyush Agrawal
    Piyush Agrawal4 dager siden

    I am in bob ross rille

  • Tala Alrakawi
    Tala Alrakawi4 dager siden

    This looks amazing

  • Søphia Ashrøck
    Søphia Ashrøck5 dager siden

    Mmmmm, that's one tasty painting.

  • Monika Sethi
    Monika Sethi5 dager siden


  • Lex Rodriguez
    Lex Rodriguez5 dager siden

    Bob Ross you have compassion it’s that good

  • cris sherlock mayuman
    cris sherlock mayuman5 dager siden

    Ngl Its better than bob ross's painting

  • klfmc rjn
    klfmc rjn5 dager siden

    This video has ALL the positive aspects of a happy life...

  • KittenLuver5162
    KittenLuver51625 dager siden

    uh. that whole palette of "paint" would be in my mouth before I could even pull up the bob ross video

  • Syeda Rizvi
    Syeda Rizvi5 dager siden

    it looks so nice

  • Aaquila Zoe
    Aaquila Zoe5 dager siden

    Me: thinking wheather she will hang this on the wall ( a delicious meal for the ants and tinee tiny creatures )

  • Notmychannel ¿
    Notmychannel ¿6 dager siden

    Tbh Ro kinda killed it (better than I would do it).

  • Bella
    Bella6 dager siden

    Me be like:😮soooo good

  • Ree Wes
    Ree Wes6 dager siden

    Your painting turned out amazing!!! All of that time was worth the time!!! Congrats to you, you are probably the first person to do this!!! I look up to you on your baking and new painting frosting skills!!!!!

  • Art Genics
    Art Genics6 dager siden

    I'm honestly shocked. It's so good!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maryam Fauziah
    Maryam Fauziah6 dager siden

    Can you make another video like this again pleaseee

  • Bellbottom Mama
    Bellbottom Mama6 dager siden

    ro: (in head) I dont know how to paint. me: GIRL THAT LOOKS LIKE A FREAKING MASTERPIECE

  • Chubby Cupcaker
    Chubby Cupcaker6 dager siden

    I love the painting it looks awesome🤩

  • Pxrple
    Pxrple6 dager siden

    When a frosting painting looks more real than a photograph.

  • Crying cet
    Crying cet6 dager siden

    Ro actually seems like a pretty nice painter wth. I want to see her paint some more ngl

  • Knaki 5700
    Knaki 57007 dager siden

    I am LIVING for Ro's overalls!!

  • Subhash Sahni
    Subhash Sahni7 dager siden

    She is the best frosting 🎨 painter

  • Subhash Sahni
    Subhash Sahni7 dager siden

    She is awesome 👌

  • Imnot Urbro
    Imnot Urbro7 dager siden

    Bob never died he just moved to a place as beautiful as his paintings. :)

  • chrysalOW
    chrysalOW7 dager siden

    Bob is a legend that will never die

  • Stuti Stanley
    Stuti Stanley7 dager siden

    At 5:59 in the vid it shows her 1st attempt of the frosting fail but like it is amazingggggg :3 :D

  • Luis Vera
    Luis Vera7 dager siden

    Ro is eating pante

  • CP Cruz
    CP Cruz7 dager siden

    I don't know anything about baking but I've heard my uncle (a baker) once said that in baking, you have to be precise. One mistake can ruin everything. And I can see precision in her. She follows instructions well. That's probably why the outcome was beautiful. ❤

  • Crafter Dog
    Crafter Dog7 dager siden

    Stressed? Watch Rosanna Ross

  • دالي المزيونه
    دالي المزيونه7 dager siden

    انا احب الرسممممم💖💖💖💖💖💋

  • kangaroomartin 456
    kangaroomartin 4567 dager siden

    Plot twist: ro actually used paint and bob uses buttercream icing

  • Chloe Kimball

    Chloe Kimball

    7 dager siden


  • [ MilkiiBear ]
    [ MilkiiBear ]8 dager siden

    Ro is a true PaintChef This is how many people who agree | |

  • Fouziasultana Papia
    Fouziasultana Papia8 dager siden

    She is so talented

  • Sarah Gero
    Sarah Gero8 dager siden


  • Abel Garcia
    Abel Garcia8 dager siden

    Me recreating it and it looks like a 3 year old did it

  • Lou Ann Babiera
    Lou Ann Babiera8 dager siden

    At 8:34 no offense but you sound like you are dying

  • Catbug
    Catbug8 dager siden

    Imagine being so talented on your first try - like what the freak that’s professional bruh lol

  • analy marquez
    analy marquez9 dager siden

    do a nother won

  • Rodentien Joseph
    Rodentien Joseph9 dager siden


  • Cuckoo's World
    Cuckoo's World9 dager siden

    Ro your painting is very pretty My name is cuckoo

  • Cuckoo's World

    Cuckoo's World

    7 dager siden


  • Chloe Kimball

    Chloe Kimball

    7 dager siden

    hi cukoo

  • Heidi ColbySanchez
    Heidi ColbySanchez9 dager siden

    i thought bob ross was screaming!!😂🤣 8:35

  • Vaydah Gee
    Vaydah Gee9 dager siden

    Hers looks better than Bob Ross' and she's using frosting!?!?!?

  • Vaydah Gee
    Vaydah Gee9 dager siden

    She is so talented, I cant paint like that!!

  • Xae Restricted
    Xae Restricted9 dager siden

    ro is a great painter

  • Babar Hussain
    Babar Hussain9 dager siden

    wow i never knew the you are so talented your better than me well done spesialy with frosting

  • Asya bilge
    Asya bilge9 dager siden

    Bob Ross paint 2 !!!

  • Sh Alredaini
    Sh Alredaini10 dager siden

    I love this video you are a great artist you are way better than me

  • Justin Wu
    Justin Wu10 dager siden

    Not in a millennia I could paint this with frosting or paint.

  • Risye Desianti
    Risye Desianti10 dager siden

    I love your painting

  • xXeEvEe4lifeXx
    xXeEvEe4lifeXx10 dager siden

    Now I wanna try this- but with paint-

  • Ananya Nair
    Ananya Nair10 dager siden

    Ok 1 question.....how did u preserve the painting🤔🤔🤔......Amazing painting though

  • Avacado 16
    Avacado 1610 dager siden

    But like why can ro paint better than me and she used frosting

  • Druk Mad
    Druk Mad10 dager siden

    That’s great

  • Pastel Grey
    Pastel Grey10 dager siden

    Even it’s been a year 0-0

  • Pastel Grey
    Pastel Grey10 dager siden


  • dee martinez
    dee martinez11 dager siden

    Wow Roe you are super talented that is beautiful

  • Brooklyn Tsang
    Brooklyn Tsang11 dager siden

    WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABT HOW AMAZING IT IS. She did an amazing job with replicating it and she used frosting I’m just blown away she is so talented

  • Mishal Ali
    Mishal Ali11 dager siden

    Ro can you paint me this 😆

  • Lucy Kohl
    Lucy Kohl11 dager siden

    This looks so good I don’t believe that this is your first time because it’s SO AMAZING but I love you I’ll take ur word for it b

  • Lucy Kohl
    Lucy Kohl11 dager siden


  • Jacob's_milk in_a_bag
    Jacob's_milk in_a_bag11 dager siden

    why does her outfit and hair remind me of Chucky 😭

  • What’s up Ksheera
    What’s up Ksheera11 dager siden

    You are an amazing frosting painter

  • Morgan Roselle
    Morgan Roselle11 dager siden

    ro: I never painted me: Are you sure about that

  • Violet Douglass
    Violet Douglass11 dager siden

    This is amazing you are so good at art I couldn't even draw this with paint this is why you are one of my favorite NOlocalrs lol

  • Chloe saldivar
    Chloe saldivar11 dager siden

    Ro is secretly a artist and I kinda of like hers better the bobs lol! Who else agrees

  • Akshaya Desikan
    Akshaya Desikan11 dager siden

    Ro actually nailed that I was so surprised because it looks REALLY good!

  • Zobia Zaman
    Zobia Zaman12 dager siden

    Why does Ro's painting look the same as bob's

  • Mario Mejia
    Mario Mejia12 dager siden

    Whoa, super cool and stuff just like try to shut up more

  • Mario Mejia

    Mario Mejia

    12 dager siden


  • Anagha Prasad
    Anagha Prasad12 dager siden

    ro your painting is amazing love your videos

  • pixelisha
    pixelisha12 dager siden

    what the?! i have been painting for 3 years!! *THREE YEARS!!* and tried to do this painting and *FAILED* 😣 meanwhile: she *never* painted before and made it *BEAUTIFULLY* *WITH FROSTING* *jaw drop* 😲

  • pixelisha


    10 dager siden

    @Nelly Ann Gookool-Maharaj thank you so much! this made my day ❤️

  • Nelly Ann Gookool-Maharaj

    Nelly Ann Gookool-Maharaj

    12 dager siden

    Aww I'm so sorry :( but you'll get better, it just takes practice! :) 👍

    ADELE DAWSON12 dager siden

    no one can hate bob ross it is impossible

  • Goldie Broudy
    Goldie Broudy12 dager siden

    I think its beter then Bobs

  • Lily S
    Lily S12 dager siden

    OMG RO !!! That’s AMAZING Ro ; I’ve never painted before GuRRRrrlllllllll THATS a MASTERPIECE MADE OUT OF FROSTING like if u agree Ps sorry my caps WAS On sorry