I'M MOVING! (New HOUSE Sneak Peak!)

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I am moving to a new home in Los Angeles! Do you want to see a house tour???
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I cant believe I'm #Moving again in this #Vlog! I am so excited to be settling into my new #House. I am still living in Los Angeles and am now closer to a lot of fun new projects I'm working on. One of the secret projects is the biggest thing I've ever done and I cant wait for you to see it!
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino14 dager siden

    IM MOVING! Do you want to see a full house tour once I'm settled into the new place??? 🏡😊❤️

  • tasnim jawahar

    tasnim jawahar

    8 timer siden

    Yes pls

  • Jacky Moreno

    Jacky Moreno

    Dag siden


  • debeforesara


    13 dager siden

    Also--I’d be really interested to see how you go about setting up a new kitchen like this!

  • debeforesara


    13 dager siden

    Yes please! A full house tour

  • Karen Rapley

    Karen Rapley

    13 dager siden

    Yep defo

  • Sophie S.
    Sophie S.15 minutter siden

    A new house tour would be great!

  • Jennifer Schoenrock
    Jennifer SchoenrockTime siden

    I feel like for her pantry she should install one of those rolling ladders they used in old libraries or something. Since a single bar along the back wall would also allow her to access the sides.

  • Arrowbutterfly
    ArrowbutterflyTime siden

    I would love to see a house tour

  • Joumana Mansour
    Joumana MansourTime siden

    Yes please do a house tour

  • Tranya Virmani
    Tranya VirmaniTime siden

    Plssssssssss start a summer merch half sleeves Plssssssssss ro

  • Ivette Corona
    Ivette CoronaTime siden

    House tour for sure!

  • Mari Angeles
    Mari Angeles2 timer siden

    do a pokimon cake that is bolbasor

  • Lalita Shetty
    Lalita Shetty5 timer siden

    Can you'll ship it to Mumbai?? If yes how can I place order

  • Patricia Nuila
    Patricia Nuila12 timer siden

    Omg CONGRATS!!!!! And tell blueberry muffin happy I said happy birthday!!! Ro if it’s not to much to ask can you please show us how to make a tie dye cake?? Thank you so so much!

  • Super Kitty Adventures
    Super Kitty Adventures14 timer siden

    Happy Birthday Blueberry Muffin!

  • Jennifer Flavin
    Jennifer Flavin14 timer siden


  • Kavisha Rajaratnam
    Kavisha Rajaratnam15 timer siden

    I wanto see a reaction video

  • Anna B
    Anna B17 timer siden

    Yesh I think you should do a full house tour + a doggo reaction to the new place!

  • Anna Katherine
    Anna Katherine18 timer siden


  • Adelina Janigian
    Adelina Janigian18 timer siden

    Gurlll her pantry going to be bigger than my room 😂😂😂love you ro 💖

  • Mataya Barber
    Mataya Barber18 timer siden

    yo are u kidding me I have been with you for like 4 years this is cool

  • Fanshier Wheeler
    Fanshier Wheeler19 timer siden


  • Stephanie C.
    Stephanie C.19 timer siden

    I just adore you Ro! I’m so happy for you girl! Obviously we all want a house tour and a reaction video of your fur babies!!❤️❤️

  • Natalie Remillard
    Natalie Remillard20 timer siden

    please do a full house tour I'd love to see your new house

  • dua qaiser
    dua qaiser23 timer siden

    YESSS GURLL! Please make a house tour i would love to see!!

  • Hannah kay campbell
    Hannah kay campbellDag siden

    where can i go to see your merch?

  • Hannah kay campbell
    Hannah kay campbellDag siden

    we want a full house tour please

  • Eva Bedura
    Eva BeduraDag siden

    Ro I want to see a reaction video of the dogs.

  • Loading Ruby
    Loading RubyDag siden

    Omg I loved your old house it was so beautiful!! That was my dream home!! So sad 😪 I suspected you were moving when you said ages ago to Mike about your next kitchen will have a microwave that you can reach. I wondered if you were considering it back then. But yes to house tour. Also my brother has a pantry that is behind the kitchen it's really cool!

  • Kalee Smith
    Kalee SmithDag siden

    Yes I definitely want a dog reaction and house tour

  • Saima Irfan Nasiri
    Saima Irfan NasiriDag siden

    AnyHome YT channel uploaded a video giving us a tour of your house. Have to say, its gorgeous! Stay blessed.

  • Anna Tabrett
    Anna TabrettDag siden

    Puppy reaction please!

  • Late1970s
    Late1970sDag siden

    rossanna ik were you live and ik ur address its so easy

  • Avery Vanater
    Avery VanaterDag siden

    I want to see a house tour

  • Princess Kaith
    Princess KaithDag siden

    You should make some some shirts with your blueberry muffin and coconut muffin

  • Princess Kaith
    Princess KaithDag siden

    can I one of the slushy

  • Princess Kaith
    Princess KaithDag siden

    I love your cake hacks Rose

  • Sabrina Wiseman
    Sabrina WisemanDag siden

    Please do a house tour! 😍

  • Linsey Portillo
    Linsey PortilloDag siden

    I want a house tour !🥺💕

  • lynda pierre
    lynda pierreDag siden

    This is Rebecca's zamolo house

  • Lizzy Hiebert
    Lizzy HiebertDag siden

    Love your videos! I would love to see a full house tour and also a reaction from your puppies to the new house. also could you do a video of some ideas for wedding deserts thats not a cake?

  • Hailey and Teagan Besties
    Hailey and Teagan BestiesDag siden

    I would love too see the dogs reaction

  • Melia Stoddart
    Melia StoddartDag siden

    Please do a house tour!

  • Ayesha Khan
    Ayesha KhanDag siden

    Can you please make wonder woman themed cake

  • Eva Regan
    Eva ReganDag siden

    Please do a New House Tour

  • Neil Royce
    Neil RoyceDag siden

    We all want a house tour

  • Oliver Owen
    Oliver Owen2 dager siden

    Houes Tour !!!!!!!

  • Mike Lay
    Mike Lay2 dager siden

    im probably wrong but that kitchen seems like a downgrade as far as baking and stuff. She had a better set up before

  • eleana georgiabou
    eleana georgiabou2 dager siden


  • Amazing Anaya
    Amazing Anaya2 dager siden


  • Kacie Williams
    Kacie Williams2 dager siden

    yes i want to see a house tour

  • myra noma
    myra noma2 dager siden


  • Gandom 2008
    Gandom 20082 dager siden

    Happy moving to a new home 🏠🤩🥳💖wish you the best days and months and years for leaving in this beautiful house💜💜💜💜🙏🙏🤩🤩🤩and make a cool videos and all your subscribers become sooooooooo a lot💖💖💖💐💐🧁🧁🧁🙏🙏

  • Nathan Register
    Nathan Register2 dager siden

    Her house is similar to Matt’s and rebbecas house

  • Mehreen Bano
    Mehreen Bano2 dager siden

    This how many people want a house tour

  • gia nakani
    gia nakani2 dager siden

    I rlly want A house tour

  • Janie Hecker
    Janie Hecker2 dager siden

    Full house tour!! plz

  • Renee Man
    Renee Man2 dager siden

    Thats so cool hope you move successfully 😘😍

  • coco Bean
    coco Bean2 dager siden

    yes i would love to

  • Klair Teeters
    Klair Teeters2 dager siden

    House Tour please

  • Jessica Wilson
    Jessica Wilson2 dager siden

    I want a house tour

  • - AdorablyOli -
    - AdorablyOli -2 dager siden

    Ooooh! Please a house tour! :D

  • Donna Valentine
    Donna Valentine3 dager siden

    You can reach the microwave! I'm so happy for you. 😊

  • Farhan Idrisi
    Farhan Idrisi3 dager siden

    Who come from playstore youtube photos😜

  • Alan Mc
    Alan Mc3 dager siden

    YAYYYY! I'm happy for you 😊 did u know I've been watching you since you made that video with your sister from the frozen 1 cakes! By the way, can you do more baking? I keep using your recipe cause I'm in a bake off with my friend, as always, best of luck

  • Abhyuday Swami
    Abhyuday Swami3 dager siden

    Yes of course! Definitely do a full house tour. :)

  • Sara Blomberg
    Sara Blomberg3 dager siden


  • Bodden Wachter
    Bodden Wachter3 dager siden


  • Kshitij Jawale
    Kshitij Jawale3 dager siden

    Ur deserts and cake are very aromatic and beautiful I tried it it was very nice and sexy❤️🔥❤️🔥

  • Anna Tabrett
    Anna Tabrett3 dager siden

    House tour please

  • likemayballaz the first and last
    likemayballaz the first and last3 dager siden

    I'm going to miss the old kitchen

  • Hallie
    Hallie3 dager siden

    I love youuuu

  • Katelyn Grossman
    Katelyn Grossman3 dager siden

    Full house tour... YESSSSS!!!!

    ANGELADAC00L3ST3 dager siden


  • Emilee Trlica
    Emilee Trlica3 dager siden

    House toyr

  • Pat Rhodes
    Pat Rhodes4 dager siden


  • Daisy Williamson
    Daisy Williamson4 dager siden

    Please do a house tour 🙏

  • Savitha TN
    Savitha TN4 dager siden

    This house is worth 10 million dollars!!!!! There is an official tour of this house on NOlocal!

    TANISHKA M4 dager siden

    Please do a house tour

  • S.J. Brown
    S.J. Brown4 dager siden

    Please do make a full house tour!

  • Simuna Nishath
    Simuna Nishath4 dager siden

    Big yess for the home tour 😍😍😍😍 can't wait to see a detailed tour of the pantry..it looks absolutely fantastic 😍♥️

  • Meredith Rodriguez
    Meredith Rodriguez4 dager siden

    If you would want to do more new things you can make a comic/cartoon like in blogilotis

  • Erin Ryan
    Erin Ryan4 dager siden


  • Joel Hatch
    Joel Hatch4 dager siden

    HOUSE TOUR!!!!!!

  • Maria Mendez
    Maria Mendez4 dager siden

    i love baking like you i want to bake when i am older

  • Maria Mendez
    Maria Mendez4 dager siden

    pls can you give us a house tour

  • Steph the Bard
    Steph the Bard4 dager siden

    Excuse me while I Google this coffee maker.

  • Lea with no H
    Lea with no H4 dager siden

    I need to know where your blue sweater is from pleeeeeease

  • Anindya Mishra
    Anindya Mishra4 dager siden

    oh yeah

  • Hashir Bin Zahid.
    Hashir Bin Zahid.4 dager siden

    That kitchen counter is bigger than my kitchen ☠️☠️

  • Marco Guzman
    Marco Guzman4 dager siden

    Maybe she doesn’t want to tell want to tell us the secret project cuz she also can’t remember what it is (I’m joking btw 😅😂)

  • Kiaara Khemka
    Kiaara Khemka4 dager siden

    Can you make an among us cake

  • Nikita Khare
    Nikita Khare4 dager siden


  • Shelbyann Jones
    Shelbyann Jones4 dager siden

    Can you make a squishy that is the smart cookie or other food?? Pleeeaaassseee

  • SHASHI Daga
    SHASHI Daga4 dager siden

    Please bring a house tour of your new house

  • Mila Houtwipper
    Mila Houtwipper4 dager siden

    Full house tour, also ILY Ro

  • Disney Day Dreaming
    Disney Day Dreaming4 dager siden

    You need a library ladder what are those Latter's that's on wheels in attached to the shelf so that it can roll along the shelves

  • ruby red hummingbird
    ruby red hummingbird4 dager siden

    I think my entire house can fit in your kitchen 😶

  • Denise Castellanos
    Denise Castellanos4 dager siden

    A dog reaction video and a tour video

  • Shannon beecroft657
    Shannon beecroft6574 dager siden

    Yes do a full house tour

  • Sunnylife
    Sunnylife4 dager siden

    Yes on the house tour!!

  • Khloe Aguas
    Khloe Aguas4 dager siden

    Ooh conut

  • Danah Yi
    Danah Yi4 dager siden

    pls do a dog reacting to new house video!!!!!!!!!!!😊

  • K B
    K B4 dager siden

    I cannot believe that Rosanna has come so far since I started watching her 7 years ago! I hope she can do a full house tour I will really look forward to it !