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What's your favorite Halloween movie??
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¼ cup butter (melted)
¼ cup granulated sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 pack Pillsbury original crescent dough
Large marshmallows (Jet Puffed)
I had so much fun #Trying this new #Baking #Recipe! I cant believe how easy AND delicious they were. In just a few easy steps you can quickly make these yummy buns.
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino10 dager siden

    I hope you enjoy this SUPER SIMPLE recipe! What is your FAVORITE Halloween Movie??? Mine is Hocus Pocus! 👻

  • Tyson Heward

    Tyson Heward

    Dag siden

    I do injoy the recipe

  • Sofia TheFirst

    Sofia TheFirst

    2 dager siden

    Mine is Hocus Pocus too!

  • MyLifeAsGamerPro


    3 dager siden

    I like Sarah and I have watched Hocus Pocus like 1 million times!!!

  • MyLifeAsGamerPro


    3 dager siden

    Plz answer I love your channel

  • MyLifeAsGamerPro


    3 dager siden

    Good job on the Mrbeast Trivia Ro!!!! And also I love Hocus Pocus!!!

  • Sadie Ann
    Sadie Ann51 minutt siden

    Why is nobody addressing the book? I’m curious as to where she got the book from! I want one so bad lol

  • Justice
    Justice4 timer siden

    I’ve seen the movie countless times, and I love winifred bc she’s hilarious!!!!! “Oh look, another glorious morning--BAGH!!!”

  • Vinay Deodhar
    Vinay Deodhar4 timer siden

    I will definitely make it

  • When you house Is burning
    When you house Is burning7 timer siden

    Omg rosana i luvvv all ur vidss

  • lauren gray
    lauren gray7 timer siden

    I've seen Hocus Pocus twice. My favorite Halloween movie is anything Tim Burton or It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

  • Slimes For you
    Slimes For you8 timer siden

    Can you pls make bao

  • Slimes For you
    Slimes For you8 timer siden

    Can you make bao pl

  • Maritza Contreras
    Maritza Contreras10 timer siden


  • ShadowLander
    ShadowLander12 timer siden

    Hey ro can you do jumps stick from the Star Trek franchise?

  • Reagan Daw
    Reagan Daw12 timer siden

    Is it just me or does Rosa look like Hermione from Harry Potter??? Because I definitely see it!

  • Melanie Silva
    Melanie Silva13 timer siden

    nice movie that you made I really like

  • Anna Deal
    Anna Deal14 timer siden

    Where did you get your costume I love it!

  • Summer__dawnnn
    Summer__dawnnn15 timer siden


  • jailyn ocasio
    jailyn ocasio16 timer siden

    I’m my opinion hocus pocus is my favorite Halloween movie My favorite character is binks (black cat)

  • laurenx
    laurenx16 timer siden

    i lovee u sooomuchh rO! SMAL NOlocalR!

  • beanage brain
    beanage brain17 timer siden

    Its my brothers b-day in a few days. He wants a fererro rochet cake. We need help!

  • Divine Didi
    Divine Didi17 timer siden

    Mine is sarah

  • Kolton B
    Kolton B19 timer siden

    I’ve seen Hocus Pocus like 30 times my favorite character is definitely max

  • Jaedyn Johnson
    Jaedyn Johnson20 timer siden

    ive seen it probly like 5 times

  • Mohamed Mahudoom
    Mohamed MahudoomDag siden


  • Mohamed Mahudoom
    Mohamed MahudoomDag siden

    Rosanna plz make a india indian food plzzzz because i am in india so make indian food plzz

  • Saffiyah Wright
    Saffiyah WrightDag siden

    You should do something Danganronpa themed 😊

  • Jemaima Garcia
    Jemaima GarciaDag siden

    Ro! Make some korean minimalist cake!

  • sickapple jack 221
    sickapple jack 221Dag siden

    I watch hocus pocus all the time and my favorite person is the three Sanderson sisters

  • The_Rad_Frogfish
    The_Rad_FrogfishDag siden

    Uh guys.... I’ve never seen Hocus Pocus... I’m ashamed of myself...

  • Robby S.
    Robby S.Dag siden

    Something about Roe's makeup or the lighting or something makes her look like she has had work done in this episode.

  • Tyson Heward
    Tyson HewardDag siden

    And my favorite character is the cat

  • Tyson Heward
    Tyson HewardDag siden

    I've seen Hocus pocus five times

  • Christine Webb
    Christine WebbDag siden

    I made the hocus pocus book recently. Where did you get yours?

  • Emily Wetherell
    Emily WetherellDag siden

    Ive seen hocas pocas like a thousand times, I love Mary, and Sarah!!!!!!!!

  • Dylan Taylor
    Dylan TaylorDag siden

    I just watched it for the first time last week! So Good!!

  • Xaevier Curtis
    Xaevier CurtisDag siden

    my favorite halloween movie is the night before christmas

  • Rayna McDermott
    Rayna McDermottDag siden

    You are my idol I have all of you backing supplies in my kitchen. 🧡🧡🧡❤❤

  • Tanya Davis
    Tanya DavisDag siden

    sarah is my favourite one

  • Vivienne Horton
    Vivienne HortonDag siden

    I LOVE Hocus Pocus!! I’m dressing up as Mary for Halloween!!! I want to also dress up my dog or cat as Binx.

  • Jayakrishnan Devan
    Jayakrishnan DevanDag siden

    i love ur vids but pls dont hate me for saying this....ur heads looks soooooo big in this video

  • Prodbywilfred
    ProdbywilfredDag siden

    I’m here from swoozie

  • Rada Noize
    Rada NoizeDag siden

    Oh my gosh, you are amazing! Love to watch your mimics. You have such cool sweet experiment with a good look of you! I have a good business offer for you. Check your dm in Instagram

    CAROLINE PERRY💖Dag siden

    By the way love the new hair style! Totally rocking that look! And also I was hoping if you could do more fall and Halloween themed baked goods! Like cupcakes or any other ideas you might have! Thank you for reading this I now you are probably really busy so thank you if you read this! 😁

  • Salma Al mansoori
    Salma Al mansoori2 dager siden

    next video can you make a Harry Potter cake🤩

  • Kelly Krystyan
    Kelly Krystyan2 dager siden

    Winnefred is my favorite character too. I watch that movie even when it isn't Halloween!

  • Luv Pugz
    Luv Pugz2 dager siden

    This is someone else's comment, but I had to comment as well RO PLEAAASSSEEE make the recipe from Ratoutille!!! It's my childhood favorite movie and I would love love love to see you make it and show all of us how!

    MARIOFABOLOUS2 dager siden

    Kimara Love Mtaylor Hi👄😘🎂🎶🎶

  • Jill Wesch
    Jill Wesch2 dager siden

    I have once

  • Elise Seyler
    Elise Seyler2 dager siden

    We watch it literally every year during October and I'm nine soooo I've watched it about ten times

  • Jennifer P
    Jennifer P2 dager siden

    Yes, I saw the movie like a thousand times omgosh i love it and my fav character is Sarah Sanderson ❤

  • Onna Olsen
    Onna Olsen2 dager siden

    I love hocus pocus so much we each it every halloween🎃 I love sarha she's my favorite

  • Julia Bennett
    Julia Bennett2 dager siden

    I made this while my mom made another recipe and they turned out PERFECT I taste-tested one and they were amazing thank you sooo much for this recipe you are awesome and my favorite youtuber may i please have a shout out i am subscribed i ringed the bell and ive been a fan for years

  • wxnderlands Xxx
    wxnderlands Xxx2 dager siden

    Hey can you do a 24 hour backing challenge

  • nermeen gerges
    nermeen gerges2 dager siden

    I never watcht it

  • Blaze Motion
    Blaze Motion2 dager siden

    When I was in a Christian Summer camp and we made them and called them "resurrection rolls"

  • radwa alaa
    radwa alaa2 dager siden


    LUISROCKS 2.12 dager siden

    I tried making these but they messed up 😔

  • Lindsay Ardito
    Lindsay Ardito2 dager siden

    I like that to

  • Abbie G
    Abbie G2 dager siden

    I wonder if you drizzle honey on the top, right after you take them out of the oven, if that would be good or too sweet??

  • Pemanil Noob
    Pemanil Noob2 dager siden

    The among us crewmate and/or the dead among us crewmate

  • Brianne M
    Brianne M2 dager siden

    You can also make a s'mores version by putting a marshmallow and some chocolate inside, rolling it up, dipping in butter and rolling in graham cracker crumbs 😋

  • MeekoMcFuddles
    MeekoMcFuddles2 dager siden

    I would watch a movie about vampire sisters!!😆

  • Mr Pubg man
    Mr Pubg man3 dager siden

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 I can’t her laugh always makes me laugh 😂 it just brings me joy of laughter

  • lollyogg
    lollyogg3 dager siden

    I want to do this but I live in Britain so you don’t get those crescent rolls near me

  • Myles Latham
    Myles Latham3 dager siden


  • Myles Latham
    Myles Latham3 dager siden


  • Jonny Pressley
    Jonny Pressley3 dager siden

    I don’t remember this from hocus pocus

  • Lyla Rose
    Lyla Rose3 dager siden

    I love Hocus Pocus!!! I’ve watched it like a million times😂 btw love your videos 😘

    CHINOY TASTE3 dager siden

    so smooth how you prepare it and looks so yummy... you inspired me that's why I created my own channel so while cooking I can share it to the world how to prepare it. but my channel focus on Chinese and Filipino cuisine... i hope the people like it also like your channel. thank you for inspiring me..:)

  • Dusty Holub
    Dusty Holub3 dager siden

    Sarah Sanderson is my favorite character also I watch it about 10 times a year

  • Kendall Love
    Kendall Love3 dager siden

    I just made this for my family and they all thought they were delicious! Thank you ro for helping me make a small dessert for my grandpa's b-day

  • Gageantter 13
    Gageantter 133 dager siden

    My favorite character in Hocus pocus is Sarah the blonde headed sister because she's really funny

  • Destiny Ream
    Destiny Ream3 dager siden

    you should make pumpkin cheesecake!!!!! 🎃🎃🎃

  • Samah Saad
    Samah Saad3 dager siden

    Who came to the channel from the challenge mrbeast ..duh🤙🤙♥️🔥♥️🔥♥️

  • Natalie H
    Natalie H3 dager siden

    I pinched mine and made sure there were no holes or anything but it still opened up :(

  • Natalie T.
    Natalie T.3 dager siden

    Ro you should do a cover of the "Come little children." Song :)

  • BluTaiger
    BluTaiger3 dager siden

    Ro: I feel like, even though (Winnifred's) the bad guy, I feel like she's still trying to be a good sister." Actual quote from Winnie: "How foolish to sacrifice thy life FOR THY SISTER!"

  • stella aaa
    stella aaa3 dager siden

    Some of my fav ro sayings are “Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom” “Let’s get started”

  • Gabrielle King
    Gabrielle King3 dager siden

    Where did you get the hocus pocus book with the spells in it?

  • Kimberly Espinoza
    Kimberly Espinoza3 dager siden

    Me:Saves and sends to mom My text! LETS TRY THIS OUT THIS WEEKEND VERY SIMPLE AND DELICIOUS! My mom: Sure let's try it out! BIT WE NEVER DO IT!😭😭 # I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RO I HAVE BEEN A NEARDY NUMMY SINCE 2015 ↪😘😍🌺↩

  • Star power Vids
    Star power Vids3 dager siden

    Ro can you make a kids Halloween recipe

  • Star power Vids

    Star power Vids

    3 dager siden


  • franny pun
    franny pun3 dager siden

    Where’s the mock book from? Did you make that?

  • Amy Beidari
    Amy Beidari3 dager siden

    My mom has made me watch Hocus Pocus 50 times(seriously)!!

  • Tomato Prayz
    Tomato Prayz3 dager siden

    Who is here after $300,00 Influencer Trivia Tourdament

  • Exows
    Exows3 dager siden

    You won

  • TwT [Kïttëñ] TwT
    TwT [Kïttëñ] TwT3 dager siden

    Come on ro win the creater games

  • Emma Green
    Emma Green3 dager siden

    This is one of my family's favorite breakfasts. We use biscuits instead of crescent rolls. We've been doing it since before I was born. I'm 13💗💗💕💕Tastes amazing! Love u To💗💕

  • Sue Tennis
    Sue Tennis3 dager siden

    Nice recipe

  • Anastasia Morales
    Anastasia Morales3 dager siden

    Only people who watch supernatural on the cow app will understand this but Rosa a is like Mrs.butters 😁😁

  • Anastasia Morales

    Anastasia Morales

    3 dager siden


  • Narra Beckett
    Narra Beckett3 dager siden

    Can’t wait to try this 😋😋

  • Haven Grace
    Haven Grace3 dager siden

    I love how Ro called them a different name every time

  • Elizabeth Flores
    Elizabeth Flores3 dager siden

    I have watched Hocus Pocus at least 200 times

  • Stormie Flowers
    Stormie Flowers3 dager siden

    Omg I Iove hocus pocus, I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched it and my favorite character is Sarah

  • Crazycupcakecos
    Crazycupcakecos3 dager siden

    I’m making these right now!

  • JustMKollum
    JustMKollum3 dager siden

    My God Rosanna, you REALLY did not need all that surgery. It's so obvious, you can't deny it. Her cheeks, lips, brows. You were so pretty before all that unneeded surgery.

  • Reba & Maxie
    Reba & Maxie3 dager siden

    Sence it's October, can you PLEASE do another Five Nights at Freddy's video? And... With Mark? Like if you agree

  • milo14564
    milo145643 dager siden

    Looks simple and delicious. This could be my contribution to the office holiday party, this year. Thank you for posting it.

  • All about Josie
    All about Josie3 dager siden

    Can you please do more kitchen gadgets with ijustine please love you 😍

  • brownee
    brownee3 dager siden

    Ro has 3 modes -Her sassy savage mode(my fav) -Her cute baking mode -AND her adult mode😄😁✨

  • Savanna Zelinka's Believing Beauties! #myMKlife
    Savanna Zelinka's Believing Beauties! #myMKlife3 dager siden

    You and Justeine should try on bestie hollowing costumes! Also love you 😍

  • dreamcicle snow shack
    dreamcicle snow shack3 dager siden

    We made this in school and it was so much fun!


    i wish i can get cooking classes from you

  • Aayan Khan
    Aayan Khan3 dager siden