I Tested My Dogs Intelligence!

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I had so much fun #Trying this #Dog IQ test for my #Frenchies! I was really happy with how it turned out!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino7 måneder siden

    I hope you enjoy todays video! Do you have any pets??? 🐶🐶❤️

  • Oscar world of fun cool

    Oscar world of fun cool

    Dag siden

    I have a dog named oscer

  • Vanessa Soobramoney

    Vanessa Soobramoney

    Dag siden

    Yes I have a 6 months old Jack Russell Ro I love you wish I could see you I'm 10 year old

  • Carol Draper

    Carol Draper

    3 dager siden

    I have a border collie

  • Miya Mcallister

    Miya Mcallister

    5 dager siden

    I have a bully dog Team Cookie

  • Ella Jones

    Ella Jones

    8 dager siden

    Yes one dog and 4 kittens and 2 cats!

  • rainbow unicorn squad
    rainbow unicorn squad16 timer siden

    I cant choose blueberry muffin or cookie

  • Cathy Bowman
    Cathy Bowman16 timer siden

    team blueberry muffin

  • Ameet Vinchoo
    Ameet Vinchoo20 timer siden


  • Em Bc
    Em BcDag siden

    I loved cookie

  • Paul Gangte
    Paul GangteDag siden

    I miss cookie so much

  • Justin Holland
    Justin HollandDag siden

    Blueberry muffin

  • Elley Gilson
    Elley Gilson2 dager siden

    How many people googled that cookie died when the video was right in your face

  • Kadambari Dhruve
    Kadambari Dhruve2 dager siden


  • Kadambari Dhruve
    Kadambari Dhruve2 dager siden

    Winner cookie

  • Holly Bowman
    Holly Bowman2 dager siden

    team blueberry

  • Alma De jesus
    Alma De jesus3 dager siden

    I vote for team Blueberry Muffin!!!🐶🧁🎉

  • Madison Powell
    Madison Powell3 dager siden


  • Ella Roberts
    Ella Roberts4 dager siden

    Team Cookie 🍪

  • Taryn Methley
    Taryn Methley5 dager siden

    A frenchie I have one

  • Taryn Methley
    Taryn Methley5 dager siden


  • Izzy Hughes
    Izzy Hughes5 dager siden

    Team blue and I have a puppy

  • 07 Kaydence 鍾羡柔 Chung
    07 Kaydence 鍾羡柔 Chung5 dager siden


  • Mercedes Ornelas
    Mercedes Ornelas6 dager siden


  • Heidi Koury
    Heidi Koury6 dager siden


  • Sofia Juliet Santos Asuncion
    Sofia Juliet Santos Asuncion7 dager siden

    Blueberry muffin

  • Mariam Torcato
    Mariam Torcato7 dager siden

    Blueberry is going to win Blueberry here we goooooooo

  • tenzin chodon
    tenzin chodon7 dager siden


  • Maeva Biamby
    Maeva Biamby7 dager siden

    team blue

  • Cami Wesley
    Cami Wesley7 dager siden

    Team cookie

  • DL BizAssist Garden Glass
    DL BizAssist Garden Glass7 dager siden


  • Clay Fritz
    Clay Fritz7 dager siden

    Team coockie

  • Aashka Vyas
    Aashka Vyas7 dager siden

    I HAD 2 cockateils( neeku & peenu )

  • Ella Jones
    Ella Jones8 dager siden


  • Lindsey Petersen
    Lindsey Petersen8 dager siden


  • Erin Knapp
    Erin Knapp8 dager siden


  • KeAnna Wills
    KeAnna Wills8 dager siden

    Blue berry mofin

  • Annabelle Lindquist
    Annabelle Lindquist8 dager siden


  • Reikashae Thomas
    Reikashae Thomas9 dager siden

    Team blue.💙

  • Elvia Beltran
    Elvia Beltran9 dager siden

    Yes I do have a pet. It is a boy and his name is Lucas and he is 2 years old he’s mixed with a. Sherman Shepard. And a chihuahua 😊😊🐶🐶🌷🌹🌸🐶🐶

  • Elvia Beltran
    Elvia Beltran9 dager siden

    Blue berry muffin 🐶🐶🐶🌹🌹🌷🌷🌸🌸🎉🎉☺️☺️☺️😊😊😘

  • Divine Didi
    Divine Didi9 dager siden

    I feel like cookie!

  • Joan Parkin
    Joan Parkin9 dager siden

    I think it's blueberry

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    Julee Engleson10 dager siden

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  • arumy concha
    arumy concha10 dager siden


  • arumy concha
    arumy concha10 dager siden

    Team cookie

  • arumy concha
    arumy concha10 dager siden

    Team blue

  • Sanjukta Ghosh
    Sanjukta Ghosh10 dager siden

    they are so cuet i do not no

  • zahid ehsan
    zahid ehsan11 dager siden


  • Luna Angel Rosewood
    Luna Angel Rosewood11 dager siden

    99% of the comments: "last video cookie was in" "We miss cookie" 0.9% of the comments: "blue's gonna win!" "team cookie!" 0.1% of the comments: "they're so freaking cute!"

  • Abduljabbar Abduljabbar
    Abduljabbar Abduljabbar12 dager siden

    Hi ro I actually don’t have pets because my brother is allergic

  • Undertale is everything Idk
    Undertale is everything Idk12 dager siden

    I call team blue!!

  • Zion Montes
    Zion Montes12 dager siden

    I feel sad for cookie cuz she passed away r i p for cookie and I vote for teen blueberry

  • Fivi Calderón
    Fivi Calderón12 dager siden

    Team cookie because I love her and miss her

  • Hiranmayi T Karthikeyan
    Hiranmayi T Karthikeyan12 dager siden

    Here is a question for the world , does anyone have any pets , I have 3 dogs

  • Poison Ivy

    Poison Ivy

    12 dager siden

    2 dogs 3 cats a pony and chickens.

  • sithuki weerasinghe
    sithuki weerasinghe13 dager siden


  • suzan tomczyk
    suzan tomczyk13 dager siden

    Team Blue

  • jagadeesh babu
    jagadeesh babu13 dager siden

    Team blue

  • Sophie Alessandrini
    Sophie Alessandrini13 dager siden

    i'm team bluberry

  • Naz Asif
    Naz Asif13 dager siden

    Team blueberry

  • Tamy Bora
    Tamy Bora14 dager siden

    blueberry muffin

  • Brandy Garcia
    Brandy Garcia14 dager siden


  • Brandy Garcia
    Brandy Garcia14 dager siden

    I think blueberry is gonna win

  • anusha gajanan
    anusha gajanan14 dager siden

    I think cookie will win because SHE IS JUST OLDER🐶🐶🐶🐶🖤

  • The Magical World Of Art
    The Magical World Of Art15 dager siden

    good job cookie and blueberry muffin.

  • kay ramautar
    kay ramautar15 dager siden


  • The Angel PoTaTo Twins
    The Angel PoTaTo Twins15 dager siden

    Im think Blueberry muffin but idk

  • Zy’arrah Hugs
    Zy’arrah Hugs15 dager siden


  • Sree RV
    Sree RV16 dager siden

    Awwww my dog isjust like that if I ask if she wants food she jumps, if I say do u wanna go out, she gets really excited and she even knows where hr leash is kept in a drawer so whenever we open thwt drawer she thinks we are getting her leash 😂😂😂😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘

  • Mama Chey
    Mama Chey16 dager siden

    tbh its so hard not to sub to your channel

  • Beatrice Magnino
    Beatrice Magnino16 dager siden

    team cookie shes older

  • jaunita garcia
    jaunita garcia16 dager siden

    Cookie is always in are heart love you cookie

  • Sasha Melnychuk
    Sasha Melnychuk17 dager siden


  • Kari Thompson
    Kari Thompson17 dager siden

    i think blue

  • Thinn Thinn Han
    Thinn Thinn Han18 dager siden

    Cookie Cookie Cookie

  • Abigail Schetter
    Abigail Schetter18 dager siden

    truffle pig truffle pig Oh I love truffle pig Truffle pig truffle pig oh I love truffle pig

  • Leli Play's games
    Leli Play's games18 dager siden


  • Vrushali Lad
    Vrushali Lad18 dager siden

    blueberry muffin

  • gymnastics vlogs
    gymnastics vlogs19 dager siden


  • Anaisha Patel
    Anaisha Patel20 dager siden

    at 11:06 I think cookie was licking the microphone near the camera

  • Jesse Ortega
    Jesse Ortega20 dager siden

    Cookies so cute ( but sadly RIP 😭)

  • Jessica f
    Jessica f20 dager siden

    I think blueberry will win

  • Jessica f
    Jessica f20 dager siden

    I have 3 cats 1 dog and 1snake

  • Samantha Gasparovic
    Samantha Gasparovic20 dager siden

    Blueberry muffin might w8n

  • Natalie Goguen
    Natalie Goguen21 dag siden

    blue berry muffins gonna win!!! (not picking favorites or anything luv u 2 cookie!!)

  • Wenona's World
    Wenona's World21 dag siden

    I think cookie!!!!!!!!

  • Roxane Pillay
    Roxane Pillay22 dager siden


  • Ishita Tiwari
    Ishita Tiwari22 dager siden

    I also have two dogs. One of em is Bolt and the other one is Lucy

  • Zodiculous
    Zodiculous22 dager siden

    i think ro thought it was cookie

  • Britta Rehk
    Britta Rehk22 dager siden


  • Khati Van der Westhuizen
    Khati Van der Westhuizen23 dager siden

    how old are you

  • Khati Van der Westhuizen
    Khati Van der Westhuizen23 dager siden

    team cookie

  • Khati Van der Westhuizen
    Khati Van der Westhuizen23 dager siden

    team blue

  • Khati Van der Westhuizen
    Khati Van der Westhuizen23 dager siden


  • Jayalakshmi99 Ramakrishnan
    Jayalakshmi99 Ramakrishnan24 dager siden

    Ro's voice is so cute. I love you ro ❤❤❤

  • Amanda West
    Amanda West24 dager siden


  • Kate Howells
    Kate Howells25 dager siden

    I think cookie will be more smarter than blueberry muffin

  • Kate Howells

    Kate Howells

    25 dager siden

    Who else came here after Cookie had past away? :( 😢 R.I.P

  • Sujata Patil
    Sujata Patil25 dager siden

    Blueberry will win

  • Sujata Patil
    Sujata Patil25 dager siden

    what happened to cookie

  • Sophia Pelayo
    Sophia Pelayo25 dager siden

    The blue of the berry will win

  • Anvika Ghumre
    Anvika Ghumre25 dager siden

    blueberry muffin

  • kyaw lin
    kyaw lin25 dager siden


  • Aracely Velderrain
    Aracely Velderrain26 dager siden

    Can you do a another part III face mask with charcoal mask every brand of charcoal mask which one is the best

  • Emma Jensen
    Emma Jensen26 dager siden