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These are SO FUN to make!
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I had so much fun #Trying making these #Chocolate #Food Hot Cocoa Bombs! I absolutely love how fun, easy, and delicious these are. I also saw similar ways of making these edible chocolate bombs on TikTok! They are like magic!
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  • Sandy Jenkins
    Sandy JenkinsDag siden

    Beautiful and fun.... where do you buy your mold.?

  • aurflow ୨୧
    aurflow ୨୧2 dager siden

    The shi bussin' SHEEESHHH

  • Kol Mikaelson stan
    Kol Mikaelson stan3 dager siden

    i’m gonna use milk chocolate and just PRAY it doesn’t mess up because i don’t like dark chocolate

  • Sambasiva Rao Kasula
    Sambasiva Rao Kasula3 dager siden

    Cook the the red velvet cake

  • Asma Begum
    Asma Begum5 dager siden

    I would recommend NOlocalr Areesa who made them filled with homemade caramel, marshmallows.and cocoa mix.

  • shit kit
    shit kit5 dager siden


  • g r o o t
    g r o o t10 dager siden


  • Terrence Xie
    Terrence Xie12 dager siden

    11:25 trying to be a siren

  • BoT
    BoT12 dager siden

    defcon pb sent me here.. these look great.. BUT DOES IT SUCK!?

  • Boskig
    Boskig16 dager siden


  • Rubi Medina
    Rubi Medina19 dager siden


  • Sanu and Thev
    Sanu and Thev21 dag siden


  • melda nuguid
    melda nuguid21 dag siden

    What kind of brush you use Rosanna for making hot booms

  • melda nuguid

    melda nuguid

    21 dag siden


  • Violet Foley
    Violet Foley25 dager siden


  • Atika ᄋᄉᄋ
    Atika ᄋᄉᄋ25 dager siden

    11:27 I think I hear an ambulance

  • Aditi J
    Aditi J25 dager siden

    Nice rosanna !

  • Iosoio Iosoio
    Iosoio Iosoio26 dager siden


  • Jailyne De santiago
    Jailyne De santiago28 dager siden

    I didn't try one of those

  • Raelyn Wang
    Raelyn Wang28 dager siden

    Ro: amazing chocolate coco bomb Me: falling apart

  • Kendra Rains
    Kendra Rains29 dager siden

    I LOVE your video!! Where did you get the mold?

  • Sakibuddin Bhuiyan
    Sakibuddin BhuiyanMåned siden

    Cool Cool

  • Samantha Kimani
    Samantha KimaniMåned siden

    10:24 Ro: I love it

  • Samantha Kimani
    Samantha KimaniMåned siden

    10:06 I like how she decorated table and the marshmallows in the back

  • Raijincfat 77
    Raijincfat 77Måned siden

    11:28 We penetrated their armor :DD

  • Sam Weezer
    Sam WeezerMåned siden

    Ro, what brand of chocolate mold did you use (where did you buy?) I want to get the same one.

  • Wendy Medina
    Wendy MedinaMåned siden

    I know it’s almost spring but I just put the silicone thingy in the fridge but there shaped like strawberries!!!

  • Sana Batool
    Sana BatoolMåned siden

    Oh my gooooooooooooooooooooood

  • Ghissa Mallarangeng
    Ghissa MallarangengMåned siden

    I have an easier way you can just buy a kinder egg surprise cut in half get the toy out and place hot coco and mini marsh mallows get a spoon place on top of fire place the pack of the spoon around the edges to close it and done hot coco bomb also tasted delishhh

  • muthu asokan
    muthu asokanMåned siden

    Do another tik tok videos

  • Alissa Manocherian Schwartz
    Alissa Manocherian SchwartzMåned siden

    I love how she laughs! LOL

  • Nina . G
    Nina . GMåned siden

    I heard you can decorate with food colouring. Instead of chocolate. If so. Which food colouring would you recommend

  • Armani sams
    Armani samsMåned siden

    Omg I want one nowwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • اسامه حمدان
    اسامه حمدانMåned siden

    احسنتي أحب طبخك وايت

  • Simrah Ahmed
    Simrah AhmedMåned siden

    Can u please please please do a video about strawberry shortcake pls?

  • Amanda Stewart
    Amanda StewartMåned siden

    I love your necklace! Where did you buy it? I want one!

  • Leonid Marandyuk
    Leonid MarandyukMåned siden

    Imagine her dropping it though

  • Leonid Marandyuk
    Leonid MarandyukMåned siden

    How much do you heat them up?

  • Jamie Barraclough
    Jamie BarracloughMåned siden

    Perfect thanks, just what I was looking for!

  • Deanna Lynch
    Deanna LynchMåned siden

    I added a dash of Bailey's to mine 😊 my Christmas beverage

  • Lim Janessa
    Lim JanessaMåned siden

    love your vid i watch it all day its makes my day

  • Alexx8353
    Alexx8353Måned siden

    Soo.. I made these for valentines day. I messed up 2 of them when I tried popping them out of the mold but the other ones ended up nice. My boyfriends mum thought they were store-bought, so given my baking skills particularly, this was a huuuuuge compliment! I added heart shaped sprinkles on top. Feel free to ama if you are planning on making them :)

  • Lili's Secret World
    Lili's Secret WorldMåned siden

    I will try it, just after a few days when I've bought some ingredients.

  • Carmen Mendez
    Carmen MendezMåned siden

    i like the way you speak, its so calming and soft

  • jacob kortepeter
    jacob kortepeterMåned siden

    Why is this in a paintball playlist 😂

  • Felicia Kaware
    Felicia KawareMåned siden

    She winked at 11:20

  • Felicia Kaware

    Felicia Kaware

    Måned siden

    Just if you want to see she winked

  • Raj P P
    Raj P PMåned siden

    i wonder if she plays among us or roblox

  • Raj P P
    Raj P PMåned siden

    and YES we HAVE to APPRETIONATE her WORK : D

  • Raj P P
    Raj P PMåned siden

    She is AMAZING

  • Raj P P
    Raj P PMåned siden

    Its acctully AMAZING

  • Raj P P
    Raj P PMåned siden

    I know

  • Amber Kang
    Amber KangMåned siden

    Thanks but at least give us a time to microwave them, i kept trying to do it but by the time i got it right all my chocolate was gone

  • yalwa almansoori
    yalwa almansooriMåned siden

    What is the name of the chocolate that you use .

  • harlanpepper6848
    harlanpepper68482 måneder siden

    You know how they say a million dollars isn't alot of money anymore ? Well in this womans case I'd say she looks like 10 million bucks. allure incroyable.

  • Talitha Warren
    Talitha Warren2 måneder siden


  • Talitha Warren
    Talitha Warren2 måneder siden

    Awesome thanks so much

  • Nadia El Ali
    Nadia El Ali2 måneder siden

    So so yummy

  • Christine Vogt-Klimshuk
    Christine Vogt-Klimshuk2 måneder siden

    These are so enchanting and I will definitely try them! I must say that your enthusiasm is most infectious!

  • Cocina y Decora Con Brayan
    Cocina y Decora Con Brayan2 måneder siden

    U voice is amazing

  • Joy Oosten-Hocking
    Joy Oosten-Hocking2 måneder siden

    I see these all over and I want one so bad

  • Caleb Reutener
    Caleb Reutener2 måneder siden


  • Inita Djablova
    Inita Djablova2 måneder siden

    i am whacing this the 10th tiem. hehe

  • Chad Ashton
    Chad Ashton2 måneder siden

    Such a nerd....I LOVE it.

  • Kathi Finley
    Kathi Finley2 måneder siden

    You are so dang cute!

  • Emma Does Stuff
    Emma Does Stuff2 måneder siden

    I wish you could do another collab with Olivia Sanabia PLEASE DO IT (or with Abby Donnelly and Aubrey K. Miller and Olivia Sanabia so you can make something with all of them)

  • N and A
    N and A2 måneder siden

    Rosanna is the BOMB!!🤪😊

  • Crakers Of Duty
    Crakers Of Duty2 måneder siden


  • Amber Kang
    Amber Kang2 måneder siden

    1:15 she starts

  • Sheep Gurl
    Sheep Gurl2 måneder siden

    Ro is literally a Disney Princess!! She bakes, sings, and is absolutely gorgeous!! Love you Ro!

  • anyxia schueyler henry noden
    anyxia schueyler henry noden2 måneder siden

    I'll do this for my family

  • Ashly Nicole Francisco
    Ashly Nicole Francisco2 måneder siden


  • lola ava
    lola ava2 måneder siden


  • Ellie
    Ellie2 måneder siden

    she is like a little child. so cute

  • go kids go kids
    go kids go kids2 måneder siden

    Finally i find someone who says how much to let the chocolate in fridge 😀😅😎

  • go kids go kids

    go kids go kids

    2 måneder siden

    Thank uu!!

  • Mitzi
    Mitzi2 måneder siden

    These are basically wonderballs, reinvented.

  • Mayce Marskell
    Mayce Marskell2 måneder siden

    i love your hot coco bombs i made it at home and my whole family loved it

  • Star Moon
    Star Moon2 måneder siden

    I’ve been watching you since I’ve been about 7 years old and I’m still watching you and I love your channel. ❤️

  • Luz Karina Louth
    Luz Karina Louth2 måneder siden

    lol she is like a little girl, so cute!

  • guitarpikchik
    guitarpikchik2 måneder siden

    Reminds me of Kristin Chenoweth! I want that amazing upbeat personality!! Kristin Chenoweth is as nice as she appears, by the way. I know her.

  • Bethlehem Hillside
    Bethlehem Hillside2 måneder siden

    Her makeup is perfect...

  • Dean
    Dean2 måneder siden

    Now i like her more than the chocolate

  • Nathan Mueller
    Nathan Mueller2 måneder siden

    You could also put bits of candy cane on the. Bomb along with the cocoa and marshmallow

  • Dee Habla
    Dee Habla2 måneder siden

    She seems to be a little toasty toasty too 🥴

  • GrenadePOP
    GrenadePOP2 måneder siden

    I Looooove how excited she is when she bakes! It makes me happy! 💖🙉

  • Beep Jeep
    Beep Jeep2 måneder siden

    Make tea bombs next 😮! I’ve only seen a few people upload recipes for them would love to see your spin on it💕

  • Marge Margie
    Marge Margie2 måneder siden

    You are absolutely adorable AND competent! great combo. I hope you get a TV cooking show, Sweetie

  • Calli A Cup of Fun
    Calli A Cup of Fun2 måneder siden

    Can you make a giant coco bomb? Also I love you and your channel SOOOOOO much you inspire me to bake more!!

  • Kayla K
    Kayla K2 måneder siden

    what type of chocolate is the best to use

  • sajida sehar
    sajida sehar2 måneder siden

    Talk too much

  • Sarah S Khan
    Sarah S Khan2 måneder siden

    You are so beautiful and your choco bombs are really looking nice

  • Rasanga Wickramage
    Rasanga Wickramage2 måneder siden

    So beautiful I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crimson Hawk
    Crimson Hawk2 måneder siden


  • Audrey Alexander
    Audrey Alexander2 måneder siden

    Just got my Nerdy Nummies melting pot from my cousin! I love it! I’ve already used it a bunch!😊

  • Choity Barua
    Choity Barua2 måneder siden

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm looks so good

  • Mike Pawlowski
    Mike Pawlowski2 måneder siden

    10:07 like sooo athetic

  • Jessica Pantalone
    Jessica Pantalone2 måneder siden

    hey Ro I really want to be a backer do you have any tips and one time I made your m&ms blondies

  • Manjit Kaur
    Manjit Kaur2 måneder siden

    Perfect! You share this recipe with ingredients that every people have mostly in their houses! :)

  • Roze Yost
    Roze Yost2 måneder siden

    Hay Rosanna my name is Tenika Lee Yost I am 13 years old my birthday was in January and I just wanted to say that I first watched your videos when I was 5 years old and I have never missed a video since then and in the hard times of my life when I experienced depression for the first time you just lit up my world so I just wanted to say your my hero and thanks a million there's no words in the world to express how thank full I am😳😊

  • zeynep babacan
    zeynep babacan2 måneder siden


  • Morning Coffee
    Morning Coffee2 måneder siden

    Me: drinking hot cocoa while watching this video (I was cold xD)

  • Tracey S
    Tracey S2 måneder siden

    Did...did you say A double broiler? Lol