How Well Do We Know Each Other!? w/ my Boyfriend

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After dating for so long How Well Do We Know Eachother??
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I hope you enjoy today's fun #Vlog #Challenge video with my #Boyfriend! We did a game where we see how well we know each other!
xoxo Ro


  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino4 måneder siden

    We played a fun game where we see 'How Well Do We Know Eachother'! What other videos would you like to see us make?? How is your weekend going?? 😊❤️

  • Jbi 8647

    Jbi 8647

    Måned siden

    Funny video of all time😂😂

  • christina ohler

    christina ohler

    Måned siden

    Real world new tire Channel I said I love you baby O's but this is the first one I ever bought what and I want to say I'm happy for you and your boyfriend and your sister gone I'm sorry

  • Rosie Theise

    Rosie Theise

    2 måneder siden

    Maybe you can make a Christmas tree cake

  • Broadcasting Bella

    Broadcasting Bella

    2 måneder siden

    Will you and husky get married

  • Broadcasting Bella

    Broadcasting Bella

    2 måneder siden

    Will you and husky get married

  • Quinn Combs
    Quinn Combs3 dager siden

    did anyone else think that roes phone was cracked but it was just her phone case

  • unicorns pink fluffy
    unicorns pink fluffy6 dager siden

    Robert Pattinson Plays Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter

  • emily Gerlach
    emily Gerlach8 dager siden


  • Taja Williams
    Taja Williams8 dager siden

    Hi ro

  • Taja Williams
    Taja Williams8 dager siden


  • Taja Williams

    Taja Williams

    8 dager siden

    Hi ro

  • Akylah Mohammed
    Akylah Mohammed10 dager siden

    Ro: Chihuahua Mike: No, a chiuhaha

  • pixie alysa
    pixie alysa11 dager siden

    no one not a soul me: DARN IT WE CANT SEE THEM CUDDLE >:(((((( btw its fine i respect their relationship :>

  • Fire Emi
    Fire Emi12 dager siden

    I have a chiweenie!!! She’s adorable, but very protective of her family/my family, so she barks a lot. But I love her sooo much!!❤️

  • Elisa Lepe
    Elisa Lepe12 dager siden

    iam ufended ro

  • Elisa Lepe
    Elisa Lepe12 dager siden

    thay do not bite

  • Elisa Lepe
    Elisa Lepe12 dager siden

    i have a chiwawa

  • HiddenCake
    HiddenCake13 dager siden

    im 4"11 and my boyfriends 6"2

  • نور طارق
    نور طارق13 dager siden

    4:24 wash youre poop

  • Melaina Thiele
    Melaina Thiele14 dager siden

    It’s insane how opposite these guys are they’re the exact definition of opposites attract.🐶🚗😌

  • Bella Diaz
    Bella Diaz16 dager siden

    Mike being jelouse is soooooo adorable

  • Lara’s Bujo
    Lara’s Bujo17 dager siden

    “I can sleep endlessly” 😶😶😶

  • Makenzie Adams
    Makenzie Adams20 dager siden

    I think she is an Australian shepherd she is sort smart and energetic

  • Trish Pringle
    Trish Pringle20 dager siden

    i have an uncle called Robert P

  • Moonxlight
    Moonxlight22 dager siden

    65%, for my country is a B, except for math, the country decides to make it harder to archive an A or B, 65% and above in math is still a C, 75% and above is a B, and 85% and above is an A.

  • Rylee Uczen
    Rylee Uczen22 dager siden

    Soooo Ro’s a TWILIGHT FAN 💖💖💖💖💖💖you best know I liked subscribed and hit that bell

  • Georgia Stewart
    Georgia Stewart23 dager siden

    “Mike’s dead to me” That was amazing and his face

  • Laura McGuire
    Laura McGuire23 dager siden

    my celebrity crush is Zac Effron

  • Zoe Gallic
    Zoe Gallic23 dager siden

    I am cleaning a toilet while listening to this

  • T M Callahaan
    T M Callahaan23 dager siden

    You two are great. Do this again.

  • CharissaHoogy
    CharissaHoogy23 dager siden

    ´Buik´ is an actual word in Dutch, it means belly!

  • Huggy's Exciting News
    Huggy's Exciting News25 dager siden

    Hi fellow hoomans

  • Stupid Stuff
    Stupid Stuff25 dager siden

    The list of the most social dogs is not accurate there’s no Golden doodles which in my opinion aren’t the best type of dogs

  • Hayden Stone
    Hayden Stone27 dager siden


  • Funny Comment
    Funny Comment27 dager siden

    Imao am I the only one who thinks her boyfriend is so similar to Nikocado Avocado??

  • 13964-Layal A.M. ELGhalayini
    13964-Layal A.M. ELGhalayini28 dager siden

    for a second I thought Ro's phone is broken from the back😂😂 that phone case is so cute like u Ro💗🎄

  • crafty sunday
    crafty sunday29 dager siden

    I can't believe mike did not know Robert p. acted in harry potter as Cedric Diggory

  • Melon
    MelonMåned siden

    Ro: I did work at burgerville, BUT you forgot the Llama farm! What Ro wrote on the board: lama farm

  • Giselle Alvim
    Giselle AlvimMåned siden

    Looks like you guys know each other

  • Teaghan Freeman
    Teaghan FreemanMåned siden

    When she says "you like your cars like you like your women" she sounds like the girl from A WRINKLE IN TIME

  • Teaghan Freeman
    Teaghan FreemanMåned siden


  • Teaghan Freeman

    Teaghan Freeman

    Måned siden

    I ment to say CHIUAWAS US YIPY

  • Teaghan Freeman
    Teaghan FreemanMåned siden


  • Angela H
    Angela HMåned siden

    "MIKE I AM *NOT* A CHIUAHAHA!!! (Chihuahua)"

  • Itz_a_Mee
    Itz_a_MeeMåned siden

    13/20 is a d??? for me its a low b

  • Dolphin Waffle
    Dolphin WaffleMåned siden

    "Who doesn't?" *me*

  • Laura McGuire
    Laura McGuireMåned siden

    My celebrity crush is Zac Effron

  • Jbi 8647
    Jbi 8647Måned siden

    A chwahah

  • Rizwana Parveen
    Rizwana ParveenMåned siden

    Husky have not clean toilet for 10 yes 😂

  • Dusk
    DuskMåned siden

    Hey... come on Ro and Husky... Irish Wolf Hounds are very intelligent hunting dogs. Also they're the tallest breed of dog in the world. Also, there is a cross breed of a Great Dane and a Chihuahua, forgot what it's called though.

  • CoolioSlide
    CoolioSlideMåned siden


  • Gina Zarantonello
    Gina ZarantonelloMåned siden

    Ro, you and me have the worst time slepping!

  • Gina Zarantonello
    Gina ZarantonelloMåned siden

    Do a video were you answer questions about you and Mike from Instagram with Mike/husky!!

  • Dean Demartin
    Dean DemartinMåned siden

    How many times are you going to say I think (:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):);)

  • Vital Ricecakes
    Vital RicecakesMåned siden

    Ro IS Mike's celebrity crush

  • Libby's Fun Family
    Libby's Fun FamilyMåned siden

    What the heck is a chiuahwahah or how ever Mike spells it

  • DEEPSIKHA Raphael
    DEEPSIKHA RaphaelMåned siden

    Hi Rosanna your handwriting is good

  • Charlotte Black
    Charlotte BlackMåned siden

    Lol the whiteboard is perfectly sized for Ro but looks mini in Mike's hands 😆

  • Lisa Reyes
    Lisa ReyesMåned siden


  • Syeda Zareen
    Syeda ZareenMåned siden

    Bro Ro's heart necklace is a friendship necklace and i have it too jnadjesjfuwiesafnhaenfak

  • Kennedy Montague
    Kennedy MontagueMåned siden

    I am not a chiahaha Mike!🤣🤣

  • Christopher Wright
    Christopher WrightMåned siden

    please please please make an Among Us birthday cake. my brother wants me to make him one for his b-day party and i need ideas.

  • Brynlee Jade
    Brynlee JadeMåned siden


  • Isabella Braudway
    Isabella BraudwayMåned siden


  • Maddie Cure
    Maddie CureMåned siden

    My cousin’s name is Michael Don too

  • Eden Rich
    Eden RichMåned siden

    Ro: Oh Mike your gonna like these ones their about cars! Mike: Pfft *surprise face* I'm listening! Me:😂😂😂 I love Ro so much

  • Aspen Bakner
    Aspen BaknerMåned siden

    Is it just me..... or is he a lil..... 💅🏻

  • Joseph Wasdem

    Joseph Wasdem

    Måned siden

    A lil💀💀come on now

  • Units Received
    Units ReceivedMåned siden

    So she changed her hair from dark brown to dirty blonde?????

  • Macaroni Elbow
    Macaroni Elbow2 måneder siden

    I’m like Ro! I NEVER sleep

  • Kiruthika Balaji
    Kiruthika Balaji2 måneder siden


    THANISHA M.K2 måneder siden

    Twilight lowkey sucks and makes no sense.And u have a problem then talk to me.

  • kathy lunduski
    kathy lunduski2 måneder siden

    I hope you have a great time with your mom

  • Navil Vaughan
    Navil Vaughan2 måneder siden

    I feel like your a chbeagle

  • valerie cortez
    valerie cortez2 måneder siden

    i do not know oaw to spel

  • valerie cortez
    valerie cortez2 måneder siden

    i thenk you gis are prrfikrt

  • Mia Lurack
    Mia Lurack2 måneder siden

    I love your vds

  • Moira Ware
    Moira Ware2 måneder siden

    I at heart am a chiuahaha

  • Demi-rae Allwood
    Demi-rae Allwood2 måneder siden


  • Olivia Hirsch
    Olivia Hirsch2 måneder siden

    im like u i dont need much sleep (some times)

  • Leah Hutton
    Leah Hutton2 måneder siden


  • Leah Hutton
    Leah Hutton2 måneder siden


  • Leah Hutton
    Leah Hutton2 måneder siden

    Love you 🔥

  • Cats, Gaming And More
    Cats, Gaming And More2 måneder siden

    (Ro) who was my first kiss (Mikes answer) skateboarding boy I don’t like him 😡 (Me) omg hahaha😂😂😂😂

  • Thristann Jhay트리스탄 재
    Thristann Jhay트리스탄 재2 måneder siden

    they look good together. UwU. love them

  • Kaidance Johnson
    Kaidance Johnson2 måneder siden

    that hair doe

  • Jill Bisset
    Jill Bisset2 måneder siden


  • Kenzie Kenzie
    Kenzie Kenzie2 måneder siden

    Ok I'm in love with the movie twilight and im 11 so what it is soooooo romantic who could not love it

  • darin blakely
    darin blakely2 måneder siden

    Can you do a tiny hands while baking challenge?

  • Yvette Wong
    Yvette Wong2 måneder siden

    who doesn't? 👁👄👁🤣

  • Yvette Wong
    Yvette Wong2 måneder siden

    mike trying to save himself with that chiuahaha answer will live forever in my memory 🤣

  • UnicornGachaGirl 09
    UnicornGachaGirl 092 måneder siden

    There Celebrity crush should be each other😀

  • Saydys adventure !
    Saydys adventure !2 måneder siden

    👁 👁 • 👄

  • Mayrin Ortega
    Mayrin Ortega2 måneder siden

    Ro: so this will be like school. Mike: ok I’m ready for my test. Me: I’m never ready for my tests 🤣

  • Rose red
    Rose red2 måneder siden


  • Rose red
    Rose red2 måneder siden


  • Rose red
    Rose red2 måneder siden

    I am a girl

  • Nick Ojijo
    Nick Ojijo2 måneder siden

    I love when ro gets upset or angry with Mike and says Michael dawn xoxo

  • Ana Oliveira
    Ana Oliveira2 måneder siden

    So happy you are together be safe keep well be happy you 2 /3 💖🐕💖

  • Adrianna Michelle Mello
    Adrianna Michelle Mello2 måneder siden

    Hiii is the time for a good day

  • sandhya singh
    sandhya singh2 måneder siden

    Make a mermaid cake pls pls pls pls pls

  • Himani Liyanage
    Himani Liyanage2 måneder siden

    I have two chiuwawas and mike was right . She looks like my dog . Not to bee mean.

  • حيدر السماوي
    حيدر السماوي2 måneder siden

    انة احبك

  • Tiffany you know
    Tiffany you know2 måneder siden

    You two are adorable!!

  • Nora's art land
    Nora's art land2 måneder siden

    Ro: who do i think is a cutie Husky: EXCUSE ME!?

  • Anindita Chatterjee
    Anindita Chatterjee2 måneder siden

    Can you please make a video that is of baking pls

  • Fried Chicken
    Fried Chicken3 måneder siden

    I totally thought she was a chiwawa to I think I spelled it wrong to.😁😁😁 like if you think the same 👇🏽